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Chapter 1

It was now a week into the summer vacation at #4 Privet drive where a young boy named Harry Potter had returned after his fifth year of school, and enough time had finally passed to allow Harry to gain some perspective on the events that had happened during the last year and especially the events at the Department of Mysteries where his godfather had been killed. He finally had been able to distance himself from the pain to realize that he was not completely to blame for his Sirius' death, he now understood that the blame for the death of his godfather rest on six people: himself, for not thinking things through before going to try and "rescue" Sirius, Sirius for not taking the duel seriously, Snape for constantly antagonizing Sirius while he was stuck in Grimmauld Place, Professor Dumbledore for ordering Sirius to stay in the house and by hiding many things from Harry that he needed to know, Bellatrix for casting the curse that sent Sirius through the veil, and finally on Voldemort for being the one in charge of those who had killed the most important people in Harry's short life.

With this realization he was finally able to come to terms with the death of his godfather and be able to see that he was not to blame for all the things that had happened to everyone since entering the wizarding world as he initially had after hearing the prophecy only weeks before. However, even realizing that he was not to blame did not mean that he would sit idle and do nothing while Voldemort grew stronger, no he had decided to train and prepare himself for the fight that was to come.

With the decision to train he was forced to reluctantly admit that he would need to do what the sorting hat had wanted to do when he first arrived at school, let out his inner Slytherin. He would need to no let his bravery be the dominant influence on his mind, he needed to use his cunning and ambition to come out of hiding. He had always been smart, but had constantly held back when he was still going to muggle schools because he would get into trouble by outshining his cousin, now he needed to no longer hold back and finally show the world what he was truly capable of.

The first step to accomplishing his new goal was to speak with his Uncle, he was going to need several things during his stay at the Dursley's this summer. So after breakfast that morning Harry stopped his Uncle from leaving the table and started talking.

"Uncle Vernon," said Harry.

"Yes boy, what is it?" he growled at his nephew.

"I am going to need you to take me to an optometrist and possibly a sporting goods store." Harry stated while watching his Uncle become slightly upset.

"And why should I do that you ungrateful brat?"

"Two reasons: One because if you don't I will tell my minders that you have been treating me poorly and then they will show up here, and second because you will not be paying for anything and I will make it worth your while." Harry stated.

"Oh really, and how can you make it worth my while? You have no money so you wont even be able to pay for the things you want." Vernon sneered.

"My parents left me some money that will be more than enough to pay for whatever I need."

"What? You have had money the whole time? You will go and bring it to us! After all we have done for you and you have had money the whole time that could have paid for everything we bought you, you will be getting us that money!" he roared growing increasingly angry.

"I will do no such thing." Harry stated in a cool voice. "First the money is in a wizarding bank that would require you to venture into a place where there are hundreds of witches and wizards and then you would have to go into a bank that is controlled by goblins and guarded by dragons. However, if you take me and the rest of the family to a place that would have everything I need all in one place, preferably a mall, then I will give you a hundred pounds to drive me there and back and another 1000 pounds after we get back."

"Fine, but you will not be buying any of those freakish things. We will be leaving tomorrow morning after breakfast." Vernon grumbled.

"That will be fine, now if you will excuse me I have to talk to Dudley." And with that he got up from the table and went upstairs in search of his obese cousin. Reaching his cousins bedroom door Harry knocked waiting for Dudley to open the door.

"What do you want?" Dudley growled.

"I need to ask you several questions that could be very rewarding for you if answered correctly."

Even with his below average IQ Dudley was able to process that he might be able to get something out of answering his cousin's questions. "Fine, come in but be quick about it."

"Without lying, are you any good at boxing or are you just making it up?" asked Harry.

"I am still the champion boxer for my weight level at Smeltings, if that answers your question."

"Good, then you would be able to teach me how to box."

"And why would I want to do that?" sneered Dudley.

"Because not only would you be getting top quality boxing equipment that you will get to keep after I leave later this Summer, I would also pay you 300 pounds to train me for the few weeks that I will be here."

"I doubt you could afford to buy the equipment necessary but you don't even have 300 pounds to pay me with." stated Dudley.

"And if I can prove to you that I have enough money to pay for what I stated, will you train me?"

"If you have the money then yeah I'll teach you."

"Good, then as today is Saturday, be ready to start my training Monday morning." And with that he got up and left for his own bedroom.

Entering his room Harry went immediately to his trunk and pulled out his invisibility cloak, his wand, and his money bag. After which he turned and left. Going downstairs he encountered his Uncle where he informed him that he was leaving for the day and that he would be back in several hours.

Before leaving the house, Harry donned his cloak and left out the back door, quietly making his way across the lawn and around the house where he then walked down the street until he reached a secluded area at the park that was a few block away from his house. After checking to make sure the coast was clear, he removed his cloak and waved his wand signaling the Knight Bus. A moment later a loud crack signaled the arrival of the Knight Bus.

"Where to mate?"

"Diagon Alley," Harry replied.

"Right, that'll be 7 sickles and take about 15 minutes to reach, you have your choice of any of the beds."

"Thanks." Harry replied while handing over the money.

15 minutes later…

"Right we're here." Stated the conductor.

"Well thanks for the ride." Said Harry as he got off the bus and entered the Leaky Cauldron, where he immediately headed for the portal that was the entrance to Diagon Alley. Entering the wizarding shopping center he went straight to Gringotts, careful to keep his head down so that no one would recognize him, for once grateful for his scar as people were more apt to focus solely on that then on him.

Entering the bank, Harry went straight to the tellers and presented his key. "I would like to make a withdrawal from my vault."

"Name?" sneered the goblin.

Leaning towards the goblin so that he wouldn't be overheard he said "Harry Potter."

The goblin then snapped his eyes up and looked at Harry carefully before saying "Yes so you are, however I will not be able to let you visit vault at this time. Your presence is required with Ragnot the head of the inheritance division."

Pausing for a moment to digest this new information Harry came to the conclusion that this probably had something to do with his godfather's will. Coming to his senses Harry states "of course, if you could have someone direct me to the appropriate office, I will go now."

"Of course, this is Griphook he will take you to the appropriate office."

This was how Harry found himself following a goblin. His curiosity getting the better of him he stated "Hello, Griphook. It's been a long time since I last saw you. I was wondering if you knew why Ragnot needed to speak with me?"

Blinking in what Harry had assumed was surprise Griphook said "Yes it has Mr. Potter. As for why you are here I have no idea, as I am not part of the Inheritance division I do not know why you were sent a letter to come here…"

"Wait, a letter? I never received a letter." Harry stated.

"Interesting, while I do not know why you were summoned, it is customary for a letter to be sent t notify the recipient of a summons. And the tellers were told several days ago to send you the Ragnot's office upon your next arrival."

"Hmm… Well that is interesting, but not altogether unsurprising that I did not receive a letter, but I doubt it is of any fault of the goblins. Anyway, we're here I take it?" receiving a nod in reply he said "Thank-you for the information Griphook, it was most… enlightening, it was pleasant talking to you again. Good-bye."

Entering the office Harry noticed a goblin sitting behind a large desk. "Ragnot?" he asked.

"Ah Mr. Potter. You have finally arrived, we were growing worried that you would not show when we did not receive a reply to letter we sent you."

"Yes, about the letter, I never received the letter. However, that is of no fault of the goblins and as I am here now perhaps we could begin. I am assuming that I am here for my godfather's will."

"Yes quite. To business, you are only partially correct. You are here for Sirius Black's will AND your parents will."

"My parents will? I thought that would have been executed before now." Harry stated.

"It was, however only since you are now guadianless, can the final aspects of your parents will be carried out."

"Makes sense, anyway lets begin."

"Absolutely, anyway the will of Sirius Black." Ragnot stated as he handed Harry a sheet of parchment.

The Last Will and Testament of Sirius Orion Black

I, Sirius Orion Black, being of sound mind and health hereby declare this to be my last will and testament, nullifying all previous wills.

To those reading this I am now dead, as I am currently unaware as to how this came about I will assume I died in some heroic manner. If not I wont know so it doesn't matter.

Anyway now that that unpleasant business has been taken care of, we can now get on to the fun stuff, my fortune.

To Remus J. Lupin, I leave 1 million galleons and #12 Grimmauld place, however to claim this Moony you'll have to take at least 1000 galleons and spend it on purely frivolous pursuits, such as getting new clothes.

To Nymphadora Tonks, my favorite cousin, I leave 1 million galleons. Now a little information for the near future, Harry will have to talk to you soon. When he does, please try not to hurt him too bad.

To Harry James Potter, I leave everything else, all the gold and property. I also hereby emancipate you. You're an adult now, do what you want, go get drunk, find a girl, do magic you now have that right.

Now in closing, I would like to say that no matter how I died, do not get stuck mourning me, remember to live, have fun, and prank people. Make the Marauders proud.


Blinking back tears, but with a small smile on his face Harry whispered "I'll try Padfoot, have fun with my parents, I love you."

Looking back at Ragnot, Harry regained his focus and asked "I presume I need to sign something?"

"Yes, Mr. Potter" said the goblin as he handed Harry several sheets of parchment. "If you will just sign these you will claim the inheritance that Mr. Black gave you, and will legally make you an adult. This allows you to do anything an adult can with the exception of age specific activities such as drinking." The goblin explained as Harry read through and signed the documents.

"Ragnot, I have a quick question."

"Go ahead."

"Do you know what Sirius meant when he told Ms. Tonks not to hurt me?" he asked with a curious and bemused expression.

"I believe I do, however that will be answered in a moment as we go through your parent's will," answered the goblin. "We should begin."

"Of course. Let's begin." Harry said as he was handed the piece of parchment.

The Last Will and Testament of James and Lily Potter

Harry, if your reading this it means we died and we're betrayed by Peter. He was our secret keeper. We want you to know that we love you and are proud of you no matter what, you are our son. We hope that you had a happy childhood with Sirius; he is your chosen guardian. Under no circumstances are you to be left with your Aunt, she is a spiteful woman who would never raise you the way you should. Now, we need to tell you some things about your mother. Your mother has always been the studious one, she could always be found leaning, and whether from a book or people she never stopped learning. Anyway, in her 7th year she decided to trace the lineage of the founder she took after most, Rowena Ravenclaw, while very deserving to be in Gryffindor she was just as smart as she was brave. Back to the Ravenclaw's lineage, your mother was able to trace it farther than anyone has before; she traced it to the end. She found that the line was lost almost 200 years ago when the descendents started to breed more squibs than mages, as such many thought the line just died out, but it was continued when the last surviving child married a muggle named John Evans. Now if you have any of your mother's intelligence you might have already put it together. Your mother is the last descendant of Ravenclaw, as you probably are now we were skeptical too, but we went to the goblins and asked them to confirm if the results, they have ways to this and they were able to confirm that Lily is the heir of Ravenclaw.

Now if that isn't a big enough shock, when we went to visit the Ravenclaw vault we found only a small amount of money but a great deal of knowledge, knowledge about spells, potions, and anything and everything. However, along with this knowledge we found information about Ravenclaw's family and customs. One custom was an old pureblood one; the custom described the family's history with arranged marriages, not necessarily to pureblooded families but arranged marriages none the less. The means the match does not have to be between two "old" families, only between the Ravenclaw heir and a family deemed worthy in the eyes of the heir.

What this means is that as soon as your mother recognized herself as the heir of Ravenclaw, she was magically bound to fulfill the arranged marriage contract… Hopefully, with your mother's intellect you have figured out what this means, you are in an arranged marriage, now because we didn't want to just set you up with a complete stranger, we decided to arrange it with Nymphadora Tonks, who you should have met by now, she is Sirius's cousin, a very fun loving girl who we hope you will get along with.

As with normal arranged marriages you will have to marry her by your 17th birthday as you are the family she is marrying into. Also, because you will be the head of two families all of the Potter and Ravenclaw material and monetary belongings will be yours as soon as your majority.

After leaving you with these shocks, we only wish to say that we love you, and that we wish you all the happiness in the world, and don't forget to live.


Your Mother and Father

Lily and James Potter

Slumping down in his chair Harry let all the information sink in. He was the heir of Ravenclaw, he was now an adult and he was betrothed to Tonks… Holy Shit, I am going to marry Tonks, she is going to kill me. He thought, he then made a connection to Sirius' will. So this is what you meant Sirius, I sincerely hope that she listens to me before she kills me. He thought with a slightly fearful chuckle. After getting over the initial shock, Harry was ready to get back to business he could dwell on this information later.

"Well that answers my question from earlier," Harry said. "Now is there anything I need to know or do before we finish here?"

"Other than signing the appropriate forms, everything is done." Stated Ragnot.

"OK, then if you can get me the forms we can finish. Also, I was wondering if it would be possible to get a listing of all my current holdings from all the inheritance I now own. One more thing I was hoping to find out is if you could arrange for me to get a large amount of money, both wizarding and muggle. Is this possible?"

"The forms for you to sign are ready and a listing of all your holdings can be gotten for you within a few moments. As for your money requests, I know we have a way to accomplish this and will have another goblin get that set up for you while we finish up here." Stated Ragnot, while calling Griphook back in to get the money set up and getting a listing for Harry's inheritance.

Twenty minutes later Harry had finished signing the paperwork and Griphook had returned with both a file full of the details of Harry's new estate and a box that Harry assumed was the money Harry had requested.

"Mr. Potter, here is a listing of your estate that you can look over at your leisure." Stated Griphook while opening the box. "And here is a new money bag for you that can hold up to 10,000 galleons at a time, which has been pre-filled for you, and can only be withdrawn from by you. Here is a wallet that can hold 1,000 pounds cash, also pre-filled. Inside the wallet you will also find an ATM card that can be used to withdraw more money or can be used as a credit card for larger purchases, a drivers license has also been provided for you, in case the store requires proof of identification, your license also has a small notice-me-not charm that will make it so people do not ask questions about the information on the identification. Do you have questions?"

"No, not at all. You have done more than I thought was possible." Harry said while getting to his feet and shaking both goblins' hands and asking to leave.

10 minutes later…

Harry had been escorted to the lobby and was outside the bank, back in Diagon Alley. Moving quickly he went immediately to the wizarding trunk store, upon entering he asked the sales clerk to see the multi-compartment trunks. The clerk helped him pick out a three compartment trunk where each section has twice the normal volume of a normal trunk.

Leaving the store he was walking down the alley towards Madame Malkin's when he encountered fellow Gryffindors Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil.

"Hey Harry," Parvati and Lavender said.

"Hi, Parvati, Lavender. What are you up to?"

"We were bored so we decided to come here and shop."

"Really…?" Harry said as he was coming up with an idea that would satisfy any curiosity they had as well as help him with another of his errands. "Do you have anywhere you need to be?"

"No, we were just going to walk around some more. Why?" Parvati asked.

"Well, I was planning on heading over to Madame Malkin's and could use your help picking out an entire new wardrobe. I was planning on just having her help me pick out some clothes, because as you can see my sense of fashion is pretty much non-existent." He said with a self-deprecating grin.

"It sounds like fun but why would we want to spend the day helping you buy clothes?" Lavender asked.

"Who said I was the only one who was going to be getting clothes today? My Godfather passed away at the end of term and left me some money. As part my inheritance he said I had to go buy some new clothes and 'burn the rest of the crap' I had been wearing. So I have more than enough to myself a new wardrobe and buy you both a few outfits. If you want to that is?" Harry stated in a half lie.

"We're sorry for your godfather, but he was right about your clothes. Your sense of fashion is crap." Parvati said. Sharing a look with Lavender she continued "We will help you finally achieve a decent state of fashion though."

"Excellent, well then let's go, I have a feeling that this is going to take a while." He said with a bemused grin while walking off with the girls.

Three hours later…

An exhausted looking Harry exited the shop after storing all his purchases in the first compartment of his trunk and wearing a new outfit of tight black jeans and a snug fitting off-white sweater that was supposed to be worn without a shirt underneath. "Thank-you, Parvati, Lavender. It's been fun. I hope you enjoyed your time today." He said as the two happy looking girls exited the shop with him carrying several bags themselves.

"Of course," Parvati said with a grin. "However, I think the best part was finally getting to see what was under those baggy clothes. With a body like yours why the hell did you hide it under those clothes?"

Blushing furiously and looking down Harry mumbled "I'm nothing impressive, I'm just a scrawny little boy." When he finally looked back up he saw their mouths agape. "What?"

"You really don't get it do you? Harry, listen to us as your friends ok. You may not be particularly buff but the muscles you do have are very defined. If we were already dating someone we would be all over you." She said with a flirtatious wink.

"Fine, fine I get it, I may not be able to it myself but I'll take your word for it ok. Anyway, thanks again for your help, but I really need to go get some other errands done. Bye, and I'll remember to wear one these outfits on the first so I can show all the hard-work you two did." He said with a laugh and a wave good-bye.

"Bye Harry," Lavender and Parvati said.

Five Minutes Later…

Harry was walking into Flourish and Blott's, his last stop before returning to Gringotts. Inside he walked up and down the aisles picking up books to read during the summer. Twenty minutes later he had finally found enough books. He had a total of 11 books: one on Occulemency and Meditation, two on charms, two on transfiguration, a book about Metamorphagai (he figured if he was going to be married to one he might as well learn what he could about them), and then five about Defense Against the Dark Arts and Dueling.

Ten Minutes later…

Harry was back at Gringotts. He wanted to down to both the Potter, Black and Ravenclaw vaults. After a few moments he had reached the front of the line and was heading towards carts to be taken down to his vaults.

After reaching the Potter vault, he stepped inside to see a great deal of gold, jewelry, weapons and quite a few books. He quickly refilled his money sack, and then went over to the weapons where he found a pair of daggers that still gleamed brightly and had sheaths that would magically attach to anywhere on his body. He then went over to the shelves of books where he found several more books: a few on charms, some on transfiguration, a few more on dueling and then the book he considered the greatest find was about the process of becoming an animagus written by the Marauders. After staring at the book in his hand he quickly put it in his trunk with all the others and then left the vault telling the goblin to take him to the Black vault.

In the Black vault he found much the same thing as in the Potter vault, except for the book collection was smaller and featured many more books about the dark arts. He still browsed through them picking out a few books that seemed to feature many spells useful for dueling both offensively and defensively before leaving and heading to the Ravenclaw vault.

Inside, he found his parents were right when they said there was only some gold but a great deal of books. There was less money than in the Potter or Black vault but there were probably over a thousand books, definitely living up to the Ravenclaw reputation for having a thirst for knowledge. Spending the next two hours around the books he found many more that he wanted to bring back with him. The most interesting one he found was a guide to wandless magic, something thought could be of great value to him and would come as great surprise to his enemies as wandless magic was thought to be impossible.

After a total of three hours in his vaults he returned to the lobby of Gringotts where he went to another teller to exchange galleons for another 2000 pounds in muggle currency before heading to the Leaky Cauldron and back into muggle London and taking the Knight Bus back to Surrey arriving just in time for dinner.