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I have decided to continue this story as a sequel (By popular demand, sorry to those who wanted it to keep it as one whole story…if there is a sudden change of mind, please email meh)

Anyway it is already posted and under the name, "Happy Belated Birthday."It starts directly after Illegal Birthday Present, so you guys will understand it right off the bat.

Carrying on…

Replies from chapter one:

Spiffy McFloogan: Mwhahaha suspenseful!

Myst: Most very illegal, thank you for your support

Ari-Griffin: Oh yeah! I totally forgot that Jack forgot too! Hahaha

bluejolteon: Long ones are always fun, I just hate waiting for updates, the anticipation kills me.

the sleep warrior: Hoped you liked what happened! Thanks for you support!

Chapter Two:

Kats02980416: Oh my god :sniffle: You make me cry with your awesome review! I know how you mean, when I was writing it I was drooling and leaning in to read what my fingers were writing. You see I simply sit down and start writing; I never plan a story at all, so I am basically a reader too. This scene turned out really well and I thank you for enjoying it as much as I did! I write to entertain you! Must…obey…reviews!

Myst: More? Yeshhhhhhh

bluejolteon: Such support brings me to tears!

the sleep warrior: Mwhahaha the suspense just kills you.

Stick'ums: So sugary you just want to gobble it up and let it melt in your mouth.

charizardag: Thank you, and I did!

Spiffy McFloogan: Yes he made her fly::squeal:

Sam manson rulez: Yes it totally did yo!

The Wicked Wench of the West: ba77ousai's points 5 sweeeeet

Chapter Three:

bukabudaSay no more!

Myst: All hail the evil laughs!

Miah The Storm Wolf I considered it, but I had already written the next chapter and his thoughts didn't fit anywhere --

Stick'ums: Seriously! I would have changed it had I known…but it does fit the story…I promise to do better research in the near future for things like this.

the sleep warrior: I knew the word illegal would catch everyone's eye.

Bluejolteon: Thank you so much for reviewing! You review, I write!

Spiffy McFloogan: Yeah, double goodness eh? Hehehe, what an awkward situation for Valerie and them.

Krin: I hoped someone would like the way Danny let Sam feel like she was flying alone. And I'm glad you like the present, I plotted it so that the readers would be like 'THEY'RE FOURTEEN!' and then read my note and say 'oh.' I imagine the faces and it amuses me.

Kats02980416: I'm so happy you caught on to Danny's madness. As I sat down and started writing this scene it made me plan something and my conscious went crazy telling me to do it, something that will make a sequel worthy to this and it all starts with Danny's pent up emotions…it's going to get serious.

XOxCrissyBabe: Thank you for your comment! You're a big help to my self-esteem! Yaaaay

Chapter Four:

Glitch: Humor and Romance, that's what I'm shooting for. I watched memory Blank and couldn't help but wonder what would happen is Sam had Danny doing this stuff all the time. 'Danny Phantom the Environmentalist!'

Phoenix72389: I loved writing Valerie's part. Her personality and character is great fun to get into. Sequels are very nice…

blah blah: You think I'd do that to Danny? Maybe…

Ryo's destiny: Thank you, thank you! And you must review more the writing goes down the drain.

Spiffy McFloogan: That would very much suck on your birthday…but the rabbits are okay!

Bluejolteon: I love the long too! Bu these chapters sounded better shorter…All hail the sequel!

the sleep warrior: Don't ever move if you don't have too, I move so many times my clothes are already in suitcases. Promise to update and add the sequel.

Seeria Nix: Thank you! Next chapter is done and ready and so is the sequel!

Charizardag: I won't! I'm still writing as we speak!

Kats02980416: Mwhahaha you can't stand the anticipation can you? I adore your reviews, thank you for writing them. Danny is going insane and it's all according to plan. It is a good thing that Valerie caught them before Danny did the inevitable but what shall I do with them now? Shall I expose Danny? Hmmm…maybe I can make him angrier…more passionate too yeah yeah…

Rae Valerious: Sorry not a lot of fluff but we got to have the action coming too. Thank you reviewing and I promise to update.

Chapter Five:

MickyMouse: Well the choice has been made for a sequel, sorry to disappoint.

Summers Rage: Thank you! I will keep writing…in the sequel!

the sleep warrior: and every vote counts, I appreciate the support!

Phoenix72389: So…much…fluff…I understand what you mean, so long as there is more who cares which way right? And what I have planned starts right after so no can do about the long distance in between.

animesk8ergirl: I'm so sorry to stop it but it was a vote by reviewers and Sequel won, I know that you enjoyed this one you'll enjoy the new one and if not, you don't have to read it, just cherish this one instead.

Phantom: :does the DxS 4eva sign: Totally!

A fan: Thanks for reviewing, I promise to you I will!

Wish Wielder: Mou! Thank you so much, Danny is so very sweet and every time I see him or write about him I swoon, to bad every guy doesn't make me swoon, then again if they all did I'd be hyperventilating.

Li Hudson: The sequel is basically the extension of the chapter so it all works out!

Spiffy McFloogan: There totally is! SO it does rock!

Bluejolteon: Christmas? Maybe I can make it so that her Birthday was close to Christmas anyway…yes…yes…THANK YOU::has made 5 ideas already:

Rae Valerious: Fluff mends the heart and makes plushies to hold them, and I agree a sequel is best.

Glitch: Simplicity is my number one priority. So I'll keep it like this, and if you want to read the sequel you must read Illegal…first.

Charizardag: I will, I have, Thank You!

Kats02980416: I very much love your reviews! I'm sad to see the story end but excited for the story coming. Danny's passion always has me standing up and getting an ice-cold glass of water before I sit down again. I have written Phantom of the Opera Fanfics and not even the Phantom can compare to the intensity that I'm giving this ghost boy. I have things planned for him and Sam, hopefully you'll enjoy them and you'll be on the edge of your seat like I am. While I write the sequel now I find myself having to draw away from his wild emotions to pace a bit and then ask myself where I'm going with this! I proudly say I'm proud of this story and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you all, you have no idea how absolutely happy you have made me with your reviews. I am very uneasy and excited about the sequel and hope you enjoy it, please tell me if you do not, so that I may delete it and keep the honor of this story.

Thanks again my fellow Phantoms