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Chaos in the Moon by Lioconvoy
Pre-Chapter Note: This chapter is a continuation of the same day in chapter Five. Ranma is still stuck in female form till his male clothes are brought from the Tendo's.

Chapter Eight: Gift and Curses

Ranma sighed. He and Kasumi had just come here to drop off his cousin's stuff. Somehow his aunt roped him into helping to cleanout the attic that would become Ranmyaku's room. "Hey where is Uncle Kenji?"

"He's helping out at a friend's shop." Ikuko smiled as she and her sister-in-law carried a box down the steps.

"I must say I'm surprised Saotome-san, you don't seem at all like your father."

"Well Sakurai-san, I was raised by my maternal grandfather. Gramps like to say the only thing I inherited from my dad is the Saotome ego." He wasn't really happy to be called by his family name, but it probably saved her from confusing him with his cousin. Why they decided to continue to call him Ranma was beyond him.

The Tsukino mother smiled. It was nice to see another person in the Saotome family who was normal. "Where is your father, hopefully not on his way here?"

"Who knows. He disappeared when I showed up at the Tendo's." His aunt would have to get in line if she wanted to hurt her older brother though. He and his father had a lot to talk about.


Someone was playing around with him, that much he was positive of now. One minute he was in Nevada, and the next he was in New York. After a rain shower he transformed and was captured; now he sat in an exhibit at the Bronx Zoo. Someone was actively delaying his return to Japan. Who and why, Genma swore he would find out.


After finding out what her mother had told the Amazons, as well as some other information pertaining to their traditions, Setsuna left them and started back home. Hopefully Shingo was gone by now and she only have to deal with her brother. Suddenly she felt a pair of eyes staring at her. As she continued walking the feeling followed her. Turning around she didn't see a stalker of any kind.

"Down here"

Following the voice, she saw a mini-Ryoga. Well sort of a mini-Ryoga, the color of the clothes suggested she was a little girl and not a boy. That and she had green hair. "Can I help you?"

"I'm looking for my daddy, and I got lost."

The first assumption that came to Setsuna's mind was this girl might be Ryoga's sister, he was lost enough; she might have missed something that happened with his family back home. "You're a Hibiki right?"

"Uh huh, Ryoko Hibiki. My daddy is Ryoga Hibiki, the most powerful sorcerer in the universe."

"Ryoga's daughter?" …Most powerful…this girl was from the future…green hair…

Ryoko watched as the old lady fell to the ground. People did that a lot around her and she didn't know why. Last time it was after she stopped a rampaging pig somewhere out in the country. People in the past sure got surprised easily.


This was most definitely a strange punishment. Mina had dragged Mousse into a clothing store and had stuffed him in a small room. After stuffing several outfits in the room with him he wasn't quite sure what to do.

"Mousse, try on the outfits' one at a time, then step out of the dressing room." Minako said from outside the curtain.

"Am I allowed to try the clothes on without purchasing them?" In China, if you wore it you bought it. In Japan, did they let a person try on clothing before buying them?

"Yes, to make sure they fit and look right."

Interesting, they could definitely benefit from that kind of policy in his village. Although he had never been stuck with anything too big or two small, Shampoo had on occasion ended up with dresses that made her look flat chested. Having once been doused with instant Nyannichuan, for a punishment, he knew how painful clothes that didn't fit right were for females. That was probably the only time he ever truly got along with Shampoo, but then again she had no idea it had been him. Minako's punishment was a lot like that one, scary, but not too painful.


"Luna, do you think Ami will be okay?" Usagi and Ranma had just dropped her off at her home and started heading to their own. After their talk with Ami they were a little worried for her.

"Yes, she should be. It's not like she's being taken over by another person. It's just another part of herself popping up."

"Luna, Ami isn't Anathena, it's not just another part of herself." He couldn't believe Luna would say something so stupid. From Usagi's memories she seemed almost as smart as Ami even if not in the same areas. Luna's biggest problem was she couldn't tell friend from foe.

Usagi thought about what her brother said and found herself agreeing. Ami thrived on knowledge and logic, and it sounded sort like Anathena was more like herself. "Ranma's right. I don't think you can really make that assumption."

Thinking about it herself, Luna had to agree with the Royal pair. Ami wasn't Anathena no matter how much she wanted her to be. She had gotten to know Ami, and befriend her, but as was with the other Senshi, she wasn't the same 'old friend'. "Perhaps you're right. All I can suggest is that you support her."

"I think we can leave that to Ranma."

The pigtailed Tsukino blushed. The worst part about being a twin with a physic connection was there aren't any secrets. Sure he had stuff that could equally embarrass his sister, but he didn't really feel up to it. They'd be home soon; maybe he could get his new little brother to help him get revenge.


He was free. How and who had done it were not important. What was important was the pain for him was over. Soon though; Usagi Tsukino, Ami Mizuno, and Rei Hino would be the ones in pain. Jadeite had returned and the pain would soon begin, as soon as he got this stupid woman off his arm.

Sakurada Haruna had finally seen him again, after so long the man of her dreams had returned, she would never let go of him again. Who cared if he was really the agent of an evil empire, and he could suck out her life energy at anytime.


Ranma looked at the twin Usagi's that had just entered the Tsukino home. He assumed from what he had learned yesterday that the one with the braid was actually Ranmyaku. "So you're the one who's been using my name."


Usagi giggled apparently, that memory wasn't very dominant. "This is Ranma Saotome."

The blonde Ranma looked at the brown haired Ranma. He didn't look much like Genma either. He was a little taller than Kasumi, speaking of whom, she had just walked into the living room with Aunt Kasumi. "You're the old man's real son?"

"Yes I am. Since I can see you're sizing me up I'm also a master of the Myojin Kasshin-Ryu." If Ranmyaku was interested in a spar he'd be more than willing to comply. He was interested in how this fake compared to the last one he encountered.

"Pop…er, Uncle mentioned that style before, you guys use backwards swords."

"It is called a Sakabato, a reversed edged sword. However the sword I'm carrying with me is not one, it's the Saotome Honor Blade." He only carried it because he was supposed to give it to Kasumi to renew their arrangement. Otherwise he'd carry the Sakabato his grandfather forged for him. Well he hoped he'd end up with Kasumi…

"There really isn't any honor in that blade anyway. It's tradition for the father to sell it to a pawn shop and the son to buy it back." As Ikuko walked in she hoped the two Ranmas wouldn't start tearing up the living room.

"Actually he just left the sword with my mother so I guess that tradition's dead. I hope to put an end to all Saotome traditions." Maybe he wouldn't be able to bring actual honor to his family name, but he would end that which continued to dishonor it.

"Do I smell cookies?" Something smelled good and she hadn't eaten anything since she and her twin left Rei's.

"Yes you do. As normal Usagi, you arrived just in time to join us on our break. We're almost done cleaning out the attic." Although her nephew still looked intent on fighting her son, her Ranma mirrored Usagi's hope for sweets. Although she enjoyed teasing her son, she hoped he wasn't always this feminine.


Setsuna slowly opened her eyes, staring back at her were her parents, her brother and the little girl who claimed to be Ryoga's daughter… Closing her eyes she hoped she was seeing things, the girl had Ryoga's looks no doubt about it, but she also had green hair. That would mean that, the girl was… True it was something she'd always fantasized, but after meeting him in person, she wasn't as sure about her feelings for him.

"She won't go away just by wishing her to." She never understood her daughter's fascination with Gairyo, and perhaps she never would. It was a little odd that Ryoko was here though. Time travel is not something to be taken lightly, so why was her future granddaughter present?

"Is she really my mom?" Ryoko looked at the older girl on the couch. Her grandma told her that she shouldn't call people 'old' unless they were in their forties. There was at-least a ten year difference though so compared to her, her mother was 'old'

"Looks like you marry the Bandanna guy, you must be so happy."

"Shut up Kenta…" Opening her eyes again, she finally sat up and then looked at Ryoga's daughter. "Please tell me who he ends up with."

Her mother told her how to answer this question. She wasn't supposed to tell the truth, but instead say something that would get her uncle's blood boiling. Ryoko smiled deviously. "He marries Shingo Tsukino."

"WHAT! I do not!" Kenta was prepared to beat Ryoko to a pulp…if he could the bandana guy was super strong so maybe she was too. Still he didn't like Shingo that way, and Shingo liked that doll maker in their class. "That's not funny."

"The future isn't a funny matter. That's what mommy always says. She showed me some of the wedding pictures too; you looked really pretty in your dress." That apparently was the final straw and Kenta punched her in the gut. That was a big mistake on his part because she'd already gone through Bakusai Tenketsu training and she didn't even feel it, but he was going to feel her retaliation. She raised her fist and was about to wallop him when her grandmother stopped her.

"Ryoko, I don't think I want to be taking my son to the emergency room. As I understand it your father has been training you since you could walk." Although the little girl didn't look particularly strong, neither did Ryoga. One wouldn't expect the lost boy to be on equal footing with the green American comic book hero. She may have only been six, but considering what little she knew of the future that didn't matter. "Now, since your future mother is awake, why don't we visit the Gates of Time."

Minako walked with her arms around Mousse's arm. He was now wearing a long sleeved button down white shirt, black slacks and dress shoes. She made him buy some other sets of clothes as well, telling him that today alone would not be enough punishment for his attempted kidnapping. Clinging to his arm as she was she wondered where everything had gone, she had seen him place it up his sleeve, but she couldn't feel anything there.

This was bad…he was cheating on Shampoo. It was true he didn't have a choice in the matter since this was a punishment, but he found himself enjoying the time he spent with Mina. The blonde treated him in the way he always wanted his beloved to treat him, but Shampoo would rather hit him than hug him. Still no matter how Shampoo treated him, he had pledged himself to her, and this felt wrong. "What do you want to do now?"

"Hmm, do you have any money left?"

"Not much, those clothes took up most of the money I earned working for my sister." Although Perfume kept the books, his sister made sure he was given a fair wage for his work at the Neko Hanten. Up until now though, he hadn't really spent any of the money since he was given a room above the restaurant and ate with Dryer. What was Mina going to make him do next?

"I wanted to go somewhere to eat, but if you don't have enough money…"

"We can always eat at the Neko Hantan, it should be open again; my sister and Perfume only closed it so we could talk in private." He should also be helping them too, since lately they had a lot of customers for dinner.

"Minako, there you are." After visiting the Amazons, they mentioned his charge was punishing her kidnapper. It seemed her definition of punishment was making the boy take her out on a date. Well it was probably better than what the Amazon Council of Elders would do to him. They weren't very favorable to males.

Looking down, Mousse saw a white cat with a gold crescent on its forehead. He must be one of the advisors that worked with his sister and Perfume. "Greetings honored advisor, should you be talking in public like this?"

"Don't worry most people just don't pay attention to Artemis or Luna." Letting go of male Amazon's arm and picking up the white Mau, the blonde was a little annoyed he interrupted her date. Then again…it was probably for the best. If she wasn't alone he might lecture her about skipping out on the Senshi meeting.

After taking a closer look at boy who abducted the Senshi of Love, Artemis was quite sure that this male did not come from the Silver Millennium. Well as an Amazon he did, but he was not someone reincarnated, simply a descendant. "May I assume you have 'The Gift of the Ancients'?"

"You mean the secret behind my hidden weapons technique. Yes." Although people assumed all his tools came from his sleeves the truth was he had a pocket of a sort that he could access by reaching at the space beneath his wrists. He did have some things up his sleeves but not nearly as much as it appeared he did.

"Your subspace pocket seems quite a bit bigger than a normal one held by the descendants of the Silver Millennium, but I'm surprised you even know how to use it. I was under the impression only females were taught how to use the gift."

"I began to learn how to use it from my sister, and then after I was punished I learned how to use it on my own."

"You got punished for using a gift?" What sort of backwards laws did Mousse's people have? Why should anyone get punished for using a natural gift? Mina frowned wondering what sort of punishment he had gotten.

"As the Ancient Kingdom was, the Amazons are, a Matriarchal society; men are allowed fight, but special powers are only allowed to be honed by the females. Because I had asked Dryer to teach me, my punishment was that for a month I was stuck female, by means of instant Nyannichuan and water proof soup. During the time I was punished I quickly mastered the gift." He also quickly became friends with Shampoo; he saw that there was more to her than just the girl who always beat him up. He fell in love with her all over again knowing it would be worth the pain to become her husband. That was the reason he felt like he was betraying her by enjoying his time with Mina.

"That just sounds stupid. But what's there to master? You put an item in and you pull one out." Mousse had spent time as a girl? That was sort of hard to believe so she'd ignore that comment, then again Ami turned into a cat, maybe they'd talk about it later.

"Actually Mina, it's far from that easy. In the case of your Henshin Wands, they are simply the physical manifestation of your powers, that's why they disappear when you transform. Unlike the Sailor Moon anime or manga, you'll never get a new wand, its appearance may change as you grow in power, but it will always be the same wand as the one I first gave you. When you summon it you're summoning a part of yourself, that's why it appears every time you need it. I think Ami actually has some mastery over her pocket and that's why she's able to pull the books out as she does." Remembering back to his and Luna's past, the black Mau used to have many problems summoning the right things from her subspace pocket. The evil cheese sandwich used to appear quite often.

"So if I put something in there beside my Venus Wand I might not get it out again?"

"You may pull out a very moldy cheese sandwich" It was common practice to place a cheese sandwich within what the Advisor called a subspace pocket. If you made a mistake that was what came out. Mousse couldn't help wonder if other items from Mina's past life were in there.

"So they still practice that?" The legacy of the evil sandwich lived on. He should let Luna know about that.

"Cheese Sandwich?" What were Artemis and Mousse talking about?

"If you wish Minako, I can teach you how to fully use your subspace pocket." Although teaching her would force him to spend more time with the blonde…it was his duty, hopefully Shampoo would understand.


Shampoo watched as her great grandmother hung up the phone. For some reason the elder's face looked greatly shocked. Was it a very large order? Or… "Great Grandmother, did council call? Is something wrong at village?"

"Yes child that was the council, but there is nothing wrong at the village. The problem is here. We are returning to China." She could no longer consider herself the village Matriarch. A harsh punishment, but not as harsh as she deserved for what she did. Then again if she and Shampoo were exiled they may have continued to cause trouble for the young master.

"But what about Ranma? He not agree to return to China yet."

"Ranma is not your husband child. He never was. Just as when Mousse beat you, Ranma's victory does not force you to take him as a husband." They did not know, they could not have known. Only the Great Princess and her Guardians were supposed to have been reborn. Still it was obvious Ranma was Japanese. When Shampoo lost maybe she should not have given her the Kiss of Death. The boy was female at the time and they knew the members of the Ancient Kingdom would be reborn in Japan.

"But Ranma outsider, stupid Mousse is Amazon!"

"No my dear Ranma is not an outsider. He is of the Ancient Kingdom; he is the Great Prince reborn. As such what we have done is a grave crime. However, since the twin of the Great Princess was not prophesized to return to this world the council has made our punishments light. You and I must return to China, I am no longer the village Matriarch nor am I allowed to sit on the council, and you… you shall never see Ranma again." If she knew… she would have taught Ranma much more, but now Perfume, Dryer, and Mousse would take up passing the Amazon secrets to the boy.

"Mousse attack Ranma too. What punishment he get?" This wasn't fair, how could Ranma not be hers. He beat her, she loved him, didn't he love her?

"He is also guilty of kidnapping one of the Great Princess's guardians. The council has decided to give him to her as a slave. She will decide his punishment for attacking the Great Prince." Cologne cracked a small smile; Mousse was never meant for her great granddaughter. As stupid as the boy was she knew…she knew he had a destiny serving along side his sister in a task no male would ever be assigned. He would directly serve the revived kingdom of the Great Princess. Returning her face to a frown, she considered what her life would be like now. It was likely her death would be soon, the boredom of being an average Amazon would take her life.


Lio's Corner:

-After four installments the day that began with chapter five is now over. The next chapter starts a new day for the story.
- Mousse will be a permanent part of the cast now. Should he and Minako become a couple or not? Should he get cursed?
-The Cheese Sandwich gag comes from Kenko's "Girl Days" if you haven't read it you're missing out on one hilarious Ranma fic.


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