Xenosaga: Before our very own eyes

DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything that you hear, see or read. The only character that I own is Mae, and some of the workers.

Chapter 1: The first chapter in my life.

I walked proudly to the Director's office. I slowly opened his door and gave him a big grin.

"Well hello Miss Takakashii! Ive was expecting you." He motioned over to a chair in front of his desk. I handed over my files and he scanned through them.

"You know, you're very smart for your age. If you do successfully get accepted into the First Division, you would be the youngest, save Miss Uzuki." I nodded. I was so proud of myself, I always worked hard. I was 16 and I just got my license. When I was little, my parents always forced me to be the best, whether it was sports, or on the piano. I thank them now for what they have made of me.

"You have some wonderful things Miss Takakashii! Do you mind that while I look through the rest, that you go ahead and meet the First Division?" My heart literally stopped.

"Absolutely!" I ran out of his office and checked the map to see where to go. I ran down the corridors and stopped at a white metallic door, like the rest. It swooshed open and reveled a large room with many workers. I guess they could tell I was new because of my enormous grin. On the other hand, maybe not. A 50-year-old woman with blond hair turned around from her terminal and gave me a scowl.

"Deary, are you lost? Do I need to call for your mommy?" Now, everyone started to stare at me.

"Actually no, you really cant. I think I got a job here." No wait, that did not sound right.

"The director is looking at my files." The woman rolled her eyes and said something like, "They keep getting younger and younger, next he will employ a 10 year old."

"Nice to meet you! Im Chief Winnicot," a man with black hair stuck out his hand and I shook it.

"This is the co chief Shion Uzuki." I remembered the Director say her name. When Miss Uzuki turned around, I saw that she was a couple of years older than me.

"Nice to meet you Miss…"

"Takakashii, Mae Takakashii!" I grinned and shook her hand.

"Im going to take it that you transferred here to Vector's First Division because of KOS-MOS right?" Chief Winnicot asked.

"KOS-MOS?" I asked surprised.

"This IS the KOS-MOS project," the old woman sneered. Chief Winnicot waved her off.

"I just wanted to work here so badly because I love working on humanoid cyborgs, androids or Realians." He nodded.

"Then let me introduce you to our Princess, KOS-MOS!" He motioned me to go walk over to her 'bed'. I put my hand on the top.

"Im so glad to meet you, even though I cant see you," I joked. Her bed was closed because she was probably still in development.

"Even though it will be a couple of months before she will awaken, I still so nervous," Chief Winnicot laughed. Miss Uzuki chuckled to.

"Oh, im sorry Miss Takakashii! This is Sheryl, Mark, Candie, Fredric and Amy!" Miss Uzuki pointed to the members.

"There are a lot more, but there not here, or they just recently transferred to another division." My connection gear vibrated and I checked who was calling.

"Hey Kaci! What's up?" I asked her. The old woman, who was named Sheryl, stared at me, like she wanted to know what I was talking about.

"Did you get the job?" Kaci asked.

"I think!" I yelled giddily.

"Oh my goddie goddie GODDIE! I got the job in the Second Division! My boss said if I do good enough, I can transfer to the First Division! I hope I do AWESOME!"

"Im rooting for you!" I ended the connection.

"Im sorry, that was my best friend telling me she got a job in the Second Division." Miss Uzuki nodded.

"I have a friend who's in the Second Division to. She works in the weapons section, you cant miss her," she chuckled. I grinned.

"Miss Takakashii, the Director would like to see you," the intercom yelled. "Miss Takakashii, the director would like to see you."

"Good-luck," Chief Winnicot and Miss Uzuki whispered as I ran out the door. I ran all the way to his office.

"Well, im glad to see that you got here so fast!" He smiled. I fell onto the chair in front of his desk.

"Im happy tell you that you got the job!" I forgot that I was feeling fatigue and grabbed my files and ran down the hall again, opened the door to the First Division, KOS-MOS project room and screamed.

"IGOTIT!" I yelled running around. Sheryl gave me the most disgusted look but before the Chief could see her, she turned back to her terminal.

"Im so happy!" Miss Uzuki gave me a hug.

"Welcome to the team!" Mark took my hand and shook it. I blushed. He was defiantly hot, but I needed to focus on my work, not boys. Oh poo, I cant help it!

"Its so great to have ya here with us!" Candie said with the fakest southern accent I ever heard. I didn't even think people talked like that anymore, but I guess she proves me wrong.

"Alright, because this is your first day, ill let Shion show you around the building and the lab. I hope you have a great time here." Chief Winnicot smiled. I nodded. I could hear Sheryl telling something about me to a man no one introduced to me. It was loud enough for me to hear her say, "I thought that only let the smartest into the First Division! How did a little idiot school girl get in here?" I ignored her and walked out with Miss Uzuki.

"Please don't mind her. They only employed her because she was smart." I laughed.

"I noticed that Chief Winnicot called you by your first name," I said. Miss Uzuki nodded.

"Oh, were engaged. He just asked me last night, I haven't told anyone yet really." I gasped.

"I feel special!" I joked.

"You are!" Miss Uzuki protested. "Its not very often a 16 year old gets in the First Division! Wait; there hasn't been a single one yet! You're a prodigy just like Kevin." I felt like crying, hearing a great woman like Miss Uzuki call me special. Miss Uzuki showed me around the entire building and she took me to the Food Area, so we could get coffee.

"I hope your going to like working on KOS-MOS. She is extremely special," Miss Uzuki said after taking her last sip of coffee. Even though I loved the thought of coffee, I could only stand cold coffee, and only a few sips at that, so I pretended to be drinking mine.

"I think it could be the best thing to ever happen to me! I just love the thought that I would be working on something that could alter the universe!" Miss Uzuki laughed.

"Alter the universe?" She asked. Mucho Stupid! Good going Mae, mess it up so soon.

"I hope she never has to be fully awakened, because that would be for bloodshed, but we do need her for the gnosis." I nodded.

"Miss Uzuki, your from Old Milita aren't you? My parents were from there, but they died in the incident and I was transported here to Second Milita, but I was only two, so I can't remember what my parents looked like. But I do remember my parents saying that it was necessary that this was happening or something." Miss Uzuki nodded.

"Please call me Shion, and my parents were killed on Milita to. Of course I remember it because gnosis killed my mother when I was in the hospital with her, and they also killed my father and my Realian named Feb." Tears felt like they were going to fall and some did. I couldn't see how Shion could hold hers back.

"Actually my mom, was a.."

"Miss Uzuki!" someone yelled. She wiped her head around to face a man.

"KOS-MOS!" He yelled. We both jumped up and ran back to the lab where everyone was in a frenzy. Shion pulled me over to a terminal right beside KOS-MOS.

"Try to get into her main-frame to stop the virus!" Chief Winnicot yelled. He to, was trying to stop the virus with an encephalon dive.

"Wait! Let me go! I used to dive all the tie in training!" I yelled.

"Im not that good with hacking!" I yelled again. He nodded and led me to the dive chair. Shion was typing furiously at a terminal to watch my dive. I put the dive glasses on and sat firmly in the chair.

"Starting up Encephalon Dive! Main directive is to stop the virus in KOS-MOS mainframe! KOS-MOS will assist you while you dive and your weapon will be an Ether Bow!" Shion yelled over the blaring sirens.

"Encephalon dive has been constructed!" I felt my body being torn from my world and into KOS-MOS'. When I opened my eyes, I was standing next to a gray headed 18 year old. It was defiantly KOS-MOS because of the way her body looked.

"Where is the virus located?" I asked.

"Near the objection point in the middle of the encephalon. Its marked as the red vector box! Inside, is where the virus lays dormant. Various things will try to stop you on your way there. When you get there, say KO-MOS' password, "Ye shall be as gods," and she'll be able to destroy it!" Chief Winnicot yelled.

"I know time is limited, but I have detected that you are not part of the KOS-MOS project." Her voice startled me.

"KOS-MOS has all audible functions in the encephalon!" A voice said. I recognized it as Mark's. I guess he was watching my dive now. KOS-MOS' head shook violently, a warning sigh for me to get up off my butt and stop that dang virus! I ran forward only to be stopped by three 'things'. KOS-MOS got into a battle pose and my Ether Bow appeared. One tried to attack me but KOS-MOS stuck out her arm and prepared some kind of cannon. The air around her arm went a purplish bluish light and everything around us blew up.

"Oh crap, that was powerful!" My eyes went wide with astonishment.

"I suggest that we hurry," KOS-MOS suggested. We ran forward, no enemies trying to stop us because she blew them all up! The area went black, another warning that if I didn't hurry, I would be stuck in there forever. We reached the red vector box and something HUGE came out of it, bigger than ANY A.G.W.S, almost as big as the Second Division building!

"Ye shall be as gods!" I managed. KOS-MOS shook violently again and an enormous light erupted from her. I felt myself being ripped apart, I think. I felt a hand on my wrist and just like that, I was back into the First Division building with everyone starting at me.

"Am I alive?" I asked. Everyone nodded.

"Is the virus gone?" I asked. Everyone nodded.

"It was a close call! If Mark hadn't of gotten you out, you would have been killed by KOS-MOS!" Candie yelled. Amy nodded. I looked down and saw that my arm was limp.

"My arm," I screamed.

"It was the thing that was hit the most in the dive. Anything that happens in the dive.."

"Happens to me to! But my arm is a vegetable!" I screamed. Three men ran into the room with something strange.

"It's a shot with nanomachines in it. It should recover your arm, and if it doesn't they can replace it."

"REPLACE IT?" I yelled. My first day at my new job and I was already wounded. They gave me a shot and I felt them lift me out of the dive chair. I went all loopy and woozy and I fell unconscious.