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Chaos in the Moon by Lioconvoy

Chapter One: Dream Swap

Every morning was the almost the same for Ranma; spar with his father, get turned into a girl, eat breakfast, bathe and go to school. However this morning he had to do a little extra before going to school. In his cursed form he noticed his roots were showing. Ever since he was little he was told how disgraceful his natural hair color was. After changing back to his male form he reapplied the black dye and then continued getting ready for school.


"We're closer to the school then the clinic. I'll barrow the Janitor's kettle and we can change you back then." Akane sighed as she looked up at he fiancé. Some how a car had managed to splash Ranma despite the fact he had been walking atop the fence as usual. Why there was a puddle on the street to begin with was also kind of odd since it hadn't rained in weeks.

"Don't worry about it Akane, since the stupid fight with Mousse every one knows about my curse anyway. I'll just change at Gym latter." Last night Ranma had a very weird dream about the tux guy from Sailor Moon. He shrugged it off at first, but after dyeing his hair a thought crept in his mind.

"You're willing to stay like that?" Something had to be wrong with the idiot and she wanted to know what. "Want me to lend you my spare uniform then?"

Although Ranma now wondered if that was his fate, the prospect of wearing a girl's uniform still disgusted him. "Why so I can look better in it then you do? Besides the fact that it be too big in the hips and chest."

Only Ranma could make having big boobs sound like a bad thing. He obviously wasn't feeling that bad if he was insulting her. "Please with your flat chest, how would you look better then me?"

"They may be small but I'm not flat, and my slender figure tops your bulky one hands down." One thing Ranma was proud of, but knew he shouldn't be, was his female form's figure and small or not he wouldn't let Akane insult it. However this argument was helping him take his mind off his dream.


In Juban High, Usagi Tsukino sat at her desk thinking about the strange dream she had last night. It wasn't the first of time she this kind of dream either. First she was a boy; there was this guy with a sword coming on to her as a him, then she was female and he grabbed her and started to hug her tightly, this was followed by the appearance of another boy with a bandana who stood there with a short haired girl watching and laughing at her, after that she finally woke up.

It was annoying really, having dreams that as far as she knew had nothing at all to do with her. The worst by far was when she was six and had a nightmare where she was in a pit of cats that clawed and bit into her. It was thanks to this bad dream that when she met Luna she ran in terror.

Sure she had seen Sailor Moon, but that was just a cartoon, or at least at that's what she believed then. Now she knew she really was the reincarnation of some dead moon princess and she really was a beautiful sailor suited solider. After the battle with Queen Beryl she wondered if she'd have to deal with the Aliens next, maybe the Dark Moon Kingdom, or would it be something different all together. Maybe she'd soon find out what these dreams meant and that would lead to something new.


"A penny for your thoughts?" Artemis said as he sat down next to Luna on the roof us the Tsukino home.

"Usagi had another dream that wasn't her own." Luna frowned. Where were these dreams coming from? It made no sense that Usagi would see things and people that weren't apart of either of her lives.

"You know they could be his." Artemis said thinking back to the Silver Millennium. "He invaded her mind before."

"Dia is dead. Serenity would never have sent him forward. He was a sick and twisted man." Luna thought of the princess's cousin. She was grateful to never see him again. "Besides these are far too calm for one of his attacks. Not all of them are like the cat one. There was one where she was kissing Ami."

"I don't think I heard about that one, but if we're working under the assumption that these are the dreams of someone else, maybe that person is near by." He wasn't sure though who might have a crush on Ami. The shy girl didn't seem to have many fans to his observation.

"I'm worried Artemis. What if that person is having her dreams? What if he or she knows about the Silver Millennium or that Usagi is Sailor Moon?"


"Penny for your thoughts Saotome?"

"So long as it's accredited to my dept." Ranma decided to spend lunch on the school's roof today. Still in female form, his mind was on his dream again. His argument with Akane and bashing Kuno help him stray from it for a bit, but it was haunting him again now.

"Do you even know what accredited means?" Nabiki smiled. Sometimes Ranma wasn't as dumb as he looked.

"Nabiki did you know I'm blonde?" The pigtail girl replied ignoring the jab at his intelligence. Sure he wasn't the brightest, but he wasn't stupid. It was just, school was boring, and what exactly would trying get him.

"Excuse me Saotome?"

"I dye my hair black. Why it ends up red when I'm a girl I'm not sure. But it's naturally blonde whether I'm a guy or a girl." Ranma said looking up at the clouds.

"I see... how much are you going to pay me to keep this quiet?" Something was different about Ranma. Something was definitely wrong here. Still she wouldn't show her concern, it wasn't profitable.

"How much you going to pay me to keep your part time job a secret? The School doesn't allow students to work."

"My…what are you talking about Ranma?" There was no way he knew about that. It was all the way in Juban.

"You don't work at a photography shop in the Juban district? Oyama's Photography." Ranma had seen that in a nightmare once. Nabiki was killed by some sort of Camera demon. In that same dream had seen some other people he didn't know get killed by other strange monsters. Now that he thought about it, today's dream was the first mushy one, but not the first odd one. Before this last year all of them were about stuffing his face as a girl though, some of them were even before he gained his cursed form.

"Okay, I guess we're even, in fact consider you dept canceled. You tell anyone about my job though, your dead." A threat more then a promise, but she needed that job. Her schemes only provided her with pocket change; it was the generous pay of her employer that allowed the Tendo's to live without Soun working. Although Ranma and Genma's eating habits drained from their savings. "How may I ask did you know about that?"

"It's a secret" Ranma smiled. It was nice to be on the giving end of grief.

Nabiki rolled her eyes. "Whatever Saotome, why did you tell me you're a blonde?"

"I had a crazy dream last night." Ranma paused and examined himself. Despite his dyed red hair, his figure as a girl was exactly as it was in the dream. "Don't tell anyone about this either. I was in my girl form, but my hair wasn't dyed and I was romantically involved with this man that looked like the Tux guy in Sailor Moon. I even was happy to be with him."

Nabiki saw the disturbed look on Ranma's face. Had he determined this dream as a type of prophecy? No wonder he didn't seem to mind that he was still a girl. This dream must be far worse so he could ignore the present inconvenience. "You were happy?"

"Yeah, it wasn't like one of my Kuno nightmare where I was disgusted, I actually seemed to like the guy." Ranma stood up. Maybe he should stop always thinking of himself as a he. Thinking about the past dreams with this one… "Lunch is almost over. Thanks for the concern."

"Who said I was concerned Saotome."


Now in the living room of the Tsukino home, Luna watched as Usagi's mother cleaned around her. Then came a knock at the door, and she watched her answer it.

"Kasumi, what a pleasant surprise." Ikuko smiled as she let her husband's twin into her home. "Kenji hasn't been sending you his nightmares again, has he?"

"The same nightmares he always gets at this time of year thanks to your older brother." Kasumi frowned as her sister-in-law let her in.

"Please I like to forget that fool is related to me, I like to forget I ever was a Saotome to begin with, since my brother is typical to our family." Her own father engaged her to many houses just out of convenience. In the end she eloped with Kenji despite what her father's definition of honor demanded of her. She watched as Kasumi sat down on the couch and she went to the Kitchen to get some refreshments. "Would you like anything?"

"Just an Ice Tea please." Her own relation with her brother's wife wasn't the greatest, she still blamed her for what happened thirteen years ago, but the rest of her family didn't blame her. Maybe Kasumi should try and bury the hatchet. "When will my brother be home?"

"He said he'll be late today."


After school Nabiki went strait to work. Thoughts of what Ranma told her and what she assumed was going through his mind still fresh in her own. As she walked in she noticed a young man already working behind the counter. "You're working here too now Chiba."

"Yeah, don't worry Oyama made it clear that you're in charge."

"I'm in charge? Where is he?" Nabiki had a sinking feeling.

"On vacation, he said he felt safe leaving the place in your hands. You know how to run the camera well enough and he said he was overdue for some time off." Mamoru smiled as he saw the expression of shock register on Nabiki's face.

"He left his store to a couple of High School students? I don't know about you but I can't be here during the school day. Isn't this going to cause a loss in business?" What was Oyama thinking? Sure she was capable, but to just up and leave... Sometimes the boss was too carefree for his own good.

"Well apparently the customers don't mind waiting. You have several appointment requests on your desk."

"Chiba you any good with a camera?" Nabiki hoped she be able to split the work load like she had been doing with the boss.

"Nope, I'm here to work the counter, and do what ever heavy lifting you need for the sets." Mamoru chuckled as a look of defeat spread across Nabiki's face.

"Don't laugh or I'll hire Usagi and make it your duty to clean up after her." The middle Tendo recovered from the shock of her present work load, the look on Chiba's face made her feel allot better. Still though, she might make good on that threat. As clumsy as Usagi was, she had a natural talent with a camera, something she got from her father.

"That's not funny."


"Prepare to die Ranma!" Ryoga shouted as he leapt to attack Ranma. After going in with a kick Ranma just dodged.

"Hey Ryoga, you're a week late." This was what he needed to take his mind off his current problem. Good ol Ryoga. Always there when he needed him.

"I've given you another week of life. You should be grateful." With his training and the fact that Ranma was currently in his weaker female form, today he would finally have his revenge. Advancing on Ranma he started throwing several punches. "Now Fight!" Dodging each punch with ease Ranma just smiled. Moving inside Ryoga's guard he decided to get him riled up. "Gee Ryoga, you're getting really slow."

After several more failed attacks Ryoga couldn't help but agree, he was slow compared to Ranma now. Yes Ranma's girl form had been faster then his male, but he had never had this much of a problem hitting him before. "Stop playing around and fight me seriously Ranma. I'm not Akane, I will kill you."

"Please Ryoga; you have to touch me to kill me. You know if you were training so much how come you haven't landed a blow. I don't remember you being this slow."

From around the corner Akane watched Ranma and Ryoga fight. It was obvious all his recent training with the ghoul had made Ranma more then a match for poor Ryoga. She'd step in to end things if not for the fact that Ranma didn't seem as gloomy as he had all day. What was bothering the pigtail martial artist so much that he didn't mind being a she?


"Mom I'm home" Usagi said entering her house. Her teacher kept her later then the other detention students to give her a speech how she expected better of her. It was real annoying.

"Hello Usagi, your mother is out shopping for dinner."

"Aunt Kasumi!" Usagi smiled "How come you're here? Is Kenta here too?"

"Your cousin is with his father, I came to complain to yours about the dreams he's been having." Kasumi looked down at her niece and something crossed her mind. "What sort of dreams has Ranmyaku been having?"

"Ranmyaku? Who's that?"

Kasumi frowned. It really had been that long ago. Usagi no longer even remembered him. "Never mind Usagi, it's probably best you don't remember."


Having finally had several blows laid on him Ryoga was feeling a little better. Still Ranma had kept his insults to a minimum. This didn't feel like a true fight. Ryoga actually stopped his failing attacks. "Something wrong Ranma?"

Ranma stood opposite Ryoga, and looked down at the ground. "Even you can tell."

Sitting down at a nearby fountain Ryoga decided to question his long time rival. "So what's wrong? You're not insulting me as much."

"The fight wasn't taking my mind off of things as much as I hoped it would, you've gotten really slow." Or maybe it was that he'd just gotten fast. With everything he had to do to regain his manhood, he'd gotten much faster. Ironic, he gets his manhood back only a week ago, and now he was ignoring it, just accepting whatever body he happens to be in at the time. "Hey you sure you should be sitting there?"

Ryoga opened his umbrella and help it behind his back. "I'll be fine. What's going on? The only thing that should be haunting your dreams is me."

"That's disgusting….." Ranma pictured himself and Ryoga involved, and then ejected the thought from his mind. "That's really disgusting."

Ryoga tilted his head his head and then after looking at the form his rival was in he guessed what Ranma just meant. "Not like that. Never like that!"

"We'll that's what bothering me. I had a dream where I was with a guy. We were kissing and hugging and I seemed to enjoy it." Talking with Nabiki helped him a bit, maybe talking with Ryoga would help things too, and despite the death threats Ryoga was probably the closest thing he had to a friend here. "Normally when you're in my dreams you and Akane are laughing at me, or you're trying to kill me for going out with your cousin."

"Why would I try to kill you for going out with her? In fact I completely approve of the two of you going out." Most people have things they wouldn't wish on their worst enemy. His cousin though was something he definitely wished on Ranma. She was a big brain and would probably bore Ranma to death.

"She's not that bad."

"You're not related to her." Ryoga pictured Akane and himself going on a double date with his cousin and Ranma. No matter what Ranma thought of her, he'd be suffering. Maybe not as bad as this dream seemed to make him suffer though, that was something Ryoga didn't wish on Ranma. "You've had dreams like this about Kuno though, how come they don't affect you."

"Because my subconscious mind is just as disgusted by Kuno as my conscious mind. But with this guy, there was an unshakable feeling of a true love. I don't feel it now, but it frightens me that I could feel it while I was asleep." At lunch he'd come to the conclusion that maybe he was the re-incarnation of Sailor Moon or something similar, but after giving it allot more thought he came to the conclusion that even with all the other weird things in his life that was impossible.

"Maybe they're memories of the girl that drowned in the Nyannichuan"

"Ryoga, the guide said that it was fifteen hundred years ago that the girl drowned there. The guy in my dream was wearing something more modern." Telling Nabiki it was Tux boy was one thing, he had something on her. Ryoga though, his trust in him only went so far.

"You know, Ami moved to Juban last year. Maybe tomorrow we could go see her. She might know something." There was little she didn't know, and it had been some time since Ryoga saw her. It probably had been just as long for Ranma, but if he got the two together, Akane would be all his.

"That's not a bad idea." Even if she couldn't help, it would be nice to see her again. His feelings for her would definitely go a long way towards reminding him he was a guy. Or he was supposed to be a guy. After not caring about his gender all day Ranma was finally in the mood to change back.

Unnoticed on the other side of the fountain Akane heard the whole conversation. Apparently Shampoo wasn't enough, he had to two time her with Ryoga's cousin too. Obviously she didn't need to care about Ranma after all.


Lio's Corner:

-For Ranma, everything that happened up till the end of the phoenix pill story happened. Only difference is his curse form resembles Usagi, and not it's normal shape, so it can be assumed he had different insults for Akane besides the flat-chested comment because his own are smaller.

-For Usagi, something similar to the Queen Beryl happened, but it didn't happen till after she and the inners are 16. There is a Sailor Moon cartoon that is up to SS.

-Mamoru is 18 and a senior in High School.

-Usagi's aunt Kasumi is not Kasumi Tendo. She is the younger twin of Usagi's father.

-Update 13 Dec 05: After reviewing the story I've caught some more mistakes and fixed a couple things so they flow better.