Ryuu Gakuen High

Author Notes: Ryuu Gakuen litteraly translates to "Dragon High School". So the title means Dragon High School High. Pretty stupid, no? But I couldn't think of any names for a high school, so yeah…

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Chapter One:

A petite boy walked up the stairs leading to the doors of Ryuu Gakuen High School, which was known for its martial artists. It taught students the basics of fighting, as well as other sports.

"I hope I will make a good impression…"

A pale elderly man walked into the noisy classroom. He twitched his eyebrow slightly at the volume level of chatter in the room. Picking up a large dictionary, he slammed it on the table. Immediately, every one came into order.

"That's better," Mr. Fung said. "Anyway, today we have a new student, Omi Kairyuu." A small tanned boy came into the room.

Turning to the class, he bowed slightly. "Hello my new fellow classmates, I hope I will be a most welcomed addition to your class." Several snickers were heard at Omi's formal greeting, though some of them thought Omi was just adorable.

"Omi, you may sit next to Jermaine," Mr. Fung pointed to a black boy with thick black curls sitting in the middle row. "Jermaine, would you show Omi around the school?"

"Sure," the boy replied, giving a friendly smile to the new student.

Soon class was over, and many people were amazed at the amount of knowledge Omi knew. That and the fact he couldn't understand slang, and messed up sayings that students usually said. But he was that type of person that warmed up to everyone, and he had no trouble fitting in.

"Whoo, Omi, how did you know that stuff? Your parents teach you or something?"

"No. I am an orphan," Omi began.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Jermaine sympathically said.

Omi shrugged. "It's quite all right." The boy gave a smile to show he was indeed okay.

After two more classes, Omi and Jermaine headed to the cafetorium. The former plopped himself down at the table nearest to one of the windows. Everyone gaped.

"Is there something on my face?" Omi asked Jermaine. "Everyone is staring at me…"

"Um…maybe we should choose another table. You see, there are these two groups who always fight over this table and…"

"Hey, this is our table!" a new voice piped up. Both turned to see a Brazilian kid walked up. "Get lost midget," he sneered.

"I am…" but Omi was cut off by another voice.

"Well, if it isn't the Xiaolin Trio. You get lost, this is our table!" a red-haired boy snarled.

"Tch, this time it's ours!" the other boy said.

"We got here first, so get lost Jack!" a Japanese girl said, waving her hand at the red-head, as if expecting he was going to disappear.

"No way. This is the Heylin's table," Jack growled.

"Is there a problem Jack?" another voice joined in the banter. A tall black-haired male, and a red-haired female ventured to the table.

"Yeah, the Xiaolin losers won't get lost."

"That's because this is OUR table!"

"And our names aren't losers. I'm Raimundo, she's Kimiko, and he's Clay!" the Brazilian yelled back. "Get that in your puny brain!"

"Excuse me, but I believe I was here first." Everyone turned to the small boy sitting at the center.

Jermaine groaned. "Omi, we should…" But it was too late. Omi had already unpacked his luch, and started eating.

"Who do you think you are!" Raimundo and Jack shouted at the same time. The two both aimed a fist at the small boy. Everyone expected for the crack in the petite boy's head, but Omi simply dodged them.

"What the…" Raimundo was cut short when a foot was imprinted in his face.

Jack snorted in laughter, but a small fist sent him flying.

Jermaine's eyes widened at Omi, who had sat down, calmly eating his lunch. "Jermaine, why don't you sit down?" the boy asked. Shaking his head, the black teen sat down next to Omi.

"Come Wuya, let's find another table for now…" the tall black-haired boy drawled, and headed towards an open table. He is very interesting...

"Come on Kimiko, Clay," Raimundo commanded, rubbing his cheek.

Kimiko rolled her eyes. "Since when were you boss?" But she followed him anyways.

"Dang Omi, that was cool," Jermaine whispered.

Omi shrugged again. "That was easy to do. Who were they anyway?"

"Well, as I was explaning before, there are two groups that fight over this table because this is like the best spot in the cafetorium. They are the Xiaolin, and the Heylin. The Xiaolin consists of Raimundo Pedrosa, Kimiko Toho, and Clay Bailey. The Heylin is made up of Jack Spicer, Wuya Zhao, and Chase Young, and several others, but those three are the best known members, though Jack is actually a wimp."

"But the Xiaolin is outnumbered, so wouldn't they lose?" Omi asked, chomping on his sandwhich.

"Yeah…but they're really strong. They're like one of the best fighters in this school. They each have their own signature moves. But the best martial artist in the entire school is Chase Young."

"I see, but if he's so strong, wouldn't the Xiaolin lose all the time."

"Yeah, but he doesn't join the fights. He leaves it up to the others."

Just then, the bell rang, signalling the end of lunch."

"What's next?" Omi asked, while throwing away his leftovers.

"P.E.!" Jermaine excitedly said, looking at Omi's schedule. "And you're in my class. The best part is, today's a practiace martial arts competition. You'll get to see the Xiaolin and the Heylin in action cause they're in our class…"

"Oh…what's the practice marital arts competition for?"

Jermiane began to enthusiactically talk about how the martial arts competition was just a contest to see who was the strongest. The practice was just to show how things were done, in case anyone forgot. "Chase Young won all of them ever since he came to this school!"

However, Omi was beginning to get hyped up. He loved a good opponent! "Well, I'm going to win it this year!" he boasted to Jermaine, whom smiled at Omi's antics.

"Well…I don't know, Chase is really strong. He sent everyone that be battled against to the hospital. Come on, let's get to class!"

--- --- --- 000 --- --- ---

After Omi was introduced to the class, he received two glares, which he ignored, and walked over to Jermaine's side.

The teacher began to call out people's names to fight.

"Clay versus Tubymura!"

The Texan smirked at his chubby opponent. "Ready to lose partner?" And Clay stayed true to his word.

He yelled out, "SEISMIC KICK!" and sent the ninja-wannabe into the wall.

"That's Clay's signature move!" Jermaine said to Omi, who nodded, but was not impressed.

After several more fights, Jermaine was paired up with Kimiko. The fight went on for thirty minutes, before Kimiko shouted, "Judolette Flip!" and kicked Jermaine onto the ground. He groaned, and couldn't get up, therefore, the female was the winner.

"Jermaine, you okay?" Omi asked worriedly about his new friend. Jeramaine nodded weakly, and smiled.

"Help me to the bleachers. I wanna watch the rest of the fights!" he exlaimed. Omi chuckled.

"Raimundo versus Omi!" the teacher called out.

"Good luck, little man," Jermaine cheered. Omi nodded.

"You're going to pay, midget," Raimundo spat angrily. He and Omi both got into their fighting stance.


At the signal, they both rushed at each other.

"TYPHOON BOOM!" the taller boy screamed, smirking. Omi was caught off guard and was hurled towards the other end of the gym.

Raimundo smirked, thinking he had won, but the smaller boy did flipped, landing gracefully upon his feet. Everyone gasped. How good was the new kid?

"Is that all you got?" Omi asked, giving a small grin. The Brazilian boy growled in anger, and rushed at the boy.

However… "Tornade Strike!" Everyone watched in awe, even Chase Young was paying attention, as the puny boy spun around, kicking Raimundo in the stomach. The force was so strong, that when Raimundo slumped onto the floor, there was an indent in the wall.

"Wow…that was wicked…" Jermaine murmured.

Chase studied Omi, as he defeated his opponents, one by one, including Wuya, who was considered the second strongest martial artists in the school

Soon, it came down to Chase and Omi. But it was no surprise after Omi had defeated Wuya in combat. Everyone awaited eagerly for the fight to begin.

At the teacher's signal, Omi and Chase leaped at each other with the same type of kick. They blocked each other's attacks. The two become so fast, that it was hard to keep up with what they were doing.

They shouted the names of several attacks, but neither was relenting.

"You are very good…" Chase whispered.

"Thank you…you are too.." Omi replied back, aiming a kick at the older boy's stomach, but the attack failed.

Finally after a few moments, Omi did a sweep kick, knocking Chase off his feet. Everyone's eyes nearly popped. The new student actually got a hit in!

But Omi's glory did not last long. Chase hurriedly got up, and pinned Omi to the ground. The younger boy struggled against the tight grip, but Chase was heavier and was technically stronger. Omi knew that, for he could tell that the pale teen was testing him.

After a few moments, the teacher announced that Chase was the winner. Before releasing his hold on Omi, he whispered seductively into Omi's ear, "Go out with me."

--- --- 000 --- ---

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