Summary: A strange gas starts to affect the people of Smallville. It leads to deadly results. Clark and Chloe only have twelve hours to find a cure before it kills,their friends and family.(REVIEWS PLEASE)

Pairing: some Lana and Clark

Spoilers: some

Notes:Chloe knows about Clark's powers.

12 Hours

He checked his read outs again. For the tenth time in fact. This time he had gotten it right. everything was perfect. All the times he tried to do this to get it right. This was the perfect. Soon he would have just what he wanted. The ability to do as he wished and not feel bad about it.

He went to the shelf and took the red stones. He went back to his machine and placed the stones in it. He started the machine and stepped back. The lasers began to cut into the stone. Small pieces of the stone fell away , soon all that was left was small shards. He pushed a button and the stones where crushed into a fine powder.

Next came a loud whoosh and the powder was taken away into a large vat of chemicals. He watched as the powders of other red stones mixed together with the chemicals. Soon the mixture was boiling. He watched as the mixture,turned into a gas. Then he heard it. The loud alarm that told him that he had failed again. He knew that he must turn off the machine. If he didn't he knew that if he didn't the whole place would explode. He didn't care anymore. He waited until he saw the meters all hit red. He smiled. A moment later his whole lab exploded.

Lois sat up in bed. She pulled the sleep mask off her face."Oh, this is too much."she said. Then she looked out the window and saw the large fire, that was coming from somewhere out of town. She jumped out of the bed and put on her slippers. She raced down stairs and found Clark and his parents standing outside.

"What happened?"Lois asked.

"I don't know."Jonathon said.

"What's out there dad?"Clark asked.

"Just some old warehouses."his father said.

"What do you think it was Jonathon?"Martha asked.

"Might have been a gas main."Jonathon said.

"Should we do something?"Lois asked.

"What we should do is go inside and get some sleep. I'm sure everything will be all right."Jonathon said. Everyone started to head back inside. Clark watched the flames rage in the distance. Jonathon looked back and saw Clark. He walked toward his son. He put his hand on Clark's shoulder.

"Come inside son,you can't do anything right now,besides I'm sure every thing's fine."his father said. Clark nodded and followed his father inside.

This time it was the rooster that woke Lois up from her sleep. Again she sat up in bed and pulled off his sleep mask. "What is rooster doing in the Alps with me and Brad Pitt?"Lois said.

"Sounds like you were in the middle of something?"Clark said.

"Hey, John Boy why don't you go milk the cow."Lois said. Clark shook his head and went down stairs.

Clark went to the sight of the explosion,when he got there he saw police,fire,FBI and EPA trucks. Men were going over the place with a fine tooth comb. There was large burned warehouse. A fine red mist hung over the remains of the warehouse.

"Clark, your here."Chloe said.

"I wanted to see what happened."Clark said.

"From what limited information I was able to get. It seems that this place was owned by some scientist."Chloe said.

"Do they know what he was working on?"Clark asked.

"Not really,they don't even know who this guys was."Chloe said. A moment later a group of men ran to a section of the place. Clark and Chloe followed, they were able to see what looked like to be the remains of a body. The EMT s pulled out the body.

"Oh,man that's gross."Chloe said.

"We need to find out who that was."Clark said.

"Yeah. I'll see if I can get some of my contacts to help out."Chloe said. Clark and Chloe headed back to her car. Clark stopped for a moment. He felt very odd, he felt himself start to lose control. Chloe felt that same way,she slowly started to lose control her self. Clark grabbed Chloe and kissed her hard on the lips.

"Chloe,have I told you how sexy you look today."Clark said.

"It's about time you noticed."She said.

"What do you say we get out of here and have some fun."Clark said.

"Let's go to my place."Chloe said.

Chloe pulled her car to a stop. Her and Clark went inside her house and head right to her bedroom. They couldn't keep their hands off each other. Chloe ripped opened Clark's shirt,she ran her a hand over his body. Clark had taken off Chloe's top. She pushed Clark back on her bed then she climbed on top of him. Chloe leaned over Clark and kissed him on the lips.

Chloe and Clark then stopped kissing. The opened there eyes and looked at each other. Chloe jumped off Clark and grabbed a towel and covered herself.

"Clark,who did we end up here?"Chloe said.

"I don't know,one minute we were at the fire sight,next thing I know, your on top of me."Clark said.

"This is really weird."Chloe said.

"Your telling me."Clark said.

"I'm going to let you get dressed."Clark said. He then got his shirt and walked out of her room. Chloe walked out of her house and found Clark standing next to her car.

"Ready to go?"Chloe asked.

"Yeah I think that we need to go back to the warehouse and see whats going on."Clark said.

"Let's go."Chloe said. They got in her car and headed back to the warehouse. When they got back to the warehouse,they found that all the public safety people had left. This would give them the time they needed to look around.

"So,what does those Super eyes of your see?"Chloe asked. Clark scanned the area. He stopped when he found something made of lead."There's something right here. I can't see what it is."He said. He went to the spot and picked up the small lead box.

"What is it?"She asked."

"Let's find out."Clark said. He opened the box. It was empty.

"Who would keep something in a red lined box?"Chloe said.

"I don't know maybe we should head to the Torch and see if we can find out who that body was?"Clark said.

"Sound like a plan."Chloe said.

Clark walked into the Torch with Chloe's cappa chino and his coffee. He handed her the drink and she took a drink.

"Eww, cold."She said.

"Here allow me."Clark said. He took the cup and took of the lid. A quick blast of heat vision and it was warm again. Chloe took the cup from him.

"Remind me to call you if I ever need to start something on fire."Chloe said.

"No problem. Any luck on our crispy critter?"he asked.

"None,yet they're going to after go with dental records."Chloe said.

"While I was gone I ran into Sheriff Adams I asked her if there was any missing person reports."Clark said.

"Your not one of Her favorite people,did she tell you anything?"Chloe asked.

"No missing persons at all."Clark said.

"Maybe it was someone who was homeless?"Chloe asked.

"What if someone owned that warehouse?"Clark said.

"That could be some a possibly."Chloe said. She turned and hit a few keys of the keyboard."Clark,since when were you a good investigative reporter."she asked.

"I hang around you."Clark said with a smile."Hey I hit to leave you hanging bu t I got to get home and help my dad. Give me a call if you find something."his said.

"Sure thing."She said. A rush of air and Clark was gone using his super-speed. Chloe smiled"That's is too cool."She said,then went back to her work.

Clark came home to find his mother and father in the truck. They were in the middle of the field. He dad was doing dough nuts. Clark was stunned he wanted yo laugh a first but soon realized that his father and mother were under the same thing that happened to him and Chloe.

"YEEEEEHAAAWWW"His father screamed from the truck. Clark ran into the middle of the field.

"Mom,Dad?"he said.

"Hey son,grab a beer and hop in me and your mom are going to Cooter's you what to come."his father said. Clark looked at his father, he was puzzled. As far as he knew his dad never knew anyone named Cooter.

"Come on Clark."his mother called. He watched for a few more moments. Then he reached out a grabbed the bumper of the truck. The truck stopped moving. His dad got out of the truck.

"What's going on?"his father said.

"Dad you and mom aren't feeling very good right now."Clark said.

"I feel great son."his father said.

"Let's go inside,dad."Clark said

"Go to hell."His father said. His dad threw a punch. Clark quickly dodged it and slapped his father lightly on the head. He father fell to the ground knocked out.

"Let's go inside mom."He said.

"Party pooper."his mother said.

Chloe pulled her car to a stop in front of Clark's house. She got out and ran inside.

"Clark?"She called.

"Yeah."he said.

"We're are your parents?"she asked.

"In their room."Clark said.

"Isn't that a little weird."Chloe said.

"Not for that, The same thing that happened to you and me happened to them."Clark said.

"You mean making out?"Chloe asked.

"No,I came home to find my mom and dad doing dough nuts in the field."he said.

"I got some news. Two of the Firefighters,that went to the call last night are dead."Chloe said.

"What, how?"Clark asked.

"It appears that about a hour after they got back to the fire house,they started acting odd. Next thing you know they are having a lovers quarrel. Ten hours later they committed suicide." she said.

"Chloe we have to hurry or else my parents are dead."Clark said.