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Tucked away in the darkest corner of the cave, what seemed to be a pile of ashes was stirring. An ashen head lifted out of the drab gray around it, and but for the tiniest speck of gold upon its beak, it was completely fused with its surroundings. Little by little, the minute bird made its way out of the charcoal, testing first its legs and then its wings. Assured of its own strength, the newborn phoenix lifted itself completely out its birthplace with a flap of the wings, and a bit unsteadily, away from the cave to which it would return to some faraway day.

Perched upon the tallest tree, its magnificent red tail swaying in the wind, the phoenix surveyed its surroundings. Bright crimson feathers basking in the sun, it was unrecognizable as the colorless fledgling it had been. A cool, brisk wind blew by, ruffling a few leaves near the bird, but it seemed not to notice. Its eyes were riveted upon a scurrying object far below, so small it seemed merely a speck of dust being blown by the wind. Without any warning, the phoenix swept down, and a few seconds later, it was over for the tiny rodent that had had the misfortune of catching the eye of this grand predator.

Comfortable after its meal, the phoenix soared back to its original spot, raised its magnificent head, and let out a dazzling song. Carried by the wind, the poignant melody reached all within the area, moving any and all that heard it to tears. The squirrel stopped chewing on the nut stored in its jaw. The magpie ceased to fawn over its shiny, precious collection, and somewhere in the distance, a little girl with wide eyes put down her jump rope, cocked her head, and listened.

The phoenix ended its song soon after, though the ones who heard it would forever be under its spell, recalling the melody in the darkest recesses of life.

As for the phoenix itself, it rose from the tree, and soared to the place it remembered only faintly, a place of darkness and ashes, a place it knew was time to return to.

The brilliant, scarlet plumage made a stark contrast to the dark, cold world it entered. Settling itself in a place it dimly recalled and instinctively knew, the phoenix waited.

The radiant glow pervaded through even the rocks, as mice near the mouth of the cave scurried to their burrows; the dazzling flash emitted blinding them. Moments later, the dizzying flame vanished as quickly as it had come. Complete darkness settled once more.

Tucked away in the darkest corner of the cave, what seemed to be a pile of ashes was stirring.

The cycle begins anew.