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Chapter One

"I will be back, and my cubical friends of doom will destroy you!"

Danny Phantom was fighting the ever-so-annoying Box Ghost yet again. He was the one ghost who always seemed to escape, and always turned up at the most inopportune moments. Like now. He, Sam, and Tucker were just about to go to the totally awesome new movie, 'Dead Teacher XXV, that everyone had been talking about when none other than the Box Ghost showed up. Again.

"Yeah, right. Like that will ever happen." Danny replied, a sigh of exasperation leaving his mouth. Fighting the Box Ghost was really getting boring. He pulled out the Fenton thermos and sucked the Box Ghost in, ignoring his frantic cries of "Beware!"

Danny floated down to his two best friends, changing back into his human form as he hit the ground. Both looked as annoyed as he felt; they'd really wanted to see the movie, but it had started almost a half hour ago..

"How in the world does the Box Ghost keep escaping? It's like he's stalking me or something," Danny moaned as they started walking back towards his house.

Sam and Tucker just shrugged. "Maybe he's found another portal nearby," Tucker.

"Maybe," Danny replied, "but he's really been getting on my nerves lately! Why can't he just leave us alone, even for a week? And because of him my grades are worse than they usually are!"

"Chill, dude," said Tucker. "I'm sure he'll go away eventually. Until then, just try to ignore him. Maybe he'll get the hint and stop bugging you."

"How can I ignore him when he keeps popping up every five minutes? And he keeps coming back with more power, and ranting about how he'll soon have his revenge on me." They stopped in front of Danny's house where they were going to spend the night.

"Danny, you're overreacting," said Sam. "You're just tired from all of the ghost hunting you've been doing lately." Shrugging at her suggestion, Danny opened the front door, only to be met by his enthusiastic mother.

"Danny, what are you doing home this early? I thought you and your friends were going to watch that new movie that just came out. That's all you have been talking about for weeks." By now, Danny had become accustomed to avoiding any topic that had to deal with his ghost hunting.

"Oh, yeah. Well, we got a bit sidetracked." A small feeling of relief flickered through him as his mother nodded, accepting his excuse. He was just about to lead his friends up to his room when his father came charging into the family room.

"Did it have anything to do with ghosts?" Jack yelled. He slid to a halt in front of the three, holding some kind of new ghost fighting weapon. Danny nervously backed away from it, bumping into the wall behind him.

"N-nno, dad." stuttered Danny. "Nothing to do with ghosts at all. We're just going to head up to my room. Bye dad."

"Oh. Well, you kids have fun then. Are you sure you don't want to come see me test my latest invention? I call it the 'Fenton Smasher'! It pulverizes any ghost in seconds!"

"Um, no thanks Mr. Fenton. We, um, have some homework to do. BIG project. Gotta go!" Sam said, shoving Danny and Tucker up the stairs and into Danny's room before anyone could stop them.

"Well, if you change your minds, you'll know where to find us!" Jack yelled after them. "Come on, Maddie! Let's go test this puppy! I heard that the ghost kid was just seen in the park!" Jack and Maddie disappeared out the door, looking for an unsuspecting victim to test the Fenton Smasher on.

Up in Danny's room, Tucker and Sam were still trying to calm Danny down.

"Come on, Danny. Be realistic. The Box Ghost isn't really a threat. It's all in your head." Sam said.

"Yeah," Tucker sarcastically interjected, "it's not like he's really gonna stuff you in a box forever where you can never get out!" Both he and Sam burst out laughing at the image of Danny stuck inside a tiny box for all eternity.

"Guys, this isn't funny! I'm being serious!" Sam and Tucker both stopped laughing, exchanging worried looks at their friend's paranoia.

"Danny, you really shouldn't worry about it." Sam reasoned. "I mean, it's not like you can't beat him. You've done it a thousand times before. Just relax."

Danny sighed and turned away from her. "Maybe you're right. Maybe I am taking this too seriously. I'm gonna put the Box Ghost back in the Ghost Zone. I'll be right back." With that he went ghost and phased down to the basement.

Once he was in his parent's lab, he started questioning what had happened.

"Even if Sam is right, how does the Box Ghost keep getting out? And he couldn't be getting more powerful this fast on his own, could he? I thought ghosts didn't evolve that quickly."

He was just about to put the Box Ghost back in the Ghost Zone when he heard someone coming down the stairs.

"Danny, are you down there?" asked a concerned voice.

"Oh no! Jazz!" Danny quickly turned invisible, accidentally dropping the thermos just as his sister came down the stairs into the lab.

"Danny? I thought I heard you… huh, that's funny. I could have sworn I heard him down here." She looked around and saw the dropped thermos. She walked over and picked it up, then looked nervously around her like she felt someone was watching her.

"Who's there? I know you're down here Danny! Stop messing around and come out! I need to talk to you."

She looked around the lab again, hoping to see the brother she knew was there. After a few more seconds, Jazz sighed and walked upstairs, Fenton thermos still in her hands.

"Oh, great," Danny said to himself. "Just what I needed. Now I have to try to figure out this mystery, avoid my sister at all costs, and try and get the thermos back from her without her noticing. That'll be fun. At least the Box Ghost didn't escape when I dropped him."

He flew back to his room and turned back to normal just as his sister knocked on the door.

"Danny? You have to be in there. Let me in, I really need to talk to you. It's important."

"Dude," Tucker whispered. "Where's the thermos?"

Danny didn't have time to reply, as Jazz chose that moment to barge into his room, still holding the thermos in her hand.

"Danny! There you are." She jabbed the thermos at his nose reprovingly, causing him to take a wary step away from her. "Hey Sam, Tucker. Do you guys mind? I need to talk to Danny for a bit." Jazz didn't wait for an answer and just pushed Tucker and Sam through the door, shutting it behind them.

"What do you want?" Danny snarled, turning his back on his annoying sister.

"Danny, I've noticed you've been acting really strange lately. What's going on? You're grades are slipping, and you've been spending all of your time with Sam and Tucker. You aren't doing the best you could, and I'm worried about you. I'm starting to winder if all of this ghost business with mom and dad isn't starting to have some kind of psychological repercussions." Danny's eyes grew wide at his sister's statement, but he quickly shook the feeling off. It's not like she could know about me being half ghost anyway.

"Nothing is wrong with me, Jazz. Just let Sam and Tucker back in so we can get some sleep. I'm exhausted."

Jazz looked at him concernedly, but let the issue drop.

"Oh, alright. And by the way, I found this in the lab downstairs. Though you might like to have it." She handed him the Fenton thermos and left the room, leaving a very confused Danny behind. Tucker and Sam quickly hurried back into the room once Jazz left.

"Danny, what did she say to you? You look like a ghost!" said Tucker.

Danny shot him a glare. "Oops, sorry."

"I'm not sure what she meant. But she gave me the thermos and left, saying she though I might want it. Do you think she knows?"

"Don't worry about it now, Danny." Sam led him to his bed, pushing him down onto it. "Just get some sleep. We'll worry about it in the morning."


Jasmine Fenton leaned against the door of her brother's room after his friends had rushed back in, softly shaking her head at his hard-headedness. At least I tried. But he'd feel a lot better if he just told me himself. I don't know how much longer I can keep it to myself before it blurts out of me. Pulling herself off of the door, she headed down the hallway to her own room, sending up a silent prayer that her brother would come to his senses and confront her about his powers.


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