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Clumsy Fingers

She couldn't believe how clumsy she was today. Earlier that morning she had dropped her ammo as she had been reloading her gun at the shooting range. A little earlier than that she had dropped Black Hayate's water dish which spilt the water everywhere almost taking forever to clean up and now this.

Riza had been stapling some papers together when a sharp pain erupted in her index finger. When she looked at it blood seeped underneath the fingernail. Riza shook her hand by means of releasing the pain from her fingers. Of course she hadn't meant for Colonel Mustang to see her pain.

Seeing as she usually hid her pain, she felt slightly embarrassed as the Colonel asked,

"Is your hand all right first lieutenant?"

"Yes I'm fine." An automatic response escaped Riza's mouth. The Colonel nodded his head and bent down over his work.

Riza just shook her head at herself, how could you be so clumsy? You're losing your mind you know that? She could only shake her head at herself over and over again as she applied pressure to her index finger.

Eventually the pain wore away, but still the fact remained that she was uncoordinated this morning. Just as the clock on the west wall struck twelve, a book had mysteriously dropped on her hands squashing them. A small yelp managed to escape her lips and was heard by the Colonel.

Everyone besides the Colonel and her had already left for lunch. So no one was there to see what happened next. Roy, hearing Riza yelp, hurried to her side. He looked into her eyes seeing a hint of pain deep within them.

"Are you ok Lieutenant?" The Colonel asked.

"Yes I'm fine." Riza responded. Apparently Roy must have heard a pinch of ache in her voice for he took her hand in his. He brought her hand up to his lips.

"Don't lie Lieutenant. I can see it in your eyes." His voice crawled across her skin, his hot breath melting into her hand. Riza stood there in shock. Am I really that easy to read?

Roy smiled against her hand. Kissing every slender finger so lightly Riza felt something between Roy and her; something, spark. Riza pulled her hand away slowly. The both of them leaned in to each other, only centimeters apart from the other's lips.

"I never knew you, Riza, could be so clumsy." Roy whispered on to her lips.

"Neither did I." Riza numbly responded.

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