Inanely insane


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The only thing he heard were the basses.

And they were loud.

Much too loud.

He turned around and tried to cover his ears with a pillow in frustration. It didn't work. He let out a groan.

He had especially gone to bed early today, to finally get some much needed rest, but to no avail. Sleeping in the back room of P3 was a pretty bad idea. He figured it would yet take hours until he could get a little sleep.

Accepting his fate he sat up and glared at the door.

What if he just blew this door away? Just one twitch of his finger and it would fly right out of its frame, smashing into a lot of people in the crowd that was partying like there was no tomorrow.

Hurt them. Maybe kill them even. He smiled at that thought. Then they would be quiet and never dare to be loud again. He had the power to do that. But he didn't know whether he would use it.

Still it remained a nice dream. The knowledge that he had the power to put an end to all this always comforted him.

Their Happiness disturbed and disgusted him in a way he couldn't describe. It felt so distant. He couldn't remember ever having felt something like this. Everything he could recall of his life was darkness. No matter where he was, no matter what he had done, positive feelings had never made their way to him.

A voice distracted him from his thoughts. He immediately recognized it to be that of his mother's. Apparently she was talking to the crowd via microphone. The only thing he could catch of what she was saying through the thick walls was, "... the night is just beginning..."

Just great. Even more of that stupid noise was yet to come. In that moment he felt a strong feeling of loath towards Piper Halliwell. She was one of the happy people. That made her the enemy in his mind. It didn't matter who she was or that his existence depended on her. She was just like everyone else. And everyone else was not like him. And in the past she was especially hard to stomach. As well as her sisters. They were all so... friendly... nice and happy. Again that word. Happiness was a bad thing to him. But as much as he hated it he envied those capable of feeling it.

Still it annoyed him to have people like that in his family. He liked Leo a lot more because he was always suspicious.

Once he had even thought about killing the sisters, just to make them stop smiling. But the thought of his mission had stopped him.

If only he could remember what that was all the time. Some days he just went about his routine without wasting one thought on why he was doing this.

But then he remembered something. There was one thing that made him feel nice. That made him feel at home, no matter where he was.

With a small grin on his face, he pulled a knife out of his pocket and started to add new scars to those on his arm that were already there...


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