Athrun was walking outside on the street when he heard a girl scream. First he didn't know whether to walk away or to see what was happening but when he heard the girl scream again he ran over to see what was happening.

"Let go of me you jerk!" screamed a blonde haired girl,

"Come on babe I'm taken you home" said a man with purple hair.

"You such an idiot I don't even like you don't you get that" said the blonde.

Athrun walked up to the man and said,

"Get away from her".

The man turned to look at Athrun and said, "what ya gonna do about it". Athrun quickly punched him hard in the stomach and the guy fell to his knees and Athrun said, "That".

The blonde was so surprised by what the blue haired guy did to Yuuna; she grabbed the blue headed guy's hand and ran down the street. Athrun was in shock; what was this girl doing? Where is she taking me? All his questions were answered when she stopped at a coffee shop. She walked in with Athrun still hand in hand and said,

"Hi" to an orange/brown haired girl, she walked over to a table and sat down and asked Athrun to sit with her, he accepted.

"Thanks for saving me back there, you have no idea how grateful I am" said the blonde, "My name's Cagalli Yula Athha, What's your?"

Athrun kindly answered her "My name's Athrun Zala and no problem I didn't want that guy to hurt you, did you know him?"

Cagalli replied "Yeah I know him he's obsessed with me, it's so annoying". "Really, well I'm glad I helped but why did you take me here" said Athrun.

"I wanted to thank you for rescuing me by buying you a coffee or something" said Cagalli,

"Really it's not necess…" but was cut off by Cagalli

"Yes it is and I won't take no for an answer"

Athrun just nodded his head. Then the orange/brown haired girl came to the table and took their orders.

"Hi Mirriallia" said Cagalli this is Athrun he rescued me from Yuuna,

Mirr started to giggle and said, "Thanks for saving my friend, you earned some fries, it's on the house"

Athrun thanked Mirr and just looked at Cagalli while she ordered two coffees.

Then when Mirr left Cagalli turned to Athrun.

"So tell me more about yourself Athrun Zala" said Cagalli

Athrun stared at her stunned for a few seconds and finally blinked. Cagalli's head twitched a bit waiting for him to say something.

"Ok then well I'll start off since you seem to be thinking" said Cagalli you already know my name…

Cagalli seemed to be thinking on what to tell him she didn't want him to find out she was a Princess, All the sudden Athrun said

"Well I live on PLANTS but right now I'm studying at Archangel University" he was cut off.

"Really I'm studying there too, how come I haven't seen you around before" said Cagalli

"I'm usually pretty busy so I usually have to take most of my classes online, so where do you live Cagalli" asked Athrun

"I live in ORB and I'm studying at Archangel University, My father is the Leader of Orb".

Cagalli thought in her mind oh crap! I just told him who my father is, he's gonna find out about me being a princess.

"Cool" said Athrun "My father Patrick Zala leader of PLANTS"

"Hey wait doesn't that make you a Prince" shouted Cagalli;

Athrun thought about it for a second

"Not really my father is the leader and all but I'm a pilot I can't be a Prince", "What you're a pilot of what? A mobile suit" said Cagalli

"Yup I'm the pilot of Justice Gundam" said Athrun.

Cagalli thought for a second isn't Justice one of ZAFTS Gundams

"Umm…. Athrun doesn't that mean your with ZAFT" said Cagalli

Athrun was surprised then he remembered what Cagalli said about her father being the leader of ORB. Then out of nowhere Mirr showed up with two coffees and a plate of fries, she asked if they wanted anything else but neither Athrun nor Cagalli answered her so she just walked away. Cagalli sipped her coffee waiting for Athrun to answer; Athrun just nodded a yes to her question. Cagalli didn't seem to care she just smiled and all the sudden Athrun realized Cagalli is a Princess but he didn't mention it to her. "I am a pilot also" said Cagalli

Athrun was a bit shocked he never met a Princess that piloted a Gundam then again he never met a Princess other then his friend Lacus who was often called the Pink Princess.

"What gundam do you pilot" asked Athrun

"I pilot the Strike Rouge on ORB but I'm usually with Earth Alliance, but I don't agree with there ways" said Cagalli

"What do you believe in then" asked Athrun

"I believe that Coordinators and Naturals should live in peace I don't see any differences in Coordinators so their smarter but that doesn't make them better then Naturals each person including Coordinators have there own individuality and we should all be accepted for that not killing each other for that" said Cagalli.

Cagalli really made Athrun think what is it he is fighting for his father's beliefs or his own.

"Your right Cagalli, You're absolutely right" said Athrun

Cagalli flashed a big happy smile which almost made Athrun melt, he liked Cagalli and he wanted to get to know her more unfortunately, it was getting late and the diner was soon closing. He finished his coffee.

"I'm happy to have met you, I guess I'll see you around school" said Athrun "Goodbye, I'm glad to have met you too" said Cagalli

Athrun walked out the door and looked at Cagalli one last time at least that's what he thought.