Kingdom Hearts: Omake

The Cave

Summary: Drabble-ish thingie A drawing by a door…

It was one drawing among many. Hardly noticeable if you weren't looking closely. If you did notice it, there was something that brought a smile to your face.

It was a picture of two people. They shared something that looked vaguely star-like. The picture itself was soaked with so much affection and emotion it was nearly palpable.

Under each of the people, a name was scratched into the root-covered rock. Under one with spiky hair, the name 'Sora' was scratched messily, while under the one with longer straighter hair was the name 'Kairi'

And though many years had passed, seasons had changed, and many people had come and gone, it remained there. No matter how the others faded or dimmed, this one always seemed to be bright and fresh. Even when it was raining or gloomy out side and no light could get in, it seemed to have a light of its own.

Ah, Young love