So, after much deliberation, I've decided that I'm completely re-doing Hurricane. Consider this a compromise, because I was going to scrap it altogether, but I love it, so that wasn't going to happen. Anyway, I really wanted to make this story work, and I realized that, although I was doing pretty well with my chapters, I wasn't putting my all into my chapters. And honestly, if I'm not happy with my own writing, how can I expect you guys to be? Exactly. I can't. It'd be madness. So, I've revamping it, changing stuff around (I may even change around how Helga and Derek meet…his name might not even be Derek! That's how I roll…) and it's going to better than ever. Wow, I'm surprisingly happy about my new version.

For the most part, I left out A LOT of details regarding the Helga/Arnold/Derek fandango. And I realized that I made it hard for the story to be anything other than a basic Arnold/Helga story, which is not what I wanted. So, I'm not going to say what exactly will change, but there will be changes. Nothing drastic. Derek's not going to be a vampire, or anything. Well, that'd be pretty cool…nah, never mind.

Don't be too angry, alright? You guys have no (no, no, no, no, no, NO) idea how much I was…not quite hating, but I was really unhappy with Hurricane. It's hard to explain; Nothing was going as I wanted, and it was too hard to add in the necessary details without confusing everyone (myself included). Call it a lack of planning, but I just didn't do it right the first time. So, I'm trying again. I think this'll be much better. The storyline is essentially the same, but with added detail and a few minor changes here and there. Hope you like it. It'll be up in about…now. Check it out.