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Raven stood in front of a large building, holding her navy blue bag in one hand and wearing the required uniform of blue slacks and collared white shirt with tie. Her violet hair was cut unevenly above her ears, but as much as her mother had tried to make her look like a boy she still looked a but feminine. "Odyssey Academy for Gifted Boys." Was scrawled across the front of the building. Raven wondered how her mother had gotten her into this.


Raven sat in the back of the car, staring at the window. Her mother was in the front seat, humming along with the radio. Their few possessions were stuffed in beside Raven. They had had to move again, for Raven's father had managed to find them. This time, Arella promised, would be their last move. She was having Raven go to a boarding school, though she would not tell her where or what kind it was.

A sign announced that they were entering Coraridge County, and her mother pulled over to the side of the road. There was nothing around but a few trees and some grass, which made Raven confused. Arella sighed and got out of the car, and opened Raven's door for her.

"Now Raven the school you are going to is called Odyssey Academy for Gifted. A train leaves at noon from the station here. Your going to arrive a week into their school year, but you should have no trouble catching up."

"Why did we have to pull over?"

"We need to cut your hair."

"Why?" Raven asked, sweltering from the afternoon sun.

"Because Raven this is a school of boys." Raven's mouth dropped.

"Please tell me your kidding."

"Your father will never find you here!"

"But I'm a girl!"

"That's why we have to cut your hair."

End Flashback

Mr. Ander, the headmaster, looked at her transcript. He made her nervous, with his facial expressions changing to fast to tell.

"So, Mr. Metrion, you have had good grades and are in higher level classes. My secretary, Mr. Wilson, will give you your schedule after dinner. Breakfast is at 7:30 sharp, lunch at noon, and dinner at 6. If you show up late you do not eat. You're room 235, building 101. I'm sure that your room mates will make you feel welcome."

"Room mates!" Raven exclaimed. How could she hide her sex with roommates?

"Yes, if that's a problem next year you can apply for a single." Raven gulped and nodded. She left his office, wondering how she was going to deal with boys all day long. At her best she could barely stand most people, and boys were usually rowdy and loud.

It took her four tries to find her room, and when she finally did it was though the help of another wandering student. Raven took a deep breath, and then walked inside. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw that no one was there. The room was not very large, and had two beds in the corner across the room. On one side was a poster of some pop band that Raven found a bit too happy for her taste.

She unpacked, throwing the school uniform into the dresser, and then tossed her bag under her bed.

"Score! Oh ya! Who's the best? I'm the best! Who's the best? I'm the best!" came a sudden cry from a door on the left side of the room. Raven cautiously walked in, and found a bathroom with another door on the other side.

'Great, I'll be sharing the bathroom with three boys, not one.' Raven opened the other door. A skinny boy with brown hair was dancing around, while a tall muscular black guy looked grumpily at the screen of a TV, and a boy with black hair and sunglasses watched. The black haired one was the first to notice her.

"Hey guys I think we got your new roommate, Gar." Gar immediately stopped dancing and bounced over. The boy with black hair looked her over carefully, and for a moment she was worried that he would figure out that she was a girl. But instead he introduced all of them.

"Hi, I'm Richard. The small one is Garfield-"

"-and if you call me that I can't be responsible for what I do."

"And he's Victor."


"I'm Raven. And if you call me Rae I can't be responsible for what I do."

"Nice to meet you Raven. Would you like to join us in a video game?" Richard asked politely.

"I'm going to read a book in my room." Gar jumped in.

"You mean our room. You're my room mate."

"What ever."

Raven walked back into the room she was sharing and sat down on the bed to read.

: Richard's and Vic's room:

"How long do you think he'll last?" Richard asked, crashing his car into Gar's. He was referring to the length of time it would be until Raven requested for a room change, or left the school.

"Hopefully longer then Eric. He had barely learned our names before he did." Victor glared at Gar.

"Maybe that was because someone put mashed potatoes in his bed!"

"Hey! It was just a joke. And it wasn't my fault that he freaked out thinking that he was dieing."

"Raven seems pretty quiet. I dunno how he'll deal with your stereo blaring all night."

"Gotta have my tunes, man."

Later that night.

Gar had noticed that his roommate hadn't been at dinner and wondered why. He had said goodnight to Vic and Richard, and quietly opened the door. Raven was sitting on her bed, listening to a CD player, deeply engrossed in a book. Her hair was falling across her face, and her large violet eyes settled in deep concentration.

'Raven's really beautiful. WAIT! I DID NOT JUST THINK THAT ABOUT A GUY! YOU ARE STRAIGHT GARFEILD! STRAGHT AS A ROD!' Raven felt eyes on her and looked up. She hurriedly took off the earphones and sat up.

"Sorry, I didn't hear you come in."

"ThatsokImgoingtobednowgoodnight." Gar said, not looking at her. He switched off the light and almost flew over to the bed. He rolled over toward the wall looking at the poster of Hotti Blueyes, his idle. Even his cool gaze couldn't make him stop thinking about it.

"So what about you guys?" Raven said, surprising both of them. She liked silence, but her curiosity was too great.

"Well, Richard is this super strong guy who knows like a million forms of karate. His father is a big advocate of strength. Vic is this major computer nerd, but is also extremely athletic. I'm just the comic relief. What about you."

"I like quiet." Gar whistled.

"Bad luck for you then, that you got me as a roommate. The three of us have been best friends since the time we started going to Odyssey. We've always gotten these rooms too. You see we're in cahoots with the Principles daughter, Star, so-" At this point Raven tuned out. She wondered how long Gar would continue talking, but even with his constant chatter she drifted into a light doze.

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