Chloe and Clark walked into his parent's hospital room. They were both resting comfortably. They both smiled when they saw Chloe and Clark came into the room. Clark and Chloe gave Jonathon and Martha some flowers.

"How are you guys feeling?" Clark asked.

"We're feeling a whole lot better thanks to you two." Jonathon said.

"I'm just glad that you two are going to be alright." Clark said.

"We're very proud of both of you." Martha said.

"Thanks, I'm going to check on Lois." Chloe said.

"Chloe, will tell Lana that I'll be right there?" Clark asked.

"Sure." Chloe said.

"Uh, Clark, I want to apologize I think I might have said some things that I never meant." Jonathon said.

"Dad, we both know that what happens when someone is under the effects of Red kryptonite some of what they say is true." Clark said.

"That might be true and I'm going to admit that sometimes it's hard. But son you're the best thing that ever happened to me, and I won't trade that for anything." Jonathon said.

"Dad, who was Cooter?" Clark asked.

"Uh, Cooter, well that's along story." Jonathon said.

"So let me get this straight, some yahoo Doctor uses meteor rocks and it makes everyone revel their inner most wants and desires?" Lois said.

"Yeah, it made everyone in town freak out." Chloe explained.

"So did I do anything that would warrant jail time?" Lois asked.

"Well you would have to ask Clark that question. I was out of town at the time." Chloe said.

"Lois, how are you feeling?" Clark said.

"Please tell me that I didn't do anything that you could use to blackmail me with?" Lois asked.

"Well there was the pole dancing and then there was the matter of a video. I really don't know." Clark teased it was one of the few times he got the upper hand on her.

"Lois, Clark said that you were very helpful." Chloe said reassuring her cousin.

"What about me?" Lana said.

"Sorry." Clark said then he went to her and kissed her gently on the lips. "How are you feeling?" Clark asked.

"I feel great. I just wish I could remember what happened." Lana said.

"Let's just say the June Cleaver never tired to stab Ward." Clark said.

"Oh my god, I didn't hurt you did I?" Lana asked.

"No." Clark reassured her. Then he kissed her softly on the lips.

Clark and Chloe waited as Angel and Dr. Palmer prepared to head back to Metropolis. Palmer was loading the last of their things into the car.

"Well we're all set to go." He told Angel.

"Great, well I have to say that this was less of a boring trip than I thought it was going to be." Angel said.

"Well that's the trick to Smallville, just when you think you got this place figured out something weird happens." Chloe said.

"You two make a great team." Palmer said.

"Yeah well, he's the muscle and I'm the brains" Chloe said.

"Thanks for all the help Dr. Palmer." Clark said.

"No thank you for reminding me that it's my job to help people." Palmer said.

"We better get going Ray." Angel said.

"Right." Palmer said.

"Goodbye Dr. Palmer and thanks." Chloe said then she hugged Palmer.

"Thank you Chloe." Palmer said.

"Dr. Palmer thanks for the help." Clark said.

"Your welcome Clark, and you won't have to worry I won't tell anyone about you." Palmer said.

"Thank you." Clark said.

"Clark, I hope one day you show the world how special you are." Palmer said.

"Don't worry he will." Chloe said. Clark and Chloe watched Palmer drive off.

"Do you think you'll ever see him again?" Chloe asked.

"Who knows?" Clark said.

"Hey by the way I did figure out who was bank rolling Madden." Chloe said as she handed Clark a file. Clark took it from her and skimmed thought it.

"Alexi Roulth, who is he?" Clark asked.

"That's just it I don't know. I checked all the Luthor corp. files and I never found him. I even check with the feds and nothing. Clark this guy never existed." Chloe said.

"Are you saying that this person made up as a front?" Clark said.

"Yeah he's like a dummy corporation for the mob." Chloe said.

"But who has that much power?" Clark asked. Clark glanced at the file again. Just then a light bulb went on in his head. "Chloe you got a pen?" He asked.

"I'm a reporter Clark?" she said taking a pen out.

"Alexi Roulth is a anagram." Clark said.

"Really for who?" Chloe asked. She watched as Clark wrote some thing down. When he was done he hand the file back to Chloe. She quickly glanced at what Clark wrote.

"Your joking right?" Chloe asked.

"No, Alexi Roulth is a anagram for Lex Luthor." Clark said.

"What are we going to do?" Chloe said.

"Chloe I don't think we can do anything for the moment." Clark said.

Lex was shooting a game of pool when his father walked in. Lex was about take a shot when Lionel picked up the cue ball.

"Lex who is Alexi Roulth?" Lionel said.

"I don't know who your talking about, Dad." Lex said.

"Alexi Roulth, you thought him up years ago when you got caught for planting a virus in the Luthor Corp computer system." Lionel said.

"And you think I brought him back for some reason?" Lex said.

"Yes to fund Dr. Madden's research. You however didn't think that he would touch with reality, he could have killed everyone in Smallville not to mention yourself and me. And for what some love potion to get the woman of your dreams to fall in love with you." Lionel said.

"You're the one losing his grip on reality." Lex told his father.

"All the same as long as you have competitions she'll never be yours." Lionel said. He tossed the ball back to Lex and then walked out of the room. Lex waited until his father was gone then he threw the ball. It shattered the window.

Lex stood there, he knew that his father was right. As long as he was around she would never be his.