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Part One: Scurry

Garret leaned against the door frame of Trace. Nigel and Bug looked up from the fibers they were discussing. Garret spoke quietly. "Jordan's coming back."

"For a visit?" Bug asked.

Macy shook his head. "She's coming home. To stay."

"Did – I thought everything was going really well." No matter how much Nigel missed her, his voice expressed the concern of a good friend who puts his friend's happiness above his needs.

Macy shrugged, still feeling numb from the phone call he'd received. He looked down for a moment. "Danny was killed in an attempted casino hold up."

"Oh, God, poor Jordan," breathed Nigel.


Six years previously

Jordan groaned when her alarm went off. She slammed one hand down on the snooze button and pulled the sheets over her head. Her head spun with lack of sleep and she could feel an incipient ache at her temples. There's always another flight tomorrow night, he'd said. Damn him. She'd tossed and turned most of the night after that. Tossed, turned and maybe, possibly, called an airline or two to find out about those flight times. She sat up before the alarm could shrill again and switched it off. A shower would help.

A cold shower.

Face it, Jordan, she told herself as she shed her pajamas and turned on the water, you want him, want what he's offering. She sighed as she stepped under the water. "No complications, Jordan. Just – Just a chance to wear that last set of pajamas," he'd whispered before leaving her. "No strings. Nothing more. Two people who like each other. A lot."

No complications. Was that even possible? Hadn't it been at one point in her life? Before Woody waltzed into her life.

Come on, Jordan, maybe it wasn't complicated, but was it worth it?

She shampooed her hair and sighed again. She kept coming back to one simple fact: she wanted him. She wanted him in a way she'd nearly forgotten she could want someone other than Woody. A stab of guilt went through her. Didn't she still want Woody?

Doesn't matter. He doesn't want you.

"Oh, hell," she muttered as she turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. Dripping, one towel around her hair, another held against her body, she called the airline that had had the earliest flight to Vegas. Then she threw a few things in a bag.

Two hours later she was on a plane.


Wondering what on earth she'd done, what had possessed her – Oh, right, Jordan, you know damn well what possessed you! – she sat in her seat as the other passengers deplaned. When the aisles were clearing, she stood up and pulled her carry-on down from the overhead bin. Hoping she wasn't shaking visibly, she made her way past the flight attendants and captain who looked as if they'd begun to worry their last passenger had decided to remain rooted to her seat.

She walked out of the jet way and started past the crowds of people waiting to board the next leg of the flight.

"I was beginning to think you were going to keep going to Seattle."

Jordan whirled at the sound of the voice and found Danny McCoy leaning against a poster advertising Celine Dion's show. She gaped at him. "How'd you know I – And how'd you get in here?"

He grinned and moved toward her, sliding an arm around her waist and pulling her close. "I confess." He brushed a stray lock of hair from her face. "I flagged your credit card. And, as for being here, well…" He gave her an aw-shucks shrug. "I pulled a few strings." He studied her face. "Do you mind?"

Her eyes were wide, stunned, but she recovered her composure with Jordan-like speed. "I should."

He dipped his mouth toward hers. "But…?"

She tilted up her chin. "I'll let it slide. This time."

He chuckled before bringing his mouth to hers. His kiss was gentle, but not at all tentative. He knew what he wanted and made no secret of communicating it to her. When they pulled apart, he rested his forehead on hers for a moment. "Is that all you brought?" He gestured to her carry-on.

She nodded, her mouth as arid as the desert around the city.

Without asking, he slipped the strap from her shoulder and took her hand. "Come on. I've pulled a few more strings."

He wasn't kidding, Jordan found out. With a wave to a plain clothes security guard, he led her out a doorway marked Authorized Personnel ONLY, through a short corridor and down a flight of steps to another door. This one opened into a bright Las Vegas day and in a few steps, Jordan found herself in one of the Montecito's limos.

As they settled in, he asked her if she was hungry.

Jordan arched an eyebrow. "Lunch?" She placed a hand on the back of his head and pulled him to her for another kiss. His arms went around her, his hands moved against her back, chasing shivers up and down her spine. By the time they parted, both were breathing fast.

Danny grinned. "Would room service be better?"


Danny lay on one side and watched her sleep, her back to him, her body close. Her dark hair spilled over the pillow and, in slumber, she looked carefree, content. As gently as he could, he stroked her cheek, the satin of her skin reawakening his desire. He'd meant it when he's promised her no strings, but he had to admit she stirred something in him. He wouldn't mind having her in his bed every night. No sane man would, but it was more than that. He liked her in a way he hadn't liked any woman in a long time. She was honest and straightforward, as well as passionate about her work and – he suspected – the people in her life, once she let them in. He didn't know what had happened with Hoyt – and he didn't care except that it seemed to have dimmed something in her – but it was obvious things had changed. Watching her breathe deeply and easily, inhaling the scent of her, Danny realized he didn't want things to change back.

He bent to her shoulder and began dropping butterfly kisses on her skin. She smiled in her sleep. He whispered her name. Her eyes flickered open and she rolled on her back to gaze up at him. "Hi," she murmured.

"Hi," he replied with a smile.

"What time is it?"

He told her. "We're having dinner with Ed."

She started. "Well, I hope he likes my pajamas. I didn't bring much else."

He laughed. "Don't worry. I'll have something sent up from one of the shops."

Jordan shook her head in disbelief. Then she grinned. "A girl could get used to this."

"I hope so," he murmured in her ear, feeling a shudder go through her. "Give me a minute." He made a phone call or two – got her size right without asking, Jordan noted, and said, with a sly grin over his shoulder, that red was the only color that would do. When he hung up, he turned back to her. "Taken care of. They'll send someone up. In the meantime…." His finger traced a line up her arm and along her collarbone, trailing up the column of her throat to lift her chin. "What else could a girl get used to, Jordan?"

His hand slipped beneath her head, cradling her as their mouths met again. Beneath his, her lips parted and they kissed deeply, thoroughly. With his free hand, Danny began to stroke the line of her hip bone, feeling her arch to meet him. His lips trailed down her neck and along the swell of her breast. As his hand slipped between her thighs, he teased softly, "Could a girl get used to this?"

She nodded and made a small sound of pleasure in the back of her throat.

His deft fingers caressed her thighs and he kissed his way down her abdomen. "How about this?"

She nodded again, biting back moans of delight.

Her body shuddered as he moved over her and slid into her. "Get used to this, Jordan?"

She swallowed. He twined his fingers in hers and laid her hands on the pillow, on either side of her head. He gazed down into her eyes, watching as she fought with herself. The battle raged in her eyes. He could swim in their honey depths if she'd let him. "It's okay," he whispered, his voice as gently caressing as his fingers had been. "Let go, Jordan. Let yourself feel. I'm not going to hurt you." He shifted slightly and knew he'd found an angle which heightened her pleasure. His own arousal raged, but he held back, wanting the pleasure they'd shared before to touch her body and soul this time. "I promise," he pledged. To his dismay – and hers – tears sprung to her eyes. He felt her retreat. "Hey, hey," he murmured in her ear. "Remember, no complications. Two people who like each other, right?"

She caught her breath, forced back the pain and nodded. "A lot," she smiled tightly.

"Yeah." His smile encouraged her. She relaxed and gave in to what he wanted to give her.

When she lay in his arms, her head on his shoulder, she felt – empty. But for the first time in a very long time, it was the good kind of empty. The kind waited to be filled. If it was supposed to have been Woody who brought her to this point, she pushed that feeling away. That was over.


Sam knocked on Danny's door, holding the dress, shoes and, unbeknownst to Jordan, the jewelry he'd asked for. His face registered his surprise when Sam smiled sweetly at him. "I ran into Kris and told her I'd bring up your – attire." Sam tried to peer around him. "Where is she?"

Danny smirked at her. "Who?" He took the items from her, still blocking any view of the room with his body.

"Oh, come on, Danny. Unless you've decided red is your color and you look good in a strapless gown and heels…."

"I haven't."

Sam nodded. "Then who is she?"

"Weren't you invited to dinner, too?"

Sam tapped a foot. "Yes. So?"

As he closed the door, he smiled just as sweetly as she had. "You'll see."

Thwarted, Sam scowled as she made her way back to the elevator. Woody stood in the car, holding the door. Sulkily, Sam said, "He's bringing her to dinner."

"Who is it?" Hoyt asked.

Sam shrugged. "Probably some showgirl. He'll parade her around tonight and then tomorrow have forgotten her name. If he ever knew it."


Sam was on her second club soda, Woody his third (nothing stronger for the two of them just then) when Danny made his entrance. "Twenty minutes late," Sam breathed. She recognized the dress about the time Woody recognized the woman in it.

His blue eyes burning with jealous fury, Woody muttered, "Oh, he knows her name."

"Yeah," Sam agreed, unable to get out more than that.

Danny kept a protective arm around Jordan's waist as he re-introduced her to Ed Deline. The casino owner leaned in and gave her a friendly kiss on the cheek. "I'm so glad you decided to come visit – us."

Blushing slightly, Jordan let her gaze drift up briefly toward Danny. "Me, too," she assured Ed.

Woody seethed.

END Part One