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Peace and Harmony for Love Pt. 2

"Lacus? Are you here?"

No one was in the house. He could not find his ex-fiancée anywhere. It was midnight and he had come down for a glass of water. However, he heard a buzzing noise coming from the patio and came to check it out. He found, however, one of his red Haro knocked against the table and fizzling. He picked it up and examined it. As he turned it around, he noticed a crack in the side of its 'ear'. It tried to respond to his presence, but he turned it off quickly and placed it on the ground again.

Athrun looked up to the moon questionably as a cool breeze skipped by. He wondered how that Haro had been injured and where his childhood friend was. He assumed that she had to have taken part in the broken Haro incident since he could not find another Haro anywhere. He closed his eyes, exhaled a breath he had been holding in, and started to walk around the garden. As he stepped off the patio, he heard…

Hold me close
So deep in your heart
I will find you,
No matter where I have to go

His eyes opened wide as he instantly recognized the voice's owner. He ran in the direction of the sound, looking for the reason he was out there that night.

And dream of me,
For I will be there
Follow the stars that lead…

He turned the corner, pass the red roses and found her…

Into the quiet night…

There she was. She had placed her self on a rocky stool, built into the ground, beside her white roses. She apparently loved them much more than he had assumed. She was sitting away from him, her back was facing his way, but he could see her cheekbone. Mr. Pink was in her lap, but he was turned off. Her hair lay limp, hugging her body lightly. She was wearing a light blue nightgown, only a shade lighter than the dress she wore that one time he heard her sing "Peace" at he "White Symphony".

"Lacus? What're you…"

"I heard you calling from the house."

Athrun fell silent, not knowing what to say.

"What do you want, Athrun?" she asked, sounding calmer than before. However, Athrun was still silent. Why had she ignored him if she heard him? He felt uncomfortable. Something was wrong with her. She wasn't the same.

"Anything, Athrun? Amazing. You were this strong, powerful man early, and now you have nothing. Well then, Athrun Zala, I'd like to be left alone again. I have to prepare for my next concert."

"Huh? W-when is it?"

"Later tonight."

"You mean…?"

"Tonight, as in the next time the moon shows itself in the navy blue sky. When the stars become visible to human eyes once again. Any thing else?"

"…May I attend?"

She laughed as quietly as she could.

"Oh, I don't think so. It's sold–out."

"Well, what do I do while you're gone? Why did you invite me here if you were going to end up leaving on a trip?"

"What were you going to do if I let you leave? You would have hid yourself from me if I let you walk out my door, wouldn't you? You would've watched me from afar and made sure we'd never meet again, right? I did what I had to, if not, we'd be forever strangers in our own lives."

"Lacus! That's not-…"



Athrun jumped at the sound of the call.

"ATHRUN! ATHRUN! Haro wants to play! Play!"

"Argh!" he grunted as he threw his pillow over his head. He sat there for almost two seconds before a different scent hit him then usual. The scent of the grass and flowers after a night-time rain shower. His eyes opened in shock, until yesterday's events hit like a splash of cold water in the face. It made his blood run cold. Mr. Pink's bounces on his back didn't seem to walk him up. The birds outside were ignored by his ears. The room's bright colors reflecting the sun's light all around had no affect on him.

"Athrun! I have breakfast! Please come down soon!"

But that did. He jumped instantaneously at her sing-song voice. Mr. Pink went flying off the bed and hit the wall.

"Ouch! Athrun! Athrun! Damn it!" Mr. Pink squealed.

By the time Mr. Pink scanned his system for any errors, Athrun was already down the stairs.

He reached the kitchen in record time. However, no one was there. He looked around for the pink-haired pop star, but found no trace of her. He stood frozen for a moment, feeling déjà vu-ed for a second. So, he headed outside to the patio. And sure enough, there she was, sipping tea with a small, empty plate in front of her. His plate was across from that. He could not see her face, her bangs over her eyes and she had no clip in. Plus, she was reading something.

"G-Good morning, Lacus." He said with as much courage he could muster.

To his luck, she responded, and looked up.

"Oh, there you are. Good morning, Athrun. I trust you slept well?"

"Y-yes. Quite comfortably, thank you."

"That's good. I have breakfast made for you already. I hope that's okay."

"That's fine." He said, though questioned what was placed before him. I recognized only one…thing?…on his plat.

"Have you ever tried international cuisine?"

"Uh…sometimes. Not recently, though."

"Well, I asked my chef to prepare meals from different countries every day. Doesn't that sound fun?"

"I can understand your point of view, yes."

"…You…you don't like…"

"No! I mean, yes, I do! I just, I wasn't aware of this, that's all. I didn't know you suddenly took a giant interest in other cultures."

"Well, cuisine-wise, I have to. For when I go on tour and travel."

Athrun froze.

'…T-tour? As in concerts…as in…'

I'd like to be left alone again. I have to prepare for my next concert…



"…Do you…I mean, I know you do, but…um…recently…like soon…to you have a concert coming up soon? Like as in…tonight?"

"Yes, I do."


"Something wrong, Athrun?"


"…Why what?"

"Why did you invite me here if you were going to be performing and leaving the house?"

"Athrun, you didn't even ask…"

"I know! I know…what you mean. I would have walked out and never tried to see you again. B-but that would only be because…I don't understand you. Like right now. Why would you do something like this? Are you trying to see if I'll still…still care for you as much as I do if u put me through things like this? Do you think it'll chase me away if you torment by inviting me and leaving all the time? So I'll think that you can't like me anymore and then I'll have chased myself away. What is it, Lacus? I need to know."

"…My, my. You sure are full of these little speeches, aren't you?"


"And you didn't even give me time to talk. If you had let me finish, I was trying to say I had Kira's pass still. He won't be coming to my concert. So, I was going to ask you after breakfast if you'd like to join me instead. I am not replacing you with him, if that's what you're thinking. The ticket is for me to give to whomever I choose. At first I did choose Kira, but before you walked through that door, I changed my mind.

"But after this little escapade, I'm not sure who to invite now. You judge me without giving me anything as defense. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to prepare for tonight. Oh, and next time you speak of me so poorly, please make sure you know everything about the situation first." And Lacus was gone, her reading material laying crumpled slightly on the ground.

All he could do was bow his had and stare blankly at the table's edge. He knew he had done something wrong, and now he had to make up for it.

Later, that day…

In this quiet night,
I'm waiting for you
"Forgetting the past"
And dreaming of you

Time passes by
And memories fade
But time can't erase
"The love that we've made"


The peaceful quiet was gone as Athrun's voice broke in on Lacus' practice. However, it was obvious it was for a good reason.

"Yes, Athrun?"

"No, don't mind me. Keep singing."

She just stared at him for a few moments longer before continuing where she left off.

And the stars in the sky
That I wish upon
"Can bring you back to my side"

He did it again! He joined in on her singing practice. What was he up to, she wondered. But once again, he replied to her look with,

"Don't mind me. Keep singing."

So, she did. But she decided to do it with a twist.

Though you're not here with me
"I dream of the day'

We'll meet again




My dear, Athrun…

That shut him up.

Hold me close
So deep in your heart
I will find you
No matter where I have to go

"And dream of me"

Maybe not.

"For I will be there"
Follow the stars that lead…
Into the quiet night…

He clapped for her. She glared at him.

He wouldn't stop clapping. She wouldn't stop glaring.

Eventually, one of them would have to give.

"…Okay, what was that about?"

"I want you to know…I'm sorry for what I said. And I'm sorry for dropping all of my concerns and worries about 'us' on you. I want you to know that I…want to come to your concert and I'm sorry for anything I did to offend you in any way. And I didn't mean to belittle you so much. I really mean it when I say you're a great person, Lacus. And I…"

"Okay, Athrun, I get it. You're forgiven."

Amazing. Just like that, she forgave him. A few small compliments compared major personal insults. Yet, she forgave. He was shocked, stunned really, by her kindness, but didn't want to say anything.

"Thank you, Lacus."

She smiled at him for the first time since mid-yesterday. He smiled back. After a little while, Lacus went back to practicing and Athrun went to 'his' room to prepare for the concert, which was only in two hours.

That night…

Athrun received V.I.P. box seats at Lacus' concert. She was performing at "The Grande Hall", a music hall only used for high-ranked singers and bands. Lacus, of course, got in without a fuss. In fact, the owners begged her to play her concert there. She only agreed if they allowed anyone into the hall, not just rich folk. Meaning that had to lower their prices. They weren't too pleased, but they complied.

The concert began and ran smoothly for a while. It was Lacus' 'Home Coming' concert, since she had been taking a small break for a while. All the songs he had heard before, but it felt like he was hearing them for the first time and was falling in love them over and over. Eventually, the night was drawing to an end, so Lacus came on stage with an announcement.

"Good evening, everyone!"

The crowd cheered loudly.

"I'm so happy you all came tonight! It's great to know you enjoy my music this much! Sadly, it's almost time to go home. So, I'd like to make my last song very special. I sang this song only once before, back during the war, and it was never released. So now, I'm going to sing it for all of you. I'd also like to make a shout-out to a dear friend! This song is for you!"

Athrun was shocked to hear Lacus' shout-out. He assumed it was him she was referring to and he also knew what song it was. But what did this mean?

Slowly, the piano began to play, followed by the other necessary instruments. The light, calming sound filled the hall as Lacus began to sing.

The night time fills the sky
Stars alive, go floating by
So still the evening air
So warm and soft
Peace everywhere

I see a world in harmony
A world of peace and humanity
Where people walk free,
Like water in a stream
Flowing on,
Forever more…

'Hmm…why does all this ring a bell?'

The breezes softly blow
Caressing warm
So sweet and low
Upon my cheek, I can feel
Tenderly, a kiss so real

Like a brush of a hand that I cannot see
The sound of a voice deep inside of my heart
So I dream of a new day coming
For all the world to see

Lift your eyes and see a new day dawning
A dream that will soon come true
The day we've waited for
Lift you heart and see the future for us all
Where people walk free,
Like water in a stream
As it flows
Forever on…

Then, the realization hit him hard in the face.

! Flashback !

"…You know Athrun, I think you're like the world."

"Huh? What do you…"

! End of Flashback !

That's right! He never got to ask her what that meant! She addressed him as the 'world'. But what did she mean?