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Those voices.. They're outside.. Where I must be..


Pathetic bugs.

Rumbling The Kyuubi let out a roar, the sound echoed over the dense forests as it approached its target. Konoha. Slowly he made his way through the forest crushing the trees on his path to the hive.. Suddenly a small spark of fire struck the Kyuubi singeing some of the beast's fur.

Tilting its head downwards it bared its teeth at the bugs under it. Maliciously it struck its paw against the bug, crushing its lower body under the pad of the Kyuubi's foot. Lifting it's Paw up to its mouth the Kyuubi licked the blood off its paw and continued on towards the hive of the Bugs. Occasionally crushing the soldiers as they fought valiantly to stop it from taking their home.

Confidently Kyuubi continued on its path oblivious to the in comparison weak attacks aimed at him. Slowly a screeching sound filled the air. Roaring in slight pain the Kyuubi scanned the surrounding for the source of the noise. His eyes settled on a blazing blue spark to his right. It sounded like a thousand birds chirping as something tore them apart. Lifting its clawed paw up it slammed it where the boy stood. Instead of the expected feeling of moisture the dry feeling of earth found the paw. Snarling the Kyuubi looked back to his front to where the noise now emanated from. Surprised he saw a small bug charging at him, its hand lit up with a seemingly powerful attack.

But the attack never came into contact, As the bug came within ten meters of striking distance. A translucent red barrier emerged in his path thinking quickly the bug sliced his Chakra enveloped hand against the barrier, tearing a small hole into it before it mended. With the barrier complete the bug was thrown backwards violently sending him crashing through numerous trees.

Unable to see the bug through the thick foliage Kyuubi's ears dropped, he had lost a potential toy. Leaving his stupor as quickly as he entered it Kyuubi continued on his path towards the rest of the Bugs. A mild pain erupted from his paws, Whining he lifted his paw off the ground, only to find a bloodied rock formation under it start to melt away.

As soon as the wound appeared it vanished, but the pain lingered on. Enraged the Kyuubi fanned its tails out against the ground and spun around, destroying everything around it, everything including the bodies of a few unexperienced Chuunin's.

" Aoba! While we distract it go inform Konoha!" A blood soaked Ninja screamed. The person in question was in less of a state, but was hurt all the same. " I won't abandon my squad. " Aoba said as he prepared to fight further.

" This isn't a request this is an order, GO NOW! " and with that the ninja charged at the Kyuubi. Clenching his fist Aoba turned on his foot and began to run towards Konoha, His feet flaring blue as he forced his body to move faster then it ever had before.

His last memory of his Squad was a blood curdling scream. The scream in question came from the ninja who ordered the Aoba to retreat to Konoha. Hanging from the mouth of the Kyuubi he weakly flashed through the hand seals for " Art of Replacement " and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

The Kyuubi inhaled the smoke and gagged, only to howl in pain as an explosion tore through his mouth as a large bundle of Explosion notes detonated in his mouth. Gargling on the sudden flood of blood coming from his mouth Kyuubi spat the blood out onto the ground, The inside of his mouth glowed red as the flesh stitched itself back together as if nothing had happened, The only evidence of any damage the red stained on his teeth.

Lying in a pool of his own blood and barely alive the wounded ninja gazed up at the sky, pondering the meaning of life and other unanswerable things. Why are Ninja called Ninja, Why are they not called Supermen. Pondering the thought for a moment the Ninja never noticed another one of his squad members sailing through the sky screaming, " I regret nothing! " as he flew out of view.

Realizing reality again the wounded Ninja staggered to his feet, he couldn't see Kyuubi in front of him or to his side. Slowly he turned around to a crimson pair of slitted eyes. A scream was cut off as Kyuubi's teeth finished their job. The Ninja's tattered remains hung between the Kyuubi's teeth as he continued his march towards Konoha.

Maintaining the same speed as he had for the last three hours Aoba ran past the gates of Konoha dodging between countless Civilians and braving A Two-for-One clothing deal. Faltering slightly at the clothing Aoba shook his head There are more important things, Demon things. With renewed vigore Aoba broke through the Hokage tower's doors ignoring the numerous weapons flying through the air at his subtle arrival.

Sighing tiredly The Yondaime Hokage glared at the papers in front of him in contempt. Out loud he voiced his question, " Who ever thought that being Hokage would mean so much paper work? " Yawning tiredly He began to read over the document the Konoha Council requested he signed.

. . . . I effective immediately hand all rights of power and responsibility over to the Konohagakure Village council. . . .

Snorting The Yondaime threw the Paper over his left shoulder discarding it with the countless, Okay exaggerated, with the Thirty other false documents littered throughout the actual work. Glancing out the window to the Hokage Monument He sighed. Maybe I should have stuck with Jounin rank. I would give anything for something to interrupt this-

The Yondaimes train of thought was halted as the doors to his office burst open revealing a bloodied and charka exhausted Aoba. Jumping over his desk The Yondaime reached his side in time to catch him from falling to the ground.

" Aoba-san, what happened? Stone ninjas come to avenge their country? The Cloud trying to start a ne-"The Hokage quickly blurted out only to be cut off by Aoba "Kyuubi. He managed to say before unconsciousness claimed him. Shocked The Yondaime accidentally let Aoba slip from his hands and clatter against the floor. A quick curse word answered his error as he quickly jumped to his feet and ran out the doors, only to be greeted with the sight of an assortment of Jounin's and Chuunin's all looking at him anxiously.

Scratching the back of his head the Yondaime laughed shakily trying to find the words to tell them. "So, Er Kyuubi is on his way here, I think. " The effect of the words was immediate not a single sound was heard that is until one of the lesser knowing Chuunin's voiced his thoughts.

"What's a Kyuubi? "

Said Chuunin found himself on the ground, a growing bludge on top of his head. Above him a Purple haired Jounin stood her left eye twitching as she massaged her slightly red knuckles with her hands.

Glancing back up to the Hokage, she spoke. "Your Orders Hokage-sama. " Smiling grimly the Hokage nodded towards her, "You know the drill. " Silence met his statement. Incredulously he looked at each of them. "Defend Konoha from any Threat! " he said, confusion at the disregard of the obvious.

Without a word more all the Ninja disappeared in a gust of smoke, leaving the Hokage by himself alone. "Kyuubi, this will be fun... I hope. "

Standing upon the top of a large oak tree Arashi glared at the monstrosity in front of him; The Kyuubi in all its demonic glory. Flexing his fingers inwards Arashi began to pour charka from the tenketsus located on his palm, slowly creating soft vortex of charka induced wind above his palm.

Stage one Complete

Grinding his teeth together he sent a surge of Chakra through the tenketsus in use super charging the vortex. In record time he pulled the charka together into a perfect sphere, adding additional pulses of Chakra to it as he prepared himself.

Stage two and three Complete

By now the Kyuubi had taken notice of Arashi, curiously eyeing the bug. Strong for a bug. He thought as he watched the Bug reign control of the sphere of Energy above his hand. Howling in at the potential challenge Kyuubi lunged forwards at the same time as Arashi.

With His Chakra imbued within his muscles Arashi flew forwards faster then the Kyuubi expected and at the Last Moment he threw the hand containing the Chakra sphere forwards, with the intent of striking Kyuubi down. Once Arashi came within Meters of Kyuubi a flash of red indicated the barrier, but it was shredded by the Chakra and Arashi kept going, the orb aimed at the Kyuubi's skull. But it was not to be, The Kyuubi had already slashed its claw. Chakra met bone, and Arashi's sphere went into overdrive grinding away through to the flesh of Kyuubi resulting in a miniature red shower.

Kicking off from the Kyuubi's Paw Arashi landed on the ground, skidding backwards until he came to an abrupt stop against a tree. Seeing Arashi fall down the Kyuubi resumed its trek towards the village unperturbed by the damage done. Without wasting time Arashi charged at the Kyuubi again, cocking his Sphere holding arm. Once again he burst through the Barrier surrounding The Kyuubi, but this time he wasn't aimed head on, Aiming for Kyuubi's right ankle Arashi thrust his hand forward echoing 'Engage! 'From the sphere of Chakra burst a skewering lance. The lance pierced through Kyuubi's flesh grinding away the bone along with the sinewy muscles.

Stage four Success

Dragging the lance upwards Arashi tore it from The Kyuubi's ankle and jumped away. Not a moment to soon, The Kyuubi fell to the ground. Temporarily wounded, but it didn't last long. As soon as Kyuubi collapsed dozens upon Dozens of Konoha Ninjas revealed themselves sending a barrage of their strongest attacks against the Kyuubi. Streams of flames erupted from all directions slamming into the barrier around the Kyuubi. As more and more attacks pressed against the Barrier it collapsed and the attacks burst through into Kyuubi. Roars of victory mixed with explosions echoed throughout the landscape.

As the smoke started to clear the ninjas looked on in dread. The first part visible of the Kyuubi was a bloodied patch of Fur. Kyuubi lied on the ground, covered in wounds of all magnitudes. A single ninja approached the Kyuubi slowly, making barely a sound. And then a flash of red struck him, the barrier around Kyuubi faded into view. The same red glow formed around Kyuubi's body and they could only watch in morbid fascination as Kyuubi's wounds vanished.

Arashi looked on in dismay.

We can't kill it using conventional means. If we can't kill it what can we do? If the combined might of Konoha can't even stop it, then what stands a chance? A Kamikaze technique may work. But it would take everyone to have enough power to kill it, and the seals… Wait, Seals, Seal. That's It I we can seal it. In what? The only thing which could withstand such a power and the mind of a demon of this calibre is a living entity, No one would accept this. Nor could they handle it. Their Chakra system would be too developed. A Child. It is the only chance.

Emotionlessly Arashi gave the call to retreat.

Shiki Fuujin, Hakke no Fuujin Shiki and Shisho Fuujin. The only chance...

Glaring down at the scroll in his hands The Yondaime knew there was no other way. He could not ask anyone else to do this. He as the Hokage was the only person who had to do this.

"For the life of my Village, I give my soul. " mused Arashi. How poetic, I hate poetry. Looking up to the door Arashi took note of The Sandaime Hokage. Inclining his head towards His predecessor he turned his eyes back to the scroll in front of him.

"Sarutobi-sama, Why are you here? "

Sarutobi stared long and hard at Arashi, wondering how to say it. Growling slightly Arashi glared up at Sarutobi, His eyes tinged a blood stained red. "She died " Arashi froze, his eyes widen in confusion. " Who died? "

Sarutobi looked away from Arashi, placing his gaze past the window on the Hokage Monument. "She died after giving birth to a boy, His name is Naruto. " Standing up suddenly Arashi glared at Sarutobi. "That isn't funny, Sarutobi. Where is she? "

Sarutobi turned back to Arashi, his face marred with lines of age. He looked sympathetically to him, slowly walking towards him. "Arashi-kun I am sorry. " he spoke softly, placing his hand upon the Yondaimes shoulder.

Child who killed his mother.. Demon spawn, All those ninjas, dead, still dying, You killed your mother, You deserve this fate Naruto, You are the only one I will give it to, Because you have killed her.

" I have a Plan to defeat the Kyuubi. " Arashi spoke softly. Sarutobi who stood shocked before Arashi remained that way for a moment before breaking out into a smile.

" Wonderful! I made the perfect choice when I chose you. How do you plan to defeat it?"

" Shiki Fuujin. " Sarutobi's smile immediately faltered and turned into a frown. " There must be another way." he said worriedly. " It may not even hold Kyuubi. "

" That's where you are wrong. In conjunction with Hakke no Fuujin Shiki (Eight trigram sealing Style) and Shisho Fuujin ( Four Symbols Seal ) it will not implode. But will protect the vessel until it dies, in which case it will take the Kyuubi with it. " Smirking despite himself Arashi placed his hands on Sarutobi's shoulders.

" It won't escape me. Bring me Naruto. "

Grinding his teeth together Sarutobi glared at Arashi in anger. " You would give her child such a life? " Grimly Arashi nodded. " He is the only person I trust this burden with. " And the only one I would wish it upon Arashi continued in his mind. " How can I ask another for their child to bear a demon? "

" Very well, I will prepare Naruto outside the battle field. And await your summoning of Gamabunta. " And with that Sarutobi left the young Yondaime to his thoughts.

My vengeance.

The Full moon shone down on the bloodied battle field. Countless ninjas lay scattered surrounding the monstrous Kyuubi. " Hold it until the Fourth arrives! " " Don't let it get any closer to the village!" screamed two ninjas as they attacked the Kyuubi' their voices all but lost to their fellow fighters. Below the Kyuubi countless bloodied ninja continued to attack it, unwilling to allow it to take their homes.

In the Distance a rumbling could be heard and out of the darkness appeared a Giant toad as large as the Kyuubi. " The Fourth is here! " yelled a few Ninja as they redoubled their effort in attacking the beast.

In a glade not to far away from the battle a blond haired baby lay naked surrounded by candles, Upon it's stomach in drying black ink a Seal was drawn, An inactivated seal. But, that was soon to change. Sitting beside the baby The Third Hokage sat protecting the baby encase of Kyuubi deciding to attack, However remote the possibility it was still that, And he could not allow chance.

Arashi I hope you know what you are doing.

Gazing down at the sleeping form of Naruto Sarutobi smiled gently, brushing his thumb against the fringe of the baby's sun-kissed hair. " Naruto-kun the future holds shadows for you, we may shine a light through those shadows sooner then anyone would like. " he said as he gazed towards The Yondaime.

The Yondaime in question was glaring hatefully at the Kyuubi. Naruto I forgive you for taking your mothers life. But can you forgive me for tying your soul together with a beast whose crimes it shall pay for with its own soul.

With the ease of practice on his side The Yondaime flashed through the seals

Hebi , The Serpent.

Osusu-buta, The Boar.

O-hitsuji, The Ram.

Usagi, The Rabbit.

Inu, The Dog.

Nezumi, The Rat.

Tori, The Bird.

Uma, The Horse.

Hebi, The Snake.

Within the split second they were used, each of the hand-seals regulated part of the charka in preparation. And then it took effect, a Blinding white light engulfed the battlefield. And from behind Arashi, The Yondaime Hokage a spectral demon passed his hand through the Yondaimes body, reaching towards Kyuubi's neck. Without being able to see the hand approaching him, Kyuubi just stood their preparing to attack, and then The Shinigami struck, its fingers entangled around the Kyuubi's neck, taking hold of its charka and then it began dragging its soul out.

Now realising what was happening the beast began to struggle, it's struggles however were not unnoticed by The Yondaime, With the last of his energy he ran through another set of hand seals; Ram, Boar, Dragon, Tiger, Dog, Ram. On the Ram signal he thrust his hands towards Kyuubi targeting its mind. Please work.

Instead of the desired effect from the created Jutsu, Kyuubi's Chakra was separated from its mind leaving its mind in its body whilst its soul and energy was dragged from it, Leaving it powerless to the hordes of Ninja surrounding it. Seizing the advantage all the Ninja attacks the Kyuubi, and with no more means to defend itself or attack it was slaughtered, Blow after blow struck its body and instead of the previous regeneration, the wounds split open, spilling blood onto the earth and tainting it red.

Smiling weakly Arashi fell forwards on top of Gamabunta, falling down in front of Gamabunta, Quickly thinking the giant toad lashed his tongue around Arashi's body, gently lowering him to the ground. As Arashi touched the ground a large number of Ninjas surrounded him, Calling for a medical ninja. Slowly The Sandaime passed through the crowd holding a bundle of clothing in-between his arms, the contents only visible feature was a blond tuff of hair.

Stopping by the late Yondaime Hokage, Arashi Kazama The Hokage turned around, gazing to the surrounding ninjas.

" The Yondaime Hokage has passed on, His ultimate sacrifice for the village was his life, he used a Forbidden Sealing technique to seal the Kyuubi's Soul and Chakra within a living Vessel. As you can see, there is a child within my arms. He is the Hero of Konoha. "

The ninja silently processed the information before individually nodding. Soon all of the crowd dispersed and begun the search for people still alive on the battle field. All but one Ninja had left. " Kakashi , do you need something? "

From his only visible eye Sarutobi could see the slight uncertainty in his mind. " Who is the vessel?" Sarutobi smiled at Kakashi and showed the face of Naruto to him. " Naruto.. Naruto Uzumaki " Kakashi bowed in respect before leaving to join the search for the still living.

Sarutobi stood in front of a large crowd of villagers, The entirety of Konoha's civilian population to be exact. Next to him in a small basket laid Naruto Uzumaki, The saviour of Konoha in the eyes of The Ninja. In the eyes of the Villagers he was unknown, But that was about to change. Sarutobi in the short sleep had been reinstated as Hokage and thus had to inform Konoha of the circumstances surrounding the Yondaimes death.

Stepping forwards to the edge of the platform The Sandaime cleared his throat, the effect was instant, the whispering crowds immediately hushed and waited for the Hokage to speak. " Last night the village suffered a terrible lost countless shinobi died defending Konoha from the Kyuubi no Kitsune. The Kyuubi was a Nine-tailed fox, fabled to be the strongest of the demons residing on our plain of existence. The Yondaime last night used a Forbidden sealing technique to tear the soul and Chakra of the Kyuubi from its body, and by result ended with its death."

A roar of applause erupted at the mention of the death of the Kyuubi. If only I could leave it at that. The Hokage thought wistfully. Raising his hand , the crowd once again fell silent only to break out in a few scattered whispers. " The Chakra and Soul of the Kyuubi had to be sealed away. An inanimate object would never have been able to hold the immense energy of the Kyuubi, So the Yondaime sealed it into a child." Waving his hand towards the basket next to him he continued " Uzumaki Naruto, for the sake of the village is holding back the charka of the demon, Without it the Kyuubi will never be able resurrect itself."

The few whispers beforehand had stopped, and dead silence greeted the words of the Hokage. From the crowd a male yelled out " We should Kill it encase it becomes another Kyuubi! " spurred from the outburst more of the villagers agreed and called for Naruto's demise. Sarutobi frowned at his people. Are they really this unbelieving? " Naruto is not a threat to Konoha, Or do you doubt the work of the Yondaime? " Cries of indignity met his statement turned question.

Sighing haggardly The Third looked sadly to the villagers. " Since it seems there is no way I can change your view on the matter I am forced to create and enforce a new law. From this day forth any mention of the Fourth's death or Naruto Uzumaki's circumstances will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. Any person found breaking this law directly will be punished by death. "

Cries of outrage met this proclamation. But no one objected no matter how much they feared Naruto, They feared death more.

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