-1Chapter 21

Vacations, lovely things aren't they? Momo's analysis was held back a day due to more Traffic at the U.M.N. Building, so Jr asked everyone if we wanted to take a Vacation on his, or should I say, Gaignun's Yacht. Of course, we aren't stupid, so we accepted. We loaded the food and things onto the Boat before we set Sail in the Man-Made Ocean. Jr set the weather to Sunny, and we all migrated to the top of the Boat where we were eating.

"Lovely, isn't it?" I asked chaos once we had finally sat down.

"It is. Makes you wonder if they had things better than this on Lost Jerusalem, doesn't it."

"You have a point," I said as I reached over to grab some food. We all began to eat and we started talking about anything, and everything.

"How are you feeling after what happened Mae? Im sorry that I didn't know that he had died that day. I remember he stayed back to help more Civilians, but when he showed up the other day, it did make me think. Im surprised that I didn't hear it on the news, since that's all I do now a days," Jin stated.

"Its not your fault at all Jin," I protested. It really wasn't, its not like he wanted me to die.

"So, do we have anything not depressing to talk about?" Jr asked. Everyone laughed.

"Anything funny happen at Vector, or is it just uniform?" I laughed.

"The greatest part, is the End Of the Year Party. We have drinks, food, and we get a day off, which is really rare for us." I laughed and Shion did to.

"You have a lot more paper work than me Mae, how do you finish it all?"

"I have a strange feeling i'll have a lot when we get back, if we get back." Shion nodded, then we all ate in silence for a while. After I finished eating, I sat back in my chair, and I looked at the sky, and how beautiful it looked. Something struck me as odd though. There was something up there, I think.

"Jr, what is that?' I asked pointing to the unfamiliar thing in the sky.

"Huh, I don't see anything," Jr said without looking. Then when he did look up, he stared at it, with his mouth open.

"Momo?" Ziggy asked.

"Okay!" Momo replied. She scanned the Sky line with her sensors, then she frowned.

"Im sorry, I couldn't get anything on that Object. It seems to be emitting an unknown force though." Everyone began to look wearily.

"Should we get inside, it could be listening to us." I stated.

"Your paranoid," Shion laughed.

"Lets go, I don't want to be out here, just in case," chaos muttered.

"Come on! Its nothing! Im sure its just…." An array of bullets showered down on us. We ran for the closet cover, under the table.

"Shoot, this isn't thick enough to shield anything else, we need to get inside the ship fast. Old Man?" Jr asked. Ziggy nodded and he helped everyone get to the door to the inside of the ship without being harmed.

"Shelly, status?" Jr asked going to the Command Room. Shelly typed something on the Ship's keyboard and a monitor speared, showing the Data of the Unknown Being in Space.

"Its an A.M.W.S, its currently sending out a signal, shall I accept?" Shelly asked. Jr nodded.

"Current users of the Ship on the Kukai Foundation. Please do not move or Fire or I will Harm you. I am seeking for the 100-series observational Realian, and the Human known as Mae. If you do not comply I will destroy the Kukai Foundation." Jr cursed and I froze. I inched closer to chaos, afraid of the Pilot of the A.M.W.S.

"Little Master, Shall I fire upon the Enemy?' Shelly asked.

"Knock yourself out, I just reloaded the Ammo." Everyone sweat dropped. Whoever heard of guns on a Yacht. When Shelly brought out the huge guns, we all knew Jr had picked them out. They were big, yes, and they were powerful, yes, but could they take out that Pilot?

"Fire at will!" Jr shouted. Shelly took the trigger and locked onto the Target and she began to fire. When she first started firing, it caught the A.M.W.S off guard, then it began doing some weird movements, then it sent out another signal.

"Shall I accept it Little Master?' Shelly asked putting the guns back into the Boat. Jr nodded.

"You….must…give….HAHAHHAHH….the….100-series….." The static from the communication overpowered the mans voice, not to mention that insane laughter.

"What's wrong with him?" Momo asked.

"Something's wrong with the A.M.W.S! The Life Lines are dead!"

"Then who's piloting it?"

"It is." The A.M.W.S broke through the barrier of the Kukai Foundation and it headed for the Ship. Shelly didn't have enough time to fire at it before it pushed the Yacht down into the water. It floated back up, just barely. He was going to throw us, I could feel it. We were sitting ducks. But Jr had another plan.

"Calling all Military Units! Attack the Unknown A.M.W.S on the Private Beach!" Jr yelled into a walkie talkie that was in his swimming trunks. About a second later, the whole beach was littered with men and women from the Military, guns in hands. On the west side were the Realians, prepared to fight from the beach, and next to them was the A.G.W.S and such, since like Realians, they stayed on the beach. Helicopters flew past our heads and dropped men out. It took me a second to realize that it wasn't our Men, it was U-TIC. When the Military realized this, and after Shelly had moved as far as possible from the A.M.W.S, they boarded the ship and began to fight with us. Occasionally the A.M.W.S could try to grab some people with its mechanical hands, but we always had a way to fight back. What I didn't understand was how it was flying itself. Something had to be controlling it since the original pilot was dead. When we had the chance, we got off the torn and tattered boat, and to our surprise, it sinked as soon as we got off.

"Are you okay?" chaos asked. I nodded. My new Pink M.W.S was working fine, and I hadn't been hurt, not at all. Surprising actually. The A.M.W.S was drawing energy to itself and everyone was running away, trampling other people the get away. I was lucky that I was near chaos and Ziggy because they knocked the people down that tried to knock me down. We made it in record time (if your about to die, you would run fast to) to the Durandal, and onto it right as the A.M.W.S fired its attack on the Durandal.

"We have received Damage to the outer wing two! We are still operational, shall we depart?" Mary asked.

"Prepare to leave for Second Miltia!" Jr commanded.

"What about everyone else?" I asked.

"Whatever that is, is looking for us, not the civilians, and when we leave, it will to I imagine." I nodded. I looked over at Shion. Her eyes were moving around rapidly and she was crying.

"Why me?" she mouthed. I walked over to her I put my hand on her shoulder.

"Im sure, Kevin would of wanted you to be strong." Shion wiped her eyes.

"Easy for you to say, you have someone to love." I shook my head.

"Even though you don't know it Shion, someone here loves you just as much as I love chaos." Shion glanced at me with an uncertain look.

"I know you know who it is." I gave Shion a friendly hug and the Durandal jerked out of the Kukai Foundation.

"Sustained normal speeds." The 100-series' typed furiously in their computers.

"Shelly take control of the Durandal's movements and Mary take the Weapons. Maybe we can take it out with our A.G.W.S?" Jr asked.

"Negative Little Master. The A.M.W.S unit is exceeding limits that no human could make, and it would destroy you if you try to go out there and be all macho!" Mary said. Jr sweat dropped.

"Just making a suggestion." The A.M.W.S unit was defiantly smaller than the Durandal, but with no human piloting it, it was exceeding the limits, like Mary said. When a human was in an A.G.W.S or A.M.W.S, it could only go so fast because the Pilot couldn't handle it being really fast. And without the Human piloting it, the limit was broken and believe me, this A.M.W.S was flying pretty fast.

"Mary!" Jr yelled.

"Alright Little Master!" Mary yelled. She was biting her lip in frustration trying to shoot the A.M.W.S.

"Here, let me try," chaos said calmly walking to Mary.

"Sure, knock yourself out." Mary handed the controls over to chaos and he stood there with his eyes closed. The A.M.W.S was flying freely beside us and when it hit a certain point chaos opened his eyes and he successfully shot it.

"Go chaos!" I cheered. But when I realized that it was still flying I grunted.

"Shoot, I wish KOS-MOS was here," I murmured. I never thought that a single A.M.W.S unit could hold a fight against the huge Durandal.

"Look, that shot that chaos hit is destroying it internal mechanisms!" a 100-series cried happily. But it wasn't going to go down that easily. It shot its beam gun right at where Momo and I was standing. Yes that means it broke the glass.

"Look out!" Ziggy and chaos yelled. Chaos ran to me and pushed me down, but Ziggy didn't get to Momo in time. The bullet, or beam, went through the glass and it sped to Momo. Her face was like a manequin, her mouth open and eyes as wide a saucers. She didnt move, that is until it it her.

"Momo no!" Jr yelled running to Momo who was on the floor twitching, screaming, andholding her arm.