The Age of Akaige

By: Pakkrat

Chapter 12 Organization before Oblivion

There was her and the proposal, the dark entity Akaige standing with a most confused look, and finally the demon raised his head saying "Well, that is a very compelling argument. However, you forgot one little detail my dear." Raven got a concerned look as Akaige looked to her again, "You see, I want to kill you and all your friends, where as your plan has me helping them stay alive. So, yeah, thanks for the offer but," a portal opened which he was about to leave through, "I'll have to pass on the uniting our forces idea."

"No, you can't!" she jumped up from her bed and came toward him, but swinging his claw he snapped "Watch me you little…" his eyes popped, she had her arms round his waist and… she was… "Wh-what are… are you crying?" she was, and haggardly she wept and moaned, almost a sad desperate muffled cry came one after and another, which Akaige looked around the room soon trying to figure out what has just happened. "Gah, what the… hold it! Stop this instant!" He gave a most distasteful glare while growling, "I will destroy you." It didn't work, so his claw ripped a lamp from the wall and he began to smack her screaming, "Bad Raven, bad! Let go of the dark lord, let go!" But that didn't work either. He finally took the lamp and wedged it between them, and with all the force he could this popped her off him and onto the bed again, where he quickly swung his arm causing it to wrap over the mattress and her several times. Now he took several deep breaths, and with what was absolute and utter confusion mixed with terror, asked "By all that is dark and indecent, what is wrong with you?"

Akaige now watched as tears were rolling down her cheeks, Raven dug her face into a pillow screaming "Get out, just leave! I don't need you, I don't need anyone!"

His eyes quirked and he sort of chuckled saying "How pathetic."

Her eyes darted to him quickly, and snapping she asked "What did you call me?"

"Oh, you have trouble hearing over all your incessant crying?" he snickered as she started to grind her teeth; giving notice he did cause a nerve to be raw. "Well, let me explain something to you. This little thing of you, how sad it is you're being forced into this, and how everyone is against you and your pathetic cries for help add up to one thing. You're not only pathetic, but an utter and incompetent weakling!"

Raven got mad, and in that she forged her soul self phasing through the arm that had her bound, then flew on Akaige smacking him onto the nearest wall where her large bird form pinned him instead. After a moment her form dissipated to have her levitating and holding him by the shoulders, her energy sent off sparks that solidify as some mystical energy shackles holding him in her grasp now. "You mind rephrasing that?"

Akaige didn't rephrase, as much restate, "You feel inferior because all around you is in chaos. You wish to make order, but that is impossible. You have been given more skill, power and knowledge but yet your problems persist," Raven feels herself flung back by her hood, his claw stretching and slamming her to the bed. Shifting up, she felt a force on her back, Akaige pressed her down from behind and screamed "If you want to do something than do it! Otherwise, you waste both our times!"

Raven now squirmed under his pin, but looking out she snarled "I want to do only one thing. I want to join our forces, to combine our efforts against an equal enemy! Why can't you see that?" and so she swung herself from the one side, then the other with excess forces of her powers launching Akaige onto the ground next to the bed. She leapt onto his stomach, and her claws extended to five times their size before she bore them into his shoulders, a wail of rage came in his pain but slight delight with her slow hiss. "You get the point? We need to work together, or else we both loose."

"Yes, well let me ask you what would happen if our forces did join?" he shifted his body but the nails dug deeper, a groan and he then said "You seem to be thinking on a lower tier, how about this? Would you like taking a job next to the same guy who slaughtered, butchered and possibly devoured your family's corpses?"

Raven hadn't thought of it that way, how would most people even her fellow Titans feel with this? She wouldn't be upset with her father Trigon, she knew how he was, so what would it be like if the Titans had been killed and she was asked to join these monsters? She kind of cringed, and said "Okay I get the point." She removed her claws to stand, letting them turn to normal again "It was a bad idea, huh?" Akaige got up brushing his shoulders, and then turning to her he shrugged, she sat on her bed and thought a moment, "I suppose a secret alliance is out of the question, I mean, one person found out it would be the biggest scandal since the time Spider-Man was caught cheating with the Black Cat on his wife. Heck, if someone saw me talking to you right now they'd probably…"

Just then a knock at the door alarmed the two of them; Raven jumped asking "Who is it?"

"It's me girl, open up!" Cyborg's voice sounded troubled. She looked to Akaige wide-eyed, "Um, hide!"

He looks around, then snaps "Where you daffy wench?"

A slight glare, then quirking smile she pushed her palms on him at an angle where several hundred black needles struck him onto the roof. He screamed and she said "Quiet down! You want him to hear you?"

"Oh, I'm sorry!" he snapped with sarcasm flushing his lips, "The fact I'm riddled in pointed magic points must have confused the concern of a metal idiot trying to see you. I'll be more considerate, and bleed somewhere else more quietly!" she now Shushed him and he lowly mumbled something, she glared and he growled, "You heard me."

The door opened a slight, Raven got a half of her face to show to Cyborg's own human face, "What is it?"

"People are really upset out here, we need help with some things." He now tried to look over her asking "Is there someone in there with you, I thought I heard some screaming?"

"It's nothing… just, uh." She felt the shifting on her shoulder and glad they were still with her, she said "It's just the Sha-lah."

"Sha-lah, Sha-lah!"

"Oh," he watched the door close, "Well, we'll be waiting in the main foyer you better hurry before all hell breaks loose."

Raven took a moment to sigh, and then she looked up as Akaige asked "You forget something?"


"Oh, you're a riot. Now get me down before I really get…" she waved her hand with a roll of her eyes, her spikes disappeared in a flash and Akaige was falling with a great thud. He growled into the floor, "Urge to slaughter, rising."

Raven sat half on her bed, and half tittering on its edge as he was getting up. Looking to her, his glare became most aggressive for obvious reasons. She was too busy to care, more trying to think of what she was doing, "Like I said that secret alliance is a mess waiting to happen. If the others here found out I was even talking to you…"

"Agreed, so I'll be on my way and…"

"Hold it!" she caused him to stop what he was thinking, "I admit the idea of an alliance would be bad, not only because how the feelings and ideals conflict but we still have the major issue. There's a dangerous force out there trying to destroy us both. We have to do something about it, and now."

There is a silence… a long silence at that.

"Well, I'm waiting?"

She gave a glare asking "Oh yeah, then what would you do?"

Akaige jumped in on her causing her to fly off the bed, his finger up in exclamation he now turned to her on the side of the bed saying "Now, you're starting to use your head! If you can't think of it, ask someone with the proper experience, and if anyone has that it's the dark lord who has been in eons of wars from large, to small and one sided, to the incredibly equal corners." He now swung himself onto the bed sitting with his legs crossed and patting a seat next to him, she reluctantly got up and sat to listen to him. "Well you keep looking at it from a standpoint of your needs, and your problems but what of our opponent? Hmm?"

Raven was suddenly brought to realize, that their opponent is in the same problem as them! That's right; NERV has two forces to worry over just like her! In fact, somehow the Kagejin seemed a bit more a pain to be worrying over than NERV, but only as she doesn't know what or who is at the center of NERV. "I get it now! So as long as we're at a disadvantage so are they!"

"Correct, we could join forces but in such they would know what they are against. That allows them to set a division of our forces, cause morale and distrust within the hierarchy so to turn our powers against us. So, rather than give them the option I propose not joining our powers and instead playing against them instead!"

Raven gave a less pleased glare, "That and you can continue to kill more innocent people."

"See, now you're catching on!" as delighted he was, she got a bit ill but listened when Akaige spoke again. "Well, that is your mess I have my own. I do feel," he stands to create a portal, "Now is a time for me to leave."

Raven gave a nod, she was actually glad to see him go. But she stopped to say "I'm a little surprised you helped me… or, even yourself with helping me."

"You'd be surprised what I'll do to attain the upper hand." She gave a nod, and he kind of stopped scratching his chin. "There is another reason I helped you tonight." She looked at him confused as he stepped one foot through the portal, "You see I saw something in you that made me realize, of all the mortals, the beings, the heroes and the adversaries I have none of them compare to the pleasure of trying to kill the last time we fought." He chuckled as she blushed, "Oh, and the fact we both like to be on top."

He dodged into the hole as the lamp she flung missed him as that was a disturbing thing he just said. Raven now glared heatedly at the lamp, and only the little voices "On top, Sha-Lah!" made her grimace before turning to her door so she could make way to the main foyer. She then opened the door finding Cyborg; he snaps "What is taking you so long?"

Raven went to speak, but the Sha-Lah scream, "On top, Sha-Lah!"

"Argh, let's just go Cyborg!"

The main foyer is in total and utter chaos. At one end was the Green Lantern screaming across the table to Dr. Doom, who even though saved the teams of Baxter Building and several hundreds of innocent people, seemed to be at the mercy of accusations of the Justice League for years of dictatorial and excessive schemes for evil. To Doom's defense were the villains, Shredder and Venom, even the mutants Magneto and Storm, though she was not a villain. Then the young Hive Five got into this, and then came the rest of the heroes and villains arguing and snapping out things between the two sides.

When Raven entered she sure felt annoyed, enough to whistle not getting any response at all leading to screaming, and after that failed she slapped her hands together chanting "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!"

The entire room got swallowed up in blackness, and the heroes and the villains all were soon suspended by this black aura. Cyborg, Robin, Starfire, and Beast Boy were unaffected by the force and as the room was silent, Beast Boy whispered "Dude…"

Raven let out a deep sigh before allowing Doom and Lantern free, which they both look around seeing what she's done. Lantern turns to her with so much hate; she just ignores him and asks "Victor, what's going on here?"

Victor Von Doom moves his head to her but still he's captivated with the imprisoned members, "Well, Lantern here was arguing with me about my recent actions. I told him it had nothing to do with him, and thus we were fighting over my future."

"He should be incarcerated! The chances are he only helped to keep from some actual jail time!"

Doom and Lantern begin screaming no, one then the other, but soon both go off at the same time. It got to the point Raven snapped and flung her hands sending them both up on the wall. With her, well, captive audience; Raven stood to them all saying "This is going to stop! We have too much to worry over than some rivalries and mixed problems in the past! Look out there, just look!" she pointed them to the windows to Earth, which seemed gray and dying now compared to a once lush and beautiful world, "You think we can continue to fight like this while thousands, no, millions are down there fending for their lives? We're not over yet, and the war hasn't even really begun! This was about foot holding, and they have a hell of a lot of foothold in the world now. If we turn on each other, we loose. Do you all understand?" the figures all nod, or grumble a response; she lets them go and says "Good! Because, if I so much as fell someone is going to pick a fight over something like how you're a better person," she points to Lantern who sneers, "Or how you're the embodiment of power," she points to Victor Doom who crossed his arms at this accusation, "I swear, the next thing will be the last thing you ever do! You all got that?"

There are the nodding and argument remarks, but Shredder asks with a slight agitation, "Who let this whelp in charge?"

Raven gave a quick look, but smiled saying "If you want to be the boss fine. Just don't act it when I'm in the same room!" she then left with her friends following quickly.

Shredder watched as she was gone, and said "Hey, I like that one."

Batman gave a nod now in his original outfit, "I know."

Lantern gave a snort saying "Ah, he's still a metal-wearing jerk."

"And you're a fashion-conscious jewel-bedazzling fruit; we call it even for now?" Doom has been given a glare of death, but Lantern offered his hand. Doom was reaching for it, but pulled his hand away saying "I actually have better things to do, than to pass dry wits with a fellow so bellow my standards." At that Doom left as Lantern grit his teeth, and The Thing only shook his head saying "Man, that metal dork is a hand full!"

Raven stormed down the halls as her friends chased her; soon Robin snatched her arm and asked "Raven, what was all of that back there?"

"Those idiots needed a wake up call! I gave it to them, Richard!" Robin was surprised she used his name like that, let alone as she pulled away and only to be confronted by Beast Boy, "Get out of my way, I need some time to think. I need time to plan and to prepare." she felt tears but pushed them back, "I have to do everything, to get things back and…"

Beast Boy gave his smile, the reassuring one that she often had to give into. "Raven, how about we come along? We can help you know?"

"Yeah, we're a team girl!" Cyborg flung his arm around her shoulder saying "It's the Teen Titans, plural, meaning more than one!"

Starfire latched the dark titan in a joyous hug, and Raven had a weak grin between the shades of blue, "Please friend, and let us come with to allow you no longer the time of the dark brooding?"

Raven, in a gasp first said "I don't…" then the grip tightened and she squealed, "Star, air need, you come."

"We may come! How glorious!" Starfire released her friend and as Raven regained her air she said "I shall not disappoint you my friend!"

She gasped and wheezed, but in a look up she said "Sure thing, Star. Whatever, you have, to say." Then she got a full second wind and turned to Robin who looked upset, "Sorry about how I snapped at you." She then realized he wasn't looking at her but actually ahead of them, they all turn seeing a familiar set of blue eyes with blonde hair…

"Hi guys," Terra shifted her foot nervously, "I was looking all around and…" she is grasped between a rock and a hard place, or rather Beast Boy and Starfire who each are squeezing her into a putty like softness. Terra gets free and coughs a bit; smiling at this attention she looks up beginning to frown with the three others glaring her down. She stood up uneasy from their looks. "So, how have you all been?"

"Pretty good, aside from the time you did try to destroy us." Cyborg shrugged, "Though, after that came Brother Blood, Trigon, and now these things. I guess all and all it's like old times."

Beast Boy was about to say something on her behalf, but she put a hand on his chest signaling she didn't need his help now. "Listen, I know what I did a while back was wrong. I also know I can't excuse myself or explain myself either! That doesn't matter though, because we're in a really big bind here and I'm not only here, I'm a Titan remember? So, I'm here to rejoin the team. That's all." She lowered her head now, "I only hope that you guys will all have me."

To answer, Cyborg swooped her up and rubbed cheeks with her screaming "Aw, girl! I forgave you the second I saw you come around the corner… well, Robin saw you but you know what I mean!"

Robin gave a leader-like nod, saying "You know you're welcome back. Anytime, and anywhere Titans are forever!"

She was let down and she saw Raven, offering her hand Raven raised her own and the two shook hands. Raven saw something of a glimpse, a school, two girls, some friends, and then the explosions… then it stopped. Raven was puzzled, but she let herself pull off the contact leaving Beast Boy taking the others with him. Terra followed before seeing Raven, she peeled out telling them she'd meet them later, and turning to Raven she asked "Did you see it? What happened I mean?"

Raven shook her head no, "I saw a glimpse of you and a school, but that's it."

Terra shook her head and gave a weak smile, "Yeah, that's my old school. Well, it was my school before those monsters came. The Kagejin and all caused a lot of problems for me." She shifted uneasily, "Then, as those things cornered me and the girls some strange orb just appeared, it said it wanted to give me the past memories and abilities of a girl who was destroyed a while ago, the girl was named Terra."

"Hold up, so you may not even be the real Terra?"

"I guess I can't be sure. I mean, I agreed and I remember all the things of being Terra, but I could just as well be some schoolgirl who got forced into being Terra. I don't know I just know I had to do it. If I didn't, my friends would have been killed…"

Raven noticed Terra was getting ready to cry, so she gave a nod saying "its okay Terra do not worry. I understand now don't cry."

Terra gave a nod and then she looked startled, Raven turned seeing the tall Time Trapper had returned, "That's the guy! That's the guy who brought me back, or altered me…" she blinked with a confused expression as Raven stood ready to fight.

"Calm yourselves, I knew in time you would reunite and eventually speak of my deeds." They stopped being prepared to fight, so he too let his demeanor go less edgy, "I suppose the others could join us as well?" the two girls turn embarrassed as the four other titans peeked slowly around the corner, to join in listening as Trapper explained himself. "What I did was infuse the past memories of Terra into this girl, yet if she was Terra or not is beyond even my own comprehension. She is the most part Terra's memories in a body that once was a school girl, and as such her memories of her powers also have manifested from her past infused memories. It was the only choice I had, as Raven was in danger by Thanos we acted accordingly and as you see when it happened again we chose to collect Titan as soon as possible. All that is done is done with the best intentions at heart."

Beast Boy put his hand on Terra's shoulder as she felt even more insecure, but his smile cut through it all as he said "Don't worry, you're the real Terra to me."

She hugged him as the others gave their little remarks. Raven asked "Why couldn't you be sure that Terra is Terra, or another Terra?"

He gave a shrug, "There are things that I suppose I'm either not meant to know, or can not find. It is best you just move on girl." And he slowly disappeared. The titans took the sign and left, they decided now is the best time to get some lunch… or dinner.

The horrid beating of the heart, it struck deep unto his very soul. Well, if he had one, for Ansem lye on the ground screaming in screams that never exited his lungs and throat, but played his face with tormented muscles and expressions showing how greatly he was now in pain. As his body is racked with this pain and eyes go blank from delusion, his emblem of a heart beats in colors red at every beating sensation. He is in a tremendous pain while his heart beats and it beats more as the red flaring eyes look on him from the darkness of the laboratory. The heart beats now stopped, slowly, and left a moment for all the screams to manifest into one moment of sufferable pain. Ansem wailed like a Scottish Banshee from old, and even if this room is sound-proof the faintest remnants escaped from the excessive degrees of pain so people hear a light whimper, not the damning screams themselves. Ansem now allowed his mind to return, and the sweat matted with tears over his face before regaining a minor clasp of his position.

Looking to the callous eyes that burn greater than his own, a moment his face registers a segment of rage before hiding it again. Ansem rolled to his side, a haggard cough escapes him, and then he completes the movement to be on his chest and straining to rise upward. Putting his weight more to the side he positions his tired form leaning its upper body from the shoulder against the empty containment unit in the center of this large room, he then looks over to the flaming eyes expecting a word of his failure, or the incredible distaste of inability but all he receives was a fiery glare from even more fiery eyes.

Ansem now brushed away some saliva rolling his chin, and taking one last moment to breathe he asked "Master, please forgive me? I know that I was not supposed to allow the traveler to escape, because his knowledge in the future could cause terrible damage to our plans. Yet, I have been a faithful servant for all this time since you brought me from oblivion, may I still serve you?"

There was only a stare, and Ansem realized his torture and not actual destruction was the means of his reprieve. Standing up slowly, Ansem gave a deep throated groan "I see, so that is why I live. I'll never allow this kind of mistake to happen again." he fell to his knees with a terrible beating of his chest, but it stops quickly with his looking up, "I understand, the girl's training and the Kagejin were also things we should have known. However, even you my master must have had trouble foreseeing them with the ongoing problems arising?" he expected a jolt of pain, but he received none as it must be true the recent oddities were nearly impossible to see coming, but they did and so the eyes narrowed as Ansem stood, "I will take you to the lower section my master. There, Gendo will be waiting."

The two were in the elevator before Ansem realized he had actually put himself on the wrong side; he couldn't touch the button to go to the lower level. He cursed himself mentally before reaching for the button. He is startled when an armored hand reaches out, with tips curved in edges as if to be clawed, pressed the button before resting again to their owner. Ansem pulled his hand and eyes down straight, it was not wise to provoke or look at this one. Yet, it was the fact he is so worried of looking that he has to do it. He peeked a moment the figure's physique covered in armor, but the armor was not fitted over a large or wide frame but more average build and average size. There is nothing average of the being Ansem saw, but his view noticed the red cape, no hooded cape, that fell along the armored frame but behind his arms it showed to be short yet at times it would cover him fully in the blood red cloak, an inquiry of Ansem was it always that color or did this figure dye it in the very colored substance it mimics? That is when he had wandered to the eyes, and they were looking ahead with a fiery rated mixed with golden aura. This was flame, it was distinct impurity and only as they eyes turned did Ansem look away again. The elevator stopped, it opened, and the two exited into the next facility.

When Gendo turned to them he had a smile, but the second set of eyes he seemed to frown, pulling Ansem he asks "What is HE doing here?"

"There have been complications. We will need to work something out, but for now how goes the newest ally we obtained?"

To answer a medium height pillar seemed to roll in to meet Ansem, the pillar turned out to be a brain within a jar, and the face of a grim skeleton asked with a mechanized voice, "Good evening, Ansem. As you can see I am doing well as is Monsieur Mallah." The large gorilla now came behind this Brain, and gave a grunt to the others, "I will admit, a part of me will miss my former General, yet he was a small price to pay in the scheme of our falsified demise."

That was a sickening truth. Brain had early-on realized the insubordinate mannerisms of Madame and so took it upon himself to seek new avenues. The only other options he had was to destroy her, which would leave him no knowledge of who wanted him dead, or to fake his death with some random brain in a jar along with a trained gorilla that could shoot a big gun, and so it was obvious why he took one route to the other. It also brought him to the employ of this new occupancy, NERV. Here, Brain was not so greatly accommodated with devices to rule mankind, but he had been given a new freedom and that was to develop the final entourage to extinction and that was a task he too found interesting.

The Brain rolled along with the others following, they passed several lower areas under a catwalk they themselves were on; he explained "The process you gave us is working quite well, in producing the needed materials for my device. When the time comes and all our work bears fruit, the seeds sewn will have been all worth their time in gathering." They watched now as what seemed to be happening below were several groups of robots moving shipments along and even preparing other devices. "The research we have fulfilled for you was most informative. The Medico-Mechanico groups gave full cooperation when dealing with the data gathered from Atomsk, before his demise recently. The last release of his unusual energy seemed most unusual and we have yet to understand why and how he achieved it at this point of time." Just then one of the robots dropped a shipment, and to that Brain's jar bubbled before causing the drone to explode. "Overuse of the mechanics seems to have caused instabilities." He turned to the mixed expressions with lack of any, "They were designed for combat not originally labor."

Gendo rolled his eyes under his glasses, "You told us before, but you said you had more important matters to attend to! This was supposed to be a specific meeting not some ongoing report!"

The Brain turned from him and his tank bubbled again, this time the door before them opened showing a main room where many computers, devices and stationing facilities were held. "I was getting to that Commander Ikari. The recent scans showed an unusual mass heading this way. I believe," the screen he stopped at showed a large shadow under water, and moving waves along its back. "it could be a new type of submarine or aquatic vehicle, yet the maneuvers it seems to partake are too skilled to be a machine. I now surmised it is a former resident of this island, in other words…" he turned to the startled faces of the men, "This is most definitely Ebirah, the large crustacean of the Kaiju variant of life forms. If it is coming here it must be planning an assault, we must act to neutralize it."

Gendo gave a nod, "I see, what of the other project?"

"I thought you were not interested in my reports?" to that Mallah snorted a chuckle, and Gendo gave a stern glare but ignored them. Ansem turned with the robed figure saying "This is not good. You know why that thing is coming here, don't you?"

The figure gave a stern glare, and Ansem lowered his head letting it leave through the elevator, "Yes Scarlet Robe, we will deal with the threat as was previously planned. As long as the dome is over us it will keep all outer dangers out, aside from physical penetrations of animal or flash and bone kinds." Ansem turned to see Gendo was now coming to him, "I suspect the research has been going smoothly?" Gendo glared to Brain and Mallah as they were working again, but he nods yes to Ansem's question "Good, we must move quickly! Prepare the Evangelion it seems the time has finally come to start the program of yours in phase one."

Shinji Ikari looked at the address on his piece of paper and then to the address on the apartment building door. He seemed confused, not the numbers but loud music playing out into the housing units was so loud. He took a moment, realizing it was 'HollaBack Girl- Gwen Steffani' He knocked on the door finding it was unlocked, so he went inside to look around seeing one room was his with all his boxes inside he went on ahead, he then followed that music with the intent to shut it off. That was when he found himself in the kitchen finding a certain red head bent over at the fridge, rolling her hips to the music in a pair of short yellow trunks, a red loose tank top, and pink fluffy bunny slippers. He was blushing as she moved off one hip to the other without being aware he was even here. Looking at the address he made sure he read it right, what is Asuka Soryu doing in his new apartment? That was when she turned around with a spoon in her mouth, in one had a pudding pack and the other slamming the door shut. She saw Shinji, and he saw Asuka, and seeing each other… well…

"Ah! Pervert!" Shinji was smacked with a pudding pack, "I knew it! I just knew you were one of those, perverts!"

"WHAT?" He wiped the pudding just in time to see a spoon coming on him, he dodged to now snap "Who do you think you are flaunting about in my apartment? Are you some sort of sicko?"

"Your apartment! This just so happens to be my apartment Shinji! I checked my address twice before coming in!" she held up her paper, and he then offered his so they both exchanged and read the addresses, then they exchanged again, and a third and fourth time before screaming "Misato gave us the same address!"

Shinji slaps his forehead "Oh no, now what do I do?"

"I know! What was she thinking! You can't put a boy and girl together in the same household at this age, and with no blood relation! I mean, boys are nothing more than a large vat of hormones flopping around looking for something to pass their genes on with!"

"Yeah…" he blinked, "Hey! Are you implying that I'm some deviant?"

"Well, you did seem pretty much a pervert looking at my butt."

"I wasn't looking at your butt; I was trying to figure out why you were in my apartment!" Shinji swung his satchel onto a chair and then sat into another one, now he screams "Turn that music off!"

Asuka gave a glare, but then smirked as she turned the volume even louder "What? I can't hear you!"

"You know what you're so immature!" Shinji and Asuka come face to face, and during that the music stops. The two teens look to find a strange animal leapt off the counter where the radio was and to the floor. The small creature was in fact a penguin with the common black and white colors, but also red brows or somewhat brow like appendages over the eyes, and a large nametag on its neck saying simply "Pen". Pen waddled to a small refrigerator on the floor and tapped a button, thereby opening the fridge and making his way inside. The teens both look in confusion but then squat down seeing the fridge close, they open it, and find inside was a miniature TV which Pen watched as he drank a glass of red fruit punch. He turned to the two and squawked before pushing a button that closed the fridge. The teens look away to the radio, and Shinji says "I expected maybe rats or cockroaches, but never penguins."

After saying it Asuka began to chuckle and he soon followed which leads to full blown laughter in only moments.

"Well, looks like you two found Pen-Pen!" the two look to Misato, the adult and leader of the Evangelion team, Captain Misato. "As you saw, he's an Erect-Crested penguin, and unlike most others he's with a much higher IQ than normal penguins of his kind." The penguin, Pen-Pen now opened up the fridge and squawked with Misato giving a little wave; he waddled over and looked into the bag she was holding at her side, and then pulled out a fish in his beak and then scurrying to the fridge again, "Then again he's more worried about eating than most other things."

"Hold it, you mean all this time we were supposed to be living with you Misato?" Asuka saw Misato gave a little nod before heading to the big fridge, "Well now this is just great! I have the teen pervert and miss military to look forward to living with? What's next?"

"Well," Misato heard the phone and grabbed it, ignoring her earlier plan to open the fridge. She listened, and then slammed the phone saying "Get to my car we have an emergency!" that was when a large horn went off all around the city, and both Shinji and Asuka knew what that meant. In a barren white room with barren bed, sterile devices and surgical equipment, and even several bandages along the disposable baskets Rei Ayanami stood slowly before whispering, "They're coming… the first Angel is coming…"

Beast Boy stood telling how he was able to fight Wildebeest, but unexpectedly the cage broke and he lost the match. The others listen to the events of the Master of Games competition, but it was only Raven who seemed distant. Her mind was occupied with more things than the rambling of Beast Boy. She made sure to nod if someone directed their attention to her, but if that was not the case her mind was busy with thinking of the current condition of the team.

Someone else has been taking notice of Raven's distance. Well, distance from him and not so much her team. The Saiyan prince Vegeta kind of seemed pre-occupied with her lately ever since she made such little work of Captain Ginyu before. The actual sight of former blow-hard Ginyu being beaten left him with a large impression. Vegeta was snacking on a salad as he pricked it with his fork, Nappa the larger Saiyan asked "Vegeta, are you okay?"

"I'm fine Nappa. The fact this salad tastes like plastic however…" he looked to find his plate was full, but the plastic centerpiece was now ridden with poked holes and missing parts. Turning a bit green Vegeta asked "Why didn't you morons tell me sooner?"

Nappa rubbed the back of his head, "Sorry, you just… well, you seemed to enjoy that." He elbowed Raditz, "I'm not talking about the meal either."

Raditz snickered as Vegeta was looking quite questioning, "Well, not that we're not curious but why are you great prince so interested in the woman with the pale skin?" Vegeta jumped out of his chair, "Ah, seems he's very interested."

"Why you…" he growled lowly before tossing the fork, "It's bad enough Frieza will have our heads and we hide in this station, but do you have to belittle me with such insults?" the other two began to cackle like hyena until Vegeta walked off storming, only stopping a moment to look at Raven who was looking at him too, as was the entire room. He snorted from his nostrils, "Absurd, the lot of them." And then he left.

Vegeta stopped a moment to spy something of a light in a room. He slowly made way to it, and peeked in but a hand clasps his throat flinging him into the air. Vegeta stood quickly to scream "How dare you!"

Sabretooth screamed a roar that made Vegeta run the hell out of there, then he slowly made way back into the room where Blink lay in a bed tightly snuggled with sheets. He sat there watching as she slept, fearful she used too much of her powers. It is true the young mutant can achieve great things, but she is still quite susceptible to over exertion.

An unexpected shift and Sabretooth looked to the young mutant but slowly he became lucid as if not fully accepting her awakening to the world again. When Blink shed off the blankets, and then she looked to him, his slight smile made her frown. "Mr. Creed?" from her tone it was obvious she knew he was not in a good mood, though often he never was she knew he was unusually unhappy, "What's wrong, is everything alright?"

He first seemed to think up his first plan to dismiss her, yet he could not do it. Then he offered a new smile, which only made her more nervous, so he lowered his head and accepted what must happen. Looking up, his gloom turned to sincerity, "Kid, I thought I knew but not, I mean not what he did." His face scolded the fact he had been oblivious, "Kid, I swear that if I had known I would have killed that freak way before this."

Blink was puzzled and confused, but then she thought of how angry he seemed. "You know…" she lowered her head biting the lower lip, but asked "Are you angry at me?"

"What?" He blinked, confused, but then said "Kid I'd never be angry with you. The one I'm angry with is myself, for not knowing and not doing more." He offered a hand, she seemed to also be confused with him, "I swear, it's over from here on out. I tore him to pieces, literally."

"Are you sure? He has a second version; in his appendix he carries a mutant bi-clone every time he rejuvenates himself." Sabretooth's face went grim, but she smiled and rubbed her cheek into his hand, "I'm not worried. I just, I'm just happy to know I don't have to hide it anymore."

"You never had to hide that. I wish you were never in such a thing, he'll pay," Sabretooth stood with a feral look now "Oh he'll pay the hard way."

Magneto floated in now, "I see, so a personal vendetta?" the two look to their leader and he gave a simple nod, "Gather the others into the hangar. I have an announcement to make to all the students and faculty, or rather the X-Men." He then turned saying "That is what we all are; we are X-Men now."

Sitting at the table of titans soon came along the other titans. The East Titans, Aqualad and Speedy minus their other mates, now sat and chowed down before the other three members did get along. Bumble Bee snaps, "Were you two lazy good for nothings eating all this time?"

"We did work too. The food was just our reward!" Speedy and Aqualad gave wide grins before chomping down on their burgers, but in a flash they were gone, to which they turn to the two miniature titans Mas y Menos who just so happen to be licking their fingers of evidence.

The two brothers now took off as Speedy and Aqualad were chasing, Bumble Bee shook her head sitting and ignoring them. "So, you guys going to fight the good fight?" The Titans nod "Good thing to hear, because that's what me and the boys will be doing too. We're heading on back down to fight for Steel City. I'm not letting some unworthy monsters take what's rightfully ours! Not to mention people still need us down there."

"Yeah, like we didn't give that any thought?" Cyborg gave a slight 'Pfft' gesture, adding to his sarcasm "Thing you seem to have forgotten is the fact those same monsters have most of us outnumbered, and then they have the most psychotic monsters in history or whatever working to make them even more destructive. When you figure out a way to stop them, let us no. We all would like to take and get our homes back."

Raven grabbed her chin when they talked about homes. As she thought about her home, she soon began to feel maybe she could… "Hey, Raven?" Raven turned to the concerned Beast Boy "You okay? You seem to be loosing us here."

"I've just been thinking about home. Nothing to worry about, though now with all this power," she sighed a deep regretful breath, "I'll bet I need to meditate more. If not, the power will start to become too great. It's probably why I was chosen, lucky me." Her sarcastic ending caused a chuckle, but not the Titans rather a one eyed mercenary madman who had snuck into the dark corner behind the heroes.

"Excuse my intrusion but your conversation about taking the city back had me amused."

"Amused?" Bumble Bee had no more liking of Slade than most the Titans West, so she asked "What do you find so amusing Slade?"

He first kicked off the wall, then he walked in the confident manner he was so accustomed to, and said to all those listening "What else, but your inability to understand the fact you're not in some little game, this is a real battle and with dire consequences. If you go to earth you will be killed. The forces and numbers would be against you. That, and then the fact you have no strategy but simply, duke it out till we can win. That may have worked before, but the rules of conduct are trickier, now you need strategy." He looked to the teenagers, and said "None of you have the experience or skill to formulate strategy. Well, not the kinds you will need."

They all look to Robin who has slammed his fists on the table. "Who are you, of anyone in this place, to tell us what we should or shouldn't do?"

Slade now gave his own little look of anger, "Robin, let's not let our emotions get the better of us. After all we all are in the same boat. Its best we learn to work together. Wouldn't you agree, Raven?"

Raven now looked to him in slight shock, but Robin screams "Hold it! I don't care what is happening I'll never work with you again!"

"Fine choice of words, again. Do you mean the time I was dead and we ventured hell, or when you were my…"

"Burn in hell Slade!"

"I did, and thus we had to team up before. I guess no matter what we will be partners or as I like to think master and…" Robin screamed, and Slade laughed when the young teen leapt on him. The next thing is Robin held in air, but lowered so Raven could latch his hand and then Slade's like a demanding mother. "You two behave, or else!"

The two gave one nice glare to each other, but she slammed their fists up and down twice causing them to wince, "Alright!" they scream in unison before pulling away and then sharing a glare again.

Raven shook her head, you can't change nature. "You two just… argh."

In the dark tents and blood soaked land, they collect their horrid clans to celebrate victory. The Kagejin feast off the enemies they defeated, or perhaps with the wines of liquors their former enemy left about. Whatever it is they choose to use, they do. One tent is lit with a lone lamp and this was the lead tent, Akaige's tent. Soon he sat at this long table and stared into nothingness. His tent is opened and Orochimaru gave a bow before entering. "It turned into a fine battle, Akaige."

"Yes," unenthused the thoughts of Akaige merely drone out, and Orochi picked up on it quickly "It was a fine battle for the most effect."

"Are you troubled?" Akaige raised his view to the other demon, "You otherwise seemed more involved, but now you preclude to your tent. Should you not rejoice with the others?"

"I do not feel so invoked to rejoice my friend. I failed to kill the one I was most interested in that building, the Spider-Man."

"Is that so?" Orochi now sat close to Akaige's one side, and held a strange bottle up saying "Holocaust has arrived with ill news of the princesses, but he offers Sake in the place of empty hands."

"Sake? Hmm, I suppose he knows better than to come absolutely empty handed. Is it, honey?"

"I do believe." Orochi retrieves two glasses on the table, and pours the Sake into the goblets asking "Would you mind telling me the story of the Spider-Man, as I told you of the emperor?"

"Yes I suppose it would be a fair trade." Akaige picked up the glass and swirled the contents, inspecting it his ethereal eyes seem to creek up with delight, "Ah, fine Sake. Let me see… at first the Spider was in my grasp. A human woman became a problem for a while, and I seemed to remove her for later. Then…"

The rooftop of the Baxter building and there stood the dark lord Akaige, before him Spider Man in his techno-suit bashed up with half the helmet ripped off. Akaige stalked slowly as Peter Parker, the Spider, lay flat and tiredly seemed only to watch as the fiend edged more and more with stretched out claws. As the space between the two seemed to be nothing at all, the end of the web crawler most definitely seemed at hand. However, the roof Akaige stood on seemed to crackle, and Akaige turned down as something ripped from the floor and snatched his ankle. Surprising to both the fighters was the intervention of a metallic tentacle that now tossed Akaige off the tower. To stunned awe, Spider Man asked "Doc Ock? What are you doing here still?"

The fine doctor gave a look to Spider Man, first anger but then alarm, "Peter Parker? How, I thought you took Spider Man's photos… unless, no you have to be kidding!" Ock slapped his forehead, "The blasted idiocy of mine! I can't believe I was fooled from such a petty cover, next they will tell me Clark Kent is actually Super Man!"

Spider Man gave a little chuckle, but then he snaps to reality "Doc, we need to get going! I want you to," he strains but falters to his back again, "damn I'm too beat up. Take the girl and go!"

Ock looked over his shoulder to the girl, or rather Wendy, and in a grin his tentacle stretched to drag her on over. "You know Parker; I always knew you had great potential. You just lacked the vision needed to be a fine scientist." To that Doc Ock latched Parker as he passed over him with his human arm, and both he held in his arms as tightly as he could, "For example, do you have any explosives within that mechanized monstrosity? I heard several as I was heading to escape… if that blasted transport had not left." Parker looked and found a compartment; he opened it to pull out a mine that resembled a web, "Bah, you people and your stupid themes! Why can't an explosive just be an explosive for a change?"

Ock latched his mechanical arms on the building wall, took a breath, and then he jumped as the bomb is set on the wall. They are falling and when the ground came Doc Ock swung all his arms to buffer the ground, aside the two human ones holding his companions. The crash was loud, but an explosion was even louder as the building's wall crumbled greatly. To that Doc Ock swung his four arms and ripped out the ground, making a hole he leapt in as the demons discovered them. Several monsters had come to stop them but were crushed in falling rubble. In the chaos the three escape, but Akaige landed and demanded that they be found. That was when he then began to disappear…

"Where did you go, if you don't mind my asking?" Akaige looked to Orochi with little pleasure or anger, more solid cold a stare of any stare with a moan following. "Hmm, I see, then what of the Spider? What will you do with him now?"

"Nothing," Akaige looked outside his tent to see Reiram was leading a small band of demons, "That's what I send my other help to take care of. I just hope they bring him back alive, as I asked."

Orochi took a sip of his sake, but always he watched Akaige between each drink. That was when he finally realized something, "Asked, you asked your minions to do your will?"

"Minions?" Akaige gave a confused look, but then he chuckled a moment to the idea, "Ah, I see. So you're confused of the way we do things. It is true I am the lord of these people, but my role is not so demanding. In truth, it is in a sense the role of a father. I guide them and offer rewards for their work. At times I must, in a sense, play a disciplinary role. However, each time it is only to keep order of that which normally is chaos. Do you understand that?"

Orochi did not, but drank his Sake with a nod. "Tell me, lord Akaige. What is else that troubles you?"

Akaige shoved it off and asked "Tell me oh great serpent tamer, what brought you here? You certainly did not come for the simple pleasure of the task, so I ask why?"

Orochi looks to his cup with the swirling mesh of liquid. He felt unnerved as in it he felt he saw a leering set of unkind eyes warning him of any mistakes he may take. Orochi set the glass down before saying "I was sent from curiosity. Whether it is my own or another's I am not able to discuss, my friend."

Akaige lowered his cup, but in a low somber essence he proclaimed "There are forces outside my own current knowledge working against my people, I see." Akaige had finished his glass, but then stood to say "Oh the time flies, perhaps when my war is over I may come to see your realm? I'd enjoy seeing the world that offers a demon, so true to ones self." Akaige walked to the tent's flaps and stopped, a moment of silence seemed to fall the tent. That is when, "Orochi," Orochimaru turned back to the shadow lord, "You have a greater potential than what he may give you. If you are true to yourself, then you will realize the difference of what is services and what is slavery." He opened the flap and added, "Oh, and tell this one whose curiosity I peaked," a soured leer pierces the serpent master's nerve easily, "if ever he harms my people I will show a wrath greater than that of all darkest dreams even fathomed in his mind, my friend."

Akaige left the demon serpent to now be alone. In the empty tent the candles are blown out, and their smoke filters along the tent into a silent hiss. Orochi closed his emerald eyes, and opened to find from his Sake cup a gurgling mix of sounds, he picked it up and asked "Are you pleased? I can sense you were watching as usual the way all has unfolded for you?"

"Yessss… All that wassss planned, hassss come to passssss. The workingsssss of thissss demon, Akaige, will be mosssssst pitiful. Allow him hisssss war for it hassssss no bearing on the planssssss of thossssse beyond hisssss vissssssion. Sssscarlet Robe will sssssee to it, I am asssssssssured."

"If he should fail, my master?"

"If that were to happen, then I Schloggozokh will fulfill my plansssss inssssstead."

The sewers smell rotten and trudging through them made a man often ill. New York has never been recognized for a fine sewer system, and its smells. Doctor Otto Octavius, the mastermind of mechanized manipulation came to have his two current persons on his back. The waters were so putrid he could not help but force them to his back while holding his face. "Bah, this putrid sewer! I, Doctor Octavius, acting as a mere transport to my worst enemy and some wretched girl." His head bounced off from a hit, "Hey, watch it!"

Wendy merely gave a glare, but then heard the coughs of Spider Man and asked, "Are you okay?"

"Oh yeah, just was bounced like a ping-pong ball for several hours and saved from my worst enemy." He gave a grin to edge out the sarcasm, "Yeah, I'm just super."

Octavius stopped quickly to point out, "Well, what does this do for your super disposition?"

They are now looking to a large black beast; it had long arms and legs which it used to clasp the walls and a long neck which extended similar to a turtle. The monster's torso had a sunken in chest like that of a starved corpse. Its back was with hairs that were singular; these hairs seemed to be like those of an insect bristle like but long and stiff. Its head seemed to have no eyes, but a slacked jaw and stout snout seemed both to now open and close to taste and smell the air. It had two ears pointed and flipping around a lot, it seems something had caused them damage and looks like it may have gone deaf. Octavius, given a point of realization, smirked as he stooped under the monster and continued slowly while it seemed to stand there half up the walls and just scanning the area. When he passed the monster he has a tapping on his head, looking to Wendy she points up and he turns to her finger, paled from what he saw. There is a leash that seemed to be around the monster's waist which followed to yet another one. This one is a pale purple, and seemed to be hunched onto the wall while one hand is on the wall with the leash, the other on its waist where it had a fur sash. It was a stocky fat creature, with its girth rolling over the sash the monster's face was a lacked jaw with two large tusks, then small teeth protruding the bottom jaw over the top one. Its ears were pointed, and had hair but only a small scrawny braid along the center back of the skull between the shoulder blades. It had one large red eye over the jaw but its eye glows bright red giving it an almost burning look. The monster now grumbled, shaking itself and saying "Come on… come on, just a little bit. Damn mortal blood causes this every time. I just…" he moaned again, "Just hurry the hell up!"

Doc looked to now see a stream of gold flowing onto the wall, the monster gave a deep relieved sigh. It now was obvious the thing was urinating! He slowly walked through behind the now occupied monster as it was immersed with the relief of its bowels. As they were behind it, Wendy looked to her side seeing something move. On her shoulder a stray rat had leapt down. Spider Man saw it and her face; he slapped her mouth shut before grabbing the rat and tossing it off into the water. The monster turned to the rat away from them, and seeing it swim he went back to the act of nature. Octavius, relieved, now continues moving as slowly as imaginable. Wendy turned to Spider Man and gave a nod, "Thank you." She stopped, slapped her mouth, and the three turn seeing a very angry red eye looking at them now.

They ran for it but a red slime struck Doc Ock. He wiped his hand around and rubbed it off, his hand covered he now looked but gagged, the slime smells worse than ANYTHING he ever knew. That was about when the other leashed beast swung its head over its shoulders and back. Doc looked to it, the slime, and in a scream proclaimed "I've been marked for that thing! Blast it!"

It ran the wall as the larger one ducked, passing him it now leapt off and went for the doctor. He was able to latch his four mechanical arms onto its hands and feet, but was forced under the water where he is submerged and it is thrashing with jaws and snout. Spider man swings his metal fist and the monster bobbed its head, raised up to twitch its lip, and then began to snap where the punch had come from and the doctor. "Okay, that was a bad idea! Now what do we do?"

Wendy looks around and grabs a metal pipe, she smacks the pet monster but those fangs latch the pipe mangling it before spitting it at Spider Man's face, she sweetly says "Sorry Spider Man!"

"No… problem," he shook his head from a daze. "I have no weapons and Doc Ock isn't really used to being under water like a real octopus, we need a plan!"

That is when blue sonic beams struck the beast's head and flung it back limply. Doc Ock immerged, breathing deeply, and then turning to the standing man in red and yellow, with netting like design over the yellow his outfit was spandex covering his entire body. He looked to them all with metal bracers over his hands, and asked "Ock, is the web head with you?"

Ock gave a nod, "Shocker, at times like this your sissy seismic bracers are not so sissy." Shocker shot another blast splashing water into Octavius's face, which he spat out arrogantly. "I take it back."

Shocker is another of Spider Man's enemies. This man uses seismic technology similar to the kind Cyborg uses; it projects sound waves that can be stunning, fatal or devastating depending on the range. He looked up to the large monster with a red eye, "He's not with you I bet!" and fired to have it squat under the beam.

It looked to the monster Shocker killed, "Kimiko? You killed my pretty little Kimiko? How could you kill her, she was such a good partner! I fed her, bathed her and raised her from a whelp!" he roared causing the water and tunnel to shake, and a stench that was matching the strange ooze which washed off now seemed to cover the area. "I'm going have my pack rip you to pieces!"

Shocker raised a brow, "Pack, did he just say…" and there is snarling and barking, to which the others began running as he said "Oh no." Then he followed with several more of the blackened hounds following them soon after and the stench stuck to them.

It was so annoying how badly the night was going. Spider Man asks "Any bright ideas Doc?"

He shook his head no, "We can't wash this odor off in time to escape the monsters, and they have a need of scent while hearing is only minor. In other words we need to remove the scent as their hunters of smell not hearing." He looked back seeing them gaining, "This way, we need to buy some time!" he turned into a tunnel as they all followed into it, then he pointed to the roof saying "Shocker, bring this portion down!" Shocker did and rubble was between them and the monsters, but they also had a long stretch of tunnel before them and most likely the other side leads to this one somewhere. "Alright, we need to wash off this smell! Begin irritating it in water, hurry now!"

They did that for the longest time. Finding the smell only seemed to linger it was obvious this wasn't working. "Oh, I wish I had some good perfume." The three men look to Wendy; she blushed and said "Sorry, but when something stinks I'll usually just mask over it with perfume."

It was so incredibly stupid that it was brilliant! They needed a smell to mask this one, but the sewers had nothing stagnant and stench worthy enough to cover themselves in. That was when Spider Man slapped a large pipe along the wall, "I think I know what we can use, eh Doc?"

Octavius looked to the large pipe with 'Septic System" written on it, and he screamed "No, no and no way I would ever do such a thing!" there is the strange sounds of the creatures, "Are you mad? I have wounds that would get into my wounds!" The Spider and Wendy look in fright, "Never, I shall never succumb to this stress enough to…" and there was the noise of sound breaking metal, a gushing of solid and liquid mixed, finally the doctor and team covered in fecal matter that made his stubborn resolve diminish before looking at Shocker who was with his two hands pointed at the septic pipe, "Right… well, that certainly was the low point of my evening."

"Sorry doc," Shocker held his laughter from the faces everyone had, he was covered head to toe in a suit where they had wounds and bare skin flushed by the disgusting bile. "I just figured you've got to do what you've got to do."

Octavius shook his glasses showing how his eyes and around them were shielded by the lenses, making a clear mask spot from the rest of the filth. "Indeed, Mr. Shocker." He wiped the lenses best he could and then put on his shades, asking, "What now Spider?"

The group followed Spider Man toward the end of the passage, where they found the monsters storming on them. Ducking under the water the blind beasts ran past them and never once noticed. So with that they ran from the creatures leaving their poor senses behind. At the end of the passage they are startled from a figure waiting on the wall. What waited for them was a large turtle man with blue decorative patches and two katana. The turtle had one eye covered and many marks over his body and shell, but he gave a nod and cocked his head as a sign for them to follow. "The name's Leonardo, follow me. The Morlochs are waiting for us at the new hideout."

Spider Man gave a somewhat surprised nod, "I'm surprised anyone is still in the city, let alone alive!"

"Survivors do that you know. They do whatever it takes to survive" He then sniffed the air, and turned asking "By the way, you guys know you all smell like…" his face turns red when he realizes they had been drenched in many sediments and matter of that kind, looking away he only smiles from their anger and embarrassment, "Like I said. They do whatever it takes."

Magneto stood ridged and firm before the man in green, the Green Lantern. Behind Magnus were the students and X-Men; while behind Lantern were J'onn, Batman and Wonder Woman. Magneto looked at the man of justice and asked "What is the reason you stand in our way?"

"We need everyone we can get and that means you're staying. Whether you want to or not, we're in this together!"

"I agree," Magnus turned to his students and people, "However, these are not fighters. These are students, and teachers. That makes them my responsibility and not your own. I will not be able to teach them here and so I must relocate us." He turned to Lantern and gave a stern look to match the Lantern. "We will not abandon you or our home. I will assist you as will my students, but we must not stay here."

"I don't care about your students, or your school and faculty! This is a time of war and I'm going to keep you here," his finger glows green emerald and taking a stance he growls from the throat, "whether you want to or not!"

Magneto let his eyes glow and made the room creak a bit, and several bolts undid themselves as his power commanded "We are leaving! Whether this station is here afterwards it up to you?"

J'onn latched a hand onto Lantern and said "It's okay to let them go. This is neither the time nor the place. We are friends, not enemies. We are members of Justice and justice relies, upon freedom."

Lantern, though very worried, let his hand lower and gave a nod "You're right. I guess I'm just so…"

"Scared?" They turn to Wonder Woman who nods to their look, "I'm scared to. Often, I need to be strong for men feel women need to be so frail and weak. I've shown that's not the case, but it's not a matter of gender when everything you believe in is thrown upside down by forces you can't control."

Lantern and the other members make way for Magneto and his students. Batman closes the gap behind the mutants and says to Lantern "Don't worry. When we need them or they need us, we'll find a way to talk to them."

Magneto got on first to find several teens sleeping on the ship, and to his utmost stunned awe a large blue hairy man reading a book, "McCoy? You're alive?"

"Of course," he closed the book and smiled to Magneto "What did you expect from me? We left a message telling the people at the Baxter Building if anyone of the X-Men were here they would need to know we survived. I'm surprised you didn't find us sooner."

"It's been a VERY busy day, my friend." Magneto sat down and waited for the others to board. Everyone was on the ship soon even members who recently had joined. Sunfire turned his flames off and stunned many with his bare, burnt flesh. He ignored them but still felt oddly, till Rogue motioned him to a seat next to her and feeling a place he nodded. He could not be happy, not depressed merely left in the memories of a home lost and perhaps another found. He felt too much recently and the only thing lingering in him was pain, and the pain showed on the contour of his face so much no one failed to notice. Paige, or the mutant Husk, now sat down beside him and gave a smile. He offered nothing but a nod, and so the two newest members became quiet. That was when two more arrived. Cloak, the black teenager with the darkness of his body and large green cloak soon arrived with Dagger his enchanting blonde lover. The two shared moments of explanation, as to their wishes to join, and then took a moment to sit in the now crowded Black Hawk. Magneto looked and smiled, "This is a full fledged school, you think?"

Storm looked to the students grumbling and arguing, "That, or a dysfunctional family?"

"The same thing last I looked." Logan gave a smirk as Sabretooth kicked his leg, then he screamed and scolded the grinning cat man, before kicking him back. Sabretooth readied to attack full force but Clarice nudged him, Blink always kept him in line, blast.

"Clarice," she looked to Magneto who sat in the main chair, "We need another portal big enough to teleport the Black Hawk, and can you do it?"

She frowned, but then smiled in reassurance and a nod to her confidence "Yes Mr. Magnus."

"…." He looked back saying "Magnus, or Magneto please?"

"Right," she channeled her powers to make a large portal letting them leave. When they were gone the remaining people in the port looked and saw the X-Men leave.

Lantern looked a little upset, but smile soon after "Okay, we have jobs to do everyone. Let's get to it!" they leave but J'onn and Batman didn't leave, "What are you two doing?"

"We noticed something," J'onn said, "We'll be with you shortly." The two wander to a spacecraft Doom used to retreat with, he was trying to fix it. "What is the diagnosis, Dr.?"

Victor Doom didn't acknowledge J'onn, at first. He instead maneuvered a device in the ship's wall-panel before it sparked, and then he stood up and said "Poor, that is the best way to diagnose this mess. That or dead on arrival."

"So trying to save Spider Man won't be any time soon." Batman frowned, "Or rather never."

"Not unless you know some one with high enough an I.Q. and able to fix this machine in so small a timeframe, no." he walked off with the other two sighing deeply, "This is turning into a very problematic situation."

What they did not know was Ben 10, along with the deeply bored Shredder, had wandered into the hangar to find the three talking. Shredder wandered into the ship and growled, "This is the most annoying thing. Why did I agree to come with you again?"

"You were bored and this is all I could think of to do. You know what he said about high IQ and small made me think of something." He toyed with his watch device, "I have the perfect alien to fix this ship!"

In a flash Ben became a miniature alien that looked like a toad man in white spandex, Shredder was confused as the creature was no taller than perhaps a couple inches but watched it climb into the open slot and moved the walls, banging and buzzing along the way. Gwen, Ben's cousin, also noticed the two disappear and dragged Grandpa along, finding Shredder alone she screamed "Oh my god, what did you do to my cousin?"

"Killed him and used his brains to make Jell-O?" Shredder shook his head and said "Wait, hold a second!" Grandpa Max swung a fist but Shredder easily blocked the old man, "What I meant to say was that he shrunk himself and is trying to fix the ship."

Max kind of let a pant of relief, "Good, I was worried for…" he blinked, "Then why did you say that other thing?"

"It's a villain thing." He then thought to himself, "Or maybe that's just me?"

Gwen shook her head and tapped the walls, "Don't worry I know he didn't kill Ben, if he did use his brain for Jell-O he'd be starved by now."

A small alien opened the compartment in the roof, "If you are implying my grey matter was incapable of satiating hunger from lack of mass and size in my human form, then by all means allow me to assure you own was incapable of satiating the hunger by one billionth the amount of my own." He then went back to work as Gwen snorted and turned in a pout, he may be smarter now but soon he'd be stupid Ben again.

Doom re-entered and noticed the people "What are you all doing here?" that was when Ben jumped out and turned human seconds after leaping. He slammed down hard and Doom screamed "What were you doing to my ship?" just then it turned itself on, and astounded he asks "What is going on here?"

"Sorry, but the intelligent part of me is in the watch now. I remember the idea of fixing the ship, and then that's when I fell down here."

Gwen gave a smile, "Like I thought the good old Ben."

Doom jumped into his seat and said "Fine, now we have work to do! New York here we come!"

Raven sat and ate her meal thanking the stars above she would enjoy some time of peace. Sadly, it never did come. Between each bite came Robin snapping at Slade, and Slade snapping back at robin. Rose, the daughter of Slade, was now sitting here with the group and Slade not only disliked her cheerful attitude with the Titans but how simply she made friends. Robin felt he could push Slade away but no matter what if Rose was here, Slade was here. Robin screamed full force "Slade, just give it up! She's not a psycho like you!"

Rose gave a stern look, "Watch it pal! My father just put his life on the line to help your friend, last time I checked anyway."

"Right," Robin crossed his arms voicing more physically than verbally his disapproval and disbelief. "Slade has only the thought of his own hide in that, believe me."

Slade now sighed deeply, "I guess no matter what you'll always be two things, a sore looser and a boy blunder." And that was it. The next thing Slade knew was the connection of a fist to his face, and stumbling back only to soon be struck again and again while the two reared into heated battle.

It didn't last very long though. Before the two could fully rip one another to shreds the greatly annoyed Raven slammed her palms down, and encased the two with dark torrents of energy which suspended them in the air. The other titans Beast Boy, Cyborg and Starfire looked in slight relief but soon came a realization, Robin was becoming pale and very pained. His face showed a terrible stress and when the three looked to Slade his eye was shaking fairly poorly. This lead those to turn to Raven who had a wide grin over her face, and when she tilted her chin up it showed a sinister flare in her eyes, her demonic self forced itself over her now. "Well, that shut them up. Then again I bet I know how to quiet them down, PERMANENTLY!" her one hand raised and seemed to focus the energy, they screamed with convulsions as Raven left a light chuckle from her throat, "Too bad you idiots couldn't keep your egos where they belong. I hate to have to kill you both."

"Friend, what are you doing?" Star jolted Raven by the shoulder and then found herself in the energy, and then the Titans were all engulfed. She gasped seeing a glimpse of Raven looking at them as no more than mere nuisances, and squeaked "Friend Raven, this is… wrong."

Raven's eyes close, and the dark energy lapses before they all fall breathing and gagging on the floor. Raven opened her amethyst eyes, and horror along with fright the purest kinds flipped her lids madly. "Wh-what is wrong with me?" she flew through the walls to her room locking it quickly.

The Titans were outside the room; Robin knocked and asked "Raven, what's wrong? What can we do to help?"

She put her ear to the door and said "I don't know, and I don't know if you can help. Something is going on I need some time alone, maybe time to meditate. Just give me some time, please?"

Robin looked worried, but he turned to the others and said "We all have been stressing ourselves. What about a little time to unwind?" they all nod, and Robin looked back one more time before following Starfire who took his arm into her own. Cyborg grabbed Beast Boy and Terra, dragging them to the main hall where he wanted to check out the station's specs.

Slade and Rose have slowly made it to the door, Slade looked up to the vent above him and said "Rose," he jumped up and latched his hands around the lip readying to kick it in, "Watch for the titans I'm going in to see what our dark mage friend is doing."

"You're getting pretty worked up about her," Slade's head snapped back confused, she shrugged saying "Well I understand. You chose Terra over me, and Raven has so much power now it's obvious you'd want her as an apprentice. That, and don't forget Blink she was grade A material too much better than your own daughter."

Slade dropped down and said "What are you prattling about? I didn't choose them over you, I didn't even know you were alive!" she gave him a death glare to which he rolled his eye, "Oh, you know what I mean." Squatting down he attempts to be a father, but obviously he's a killer and to no extent was this something he knew. "My dear child, remember this. If I have others take and fight for us then we won't have to loose each other. Wouldn't you rather that than taking a chance of getting yourself harmed?"

"NO!" she slapped his hand away and pushed on his back, "I want to be the one to avenge my brother and my family! I don't want anyone else, but one of us! I want us to be the ones! Not her, Terra or anyone else!" she then ran off as he stood slowly, and slammed his head onto the wall asking "How long were you standing at that door?"

Raven opened it and looked sad, "Well, let's just say the vents are locked."

"Oh, lovely." He now slowly fell onto his butt and let his arms hang over his knees, and head sway with a moan of agitation before simply letting himself just sort of slump in more. "Well, did you figure out what's wrong?"

"I think I have an idea. I just made a call to a friend who will clear things up when I can see him. Would you like to…?" Slade looked up with a cold stare, "Uh, on second thought…"

"What is going on now?" Robin, who stormed in glaring to Slade and Raven snaps again "When is this madness going to end? You're acting like you two are childhood pals! Don't you remember this is the same guy who sold you out to Trigon?"

Raven just rolled her eyes as the two began to argue, and then slipped behind her door to slam it shut. A second later they both are knocking and asking if they can come in, she sighed before flopping straight onto her bed face first. What she did not know is in her closet was a man tall and sickeningly smiling yellow teeth. His hood hid his upper face but allowed two golden eyes to narrow on the young sorceress. His long fingers clasp a strange artifact that in its center was a vial, swirling in green smoke and ether. His teeth widen a grin of great evil as he now slowly wrapped a thumb to the artifact, preparing to open a vent of a snake's jaw to rise and release the smoke, when a white albino bat screams "MASTER!" the man drops the vial to slap the bat's mouth shut.

Raven popped her head up and looked to the closet, then the titan and Slade squabbling outside as it was their fault what has happened now. She sighs to begin meditating instead. Raven just misses the green vial artifact rolling across the floor and under her bed where the man narrows his eyes and easily hits the bat with a fist over his hand, shooting it onto the ground hard, "Blast, now look what you've done Bartok." spoke the man in a Russian accent, and very fruitful in a rage of his own but silent to only him and the bat. "I warned you to be quiet and not interrupt me, this is important. If we fail to capture the girl who knows what those two will do to us, let alone Schloggozokh."

"Gasuntite, there master." The bat flew up onto the man's shoulder and says "Don't you fear I'll retrieve that thing for you, lickety split."

"No, I'll get it myself." He then popped off his one hand making a bone stump where it once was, and a wide grin he pushed the severed hand through the crack in the closet door saying "I always said I'm handy when it comes to solving problems, eh-heh."

"That's a great one Rasputin, sir. No argument on my half, no sir."

"Bartok…" the bat looked up with such pride, "Shut up."

New York was covered in the demonic hordes of the Kagejin, yet the underground works of the sewers were not. After hours of walking the sewer system gave way to a large hole that was in fact the entrance into the former X-Mansion lower area. Inside the crew of Spider Man, Doc Ock, Shocker and Wendy, lead by Leonardo, had arrived to a small haven for survivors. The survivors were not normal ones but rather the Morlocks, underground dwelling mutants disgusted by the normal populous of society. Their leader was a woman named Callisto and stood as tall as a man, but she was a woman merely in raged and torn T and jeans, along with a patch over one eye. She stood with another mutant who was covered un brown protrusions like armor but obviously his own bones protruded his flesh and made him impenetrable now. "Spyke, you know these people?"

Spyke, former X-men student, gave a nod before saying "That's Leonardo, a friend I made a little while back. I told him how to get here if he made it back he was supposed to be looking for his friends," he pointed out the others "Those weren't the friends he told me about."

Another man came but he was tall and pale, no hair and a constant blank look of his face. He wore ragged clothing as well, but nodded to Callisto. "This one in the red and blue is a mutant, of arachnid variation. The others are humans though it is obvious the one with the metal arms is not a normal man." He pointed to Ock who gave a snarl, and was ignored as the man pointed to Wendy, "She has no abilities but merely a human, as was this other man with the large braces over his arms."

"Hey, watch it!" screamed a bellowing voice from the back. Standing was a muscular behemoth of a man, wearing a red armor bullet shaped helmet, and red outfit with strips at the abdominals and all a matching rust everywhere else. This man also had red armor bands over his backhand and bicep of both arms. He now pointed to Shocker, and chuckled while saying "For a mere human like me, he's one un-killable freak."

Shocker shook his head, "Juggernaught? You're alive?" he then slapped his head, "Of course, you're immortal thanks to the curse or magic, or… whatever?"

They now turned to the tall mutant who was looking in the air, "What is it?" Callisto asked with concern.

"I feel… something." He shook his head "I'll keep looking."

Callisto figured she'd turn her attention back to the others, "So, how is the surviving the apocalypse?"

The heroes explain what happened to Baxter; it left several sour looks among the others. Spyke even snapped out a certain curse that wasn't well accepted, but now Spider Man looked to the tall mutant and asked "What is it?"

"I sense a mutant or something that is a mutant with a large insect, and an alien perhaps the one the Justice League always had with them. They seem to be in the clouds not leaving for fear of detection but the one alien seems to be reaching for someone."

"Seriously?" Spider Man shook the mutant and asked "Can you talk to him?"

"No, but he does mention a homing device in a suit?"

Spider Man realized he had a homing device, "Well, would you look at that?" he flipped it and a signal was sent out. He was being given a very unkind look but ignored it to ask "We need to meet them somewhere, where could we go?"

"The mansion has been burnt away but the remnants are still accessible." Spyke pointed up saying "We head up there and we may hitch a ride!"

They do just that, but a strange hound like demon turns the corner as they were about to leave, luckily a large lizard creature swung a fist crushing its head in and killing it instantly. This was Scaleface, a Morlock that now turned into a young woman who smiled, "Sorry, just saw him…" and she grabbed her nose "My god that thing reeks!"

"They do that!" Wendy acknowledged before noticing a young mutant that was scaled and with a cap and coat on, "Oh, who is this?"

"That's Torpid, and I'm Scaleface. We're Morlocks too but not that high on the list, yet."

They exchange some more talking as they head to the upper levels, but they didn't notice the other hound like demons coming now. They were with one large demon, the strange one eyed demon from before. His red glowing eye gave a hint of pleasure before petting one of his pets, "Good work boys. Now we can…" he dropped to his knees seeing the other hound creature dead, "No not another one!" his eye seemed to curve in slight sadness, but in a quick change he gave a snarl before saying, "That's it no more games. We're going to kill them and make skin covers!"

Above the surface the collection of heroes knew it was only a matter of time before the others arrived, and another one of before their friendly neighborhood of demons rolled in planning to slice and dice. Since that was the case, Spider Man looked to his beacon and said "Alright, once we see them we get to moving. We don't have any time to waste. It's a hot zone and every second is a danger to us and them. You all understand?" he turned, they nodded and he gave one too, "Good, so now let's be ready!"

That was the weird part, mostly just Spider Man tapped his foot, and Wendy was moving around back and forth. Ock looked to her and asked, "So, read any good books lately?"

"Well, I read this one called 'The Dragon Riders of Pern' and it's one of my favorites."

"Hmm, I'm not interested in fantasy too unrealistic. Give me a good quantum-physics piece, and I'm set."

Wendy was about to say something to that, but her eyes began to grow to the size of hubcaps. Ock looked around and saw a hound demon was trampling towards him, and a twitch of his brow he asks "Why did I try to do good anyhow?" his tentacles roll out and connect with the four paws of the demon, while they thrashed around more of the hounds were coming into the area and seemed to know where to strike. Spiderman looked about knowing full well why, it was that smell and that meant… "Hmm, up there!" his eyes caught the red eyed beast and so he ran and jumped off Juggernaught, swinging off a spinner of webbing he swung off a burnt out beam and… it broke. He smacked down hard and felt his already bruised ribs crack, "Aw, wait a second… let's try that one again?"

He looked up and rolled, narrowly stomped under two fat feet. The demon with the one eye screamed a blood curdling roar, and then stormed along slamming one fist on the ground and ramming forward his entire shoulder. It was like a silverback Gorilla, the slam and the movement, savage as it was the effectiveness when Spider was launched deeper into the ruins of the building made him realize the extent of screwed he was in. It now stormed again, but stopped short to lurch its arms up and then down in thunderous blows to the still injured hero. Spiderman turned about and flipped his hands, a spray to the eyes and the Cyclops sort of stumbled back, then delivered the blow as Spiderman rolled over his back into a squatted position. As the Cyclops was now trying to remove the webbing, Spiderman ran forward with an elbow to the stomach, then a kick to the knee putting it down to his level, where he immediately looked up and jumped to stick the wall and jump down both feet into the base of the monster's skull. It sort of gave a deep groan, and slumped into the flooring so Spiderman walked off a little figuring he put it down unconscious.

A few steps, that's all before the spider senses came and told him of danger, he turned about to duck narrowly the large arm swinging on him. Spiderman punched its gut but it swung down, smashing him to the floor and he bent up on his knees as it was so tremendous a blow. The next thing was a kick sending Spiderman like a football to a field goal, but our goal was burnt and charred wooden planks and a foul was made as Spider smashed through them physically and not between aerially.

Rolling from that Spiderman felt all his body had been beaten. He didn't have the power to really do anything now. Between several beatings in all the day, he was mentally drawn and quartered, along with physically fatigued. That was when he saw a figure looming, a figure of salvation? No, it was not… it was Reiram, the blue demon with the red tattoos who was sent to hunt down the elusive Spiderman and return him to his master, alive more preferred than dead. With the smile transfixed over his face he slowly latched one hand onto Spiderman's ankle preparing to drag him off, but stopped as a sound of bone scratching bone came from behind him and acting on that he barely wheel-spun over Spider to place the hero at his view of Spyke the mutant.

"Want him, and then get through me!"

Reiram looked to Spiderman, then to Spyke, and a nod was his answer before grabbing Spiderman's shoulders and tossing him up like some kind of a shield. Between Spider as the shield, Reiram offered out his hands channeling wind from his palm as powerful precise projectiles to in turn break the armor of Spyke. Spyke grew more bones, and took a swing but missed slashing over the armor of Spiderman, not the wisest choice as Spiderman was getting well fatigued as it was. He needed to make a fine made strike to end the fight, and quickly for Spiderman. Realizing how futile attacking him with Spiderman was Spyke sort of ran away, turning and trying to goad the demon into following. Reiram was not above it and followed soon after discarding Spiderman, the WebCrawler should have felt relieved but he was too tired.

Spyke tossed more of his spines but they are bounced off from air torrents. With the same type of spine and attack, followed with a counter, it was obvious this would go on a while. Then his mind clicked, and tossing all the same spines but one he made Reiram counter the same way, the one he did not use grew from his back where his enemy did not see. This spine grew larger than the others and sharper than them too. When he least expected the change, Spyke latched his spine from his back and tossed it forward. The torrents before knocked away the smaller spines, but the larger one was heavy enough and dense enough to push through making only a wobble, but it made the mark of Reiram's chest and leaving the demon in stunned awe, he faltered back with hands gripped on the large protrusion. Spyke pulled out several more and flung them, they bounce off the protrusion digging it deeper into the chest making Reiram jerk back each hit. The final one made the demon stumble completely onto its backside, squat down and hard fell to the rear it sat up, dazed and confused. Swaying too and fro, it narrowly recognized the next two spikes forging from the palms of Spyke's hands as he pulled them over his shoulder and then slung them off. They struck the demon's eyes and he fell back flat out on his back. A moment of victory, and Spyke sighed deep the victory he has had.

"Spyke!" he turned making a new spine and tossing it, to which Callisto snatched it and flung the pointed weapon to the throat of one of the hounds. He watched it fall dead, and she sort of yanked it out and turned to him, "Well, that was a fun mess we got ourselves in. I suppose it couldn't get any worse?"

Spyke thought back to a moment, and then snapped "Oh my god, Spiderman!" he ran with her following.

Spiderman had not moved since he last was discarded. Now he heard movement, and recognized a distinct stench from the Cyclops demon, "Well, wondered where you got off to." The demon stomped over and then snatched the hero up, facing his face to theirs and screaming a deep curdling stank breath. Spiderman chuckled, and asked "You ever hear of a breath-mint? Phew, that reeks something awful my friend!"

The demon gave a grin before tossing Spiderman again this time between three hound demons that were circling around them. The demons soon turned on Spiderman and he just gave a low growl, dying like this, after all he has done? His luck was finally out… or was it?

To the surprise of even the wall crawling hero, a large winged insect with tube like eyes, and a spade tail swooped down and snatched him. The hounds chased it as it had a terrible smell, one even Spiderman found more repulsive than the hounds, but more welcome! They were headed up when on the fly creature's chest began to flip on and off a red color, "Uh-oh!" it squeaked, and turned to the young Ben 10 when they least expected. The hounds were right under them waiting as their smells slowly began to get closer.

"Need a hand?" asked a green caped Martian who swooped down and latched them in both arms flying them to the ship above, but not before saying into a device on his collar "I have Ben and Spiderman, we are returning to the ship."

"Good, then let's leave!" Shredder snapped out but is glared from Batman, Gwen and Grandpa. "What? I waited to get the kid back!"

"They want us to get the others as well, Shredder." Doom seemed less amused with the obvious disregard of life, though he understood it being a less than callous man himself. "J'onn, do they know where the others are?"

"I asked it seems they separated a while back when coming under attack. I suppose we should search for them."

Doom thought it over as the Martian and his two parcels returned, and with a groan he says "10 minutes, any more and we take serious risk of detection."

Scaleface and Shocker got into a tight spot during the mess, along with young Torpid the child mutant. Scaleface has a powerful mutant ability to turn into a lizard that breathes flames and with Shocker and his sonic-knuckles weapon they fend off from back to back waves of the hounds. The hounds were in droves it seemed gnawing and scratching for the two. Shocker turned to see a large red thing plowing through the demons, "Juggernaught!" the red thing was the behemoth and he turned to them while plowing demons, "Hey pal! Roll on over here and open a path for us!" he was delighted, but turning to horror as Juggernaught turned away ignoring him, "What the hell are you doing?"

"Hey," Scaleface snapped in her reptilian voice, "At least take Torpid with you! She's only a child!"

"Well, I'm not a hero. That and it would seem your luck ran out old pal! See you later," and a deep laugh Juggernaught said "oops sorry about that, I plum forgot!"

Shocker screamed an obscenity that could not be heard from the screeching of a demon under his blasts. This was looking bad; he turned and asked "How long you think you can do this now?"

Scaleface fired their breath but had to let it drop to turn for claws. "I don't know!"

He shook his head; damn he should have known this would be how he died. He started a criminal and moved to a protector of some kid and woman mutant. He looked to a scream and saw a teddy bear and no owner; the girl had been dragged into the hordes around them. Scaleface screamed and lost track now being dragged out from the ankle and into the horde as well. Shocker now roared in blasts from one arm and the next, out and out again they rotated from blasts. Fangs and claws inched on his face, chest and limbs more each blast. He finally struck his fists together, and caused an epicenter that wrecked the area around him and forced the demons away with a mighty push. The many creatures were all shocked and dropped twitching from overexposure of sounds, he didn't think it would work… guess he was wrong.

Moving from the many beasts he heard a cracking sound. His head turned up slowly seeing the burnt remains of the mansion buckling, but not from dilapidation but one of the demons spryly preparing its rippling drool covered jaws to pounce on the still unaware Shocker. Shocker pointed his arms up and fired, but the devices were overloaded. The demon snarled louder and more grotesque, and Shocker just murmured "Shi-." Then it was on him, and there was nothing to him in the time to come.

The tall albino let his eyes flutter open, and Wendy who was hiding behind some debris with Ock slowly tending to the mutant's one leg saw his change, "Caliban, are you alright?"

Caliban shook his head, "Scaleface and Torpid are gone, and so I believe the stranger with the unusual braces on his arms. It is time for you to leave," he points away from the mansion, "That way is where the ship will be momentarily, move quickly. I feel my injury has gained attention, the scent of blood, and will only assist in your detection."

Doc Ock looked at the wound and smirked, "Yes, I was afraid of that." His one tentacle wrapped Wendy and the two ran off, while she detested he just ignored her in his mechanized arm. Caliban gave a weak smile to the caring human.

When there was enough space the two heard screaming and barking. Wendy sunk into a slight depression but Ock had no time for this, he asked "Wendy?" she looked to him solemnly but with recognition "When you two were talking I found it curious, he spoke to you initially. What was it you spoke of? He did not seem the type to offer his name let alone got on with idle banter."

"He asked me about something."

Doc Ock would have asked what, but he is startled from the sound of a motor and a motorcycle slowly rolling between them and the outside gates, this cycle had a man in all black with a long rimmed hat and scarf, it was Dead Man. "Well, look I got, one imitation octopus and a real lovely lady to boot. Must be my lucky day because I was starting to think I was never going to find a good time with all the people running away!" Dead Man kicked his kickstand, and walked a little not realizing his motorcycle was still on and as the stand fell out his cycle peeled off, then smashed into a wall blowing up in a powerful explosion, he looked to it and dropped his shoulder dejectedly "Aw… crap."

Ock looked about, knowing he had no time even for this he asked "Where's a miracle when you need one?"

It came in a flash of metal and green, also a little blue too, Leonardo screamed with a fiery flash of steel against the adamantium of Dead Man, "Don't worry! I've go-," Leo then jerked, and lurched forward as a second sword pierced his abdomen and shell, "I got… this…" and Dead Man ripped out the sword leaving the deceased turtle lye. He wiped his katana quickly with white cloths before turning to the now completely freaked Doctor, and took a stance prepared to attack.

Forward in a prepared strike Dead Man prepared to unleash a massive onslaught of his blades, but is halted when he went through the two and straight onto the ground fumbling into his own face. Ock and Wendy look to find themselves translucent and now floating, looking more to find green arms around them and slowly trying to fly them to the waiting transport was J'onn. However, the good doctor was anything but light and made travel a little more troublesome. When half way he seemed to lower down again, and trying desperately to rise J'onn called "I need assistance!"

Doc Ock grumbled, "Blast, knew I should have gone on a diet last month. Always felt it would be the death of me…"

A cable latched around them and soon they were being pulled back to the ship's hangar. Shredder even helped, with the pulling of Batman, Ben, Gwen and Grandpa to bring the fortunate survivors back on board. Stopping to now look at things they had no clue if ANYONE was left alive now, so Shredder screamed "Let's get going already!"

Doom would have done that, if it wasn't for one large figure now running and then jumping to catch the open hangar, making it tip down from the back as his force was that great. They look to find Juggernaught giving a toothy grin, "Mind if I catch a ride?"

That was now when they heard more voices, turning to this they found Spyke and Callisto, but as soon as they had appeared so did the Cyclops demon with seven more of his hounds. He was headed for them as were his hounds. Callisto looked down, and thanking whatever god there may be she kicked a rifle formerly owned by the Infinites who attacked the mansion earlier, and began to fire into the beasts. Her marksmanship from mutant power made her able to strike all things with sight beyond sight, it made her a force with any thing she can make a projectile. Give her a gun and she was a death dealer like no other. After all the bullets were gone she had fully took down the hounds, but the Cyclops was another story. He seemed determined to finish things.

She looked around to see if maybe there is another one, Spyke tossed off some spines but they only were to be swatted or stick. She saw something, the handle of a gun! She leapt over and snatched it. However, a red blur revealed to be two large red serpents hissing at her face over the gun, she recalled these serpents earlier on Reiram, "Oh no…"

Spyke heard some screaming and turned to see what had happened, the red snakes were thrashing Callisto around like a rag doll and she sort of had no way of stopping them. Spyke tossed some spikes into the serpents, killing them and then turning to the Cyclops but he was impaled on two katana blades, Dead Man tipped his hat before grabbing them and ripping them out from the armored mutant, letting him then fall dead at the feat of the killer.

The ship was flying off now, and left quick as it had came. Dead Man had to chuckle to this, "Not bad eh stinky?"

The Cyclops demon snarled, before turning to the ship and letting its eye glow bright red. The eye flew out a gaseous ball that in turn hit the ship making it jolt madly. When it did, Wendy was jostled and fell from the ship, none saw it in time and she was unable to say anything as the knock left her unconscious. She fell into a collection of trash in some dumpster, which Dead Man kept track as she fell but then a sound like moving wind or force made the beast's back pop open and red stench drowned the Dead Man. Dead Man looked back to the badly injured and bleeding Shocker, he just smirked seeing Dead Man covered in red ooze. "He-he-heh-he, Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha-HA!" Shocker was hysterical with laughter before falling on his knees, then slumping to his one side.

Dead Man was confused what was so funny except how much he stank now. That was when he heard the howling, and turned to find several droves of the demon hounds slowly stalking toward him and flaring their nostrils. "Oh… now I get it?"

Shocker could hear the hounds whining in pain, and the man damning him for what he'd done. Somehow he felt pretty good about this.

Juggernaught laughed, "Looks like the girl's gone!"

Spiderman looked to the large man disbelieving what he heard, "What? Why didn't you say something sooner?"

"Hey, I'm not some babysitting hero! I saved my butt, screw everyone else!"

Spiderman gave a distasteful glare but had no energy to argue. The only thing he could do was slump over and relaxes; this was over for them now. He looked out the hangar and sighed deeply. To all those people lost, he would mourn them all his way… by living.

Meditation can only do so much… really. With two men outside her room arguing, but then quieting and just sitting to hear from her, it gets to a girl. Well, one was a man the other her teenage leader who acted like a man. Then again Slade had left to find Rose some time ago leaving just Robin stewing outside worried over the dark teen. The other titans even returned, and he told them he wanted to stay if anything changed but no it didn't and probably wouldn't for a long time. She now took a moment to feel a shift in the room and smiled lightly, before opening her eyes and seeing the familiar figure of nothing, Shadow. "What took you so long?"

"Well, moving between worlds is not an easy thing to do let alone track a mental connection from someone. So you needed my help," he gave a solemn look from his blue eyes, "I suppose it has to deal with your powers?"

When he said it she blinked, "How did you…" and it hits her, hard, bringing a rippling of emotions across the room and even causing Shadow to stand fast from a whirlwind of dark energy, "You knew something like this was going to happen! You knew about these mood-swings and the loss of control, didn't you?"

"There is not a loss of control, more a need to rectify it." He watched her give a deep red glare, her eyes became demonic, and "Raven you need to calm yourself." She looked at him but slowly allowed her mind to calm, and then as she fully was aware he gave a light sigh before turning from her and to the door, "I suppose he would rather be inside than out listening through the door. Should I let him in?"

Raven gave a glare before moving her hand and opening the door allowing Robin to falter in slightly, "You mind Robin? I need to talk with my friend here?"

Robin got up and looked at this friend, "So, who is he? What does he know about your powers?"

Raven got a bit more irate with the boy wonder with his unusual wants to know her every move. Shadow kind of stayed away from it and took to himself, but recognized movement under Raven's bed. A second he moved the mattress and a green mist covered the room taking him and the other two teens with it. Out from the closet walked the decrepit fiend with his albino bat, screaming, "At last the deed is done! To now return to our own matters and leave this world to its own accord!"

"Sure thing, and back to the dark snakey-creepy guy who tells us how we screw things up all the time!" he frowned, "Oh, that's not good is it master?"

"…." He glared to the rat with wings before snarling "Shut-up…"

They now were swallowed in green smoke from the relic and hid in the dark of a poorly lit room with computers and people, one person at a desk was Gendo while beside him was Ansem. The two were watching as lower parts of the room were scientists and one Miss Misato screaming out orders. On a large screen the view of the three Evangelion, and opposite to their respective machines are miniature views of the pilots.

Rasputin made a slight 'Psst' sound so Ansem could see what happened. "I found her as you asked, she's with him now."

"Just stay out of sight we don't need people saying they saw the decaying corpse of one of Russia's most recognized prophets." He rolled his eyes, "Especially not after he's been dead for several hundred years."

Rasputin rolled his eyes as it seemed almost an insult, which accidentally caused one to pop out. Rasputin saw the lack of his vision and gasped while it rolled off and down the stairs, but a shadow (namely Ansem's) moved to pull it back and away from a prying scientist's gaze. Taking the eye Rasputin put it back in, rolled it in slot, and then coughed uneasily before leaving. Gendo seemed confused, but pressed his glasses on asking "You sure you can handle him?"

"He'll be gone soon don't worry." The screens were now starting to show the strange robots as printouts, with special symbols inside connectors, "What is this?"

"The startup process for the Evangelion demands we must check all status and devices within them before using them. If not it could prove dangerous." Gendo saw Ansem now leaving, "You won't watch?"

"You worry of your work and I'll worry over mine."

Gendo Ikari has many times questioned the partnership, but none the less he accepted this and left it as it was. He looked to see the screen on the far left now showing the image of 20 foot tall robots, not the Eva but smaller variations called Sentinels. Sentinels remind one of tin men on steroids, being a large man of metal but flat faces and emotionless expressions. The robots had an arsenal of missile launchers or rifle like weapons. They also have built in arsenals yet were less designed for those uses. They all were lined outside the bashing waves of the island's shore where sure enough a large wave quickly was making way toward the island. The wave was now rising higher, and higher, until it showed a shadow appearing. The shadow soon ripped from the sea and stood taller than these robots, it was a gigantic elongated shellfish lobster, and with one arms a large pincer and the other more swords like variation of a pincer. As its bead like eyes moved about, they spotted the droids now preparing to fire and so it swung the sword like arm through them making them rip and explode in the attack. The Sentinels now attacked with their own weapons but it proved useless. The lobster, known as Ebirah, now began to screech a high pitched screech before slicing and then snipping the droids. It was nothing more than a diversion and time consumer to allow their true weapon to begin work. That weapon was a special set of three robots.

It was not a mansion, but this was their new home. The students walked along the rusty and sometimes dirty metal halls of an underground bunker. The place has been one of several secret hiding places of Magneto. He offered it as a new home which each mutant now took to cleaning up a little, while also choosing where to stay. The adult mutants followed Magneto to have a special meeting, while the younger students did some cleaning and care taking. Magneto sat at a desk with one leg missing causing it to slope a bit, so he raised the metal desk through magnetism and pulled some metal strips from a dilapidated filing cabinet, "I know it's not home sweet home," he then placed the strips under the missing leg to create a new one, "yet this is all we can do for now. With some home style touches we may make a place worthy of calling our home. That will of course rely on you, my friends and faculty." Logan sort of gave a snort, to which Magneto quickly asked "What is it?"

"Just surprised you're still trying to play school Magnus."

Sabretooth got up and began to growl, but he was halted when Magneto raised a hand to calm the mutant. "It's understandable even now we all seem on edge. I want to keep the spirit of Charles's memory alive here, and in his spirit I always found a mentor and leader to be unified. As that to my example this is a school, they are the students, and we are the mentors. We will need to offer guidance and support to them all and that will be exactly what I am planning on giving."

Logan now gave a little bit of a nod; looking back to the kids he blinked somewhat surprised, "Well you look at that?"

They all did and found Quicksilver running along pulling metal sheets off the walls, while Cyclops used his optics to melt them and make raw metal that later is being cooled by Iceman to make them shined again. After that they were caught by Jean who was sending them to another wall where there were more bare pieces, torn off by Colossus and sent through toward Multiple Boy who was a mutant with Beast earlier. The scene made Magneto smile, they still had hope, "Logan start cutting some of the raw metal in the bunker out back to about the size of these panels." He saw Logan give a smirk and run to do just that. "Cloak and Dagger," they turn to him, "teleport those metals from Logan to here for replacing the more rusted metals, while Sabretooth and Mystique start to organize things here. Storm can help Bobby with cooling the metals off, and Sunfire I think you're more suited for melting these alloys than Scott." They went to act; Beast now walked over and seemed to smirk, "It would seem we may make a home out of this place after all."

"Neither Doors, walls nor a floor does a home make." Beast simply walked from the room finishing, "It tis the hearts and souls who live it, that define it as either true or fake. Remember that you are now not only a mentor to these students, but in some cases perhaps a father."

Magneto gave a nod and followed behind, soon manipulating the metallic frame of the building while they worked. It would take several hours what for some may take months. Magneto would with his X-men make a home in but a day. However, it would take the rest of their lives to make this a family again.

Nerv headquarters has prepared to the finest element for the next step, initialization of the Evangelion. Misato, the beautiful woman with the purple hair now gave a stern look to the screen, "Shinji?" Shinji the young teen boy looked startled, "Are you nervous?" he gave a nod, to which she said, "Don't be, this will be over soon enough. Then we can go back to my apartment and celebrate! What about you Rei are you doing well?"

Rei never spoke much or at all, she seemed to look at commander Ikari and said "I'm adequate."

Misato blanched from the answer or lack of, "Yeah, that's just great." She then turned to a scientist asking "How much longer? Do you have an estimate on how long we have to work with?"

"We've only been able to scrounge up energy for I would guess, 2 or 3 minutes?"

"That's all?" she looked shocked, "Well, it will have to do right, Commander?" Ikari noticed her tone and gave a look; she meant nothing by it more irritated by the lack of power for their defense systems to operate. She sighed, and said "Okay you heard them team. We have only that long to act before the Eva will be useless, and that means you have to kill Ebirah in that time."

"Are you serious?" Shinji looked at the monster as it sloshed along the sea near the central point of the city, "It's so huge and downright vicious, and we can't kill it with only that little bit of time!"

"Well you're going to have to! Asuka, you are more skilled with the element of water so you can lead the operation. Rei will be equipped with an M-range Missile Launcher, tri-shot. Shinji, you get the rifle and an energy-blade. Asuka will have the luxury of a Harpoon and rifle, so use all those as best you can."

"Ha, this will be easy!" Asuka showed her confident attitude to all the onlookers loving attention as it is, "I'll take him down in five seconds, watch!"

"Don't any of you be careless you hear me? That thing's armor is thick and hard, and those pincers will slice you down if you get caught! He has a weak spot in the armor like real shellfish; the joints are weak so take advantage. Make it quick and good, we don't have any luxury but the fact he's not able to leave the safety of the water and seems resilient to venture onto land."

That was when the green light was given off, and Misato gave a salute saying "Good luck, each of you!" they nod to her and then are shot upward to the surface.

Raven awoke to find herself in a serene meadow, and with lovely butterflies fluttering about with unicorns and flowers. She then glared angrily before asking "What kind of hell am I in?"

"It's not so bad." She looked over to find Shadow, he was helping a dazed Robin up from a bed of flowers, and "I've known worse places to be transmuted to spiritually. I have a friend who can probably help fix this." he looked around and sighed, "Well; hopefully she's not still upset with me. Grace may be one well mannered woman, but she has a temper to be sure."

Robin rubbed the back of his head looking at a babbling brook and the sipping elk to the other side. "Well, if we're here then why?"

Shadow looked about and offered no answer. He felt uneasy with the place for perhaps whatever crazy reason his heightened sense would often give the feel of danger. Looking around, Shadow now offered his only idea at the moment. "Something brought us here for a reason. I doubt we can merely leave, so let us seek out our host to force a speedy return."

Three large metal coffins seemed to have erected from the ground. NERV's three Eva would erupt from these metal monoliths, and before them are two monoliths to each coffin type, with the weapons the Eva will be able to use. The front of the coffins lower slowly and Ebirah, which was once sloshing about mindlessly, now acted with a goggle of the tubular eyes to this movement. When the Eva appeared Ebirah seemed to let out a shrill screech before moving slowly closer to shore, then beating the two pincers as if trying to mimic rubbing one's hand's together with anticipation. The next thing it knew the machines begin to glow in their eyes, and act upon Misato's order of "Evangelion, GO!"

Shinji moved the purple Eva, Unit 01, with the diodes along his head and wish for it to act; it was like simulation any other time. Asuka grabbed from the longest pillar her javelin, "Alright! Watch and learn! I used to catch fish like this back home; you two can sit back and take some notes!"

Misato, seeing her actions, now snapped "Damn it Asuka! Don't go showboating; you're stronger as a team!"

"They'll just slow me down!" the red Unit 02 bent at the knees, and then jumped as Asuka proclaimed "This was over before it ever even began!"

Asuka leapt in with the javelin striking its pointed end onto the beast's armored back. It screeched, but forced up making the javelin now bend and vault Asuka overhead. She landed on the other side of the creature and on land, now running to make a fast dotting attack of the beast from shore. It screamed like before, trying to latch a pincer but each time Asuka was able to retrieve and then strike again. Then one time her strike caught in a joist along the beast's many legs along the belly causing a massive scream and eruption of water as it dove down. She gave a scream of laughter, and then followed along the shoreline preparing to attack it again.

Misato kept shaking her head, "Why that little…" she gave the greatest of glares ever to be shown, "Asuka! You've wasted almost half a minute; we're running out of time! Kill it now! You two," Shinji and Rei each looked to Misato on their screens, "give her some support! What do you think this is some vacation? Just be careful not to pull your plugs, the cables in the back of the Eva give them the extra energy, without them an Eva only has five seconds to do what it's doing before full shutdown!"

They nod and begin to run toward Asuka and Ebirah. Asuka is jabbing her javelin into the water trying to harpoon the monster at its end. When she struck one time though, she found her harpoon was stuck! "Wh-what the?" she pulled but then found a large pincer had her… well, pinched and tugging her to the edge. Realizing what trouble she was in she let go of the javelin and began to back off, but the smaller pincer now snatched her ankle and dragged her straight into the water. She grabbed behind her, anything, and she just so happened to pull on the edge of the shore enough to keep hold. Because of that Ebirah took the larger pincer and tossed the javelin away, then reached to snap onto the arm holding the shore but instead saw the cable, and reached it to snap the cable from the back. The time in Asuka's observation room had turned red and only had five seconds, she was too off guard as she lost grip and is dragged into the waters by the crustacean.

"Asuka, use your rifle! It will work both in the water and on land!"

"I, uh, left it back there Misato." Asuka pulled off a lame laugh, and kind of twiddled her thumbs together, "Sorry, must have been over excited."

"You forgot… it?" Misato's eye twitched, realizing how badly it looked for her right now as she was the one who was training these three, Misato snapped into charge, "Asuka! Shinji, Rei you have to save her! She only has five seconds of power! Without it she's at that thing's mercy!"

Shinji gave a nod realizing the danger, and Rei not really with anything emotional but more determined look seemed to agree. "Hey, don't forget your rifles either!" The two ran to the shoreline (after snatching their rifles) and looked down for the glimpse of either the two submerged beings, but only saw water hitting the shore and dark patches of deep blue. "Misato, we can't find them!"

Misato slapped her face, "Well, of course not their under water! Maybe you could go and try swimming instead?"

"I wouldn't recommend that ma'am. The only advantage they have is being outside of the water sea, once in it the Eva will be more susceptible to Ebirah." Misato glared a look to the scientist who sunk into his seat, "I was just stating…"

"Yeah, I hear ya! Okay, look, we only have 3.45 seconds left! So something!"

Rei looked to her large missile launcher, "Depth charges." She stated so blankly, and then turned the missiles to the water firing all three into the depths. Asuka was under the sea with the large beast now holding her arms, she struggled to break her limbs free but it was no go. Then she saw as little claws at its face moved apart, showing them aligned along the jaw it let small feelers out and slowly inched its mouth to her head. Eyes wide, teeth chattering in fear Asuka was expecting to have her Eva's face ripped off when three objects streamed past them, then exploded. The ripping tides of water made Ebirah loose hold of the red Eva 02, and then the bubbling effect raised the Eva up and dunk from the surface, long enough that Shinji saw her and pulled Asuka from the water quickly and then over land. "Oh, my hero! Shinji-kun!" Shinji blushed as Asuka gave him the praise, "Then again, don't think you'll be saving me next time. Just wait, second round I'll beat the next threat without even a…"

Misato screamed into her megaphone, "Next time you're going to listen you little brat! You hear me!"

Shinji heard Asuka say something under her breath, and he snickered, "What was that?" the two women snapped on him for snickering and so he yelped with the unexpected screams.

Rei looked off to the sea and with her rifle aimed, "Ebirah!" and sure enough her rifle is struck out of her hand, and then she screamed as the long saber like pincer impaled her Eva in the chest, causing the pain of the Eva to in turn ripple into her own body. Shinji had not noticed right away, but he did notice his cockpit go red, they had only a minute of energy left! Misato was aghast with this, and snapped to her engineers "Turn off the pain receivers in Unit 00! Right now!"

Then, before the engineer could act Commander Ikari screamed "Delay that order! This is combat, the pain receivers are designed to relay damage in order to focus the pilot to acting in a sense of survival."

Misato looked to the commander, and screamed "Are you mad? That thing will kill her if we don't do some thing!"

"Then do your job, and focus on destroying the enemy."

Misato turned from him and to the large monster and Unit 00, "Rei, can you hear me?" she gave no response as she fought the monster with its claw in her stomach and her Eva's, "Listen to me! Drag it deeper into land! We need it out and away from the water!" Rei gagged, and then seemed to shift her one foot back and dragged herself and the monster with it, "Good! Just keep going and," Misato snapped "Watch out!"

Rei looked and saw the larger pincer coming to her head, she screamed as its razor edges latched to her Eva's neck, and only by ramming her arm into the center middle of the pincer and wedging it in does she keep the pincer from snipping her head clear off. Holding the one arm with her left, and now keeping the large pincer open by her right wedged deep, she now sent one leg back and dragged it once more. Shinji looked horrified at the sight, how could she keep going? Ebirah was tightening its large pincer and causing more and more of the arm to break, soon enough it would snap the arm off and with it the Eva's head, and if the pain receivers are on… Rei's head will be the same! "No, I can't…" he scrambled up and retrieved his rifle from the ground, "I can't die here! I can't!"

Shinji aimed up and fired several rounds passing the two, but between them. Then the bullets hit the mark of the saber pincer's joint and caused the weak armor to break, and tendons inside to sever. Ebirah reels in pain with the torn limb and Rei ripped herself from the creature, it with rage pulled its large claw back and swung her away with a strong swipe. Turning to Shinji it now scuttles forward, Shinji fires but misses Ebirah's other arm joint, causing sparks over the hard shell. It strikes on him but he used the gun as a blocker, and then snapped it inside the large claw to make it jam. Pulling at his side, Shinji's Eva snatches a small handle from his thy compartment, and removing it forged a knife like a hunting knife, which he now swung up and into the elbow of Ebirah's arm to then twist, snapping the cartilage and armor in one fowl twist. It screamed all hell for that one as the pincer snapped in all force, breaking the gun but not even close to Shinji and Unit 01 as both ducked out of the pincer. Shinji reached for his knife but the loose claw was flung as a dead stub, knocking him off kilter and to the ground. Ebirah then made way to sea hoping to escape.

"Damn it! Stop him somebody!" Misato begged, but they all seemed done.

Ebirah was making its way but then thunderous footsteps, Unit 00, Rei's unit with a large hole in the chest jumped at the monster's long flipper tail. She had over her head in the dive the saber claw, and stabbed it to the ground with the flipper tail in the center. Ebirah screams as it is anchored in place, thrashing about frantically trying to get free. That is when it sees Rei and her Eva. It swings about and rolls onto her with its mouth opening, small claws peeling and preparing to rib into her head. However, it instead is with a rifle rammed into its mouth and straight down its throat, Ebirah's two tub like eyes turn up to Shinji in Unit 01, and his Eva like himself looked in hate and rage though one may have thought a robot could not show emotion, and then they pull the trigger making holes and ripping shellfish meat to splatter about as the monster is torn from the inside out of the rifle's fire.

Then the energy in the Eva shut down, and it fell to its knees with its arms and head hanging, but fell forward to seem as if weeping. Shinji did just that as he was crying incredibly hard inside his Eva, and left the workers at NERV and the other two pilots confused. Asuka asked "What's wrong with him? He won didn't he?"

Rei looked to her monitors seeing his was off as well, but knew what was happening. "Shinji…"

"Why… do we have to be here?" Misato quirked her head as Shinji's words still made it across the screen, "I didn't want to die, we didn't and it didn't need to. What was the reason and why does anyone have to fight like this, to kill like this? What did we ever do to deserve this? I thought, I thought I was a kid, why are we fighting like this?"

The transmission was off, Misato turned to see Gendo flipping it off and then walking away to leave, "Well done everyone, let's clean up and repair the Eva. The next attack could be any time."

Misato looked to the monitors, and then to Gendo which she felt a rage growing. She ran after the Commander who had left the main room and asked "What the hell is wrong with you? These are just a bunch of kids! You act like they mean nothing! That's your own son, your son, out there nearly dying for you!"

Gendo looked to her and gave a serious look, Ansem now coming to stand at his side. "Misato, you have a job to do and so do I. Let us leave it at that shall we?"

Misato, looking between them, gave a nod and said "Yes sir."

Raven felt a tug at her back so she turned finding Robin was there tugging her cape, "Geez, I thought you were fearless. I never thought you'd be at my coat tails like this."

After his look she offered a smile, to which he seemed lightened by as he followed. "I wasn't scared."

"Then what is it?"

"I was worried, what happened with you before?"

Shadow slashes his claws through a vine; they were forcing way through a jungle and noticed the question. "Ah her powers, with our current predicament I almost forgot." Shadow made way through the vines and low hanging limbs telling what happened, his claws forged into long blades from what seemed a dark shadow of his body, "The major thing you must realize was Raven and her father. When her father was purged from her she gained a generous amount of freedom. Even if she was free of her father it does not change what she is, she is the daughter of one of the most feared demons of all time. That means she will in turn have a fruitful amount of demonic aura no matter how you look at it." Shadow swiped through a vine, and this area leads to a small pond where your overview will be from between several small trees, all around them were larger trees and vines so in a clearing they stopped to rest. "Well, when the training took full effect Raven was able to in turn channel her demonic self. Think of it as a transformation similar to your full soul self, yet also now deepening to the darker power. You will be able to invoke your most secret of arts hidden in the blood of your father, while your mortal soul will in turn benefit you with your Azarath powers. I'm sure after a while it will seem like any other activity."

Raven shook her head, "Oh, yeah! The time I release all hell and burn the earth to a crisp will be just like the time I went to band camp!"

Robin scratched his head, "Um, you never went to… oh, sarcasm!"

"Thank you captain obvious…"

Shadow gave her a stern look, "I see so you fear the darkness will consume you?" she gave a nod and then was pushed to the ground, looking up stunned she saw Shadow's eyes burn red, and his nails grow. Wings ripped from his back on skillfully knocking Robin on his butt and then holding him down, and then along the back long spines ripped and tore out. Raven fought to get free but then came a blood curdling roar and fangs had torn from the lower jaw forging two horrid collections of teeth. Raven is horrified, but the voice of Shadow asked with a more demonic tone, "Do you fear I will consume you? That my own darkness will destroy you? Or do you see who the master is?"

She looked close and smiled, "Shadow? You have it under control?"

"Not completely for even now a part of me seeks to destroy you and Robin, yet I am the one who decides such. If I can tame a monster like this, with only a slight hand over it." He now slowly turned back to the cool, calm and collected Shadow, "Then my dear you will be able to command yours with utmost ease, I believe."

Raven rubbed her neck, "Well I hope so. I'd hate to do what you did to Robin."

"You and me both…" Robin wheezed from the ground, humbled. Shadow took a moment to help the titan to his feet again.

Raven looked out at the pond and noticed her reflection. She was strong, and capable. Ever since this began she's surprised herself time and time again. She defeated Akaige once, and she took full control of her powers, then you had that Sephiroth guy who was hunting her down for what seemed like forever. Raven was perhaps more powerful than any mere mortal in the entire world, and her universe to boot. However, it also meant something else. With a sigh she realized what this means. Others would see her as the most powerful, and either falls to be jealous or fearful. Raven would be alone on a whole new level. "Raven." She turned to Robin who put a hand on her shoulder, and as if by nature he felt the misery she was having, "We're going to be there for you. Your friends, the Titans, will always help you where and when you need it." He then gave the cocky smirk, "After all that's what heroes and friends do."

She placed her hand onto his, and smiled saying "Thanks Robin."

Robin couldn't help but blush, "Like I said it's what we do."

Shadow took a moment to relish the sweet moment. He does not recall many in his life, so he does enjoy them as he can. Shadow took a moment to sigh in admiration, but he got a tingle up his spine as if something, or someone, was watching them. "Robin and Raven best to prepare yourselves!" he's taking a very rigid stance as they came aware, "I feel a presence in the air! It is not an inviting one that is for sure!" the three are getting ready, Shadow snarls lowly "Where is Grace? She could help us out at the moment." A light chuckle escaped his throat, "Leave it to an angel to keep someone waiting to be saved."

Just about then the group was assaulted from above; they came in droves as blue men of armor, with long knight type helmets with long point bending funnels off the backside. The open visor was showing black nothingness, but their golden eyes glowed deeply from the visor slot. These monsters seemed to hop from one leg to the other, Shadow knew them well, "Heartless, the Soldier types! We should be okay these monsters have no honest threat."

Robin has drawn his staff, and tries to twirl it then strike a pose, "Don't worry! This won't take long!"

Raven went to say something, but she's suddenly pulled over the pond water to a clearing on the other side, and the trees between them both bend and cover to hold the two from reaching one another again. Robin was going to call her name but he finds himself being attacked, and tries to remove the nuisance to later attempt a rescue.

Raven is plopped down hard on the ground; an arena like area is obviously what was here waiting for her. Turning about she sees nothing was here; it was a mirror of the area she was just at except lacking one Robin and Shadow. She then heard movement and turned to find trees moved to allow her more room making the area larger. She followed opposite of where the pond once was, and found a longer field with some large boulders, and some open area with even several loosely planted trees. The thing that caught her attention was at the far end was two metal domes, or as she got closer it seemed they were like metal halves of orbs. She looked very curiously, and then realized, this wasn't good.

She flew back as a large crackle came forth and the ground broke around the orbs. They shot up, then arced down at her but she barely passed them stumbling onto her back and lying there, she watched the dust rise and a large behemoth of a figure that almost matched Cinderblock rose from the hole. It was hunched by the outline of its shadow in the dust and only this and two glowing gold eyes were apparent. As the dust cleared the silver like metal shined brightly as did the two large orbs or globes it pulled with long chains. The chains wrapped large metal armor arms, and held in large gauntlet type hands with red glowing orbs in their back hand, the orbs glow to the colored runes that seemed to decorate along the body. The entire body is armor and mimicked the physique of a man rippled with muscle. The only oddity was two legs bent at the hind, which was like an animal but on two it mimics the stance of a man again. The face is man like, but a grin is constantly plastered with fangs bare, and two sets of tusks at the outer sides of the jaw line coming like those of the Asian types of demon masks. Its head also had hair, but the hair seemed to be large flowing flames that flicker wildly over its head in random madness. The monster stood tall, and raised its right hand cupped over the ball to swing it like a rock in its fist. Raven shifted to her soul and phased into the ground, then away and toward the place she had been before. She failed to realize a red barrier was now around the entire area, she was trapped. Stopping and turning, she turned to her former self but only a moment before her eyes glow and nail elongate, "Okay, let's do this!"

The beast screams in a high creaking metallic sound and the flames raised off like a bellowing furnace. It now began to walk toward her and Raven just charged her hands forging blades over her backhands, and glowing her nails with her aura. The monster swung the two flail like weapons out, first the right and then the left, pulling them back as Raven rolled or ducked. She quickly made way to the monster, leaping over a flail then running along its chain she made the distance less and directly toward the beast. Leaping off the chain close to it, she slashed over its face and continued as she fell down its body with her nails sparking off. She looked triumphant, but was shocked in seeing nothing happened! The beast pulled an arm and the flail returned, it now swung with the globe and struck Raven so hard it sent her straight into the barrier, which she learned was energized as it fiercely shocked her draining some of her strength,

Falling to the ground she stumbled, then shook her head, looking to the beast it's about to strike with one of the pitches. She rolled and charged her aura from her hands into small orbs. Firing them they explode along the monster's form, but it is not even phased or dented. The beast swings a loose flail over head like a propeller removing the dust formed by her attacks, then swings with added momentum and speed causing massive damage to the ground Raven was just at. The damage was so great it launched chunks of dirt and stone, three hit her in the chest and one to the jaw. She rolled from her leap to hold the wounds, a drip of blood escapes her lip and she smiles, "The monster of all time. Cinderblock would love to meet you, freak."

The monster got to be a little upset, so it swung its two flails over head in a lasso type motion. She thought perhaps it would use them as lasso, but it instead the monster just let them go farther and longer, letting them twirl and twirl. That was when (with not a moment's notice) the two swung and clanged together, wrapping along the chains and then the two balls hitting together. Before they could unwind the monster pulled straight down and made the combined chain and globes forcefully plummet in a line, ripping up earth as they struck the ground in maddening force. Raven was so awe-struck; she only made her field to block the force of the orbs as they cracked over her field, perhaps so much it shattered it! The dust made from the attack formed a veil of no sight, and only the beast's creaking metal roar came after this devastating assault. It quickly pulled its arms and chains apart from one another, unwinding them and then sending the orbs back to it. The chain was piling into a neat pile at either side of its feet, and the globes it soon put between its large arms as if like mere playing balls, wrapped snuggly sparking when he latched them. Looking on the beast could only grunt in its manner as she seemed dead. No mortal survives that attack, even if with a shield.

It kept a confident type of posture. Then it stumbled in a slight panic, all the dust showed in clearing was rubble! Where was the girl? "Azarath…"

IT turned in utmost shock, there she is behind it! She's chanting, and gathering a large amount of energy! "Metrion," how, she must have used the time her shield gave to teleport… no, to hitch a ride on his globe! She rode on the globe! "ZIN…!" he flipped his wrist and placed the globe at the nook of his hand, then flicked his thumb shooting the globe at the speed of a bullet and into Raven, smashing her and then into the field where she yelped "AHHHHH!"

Falling off with sparks as the globe rolled, Raven coughed and panted with marks and now blood, her right arm broken when she had tried to stop that globe. Merely trying to raise the shattered limb she found pain. The monster screamed its mechanized method, but readied to swing the next one from over head. Raven looked in such malice and hate, but waited. A smile over her face, she waited for it and as it came… "ZINTHOS!!!"

Startled, the energy she used poured and pushed the globe, it rolled off the attack and struck the monster over the face so hard it stumbled back several paces wobbling too and fro. She noticed, as it did the flame of its hair was less vigorous. She took it as a sign and ran forward, channeling power over her foot, and kicking the orb again this time to his face harder and making it volley up. She then flew, channeled more energy in her one good arm, and then stretched herself out as she peeked the height of herself and the ball extending one arm up. The monster is still dazed, and she screams, "SERVE!" to then slam the globe down as a spike as if a game of volleyball.

The globe struck into the shaft of the flames, and the beast screamed before thrashing its head about. Raven slowly lets herself levitate in spot, holding her broken arm and covering it with energy from her good one. She had a weak smile to the idea she won, and she was wrong as when the beast screamed the globe popped off its head, but it seemed it used all its power to do such a task and not blow itself up. She lowered herself to its level pulling her fist with a mass of dark energy. It screamed, and she snapped "Shut up!" to then release the punch and sent the monster reeling back straight off its heels and then to its back, the flame died out and its eyes were out cold. Landing, she breathed deep, and made a small V with her fingers, "Feels good… to be, the victor." And she dropped onto her knees breathing deeply.

"Victor?" a voice asked out of nothingness, a voice of absolute ruin and venom like rasp. Its tone though none attached, seemed to have a most disturbing manner in which it seemed inviting, yet so unkind and chilling. One would need to imagine the very voice of the truest angel of death to know it. "When one is trapped, one is never victorious. For look," she turned up seeing the monster slowly disappearing into nothingness as a red swirling mist took it from her sight, "The very beast you hardly triumphed over has now left, and I promise it will return… if, I should be so bold, were to ignore my proposal."

"Proposal?" She had a smart smirk, "I'm not interested in disembodied voices. They not only piss me off but never have anything good to say."

A foreboding chuckle filled the air, "Ah, the dry wit I hear so much about. You certainly are… like your mother."

"Mother?" Raven seemed startled, "How do you know my mother?"

"Who does not know her, the great and gorgeous priestess of light Arella, your mother? A most unfortunate creature to had been seeded by one, such as… well, you know whom I speak of. That cur, you unfortunately call father." Raven seemed ashamed, and this entity picked up on it, "Now, now did I upset you? What a shame of me to do such a thing. You, who has been called to talk to me."

"You want to talk?" Raven stood up a bit tired, "What about?"

"Do you know what has, or is rather; happening to your world?" Raven gave a nod, "I see. So you were contacted by the brothers of the Trinity? I'm sure they had," the voice scoffed, "Some minor interest in your plight."

"Sounds like you don't like them very well."

"Observant, are we not my dear? Yes I do have a problem as you should as well."

She, Raven, crossed her arms and quirked a brow, "Really? I suppose you wouldn't mind telling me why?"

"Oh well not at all!" It seemed delighted with her choice, "They are butchers, my dear. They divide the souls of mortals and immortals as if two stacks of meat, the good and the bad. They try to sever the forces of good and evil, to make a force that is as they see preferable. Those two, they have for long enough made the decisions of what is right and what is wrong."

"It seems to work, as I doubt they see you as anything good."

"No, most definitely not. Yet Bahamut would seek to remove the element of evil completely. He would kill Tiamat and her hideous broods of the demonic clans. Then what? He would turn on Leviathan, for his are the first attempt to evil as those who seek freedom to be a passive can in turn become evil. As later to come, those of a darker nature for good would be target, those like your Batman or… why would it be you? How would you feel if he commanded the death of you, a half demon, for the tainted blood of your birth?"

Raven, with flex of her fist and snarl of her lips merely said "Let him come and try."

"What of Robin, or Cyborg a very sin of technology meant to die but ignoring the law of nature. Neither of them will be spared, nor would the others for surely one who views himself as the supreme of all beings, would in turn look down upon such lowly worms! Not very becoming, is it?"

"You know what, shut up!" Raven growled in her throat, "I know you're not trying to kill gods for your views of how they wronged you! You're just doing it for power, for your own sick and twisted need and wants! You can't lie to me! Your voice is nothing but a wolf in sheep's vocals. Come out, show yourself! I won't be tempted by you!"

The voice was silent for a little bit of a while. Raven glared more and more angrily, "I know why you hide, why you don't fight them directly. You're scared of them, and more importantly me!"

It did not seem affected, so Raven screamed "Damn it, what or who are you? Why won't you show yourself?"

"I am the unnoticed cries of starving children. I am whimper of the beaten beast. I am the falling of dreams to nightmare and drenching of men's skin from blood and death. I am the essence of nothingness, the void of lifelessness, the breath of pointlessness and loss of worth. I am… Despairs…"

A horrid rift of wind picked up sending leaves and dust spiraling all around, and a swirl of red spirals before Raven. She sees a man in a red robe and hood, his eyes burn with a most unholy of luster's. The voice made his being known and with both arms outstretched, it forged flames off its tips to create in one arm a red short sword that was bent at the hilt, with a hideous rusted color but soon realized to be flesh woven over bone and yet metal as its form. The second hand made a long sword like a Katana, but it had strange words scribed over its faces and seemed to glow a bloody red in the clasp of the man. "Allow me to introduce myself, I have so many names in so many worlds, granted, but one will work here. You may call me, 'Oh God, why does the pain keep coming!'."

Raven gave a most unamused snarl, and said, "Only if there's an echo will you be hearing that!"

The barrier was suddenly smashed in as they were about to fight. From this came a woman, or so it seemed but she wore silken baggy pants blue in color, with blue leather shoes like Arabian shoes. Her chest was in a blue vest like type of garb and her arms in loose silken sleeves. Her hair was brown and golden with a slight length, and brown/golden eyes also seemed to match her face. Standing relatively no taller than Raven, she carried two swerved like blades, almost Arabian as if she was such a person or being, but Raven also noticed two large white feathered wings off the woman's back and they spread up as if like the hairs of a cat rearing to fight. The man, Scarlet Robe, merely narrowed her flaring eyes and plowed the two blades into his chest where they tore open and allowed a red mist to be freed, and in those rips were hideous moans and screams reeking from his wounds. "You always seem to ruin my fun, as if reprimand from your dear sister Britannia." Spoke Scarlet.

Raven looked in awe, she was Britannia's sister? "I owe you fiend, for it is of you and your allies my sister rots in the realms of hell where I am not able to venture, and where she is lost to me for all time!"

Scarlet Robe chuckled, "A shame, she never should have voiced her fears of a force that endangered the great Bahamut. His delusion of invulnerability is so much like his sister," a stern glare to emphasis his next sentence rippled it through this winged woman, "One of many things they both seemed to share."

"They share nothing you abomination!"

"Hmm, you know how little they do truly share. So little you know in deed…" there is a loud smashing sound, he turns and sighs, "Seems our time is up. Mind this, girl. I will return and not even this minor interruption a second time will save you, know that." And he sure enough was wrapped in red swirls from his feet before disappearing.

Raven looked to the woman, and asked "Who are you anyway?"

The woman sheathed her Scimitar and smiled, "Grace, they call me Grace. I am an angel of war, and I have often been looking to find the beast that caused my sister such harm. To see him," she looked to where a little of the red smoke was lingering, "it was not what I expected, somewhat." She then looked to Raven and did a bow, "I was happy to serve you."

"Serve me?"

"Yes!" Shadow rips through the trees exclaiming, "She's my friend, Grace. She must have come across you and not me. A surprise, actually."

"I found you all a while ago I merely did not make myself known." Shadow gave a glare as this came, "Do not fear I was only watching to see who may have needed my help. I'm sure proud to have found this one." She tipped her head to Raven who was healing herself again. "What would have happened if I had not come…?"

"Who was she fighting?"

"Scarlet Robe, it would seem."

Shadow seemed to be absolutely bewildered, "So he is the one behind this? I never would have…"

Robin was interested, "Who are you talking about?"

The woman, Grace, gave a sweet smile and rubbed Robin on the head, "Don't worry we'll track him down. First we best get you all home."

Sure enough they disappeared and were home again. Grace turned to Shadow, "Need a ride, big guy?" she rubbed a wing onto his chest and in a blush, he said "I appreciate it but… I-I really must be going."

"Aw, well if you get the chance say hi to Zeruge for me!"

"He's still asleep, last I looked. Yet I'm sure once we learn how to wake him, I'll tell him for you."

Grace gave another bow before wrapping herself in her wings and disappearing; soon Shadow melted into the shadows of the room and disappeared as well. Raven looked to Robin and smiled, "Well, how was it?"

He sighed before falling onto her bed exhausted, "Exhausting…"

"Tell me about it."

Shinji stuck his face to the cup of noodles. "Are you serious?"

"Aw, come on! I cooked them my self!" Misato downed a bottle of beer tossing it with a whole batch of others, "I love these things!"

Asuka, eyeing it more distantly asked "How can you cook it? It's just noodles and hot water."

"You have to cook the water…" Misato glared to Asuka with venom in her words, "You know what water is right? You're supposed to be an expert swimmer, little miss gets nearly drowned to death!"

Asuka screams "Oh come on! I didn't mean it! You're so mean, god!"

Shinji had to smirk, and then he pulled the noodles up and slurped them in, but blanched as he bit them off. "Um… they're still a little…"

"What?" Misato slammed her beer down and eyes Shinji, but as he's scared she smiled, "Hey, this might be the beer talking but you're kind of cute." She shrugs as he was mortified, "Well, for a kid I mean."

Asuka gave a giggle, "Gee, I think you scared him to death." Shinji was turning red, "Oh wait, he's turning color he's okay. Besides, he likes that Rei girl I'll bet. Can't blame the virgin."

"What! He's a virgin!" Shinji was now beet red, "Wow, that's amazing! They still have those?" Misato slurped a bit of beer, "Well, damn that's so wild! I mean to really see one. I guess that's something interesting isn't it Asuka? Hey maybe you could be his first! That'd be one hell of a thing… wait, you said he likes Rei? What the hell!" she's now rambling off at anything, even how crappy her noodles turned out and all.

Asuka is giggling at this the whole time, and Shinji just eats his noodles blushing, "Hey," he looks to the red head "Aren't you going to say anything?"

He frowned, "Why? You'll just make more fun if I do… besides, I don't like Rei like that."

"Oh, but you DO like her!" Misato teased, "That's so cute. If I was a couple more years younger, I'd totally probably rock your world." She giggled, "Hell, ask my old pal Ritsuko Akagi, she's been friends with me for years. She took a little vacation and should be back soon."

Shinji was totally red, "I-I would never, I mean…" he sighs, "This is not right."

"Relax kid! This is just a little fun, for all the good work you did. You tore that nasty monster right up." Misato now rubbed her head, "Man, what a fight. I thought you guys were goners but you pulled it off. Congratulations, by the way!" she then downed her beer, and tossed it into the pile, a shiver relayed over her and she smiled "Damn that's good!"

After the meal the two teens took to their rooms. Shinji lay in bed curled up when he heard the door open, and not turned he waited pretending to be asleep. Misato looked at him, and smiled, "Shinji, thanks for what you did today. I mean, I'm sorry you had to go out there like that, but I'm glad you did. Who knows why those monsters are attacking, or what they want. But with you in Eva I'm sure things will be safe." She chuckled, "Hey, you know it might be the alcohol but you actually are kind of cute." He blushed wildly as she said that, "Ah, need to get some sleep. This damn stuff is pretty goofy-woofy."

After she went to her room he sighed, but heard another person at his door. He stayed still, but then felt someone crawl into the bed and he became rigid, "Gee, seems like somebody is kind of jumpy." Asuka giggled into his neck a little and wrapped her arms around his waist, "Wow, seems like you're really stiff! Get it!" she sat up giggling as the poor boy was absolutely loosing it, and he's bleeding at the nose. She looked to him trying to ignore her, and she now became angry, "Man, you're so stupid! Can't you even try to be a normal boy, give a little bit of some response other than rolling into a ball?" he coughed, and to that she snapped with a powerful slap of the pillow he was laying with. "Damn it! You're such a… argh!" and so she stormed off. Slamming his screen shut, he soon looked over and gulped.

"I'm never going to survive here…" the door was slammed open, he jumped as Asuka looked at him and narrowed her eyes, "I-I'm sorry!"

"Sorry?" she stormed in and stopped at his bed placing her hands on her hips, "Geez, you're pathetic. I can't believe everyone expects something from you. You're not special, you're useless." Shinji began to seem more and more depressed, Asuka bit her lower lip and said, "Shinji…" he looked up and she screamed "Get some damn sleep!"

"I would if you weren't in here bothering me!" his scream made her jump, and she stifled a yelp from it. He blushed, and whispered, "I'm sorry…"

She blinked, and asked "What was that?" she looked at him confused and said "You're so weird I mean you always say you're sorry. You need to lighten up and stuff." She now sat down, and whipping her hair he looked at it noticing how nice it was, "Hey, Shinji?"

He looked to her, and she smiled "Tell me, why you like Rei?"

"I don't like her." He rebutted, and Asuka gave a smile away from him.


"Yes, really!" and Asuka jumped up and turned in a big smile, "What are you smiling about?"

"Nothing, see you tomorrow we have school in a couple weeks you know! It will be loads of fun, just watch!"

She left, and Shinji looked blankly and confused. She forgot to close the door, so he got up but noticed the Penguin, Pen-Pen now waddling with a small wagon of food on his tray and into his fridge. They share looks, and then it left as Shinji closed his door saying "Right…"

Hours had passed maybe since the Titans last saw Robin and Raven. When the two reappeared Raven had an announcement. She was of course followed by Slade and Rose, along with the HIVE 5, and Justice League. Raven also called in the three girls, Power Puff Girls to come with her, and young Ben 10. "Well, are we all here?"

The many nod and Raven gave a smile, "Good. I don't have much to say but…" she started to explain things, of her powers and what she needed to do. There was confusion, distain but also much worry. Raven assured those here, and in time they quieted down. Slade, he stood forward asking "When?"

"Now." He looked to his side, and nodded. "Okay, let's go."

On Earth and in the shattered Jump City horrid monsters seemed to be gathering. Some had chained mortals and drove them in a long line like a procession. One in this line was a short blonde teen in a pink outfit, she grit her teeth as her father in a strange gray bug suit was trying to think of a way out of this. Another was with them; he was like the girl but with a punk outfit and large insect for a head. There was another, a blue skinned man in a tux and gray hairs along with long gray hairs patched around a bald spot, a little green demon who looked like the mix of a bug-eyed child with small horns sat on his head with a hat and gnawing on a black wand, "Oh, if I could just get my hands on my hat and wand you little…"

A large pale skinned man with unruly hair grumbled, "Sure thing pops, sure thing."

Mumbo Jumbo screamed, "You know what Johnny just shut up! The whole bad-boy act is getting really old!"

The two begin to bicker but are ignored. Then a blinding light pours all around and the demons one by one disappear. The group of villains look to their shackles and Mumbo, kicking his wand from the ground as it was dropped when the small demon died, now screamed "Mumbo Jumbo!" to remove their bindings. They all see the source of the light and are in awe as Titans Tower was turned into a giant glowing white cross! Then a large white bird flew down and took them up, and back to the tower. There the villains are greeted by the other titans.

"About time you got back!" snapped the man in the gray bug suit, Killer Moth, "You have any idea what has been happening?"

Kitten, the blonde screams "Tell me about it! These stupid things wrecked my room, trashed my clothes and made me be next to Fang! We broke up again, how could they?"

Fang shook his head-bug thing, "Tell me about it."

Raven shook her head too, this was getting old. "Slade?"

He gave a nod and flipped a switch from his pouches. Demons were about to re-enter as the cross was gone, but the sound of humming and storming feet made them halt. Soon a large army of mechanized droids, Slade's droids, seemed to flood out from the sewers, warehouses, and places some didn't even know existed. There was an abundance of them and the Titans with guests all were in awe, looking to Slade who shrugged, "I prefer to be prepared."

The demons ran for it this was not something they could handle without a proper strategy. Raven smirked and said "Worked like a charm. So how long those things last?"

"A couple hundred years." He saw the looks, and gave a blank one, "Didn't I just say…"

"Whatever," Raven felt the Titans move in behind her, "it really doesn't matter because Jump City is ours again. From here, we'll make more safe homes for people, and take back the world that's ours. Nothing, not the Kagejin or NERV will get in our way." She glared to an imaginary face, 'Especially not you, Scarlet or Akaige.'

Akaige bowed as Orochimaru disappeared into a portal. "Well we have work to do Gaikotsu." The skeleton demon made a salute and bow, "I need transport to CORE and now, we must see preparations on the facility start immediately. I have a feeling it will be one of the more important installations of our campaign."

"Yes my lord. Sugar Man and Darkseid are waiting for you as we speak."

Just then, Dead Man walked into the tent they were in, and dropped something at their feet, "Greetings, I bring tidings of… hold on a sec!" he fell over and huffed deeply, "You know, those hound thingies are really terrible…" he then was grabbed by the heels and dragged out by hounds, "OH god, stop this madness!"

Akaige looked confused but then saw the package, he seemed delighted at the bound and gagged Wendy, "Well, the human female who gave me such a hassle. I must say what a splendor to see you again!" he removed the gag and obscenity off from the next came from her mouth, he gagged her and screamed "Well, we have a rotten mouth if ever there was one!"

Gaikotsu looked at her, and he looked at her as in over her, "My, she's quite… nice looking." He licked his lips, "Can I have her my lord, please? I'll let you kill her but just let me play with her a little… eh-he."

Akaige looked at Gaikotsu, and then to Wendy who was crying, but stifled her cries in her throat. Even now this female was very unusual, and stubborn if not merely courageous. "No…" Gaikotsu frowned as Akaige cut her bonds and removed the gag, and then he tossed her on the table pressing her down with his human arm by the throat. He raised his large claw over her face and caused a faint red glow to appear on his index claw, then scratched over her right eye making her scream as her flesh was burned leaving a red tattoo. Gaikotsu is stunned, as she was freed and then left with three burning red marks over her right eye that mimicked the span of Akaige's claw. "From now on you are my servant, you will do what I order and as I order it. This marking," he motioned to her burns, "Will inform my people of who you are, and it will allow me to find you whenever I wish. For now I have nothing for you, but would be wary of venturing too far you wouldn't want me to have to find you, would you?"

She gave a most disgusted snarl, "Go to hell!"

"Ah, seems you've forgotten who you're talking too."

It was the depth of space where nothing is certain, little is known. This place was a field of debris and asteroids as if long ago a massive death of an entire world or maybe solar system had been. There is where a large metal collection of junk and parts was waiting. They were once a most powerful being, a devourer of worlds, a robotic fiend called, Unicron. The remnants of its form still remain floating about this desolate spec of space. His large head a yellow helmet type of thing over a pale white face with a nose and blue robotic eyes floats seamlessly along the area. Two matching horns also bent out of the sides of the head, and over the skull to the top. It was between those two horns stood a lone figure in red. The figure had two blazing eyes that peer over the immense beast. His eyes slink in pleasure, and then red sparks flush off the being and into the robotic head from the horns down. The blue eyes glow, and life slowly is restored to this unusual monster. Its remnants scattered now seem to glow, and reconnect slowly along the way forming little pieces of a greater jigsaw. It was uncertain when it would awaken or why it has been, but one thing was known. Unicron was more than ready to feed.

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