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Fred and Hermione's make-up kiss had come to and end because Ginny had came up stairs to tell them that they had bought some truth potion and questioned Chloe and she isn't a death eater, just madly in love with Fred, and possible mildly insane.

"But if she's not a death eater where did she get imperious dust from?" questioned Fred.

"Well it turns out she is not too distantly related to Draco Malfoy, and we all no his father is a death eater, and it turns out she told Lucius she'd do anything for Fred and they said they'd help her get him but they'd have to turn him into a death eater before she could even touch him because he is too much of a blood traitor for her, so instead of telling her family where to stick it she went along with the plan, which was make you believe you were a death eater and once you came to accept it you could actually become a death eater," replied Ginny.

"O.k. what a messed up person," said Hermione.

"Yeah she sure is, well I'll let you two get back to your kissing," said Ginny, making for the door.

"Gin, if you knew we were kissing, why did you interrupt us?" asked Hermione

"Well I tried to wait, but I waited out side the door for like 15 minutes and got tired of waiting," she said, "any way, I'm off to bed."

"So, Hermione," Fred said, turning to face her, "will you be my girlfriend again?"

"Was I your girlfriend before?" Hermione asked, pleased by the fact that he took there relationship serious, she knew they were a couple but she still wanted to hear it from Fred.

"Of course," he said and leant down to kiss her and just before his lips reached hers he said, "Unless you don't want to be my girlfriend."

Hermione lifted her head up to close the gap between her and Fred's mouth but Fred put a finger to Hermione's lips.

"Are you my girlfriend or not," Fred said playfully.

Hermione sighed and said "fine, I'll be your girlfriend, but only because you're a good kisser."

And finally Fred closed the short distance between there lips and kissed her like she'd never been kissed before.

"I love you Hermione," Fred whispered

"I love you too," she whispered back.

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