This fiction takes place during the last scene in The Butterly Effect, where Kayleigh and Evan see eachother on the street. In the movie they continue walking, and it made me sad, so I changed it so that Evan went to talk to Kayleigh. I like this better. If you don't, too bad.

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, yadda yadda. Just having fun, just working on my writing, etc etc. It's a short, fluffy, one shot. Blah, blah.

Hold on….

"And all of the stars, are faded away…. You don't have to worry, you'll see them someday, take what you need, and be on way and stop crying your heart out."

Hold on.

Evan glanced backward at Kayleigh, trying to hold in all the happiness he felt. This whole ordeal all balanced on this one moment. This one moment where he knew that his goal was met. Kayleigh was alright. She made it. She made it. She made it. She was clearly a successful buisness women, clearly happy and perfectly safe out of harm's way. He knew that with this happiness Tommy was happy too, Kayleigh and he grew up loved, safe and cared-for home.

He knew he rescued her from her past-fate. If he didn't take that one last chance to save her she would be crying, living a sad life where it all wouldn't matter. He saved her.

He couldn't let this moment pass, this moment where she was smiling, humming to herself an Oasis song, with her golden hair swinging and her crisp suit hugging her body. It was almost unbearable to think that she didn't know him. Didn't recognize him at all. Didn't have all the memories he had. He knew he had to act fast or else she would slip away.

He turned around, trotted up next to her, smiled and said, "Hello."

She turned and smiled, a little quizzitive look on her face. "Hi."

"I'm Evan."

"Uh, nice to meet you Evan." For some reason Kayleigh felt safe with this guy. She didn't feel like he was a stranger off the New York streets, even if that was what he was. Still though, she felt a little uncomfortable, and wanted to end the conversation. "I'm Kayleigh."

"Kayleigh. What a beautiful name." He smiled at her, this was fun.

"Yeah, thanks. We'll I guess I'll see you around, Evan. Bye." She turned to leave, but he touched her elbow. She turned once again and looked him in the eyes.

"Wait. Do you think I could maybe get your number? Maybe we could get a cup of coffee or something."

Kayleigh looked at him. Sure, okay, he was cute. He was dresed in a suit, and was clean shaven. She didn't get hit on very often, and figured it was worth a shot. "Okay." She said.

Evan walked away, a phone number pressed into his palm, and a smile evident on his face. He and Kayleigh could be together now. In a happy ending. His mother was safe, Lenny was with his wife and newborn baby-girl, Tommy, he guessed, was happy (and not so angry) he accomplished everything he wanted to do.

The thoughts of the past 6 years flooded back to him. It was six years ago that he made a decision that pained him. He chose to leave Kayleigh behind, in order for her to have a better life. While the next years were painful, and he often found himself wondering what she was doing, it was all awhile.

And the thing was, is that his promise was kept. Even though he promised in another reality, it was still a promise he had intended to keep. I'll come back for you. He did. He came back for her, and everything would be okay. It turned out that his story could have a happy ending for him.

He knew he and Kayleigh would hit it off, fall in love again, and everything would be okay for the first time in his lives.