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Hermione and Ginny were lying on Ginny's bed in Ginny's room in the burrow. It was the summer holidays and Hermione had been invited to stay at the burrow for the last few weeks of the holidays, before she would return to school and complete her last year at Hogwarts.

Hermione hadn't seen anyone except Ginny since she arrived at the burrow because the boys were out playing quidditch and Mr and Mrs Weasley were doing business to do with the order.

There was a knock on the door and Fred walked in wearing only a towel around his waist, his hair was wet and he had obviously just got out of the shower.

Hermione stared at him in amazement. Since when was Fred Weasley a god of hotness. His quidditch muscles were so perfect and his stomach was so toned, his back and chest were so tanned and there were still droplets of water running down his chest.

"Ginny, do you know where mum put the basket of clean clothes," Fred said, and then he noticed Hermione," Hey Hermione, how you doin?"

Pulled out of her trance caused by the rush of realization of Fred's good looks she said "I'm great."

"You look great," he said, smiling at her, a gorgeous heart melting smile.

Hermione smiled at him. She had changed since Fred last saw her, not drastically, she was just becoming slightly more laid back and her body was maturing. Fred took notice of this change and started to see her in a different light, she wasn't just a little know it all, she was actually a really gorgeous girl. He decided he'd keep his eye on her and watch for opportunities.

"So do you know where the clothes are, Gin?"

"Yeah they're in mum's room on the dresser."

"Thanks," he said leaving the room with a wink at Hermione.

"So …," said Hermione, trying to rid the air of the awkward smell of 'I think I just fell for you brother' dust, "When are your parents getting home?"

"Bout one o'clock"


"Yeah so we have to make dinner, we better get started," she said, getting up from the bed.

Hermione and Ginny were cooking Shepard's pie when the boys came down from their various bedrooms.

"Can you set the table?" Hermione asked the boys.

"For you, anything," Fred said grabbing the knives and forks.

Hermione giggled and then mentally head slapped her self, why is Fred having this effect on me, she asked her self, and stop making it so damn obvious, she added.

20 minutes later Hermione, Ginny, Fred, George, Harry and Ron were seated around the table.

Ginny and Harry were, of course, sitting together, holding hands under the table, Hermione smiled at how cute they were together, they deserved each other.

Fred was slyly watching Hermione, it wasn't obvious that he was looking at her, he was playing it cool, he'd make Hermione like him and then he could show that he liked her. But it was hard to not stare at Hermione as her hair fell so perfectly over her face and her t-shirt clung so perfectly over her newly matured breasts and curves.

Dinner was over and Ginny and Harry were staring lovingly into each other eyes, talking about nothing in particular, Ron and George were laughing at something George was telling Ron, something to do with a trick he was planning to play on the next customer that enters his and Fred's joke shop, and Fred and Hermione were left to talk to each other.

Hermione was shocked at how easy it was to talk to Fred, she thought he was just an idiotic prankster who happened to have an extremely hot body, and hot ruffled hair, and a really great smile, twinkling eyes, well you get the point. But he was all that and surprisingly intelligent.

They talked for what must have been hours about nothing and everything. At 12:00 Hermione decided, even though she was having a great time talking to the intelligent, sexy, quidditch player by the name of Fred, she better wake up Ginny, who had fallen asleep with her head on Harry's chest on the couch, and go to bed.

"Well it was fun talking to you Fred, who knew there was a brain in that skull of yours," she said laughing.

"I thought it was very obvious I had brains, what with my three OWLs," he said, faking a hurt face.

Hermione laughed and walked over to a sleepy Harry and asked him to wake up Ginny. As Harry was doing this Hermione looked at Fred.

"Well, good night Fred Weasley," she said, while looking into his eyes, which were greeny brown, unlike George's which were greeny blue

(A.N I now this is a cliché way of Hermione telling the twins apart in HrTwin fics but I like it)

"Night Hermione," he said, holding her eyes, possibly for longer than was necessary but she wasn't complaining.

With a last smile and a wink Fred went off to bed, with Hermione on his mind.

Hermione's dreams were full of Fred that night and she was happy to let her imaginative mind explore the possibilities.

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