The crisp winter air flew through Amity joyously. Through trees and bushes, making the water run cold at its touch. It was the perfect weather for the fall; too warm for snow, but just cold enough to see your breath.

It caressed the face of a boy who shivered at the caress and pulled his grey sweater closer to him. Dancing one last time in his hair the wind flitted away and left Danny Fenton on his way to school. Rubbing his hands together for warmth helped a little so he continued the act before pressing his hands in his pockets.

He loved mornings like this, even if summer was his favorite season. This time of year was always refreshing, but he detested waking up so early to such refreshing air when he had been sleeping peacefully in his bed. The sun was barely peeking over the clouds because of the weather and the light that slipped out spilled over Amity and gave it a dull shine. Stifling a yawn he gave a sloppy smile when he saw Casper High School come into his eyes. He couldn't wait until he got there so he could sleep some more.

Reaching the steps he went inside and found himself in the familiar rush of students. Tiredly making it to his locker to twist in the memorized numbers, he opened it and found his appropriate books for first period before walking over to a bench and lying down. The buzz of noise was drowned out and his sight went hazy with sleep.

Some minutes later he felt his head being lift up and then put down on top of something extremely soft, he curled up and a smile formed on his face at the comfortable object. "Mmmmm." Was his sound of pleasure and it was rewarded with a feminine laugh.

"Late night ghost hunting leave our hero tired today?" Came a sarcastic drawl. Danny's smile only grew and he turned away from his best friend.

"Five more minutes Sam…" He spoke through a yawn. There was a shuffling silence and then he felt a weight pressed down on his legs. Sitting up straight, elbows propped on his 'pillow' he glared at Sam.

She gave a smirk with her glossed lips, the tainted lavender matching her black tank top and lavender logo perfectly. She wore the usual skirt and leggings with the big black boots except she had added a long sleeved jacket that fell to the floor. "Five more minutes and you'll be late again."

He fell back anyway, ignoring her sitting on his legs and closed his eyes. "Two minutes then." At this he was brought up by force and scooted over so she could sit properly. "Nope, you can fall asleep at your desk. At least then your in class and not tardy." Her voice of reason chiming in and he groaned out a 'fine.'

He turned to hand her back his head supporter and came face to face with a light brown stuffed bunny with a bright red bow tied on its neck. He raised an eyebrow at it, being very un-Sam like. He picked it up and showed it to her with his confused expression. "Whom did you steal this off of?"

"Very funny." She mocked and snatched it, fingering the ribbon. "My parents sent it to me to make up their absence this morning… Whatever it doesn't matter, my parents don't understand my interests anyway." She murmured with a look that showed she didn't care that all she had for parents were inanimate bunnies even if her eyes and voice said otherwise.

Danny didn't know what to say so he kept silent. Sam quickly recovered and looked at him. "Glad to see it's getting used." Danny smiled and nodded lazily.

"So why did your parents send you—"

"Hey guys!" Was the cheery greeting that cut off Danny's question. Tucker walked up to them and smiled happily. Usual for him to drink 20 gallons of coffee in the morning…Danny mused. Tucker himself was dressed in the usual except for the yellow hooded sweater that he added to his ensemble. "Oh I see your Mom and Dad send their apologies." Tucker gathered at the fluffy rabbit Sam held in her arms.

"Yep, and thank you for rubbing it in." she said dully but added a playful smirk. Tucker smiled and nodded to Danny.

"More late night insomnia for you?" He asked.

"Try late night ghost insomnia." He said tiredly and made a move to grab Sam's bunny but she eyed him and he backed off. Tucker chuckled.

"Well I've got something for you at lunch, Sam. Since right now we have exactly...3 seconds until the bell rings." He calculated, looking at his watch. And right on time, the bell went off before Sam could give a 'thank you' or before Danny asked what he meant.

The morning went by extremely slowly. Danny found himself constantly looking at the clock, which made him imagine that it was taking longer than usual. Disappointed that he had no classes with Tucker or Sam, he managed to keep his head up before he dozed off. After being caught off guard twice already for not paying attention, he was glad he had Mr. Lancer's class in the afternoon. When the lunch bell finally rang he jumped from his seat and raced out.

After grabbing whatever unbearable meat they were serving for lunch today, Danny spotted Tucker and made his way there. Slumping over he sighed and pushed his tray away, laying his head on the table.

"You really need to sleep more. It's not healthy for you." Tucker said matter-of-factly and started to chow down on his food. Danny shifted in his spot.

"Not healthy? Your starting to sound like Sam." At this Tucker perked up and looked around.

"Where is she anyway? I still have to give her the gift." Tucker said brightly and Danny felt a twinge of something hit his nerves. Tucker is giving Sam a gift? Why? Wait…am I…am I jealous? NO! This is Sam I'm we're talking about…although… He shook his head and decided to simply ask.

"Why exactly, are you giving Sam a gift?" He sat up now, rolling the knots out of his back. Tucker slowly raised his eyebrow at him and stared at him in disbelief. If Tucker was waiting for Danny to realize something, it wasn't working because Danny couldn't resolve anything but a blank look so finally Tucker grew a knowing smile and returned to his food.

"You forgot Sam's birthday." Tucker sighed out.

"What?" Danny did a double take. "Her birthday! No it's not! Her birthday is in…Oh no I forgot Sam's birthday!" Danny yelled and banged his head against the table and made no move to get comfortable even though Tucker cringed at the skull-breaking move. How could he forget his best friends birthday? "Sam's gonna kill me…"

"No man, I don't think she'll kill you but…she will be pretty upset." Tucker said with a frown. Danny returned the sad look with a guilt stricken one and sighed. What was he going to do? He could go home and then go out and get her something, but it didn't fix the fact that he forgot in the first place. "Well Danny, think of something fast because she's right there."

Danny was too disappointed in himself to even look her way. Some friend he was.

"Hey guys, wasn't too long I hope. I had too stay back and ask Mrs. Kovar about that Science write up." She slumped in next to Danny, giving him a big reminder of how much he had screwed up. He kept his head down and covered his head with his hand. "Danny are you asleep…again?" Added to this was a slap on the back of his head with his former bunny-pillow.

He shifted and took a risk to glance up at her with his right eye, the rest of his face covered by his hands. Sam looked at him with raised eyebrows in a questioning expression and he forced an uneasy smile while lifting his head. "Just dazing for a bit." He murmured.

It was Tucker who saved Danny, standing up suddenly to draw attention to himself. "Gift time!" He announced and hosted his backpack off the floor. As he unzipped the bag his smile grew bigger. "And now, the perfect gift to give a girl who has everything…"

At the comment Sam rolled her eyes and placed a hand on her hip to warn that a sarcastic comment was coming. "Come on Tucker your wasting rich girl's time…"

Tucker gave a chuckle before digging out a small silver wrapped box and handing it to her. "So a girl who has everything can probably get this too if she doesn't already have it but…. it's the thought that counts." When the wrapping was off he gave a smile and mumbled, "And if you already have them I can take Valerie instead."

"Tickets to the Phantom of the Opera show at the old Victorian Theatre...this weekend?" She said excitedly. "But it's not supposed to be coming to Amity for another two years!"

"We geeks are very persuasive." He said proudly. Sam gave Tucker a friendly hug and turned to Danny to do the same.

"Are they from you too Danny?" She asked, her face showing that she would be happy either way. Danny fumbled; he eyed Tucker who nodded to him, gesturing to take the credit as well. Should he get away with forgetting this year? "Actually they… aren't." He confessed and Sam frowned.

"Oh, okay. Well thanks Tucker, that was really thoughtful of you." She smiled. Tucker nodded, glancing at Danny's sullen form.

The halfa stood warily and eyed Sam before scratching the back of his head and averting his gaze. "Look Sam…the truth is…" He looked up soon enough to see the flicker of disappointment in her eyes before it was buried away again. He immediately looked to the floor. "…I kind of forgot your…" Could he do it though? He couldn't bear her to be mad at him and he couldn't very well blow her off. Her parents obviously didn't celebrate her Birthday with her. She was probably counting on them. "I-I forgot your birthday present at home." He finished and behind Sam he saw Tucker give him a nice-save-but-your-still-dead-look.

And oh he was so dead. Not only was his wallet broke but his mind was currently racing for gift ideas. Tucker was right, what do you get a girl who has or can have everything?

"Alright Danny, no problem." Sam said and smiled warmly at him.

He could have jumped for sheer joy when the bell rang.

Well one problem gone and another rises. One: he was no longer asleep… and two: What was he going to do for Sam?

The day went by too fast, he couldn't even remember the lessons he just had and he guessed that the rest of the day would be the same. Though he couldn't remember the lesson he could remember all the lame excuses for presents he had come up with. Clothes…no, Makeup…no, Cd's…no, Movies…no, Paulina's head on a plate…. maybe?

He was about to push open the door that led him out of the school building when he spotted Sam at her locker packing up her books. He couldn't very well ask her what she wanted, that would be obvious to his situation. He sighed.

"Hey Sam." He greeted coming to a stand next to her.

"Oh hey Danny." She said nonchalantly while she frustrated herself with packing books in, trying all the Tetris tricks she knew. Danny peered at her locker and knew she'd be there for a while. He smirked when he glanced at her locker door. A newspaper article of him or should he say 'Inviso-bill.' And another with the headline 'Government testing on rabbits in Amity City.' Sam and her animal saving craze.

"Look…I'll stop by your house with your present later okay?" He commented and Sam forced the locker shut.

"Okay, just knock when you come in, my grandma's taking care of me and…I don't think she'd fancy a ghost kid flying through the front door, caffeine addict that she is." She smiled and grabbed her bag off the floor and heading out with him.

"Spending tonight by yourself?" Danny asked with concern. Sam shrugged it off.

"Just me and some black and white marathon movies." She clutched her long jacket closer and peered at him. "Any ghosts on the loose for you to catch? "

"No not tonight, thankfully. Just me and my lonesome." He added with a poor-me face. Sam stopped and he did as well to look at her with puzzlement. There was an uncomfortable pause.

"Well then maybe..." she looked at him, away and then back, opening her mouth to speak only to close it. She shook her head. "Never mind."

He watched her pass him as she continued the walk before catching up, "Never mind what?"

"Nothing, oh hey this is where we part!" Sam rushed with…relief in her voice? She waved to him and started down the opposite street even though they both knew she could have gone another block with him until they had to leave each other's company.

Danny gave a sigh at her retreating form and decided that he should probably hit the mall as soon as possible.

Danny slumped on a mall bench and gave a tired sigh. After begging Jazz, getting on his mom's good side, and even asking his Dad about that so called allowance, he had come up with seventy bucks. After feeling better about the amount he had rushed to the mall.

It was now nearing 6:30 and no go. He hadn't found a thing and he couldn't figure out if the stores just didn't have anything or he was being too picky. He couldn't figure out why he was being so picky about it but he felt it had to be different. Something more than he had done before…

Probably because he felt different this year. He nodded to himself. During his shopping spree he had bantered to himself about being such a bad friend. From that topic his mind had raced to the thought of how he had been jealous of Tucker this morning and that he wanted to be a little more than a friend.

A little more than a best friend too…

He stood from the bench and shoved his hands in his pockets. After being gone so long she had probably already guessed he had forgotten. Perhaps it would be best to simply tell her. Hopefully she won't be angry with him…

"I don't think she'll kill you but…she will be pretty upset"

That was what Tucker had said and Danny deeply did not want to disappoint her. But this was useless and he couldn't bear the guilt anymore. He would tell her.

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