The Age Of Akaige

By Pakkrat

Chapter 1: The Head of the Serpent (Part 1)

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The halls stretch on for miles, her eyes squint as they are this holistic white glow that made the lavender eyes strain under their glare. The girl walking slowly down these many halls has a blue/purple hood drawn down, allowing her face to be visible. A black leotard tightly on her body shows the shivers over her, a cold wind blows, yet it is not the wind it merely is a coldness… a chill. Boots colored like her hood clack over the marble floors in every drawn out step. She just walks slowly down the many halls, cautiously down the many halls. Raven was her name, and she has never been this confused. Unless you take account over one of Beast Boy's jokes then she may be only partially confused.

Another occupant wanders these halls too. He is a green skinned, blue caped Martian called J'onn. He was the Martian Man Hunter in some circles, but now he is just as confused with these white halls. He floats close behind her, his eyes are scanning every room. He could not see through the ivory doors on the walls, but each has strange figures and symbols. One door had Egyptian markings, another Celtic, and than Arabic.

Raven sees the symbols of Japanese early oracle. Further she sees the face of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Napoleon. Then she bumps into the Martian, J'onn, "Who are… wait, you're from the Justice League."

"You are also from a hero team, Raven." J'onn does a bow, "I heard you're very strong Raven especially as a psychic," He turned from her and returns to the many doors, "so do you know where we are?"

Raven shook her head no. They hear screaming, "Martin Luther King jr.?" she saw his portrait on that door where the screaming was from. J'onn hears a violent screaming; he sees the form of another man of words, "Adolph Hitler? These rooms, are they a history to earth? It is so," he turned to Raven, pondering why he was her with her, "confusing."

The two wander much farther, passing now the room of the Justice League, Super man, and Raven finds hers, and the Teen Titan doors. If anything it was like a mere representation of the world's history from whence they came. They kept going until they reach the end of the halls, there is only one door left. Unlike the others that were beautiful and well maintained, this door was far from their similarity. The frame and wall it was in was black, crusty, and it seems like it itself was decaying.

Raven is frightened, she trembles as on its face was an S symbol slowly peeling away as chips of red paint, or maybe… blood. "There's something coming…"

J'onn turned to her, and then to the door, "How do you know?"

"This door was my father's, but someone else, someone else is coming." her eyes are watering, "It's my fault for denying the prophecy. The gate is open and now anyone can come through. Why? I thought there are rules… why is someone else coming here?"

"Not just anyone…" both look stunned. The door opens slowly and a black mist rolls out, the halls and doorways are covered as the mist passes so quickly, and it began turning the many other doors as decayed and dead as this one. J'onn raises his hands into fists but his eyes see things, terrible things. Monsters, thousands of hideous, disfigured beasts raising weapons, their claws, and drooling fangs for blood. J'onn is on his knees grabbing his head; Raven falls and holds him, "J'onn!" she screams, and he looks ahead to the door as it opened.

The door now opens wider, Raven looked up and her eyes are horrified by the thousands of swirling fangs, mouths dripping with saliva, and clawed arms reaching out from the door. Soon the claws and fangs are melting back into one thing, one form. Raven feels J'onn push her, "Go…"

Raven looks at J'onn then this thing now emerging. Its many arms and bodies swirl into a long cape, which whirls around its form with many tares and torn holes. The hood is grim, and the eyes of a purple mist swirl to the two points of the onlooker, it looks onto Raven, and it seems to leer on her. Raven is so frightened she flies away, fast. Her emotions so high the doors of the rooms are blowing off the hinges as she flies past them. She goes around a corner, then another. She looks back and it was not there, but when she turns back around she screams as she is now back at the first black door, with that thing reaching up its right arm and a large three fingered claw, clasping her neck tightly as she flew right into the open hand.

The thing holds her neck; it squeezes with little force for it, but immense force for her to bear. "I am something you should recognize, Raven. You called me here after all." The thing looks at J'onn, "As did your 'Justice' league. Thinking they are gods, that they are above being judged. The mortal realm, the coil of arrogance your organization has bred, it has ordered my very involvement." The thing looks back at Raven, "Yet it is you, my dear. You are the one that removed the claiming demon. This reality, this one of thousands of others now is without a devil, without Trigon the Terrible. So now, I claim it, and I claim it in the name of my people the Kagejin!"

Then thunder, lighting, Raven jumps up from her bed sweating profusely. Was it a dream? She let out a sigh from her chest but there is pain, then she grabbed her throat and cringed, the bruising of three marks are on her neck. Raven's eyes are shaking as that was not a dream. She just damned them all… she just damned their entire world…

J'onn is opening his red eyes widely; he floats instinctively to the main control room, screaming "Super man! I need to speak with you!"

Standing and watching the computers was a man in a red cape with a yellow insignia. The blue outfit he wore also has this insignia but red over his front, "J'onn? What's wrong?"

J'onn was not sure as his dream brought him great distress. "Superman I need all the records we have on something called… Kagejin."

"Kagejin? I never heard of it before." He looks over to the halls, "Maybe the debriefing computers will have some info."

"Perhaps." J'onn was about to check when he turns on back around, "Send out a message we need the teams on full alert." J'onn now looks at Superman wide eyed; Superman is bleeding from the chest, his face and body torn and bloody. Then as it was there, it was just… gone? The marks, blood, they merely vanished!

Superman raises a brow, J'onn is acting more irregular than you would expect a tall green alien of an extinct race to act. "J'onn, are you okay?"

J'onn looks to the side, shaking his head and thoughts away he speaks, "I… I do not know. Please keep yourself safe."

J'onn leaves a very confused Superman, but he now has the suspicion looking into this matter might be worth his time too. So Superman walks behind saying "Wait up, J'onn!"

Raven is shifting through her books; she has nothing on that name Kagejin. She tossed a book to the side with frustration, it strikes a pile and soon many of her books seem to avalanche on her floor. One falls at her feet so she turned down to it slowly. She looks onto the skull face and marking across the binding, saying 'Kagejin' in Japanese. She is worried, but picks it up, against all her will and protests internal she opened the binding.

Raven's eyes shake as she reads extremely fast. She read the legends, the demons of shadow. Lead by a hideous ruler named Naimusheshka who later called himself Trigonamu… like her father? No… there was more… much more… The demon lord was destroyed; a new one took his place. A stronger, superior lord. One who knew how to fight, to use tactic and strategy. It knew how to use his enemy's fears against them, and his enemies against themselves. He was ruthless, sadistic, and he has a weakness for realities with a special kind of girl… a half-demoness called… Raven.

In New York there is a school, a school for the gifted. They say it is for children of remarkable skill and that is so very true. In truth, they are more gifted than most realize, for they are evolution in the making. As many call them they are, mutants. A mutant has been born to a gift of genetic change. They can do things of what most see impossible or improbable. The students now are resting in their home away from home, albeit but one. She was rustling in her covers in a terrible dream. Her body sweats and her hair of brown with a white streak rustles in every toss of her head. She sees her dreams playing out as nightmares.

This young teenage girl stood over a man bleeding badly. He seems to have been badly hurt. When she knelt down to see him, his arms reach up and he grabs her arms, they are bare, and so she screams "No! Let me go!"

Her body is burning; his body begins to twitch in the touch. The girl is named Rouge and her power absorbs the life force of any bare touched person to her own. The man's life dissipates into her own body, when he let go her eyes are full of tears. She knows his life, his history, and she sees the large burning S on her chest now. She was now infused with the last life of another person something she never knew of doing, it may do anything! His body went limp and Rouge knew what she has done. She took his last bit of life into her body and somehow, the powers he had passed to her every cell. Her muscles were tightening from the powers, and soon she felt herself lifting lightly in the air. She was faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap any building within a single bound! She was incredible, magnificent, she was well… Super!

Rogue now began to like the feel of flying, so she swirled about in many directions. Testing out the power she began to plow through buildings and walls. She however, stopped when a wall fell on her. The bricks didn't do anything to her but the sound of clicking made her look into the hole. It was so dark, so frighteningly dark. The clicking sound is light, at first, but soon she heard it get louder and faster. That is when she found a large three clawed hand come out in a strike like a snake. She move from it, watching the claw now sway back and forth like a cobra making a click in each clang of the three claws together. She levitates above the claw before it made another strike, and another, more and more speedily they come for her. She is able to dodge them, parry others with her fists, but they would only intensify with speed and ferocity. Soon Rogue lands on the ground and the claws stop. She is relieved, but then she heard a footstep behind her. Rogue turned to be at the chest of some dark being, soon jotting up her eyes they meet with purple mists. The strange monster man, his arm now stretching to his side, stood above her several feet higher. She would only look in horror of the monster. It rose up its claw, spreading the three apart as they are in the air she grimaces. The next thing is their coming on her, she screams, her body quakes in expectation, then…

She jumps from the bed with a scream, not loud but one for her room to hear. Her eyes shook in madness but soon she let her head hand into her waiting hand. She was safe, and here at home. She soon felt something is there. Looking up slowly Rogue found a large round head with large eyes looking from the foot of her bed. She reached at her alarm clock next to the bed. When she was about to throw it she stops, the thing is gone! Her eyes seem confused and her hand let the clock smack onto the floor soon after. When her mind is buzzing, and her body shaking, the sudden sound of a voice made her jump, it was in her head! "Rogue, Is something wrong? I feel your mind is a blaze, Rogue?"

Rogue calms herself, and she answers "No… I'm… I'm just having another nightmare professor. It's okay, sorry if I woke you."

"Woke me?" she heard the chuckle of her professor, Xavier. "No, I merely felt the distress. Please try to get some sleep."

"I will…" She didn't expect that to happen. He would not delve into her mind to see what disturbs her, not without consent. So she rolled her arms around her legs and sighed deeply into them. The dreams are becoming more realistic, more frightening. This time she didn't even feel a sleep when she saw something. Her mind now remembered, the clock. She looked over her bed and her eyes are wide, it broke AFTER she saw something at the end of her bed. She looked over the room, worriedly, and soon she sat there looking out the window wondering if maybe she was finally going to do it, like people say she would be the one to loose her sanity sooner or later.

Outside her room floats in the sky a figure. He is in a tunic, and his head is a huge round cranium with two big eyes. He is not there to cause trouble, or to cause anything. He is only meant to watch. He now allowed her to see that which he was asked to let her see. He does not enforce it, nor does he announce it, for she is the one who must take it as her own. That is her duty not his, for he is The Watcher, and all else is beyond his duties.

Raven sat on her bed looking on the book. It was so terrifying, so wrong and cruel this twist in her fate. She was done! She defeated her father! He was gone, they were safe, the Titans beat the bad! Now the rules changed? She had to go trough it all again? Raven let her head hang more as her sorrow gained control of her emotions. However, hope is now seeking refuge, and so Raven tossed the book away in thought. Raven thought how to fight a demon she never heard of really. Her father was taught to her all the time she lived, but this one, she knew nothing of him but some history and now his name… his name… She now turned up her eyes in tears before wiping them away. Her stand was directed at a trunk and she sighed deeply in realization. Raven walked slowly toward it, a flick of her wrist the lock pops. Raven reached into the trunk and held a book, "Malchior… I need your help."

The dark world of purple and black is a buzz. A hooded figure walks along with his right claw flexing more and more, his fangs glisten out of the hood in a sickening smile. His eyes peer across the halls of demons, they arescreaming and sharpening blades. He was pleased, the dark lord. His plan to see her squirm was most delectable. It even served to give her a chance, though he doubts she has one, to muster some kind of means to stop him. It was always so enjoyable to give an adversary a chance to put up a fight, before quelling them. "Soon, I will bring darkness to that reality. It will be the greatest conquest of my career! I will make the realms of damnation and demon know how much stronger we are. The Kagejin will be revered, and so shall I as lord of shadow!" The hooded figure walked up and stood at the balcony of stone, overlooking the many demonic shadow beasts below him. "They will know the name of Kagejin, and their lord, Akaige…"

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