Started: October 2ed.

Finished and Posted: October 2ed.

Milli: This is a very special one-shot. ONE. SHOT. ONE CHAPTER DAMN YOU ALL! Ahem. Anyway. To the point. Its October 2ed ((Its 12:12 AM when we were writing this.)) and it's RON'S SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY! And Ron is... (looks around) Not here.

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Summary: "What would you do if I suddenly left?" she asked. "I would think I'd...have to follow."

"Really?" "'Course. Ya cant get rid of me THAT easily, Rae."

Raven sighed contentedly as she leaned into her boyfriend Beast boy's hold, the movie on the TV was suddenly dead to her. ((Meaning unimportant for those easily confused. (looks specifically at Hannah and Rachel.))) "Mm... I could stay here forever." Beast boy tore his eyes from the television and looked down at his girlfriend and smiled.

"It'd be kinda hard to fight villains if we're constantly snuggling." He said. Raven smirked. "Point proven." She leaned up a little and kissed Beast boy on his lips, to which he responded to the kiss immediately and kissed her back. After a few moments, he pulled away. "You'd never leave me, would you? I've only been in... well... you know what happened..."

Raven looked at him and smirked. "No, never. I'd never pull a... Terra." Beast boy visibly winced at the sound of her name and pulled Raven closer, if that was even possible. "Good." His eyes narrowed to her lips. "I love you, you know that?"

Raven smiled and nodded. "Yes, and I love you, too." With those words, he pulled her into a deep kiss.

About a minute into the kiss, Raven pulled away. "But..." she said, "Just out of curiosity, what would you do if I just decided to leave suddenly?" Beast boy looked deep into her violet eyes. "Hm... well... after all that's happened with... Terra... and Malchior, I'd honestly think that I'd... have to follow."

Raven looked at him, staring into his big, emerald green eyes. "Really?" Beast boy grinned. "'Course, Rae. You cant get rid of me that easily, y'know."

Raven smiled at him, not a sarcastic smile or a smirk, but a honest-to-goodness smile.

"You don't know how happy I am to hear you say that." She murmured.

Milli: Dudes... in this story, I realized that I could look at the computer screen AND the television at the SAME TIME! It's awesome! I'M MULTI-TALENTED!

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