I know I don't usually write during school, but I had some time to kill. I'll write chapters as I'm able, but they may be far and in between. Sons of Thunder is the property of USA, CBS, Chuck Norris, and whoever else owns it. Special thanks to Jaimi who has graciously allowed me to borrow the background of the stories "Childhood Nightmares" and "Bullies and Saints".


Carlos Sandoval was in Uppercuts enjoying a drink when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Years of police training, caused him to whip around and strike.

"Whoa! Easy!" a voice chided as a hand came out to block his attack.

"You know, you could've gotten yourself hurt," Carlos chided his best friend, Trent Malloy.

"Not likely. I'm better at karate than you," Trent teased. Carlos just rolled his eyes.

"Well, you know it must be a slow day when Trent's teasing Carlos," a voice quipped. The boys turned around to see Kim, Sutton, the woman who kept everything in Thunder Investigations in top shape.

"Funny Kim," Carlos said. Butch McCannon, the owner of Uppercuts turned on the t.v.

"Hey, turn that up," Carlos requested.

"And in further news, Dallas residents continue to protest the release of a group of inmates from Huntsville Penitentiary," the anchorwoman stated. As she continued to talk, mug shots of the released men were shown.

"I don't believe it. How can they release these guys?" Kim wondered. Suddenly, Carlos froze. His eyes locked onto one of the pictures.

"Carlos?" Kim asked.

"Carlos, are you okay?" Butch queried.

"Leroy," Carlos said.