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Authors note: This is a Very PG Truth or Dare. Sorry it took so long; thank Jackie Russo and deadinside72 for getting me off my butt and writing it.


Previously- Terra looked around mischievously. "So, what's first? Spin the bottle or Truth or Dare?"

As the eyes of all grew wide at the suggestion of Spin the Bottle, Terra laughed.

"Jeez, I was kidding. Truth or Dare like always." They all got comfy in the covers, with minimum pushing and shoving and complaining about leg space and cold feet. Raven was desperately trying to avoid touching anyone, but even with the beds pushed as far away as possible, they were cramped.

"I volunteer myself to start." Star announced. "Terra, truth or dare?"


"What is your favorite color?" The blond pretended to think.

"Red. No blue! No-AHHHHH!"(Monty Python joke) Everyone laughed except Raven and Star. Neither seemed to get it.

"Just kidding Kori, it's yellow. Karen, truth or dare?"


"What is your favorite animal?"

"A bumblebee." They raised their eyebrows.

"Well, techniquely that's a bug." Rich pointed out. Karen threw her pillow at him.

"Rich, so kind of you to volunteer, truth or dare?"

"Dare." Karen waggled her eyebrows mischievously.

"I dare you to go next door and steal a pencil."

"Are you crazy, they'll wake up!"

"Then you'll have to be very very sneaky."

"Wait a moment." Everyone turned to Vic. "I have a way to up the stakes. How about a full blown scavenger hunt." There were nods and cheers of agreement.

"OK, we'll split up into teams and finds certain objects in different rooms. Then we'll meet back here."

"And the losers," Jinx added, "Will all have to paint there nails bright pink." She held up the bottle of nail polish that was not only bright pink but also had little glittery stars floating around in it. The boy's groaned. "C'mon, no guts no glory!" The brightly haired girl winked at them all.

"Vic, you and Star will make up Team Red. Terra, you Rich, and Karen will be Team Blue. And I will join the dashing young Raven and Gar for Team Green. You will be required to find a blue shirt, a flowy skirt, and one left shoe." Jinx grabbed Raven and Gar by the hand and dragged them out of the room and into the hall, sprinting for a head start. The rest blinked. ((AN- Reason for teams all in good time))

"Um, did she just do that?" Rich asked.

"You mean take over MY plan and make it her own? Then, yep." Victor grumbled.

"Let's go 'Team Blue'. We don't want them to get too much of a head start." Karen walked out of the room, fallowed by the rest. They quietly went there separate ways to find the items required. ((AN- I'll now be switching between three separate scenes, I'll mark them by these everytime I change them))

Team Green

"I don't understand why I have to stand guard!" Gar whispered furiously at Jinx.

"Because you the loudest! And someone has too!" After they had finally found a room with the door already open, they'd agreed someone should watch for the dorm mother. Raven rolled her eyes at the fighting pair and slipped inside the dark room. She heard whispered voices, and then Jinx fallowed her inside. It was a nice enough room, from what Raven could see with the very little nightlight plugged in. Jinx walked over to the laundry basket and began to go through it.

"You found it yet?" Gar's face was poked through the door. Two of the best death glares were sent at him. He shrieked and went back outside.

Team Red

"Woah!" Vic exclaimed, losing his footing over a pile of clothing. Star, at the moment near the ceiling, gave him a worried look. Vic caught himself the bureau and wiped an invisible sweat drop from his face. Star let out a mouse squeak in relief. Looking around this room it was dirtier than Gar's half of his. Dirty clothes and bags of chips littered the upswept floor. Star lighted up the room with a slight green glow, and Vic began to look.

Team Blue

"I can't believe that Rich won't let us help." Karen looked slightly annoyed, but Terra shrugged it off. Both leaned against the wall.

"I'd personally rather just wait out here. Anyway, he always has his own way of doing things."

"Like with Kori."

"Like with Kori." Terra agreed.

"I wonder if he'll even ask her to the dance."

"Knowing him, no. But he'll stare at her the whole evening. So who are you taking?"

Team Green

Raven held a blue shirt and a skirt so long that it seemed to almost be a dress. Jinx was now trying to find a left shoe. Raven watched Jinx slightly open the closet, but oddly nothing. Now by the door, in the bureau, and everywhere a sane person would keep their shoes. Still nothing. Raven glanced down, and rolled her eyes.

"Jinx." The girl looked up. Raven pointed under the bed. Jinx slapped herself in the head and grabbed a sneaker from the dark.

"Well you're a smart one, aren't you?" Jinx commented and winked. Raven's whole face turned bright red and she tried not to let her powers teleport her out of this crazy world. Instead a poster of some super-hot guy fell off the wall with a bang. Both froze.

Team Red

Holding both skirt and shirt Vic was now digging to find a shoe. And digging in the literal sense. The dirty clothes both smelled and covered every inch of the floor. He pinched his nose and dove back into the mess. He came up holding a very dirty, slightly mutated, shoe.

"C'mon Star." He took a step outside.

"GLORIOUS!" Kori exclaimed loudly.

Team Blue

"Gar asked me, but I said no." Terra said trying to act casual.

"Why'd you do that!" Karen looked truly shocked.

"Because… Reed asked me!"

"Oh my god! Not Reed!"

"Yes Reed, only the hottest boy in the whole school. He came up to me last weekend and asked!" More girly screaming ensued. Rich silently exited.

"Can you keep quiet for two seconds?" The girls shut up.

"Oh ya, Richard doesn't like Reed." Terra teased him. Richard just started running in the direction of the room, and the girls fallowed him, still giggling. Suddenly they saw Star and Victor running to the door also. They were equal far away and reached the door at the same time.

"I got here first!"

"No you didn't I did!"

"Liar! Anyway I went farther so I was done first!"

"So! My hand touched the doorknob first so I won!" Richard opened the door.

"Dudes your both wrong." Everyone looked inside. "We won." Gar finished, holding the items in hand. All eyes widened at the group.

"Oh ya Oh ya it's my birthday! It's my birthday!" Garfield started dancing around. Jinx jumped up and joined him.

"Come on Rave, join the celebration!" Raven just glared at him and continued to read her book. To her surprise he grabbed her hand and pulled her up.

"You can read later, we beat those losers!" He basically forced Raven to jump up and down. Doing the mocking party with Team Blue. Raven thought it was rather, well nice, that he included her. As much as she hated the stupid gloating, it was the thought that counted and it made her insides feel sort of warm. They continued to feel that way, even after Vic had pushed Gar into a corner and pummeled him. They spread the spoils of war on the bed.

"Oh my god that is the most beautiful shirt I have ever seen." Terra held up the one that, ironically, her group had gotten. All the girls, even Raven secretly, agreed. It was dark blue made of a light material, and it had what looked like tiny glitter sown into the right shoulder, and down to about the middle of it. It was a dramatic V-neck that plunged very low, so that you'd have to wear a tank top underneath.

"Don't even think about it. We have to put all of this stuff back in the lost and found tomorrow morning." Rich said, glaring at Karen as she painted his pinky the lovely hot pink color. Terra stuck her tongue out at him.

"But Robin look at this skirt!" Kori said, holding up a long purple one with many ruffles and a tie at the top. His scowl changed to a mild look of annoyance when he glanced at how it looked on her.


"No means no Robbie-poo. Anyway she would only be able to wear it to the club, and usually that's slightly over dressing if she wears that." Vic pointed out. Gar yawned and crawled into his sleeping bag.

"We better get to sleep, we have to get up at 5 tomorrow." Karen pointed out. Jinx laughed.

"I dunno about you, but I'm not getting up. Those boys can let themselves out, I'm sleeping."


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