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Disclaimer: I do not own Disgaea. If I did, there would probably be a Disgaea 2. All original characters, with the exceptions of Yuki and Setsuna (both of whom will be briefly mentioned) belong to me. These two in particular are property of burnfist.

Italics indicates thoughts.
Bold and Italics indicates a location
Underlined and Italics indicates Saito's thoughts

Original Character:

Name: Saito Onago (Prefers Saito)
Age: Do you really want to know? (Appears 19)
DOB: October 13
Height: 6' 1.75"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Hair Color: Auburn. Has a tendency to stand straight up (ala Goku) ((Goku is © Toei Animation, and FUNImation))
Eye Color: Varies, depending on his mood. Ranges from crystal (very light) blue ((excellent mood)) to flat black ((STAY THE FCK OUT OF MY WAY!))
Species: Hybrid (Sorcerer/Angel/Kaiser Dragon/Vampire)
Weapon: Razor Chain (Distance attacks)((dark grey)), Durend (Shape-shifting sword)((white with rainbow aura))
Abilities: Innate pyromancy and aeromancy (control of fire and air), can also use any element he just needs to work on his control: flight (YES, he does have wings), teleportation
Position: Keeper of the Keys/Weapon smith (Dragons), Last Kaiser Dragon (all)

Disgaea: Shadows of the Obligate
Book one of the Oricaltos Cycle
by: Blade1986


It has been many years since the events that shaped Overlord Laharl's rise to power. The corrupt angel Yuki has risen and fallen. Now, five years after this series of events, there is a new arrival in the Netherworld. However, nothing is as it seems, and this newcomer is the bearer of ill news. As the shadows begin to rise, will the light be able to rise with it?

Shadowed gates: Draconic Realm
Saito looked around and sighed. He was getting a little tired of just sitting around the draconic gates. Well, I can always go back to my forge and work on a few more weapons... he thought to himself as he turned from the main gates. He whistled lightly, and brushed his right hand through his thick hair. His brilliant blue eyes glittered merrily as he headed towards the main door. The key ring hanging at his waist jingled lightly, the twelve keys banging against one another as he walked. However, that break he was looking for never arrived. A new gate formed almost beneath his feet, and the draconic jumped back in surprise. What in the name of... This was never here before. He looked down at his keys, to find expecting them to be moving. However, they were not. Now that's strange, thought the mage. If my keys had caused this, they would still be movi- he never finished the thought as a massive hand reached out of the gate and grabbed the key ring. The hand then yanked back, dragging the startled mage into the portal. HOLY MOTHER OF..! I am SOOOOO dead, Saito thought to himself as the key ring snapped and the twelve keys scattered in the gate, far beyond his reach.

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