Ryuu Gakuen High

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Russet eyes calmly watched the petite boy furiously kicked the large target towering over him. Omi Kairyuu was obviously so talented that it didn't matter if his opponent had a height advantage… He could tell, the monks' teaching had made him arrogant… but he was still a child. Such things can be easily cured when young. The boy would make a fine partner if given the proper tutelage.

Chapter Two:

Omi rushed at the looming dummy, slamming his staff into the body, pretending it was Chase Young. Why did he lose? And he could tell, with his sharp eyes, that the older boy was merely testing him – holding back in the match. It was humilating, and to think the beautiful russet-eyed man had the gall to ask, no, ORDER him to go on a date with him!

Wait… beautiful! Narrowing his eyes, Omi let loose a battle cry to vent his fustration. Jerking his weapon up with a twisted motion, he sent the stuffed mannequin flying high into the air. The small boy jumped, and slammed the poor dummy into a tree, cracking it into two battered pieces.

Panting, Omi swiftly turned around at the sound of clapping. He bit back a frown when he realized it was Chase. Politely, he asked, "What are you doing here?" with a hint of hate laced into the words.

"I was just observing… I'll be picking you at seven by the way," he added sauntering away. "See you later," he said, saluting Omi with two fingers without turning back.

"All r- Wait! I didn't even agree!" Omi angrily cried out. However, the teenager didn't seem to hear him as he kept on walking. Clenching his pole, the small boy growled before cracking the wooden staff in two out of anger. Despite the fact he didn't like using vile words, the only thing that could perfect describe the elegant Chase Young was: bastard!

Behind him, blue eyes watched in amusement. Sending Omi to Ryuu Gakuen High was a good decision. He had heard great tales of Omi's great potential, but it seemed Omi thought he was too good to cultivate that potential. Now the boy had motivation to improve himself instead of wallowing in self-arrogance. But… the pale teenager that had walked away seemed rather… dangerous. Hopefully, Omi wouldn't be hurt.

"Fung, are you sure this is the right decision?" Dojo asked his friend. The man nodded, his eyes still focused on the boy. Sighing, the yellow-eyed man walked away to tend to his monk duties leaving his long-time friend alone with his nephew.

"Omi," Mr. Fung called out as he stepped from behind the tree.

"Mister Fung!" the boy cried out in surprised. Why was his teacher doing here?

"It's Master Fung here, Omi. I am going to be your teacher," the elderly man explained. At first, the child was about to protest, but after Chase… perhaps…

"All right… Master Fung."

The man smiled in satisfaction.

Raimundo Pedrosa twitched as he noticed the Omi brat sitting in his Saturday martial arts class.

The brunette was a talented fighter, and his skills had attracted the head of the local Xiaolin Temple. At first, he declined the offer given to him to train there, but with nothing better to do, he started to attend the classes hosted there. With his famous "street smarts", it was no wonder that he was able to get to the "Apprentice" level so quickly. Two others, Kimiko Tohomiko and Clay Bailey, managed to succeed in rising to the Apprentice level. Together, they were a fearsome bunch. Because of their training together, people knew them as the Xiaolin Warriors.

"What are you doing here cheesball?" he sneered.

"I am here for a lesson. Perhaps I am in the wrong place. Would you care to show me the wrong to the Apprentice section?" the boy retorted.

"Why you little-"

"Just leave him alone Rai. You're just still sore about yesterday," Kimiko cut in, wanting to stop any foolish decisions the Brazilian boy might want to do. Turning around, she smiled at the small boy. "Hi, I'm Kimiko Tohomiko. That was some great moves at the practice matches yesterday," she complimented.

"Why thank you. You too, showed some great moves, yesterday, for a girl," Omi unwittingly added.

"What do you mean, for a girl?" Kimiko asked, restraining her urge to flip the boy into oblivion. Before Omi could say anything else, Fung clapped for their attention.

"Settled down now," the pale monk said. "Omi is now a part of our class…"

Raimundo restrained a growl. Omi was such a pampered brat! Just because he dished out some cool moves, all of sudden, he's an apprentice! It was an insult to all his hard work! He was going to embarrass the boy one or another…

"RAIMUNDO!" Green eyes snapped up to see a rather irritated old monk. "Have you been listening to what I said?" Blushing slightly, the brunette slowly shook his head and flashed a goofy smile.

"I was…uh… admiring your shiny head."

WHACK! While Raimundo rubbed his sore head, Fung started telling what they were going to do.

"Today, the Heylin Temple trainees are here because they are fixing their training grounds."

"WHAT! Why can't-" all, except for Omi, started to protest.

Fun raised a hand, signalling the three to be quiet. "They will be training separately, so no harm is done. Do NOT provoke them. Also, Guan will be supervising your training."

"Really! That's great!" Kimiko clapped.

"Who's Guan?" Omi asked, blinking in confusion.

"Right now, he's the only Xiaolin Dragon. We need to pass two more levels," the Japanese girl explained. "He's really strong!"

Omi couldn't wait to meet Guan.

Omi widened his eyes as he spotted Chase Young across the field. He restrained his urge to shoot his blunt spear at his pretty head. Pretty… ARGH! NOT AGAIN! He blinked. Did… did he just WINK at him!

Angrily, Omi turned around, concentrating upon the course set up. Don't turn around… don't turn around … don't turn around…

"You must be Omi." Jumping up from shock, Omi stared into kind brown eyes. "I'm Guan. I've heard a lot about you," the teenager smiled, holding out his hand for a handshake which Omi happily returned with a smile.

"As have I. I would love to have a match with you," the boy slyly added.

Guan laughed. "Maybe later. Right now, you have to run around this track."

Nodding, Omi took off when the older male gestured him to start. However, since the course was circular, he was suddenly facing towards the Heylin's training area… Omi sped up his pace when Chase blew a kiss at him. HOW DARE HE!

From the sidelines, the famous Guan watched the interactions between Chase and Omi. He slightly glared at the Heylin martial artist, but the man's eyes was solely focused on the small boy expertly manuevering around the traps and ruts. Guan knew, from that look, that Chase was up to something… hopefully, Omi would stay clear of him… but knowing Chase…

"How was that?" an exhausted voice asked, breaking Guan's train of thought. Looking at a flushed Omi, he also looked at his stopwatch. He nearly gawked at the time. The boy nearly broke HIS record.

Guan smiled. "Great job," he congratulated the boy with a pat. For some reason, his senses were screaming, "DANGER!" However, he simply shrugged it off. Too bad he didn't see Chase's narrowed glare.

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