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Title:Loyalties(for now, cause it's kinda a cheesy name)


Genre: Angst/Drama(romance later)

Characters:LIncoln,Micheal,Sucre,Abruzzi,T-bag,C-note(I know he's not one of the ones planned to escape too, but I added him for my fic.)others later.


Spoilers: Some, like the fact they're escaping and who is escaping with them:)

Summary: The brother's and the other convicts sucessfully escape from prison. But when something doesn't go as planned afterwards where

will their loyalties lie?




LIncoln wondered what time it was, thinking it had to be midnight or close to it, as he, Micheal, and the four other men who had sucessfully escaped

from the prison the night before ran, as it seemed they'd been doing for hours, through the woods.

The authorities had lost their trail sometimes earlier that day, mostly due to the intricate details in planning and the route they would take afterwords

that Micheal had painstakingly planned for them. At one point during the day they had actually stowed away on a train that had taken them all the

way to the next state, and the temporary safety that could be found there, where they now were. Yet they still ran, afraid of losing there newly

re-found freedom. Of being snatched away, and then returned to the hell that stood waiting, offering Lincoln death, and loneliness and unforseen

dangers for the others. Especially Micheal, who had been the mastermind behind the escape, which by now all those at the prison would have

figured out.


Thinking of his little brother, who had went through so much just to break him from prison, such as having his toes cut off by order of one of the very

men who's escape he had helped permit, and risking his life by taking diabetic medicine when he didn't need it, brought a rush of love and pride to his


Of everyone he knew, be it family or so-called friends, Micheal had been the only one who stood fast to his belief of his brothers innocence. He'd

had his doubt's at first, that much had been expected though,due to the overwhelming evidence that had been used against Lincoln. After one of

his visits, and a long and heartfelt discussion between them, he had said he believed Lincoln though. If Micheal had never done anything else

for him after that day, Lincoln would have died knowing his little brother believed in him, and that meant more than he could ever describe in words.

When Micheal had shown up in prison, as an inmate, Lincoln had been furious with him.

What the hell was that stupid kid thinking? I'm gonna kick his scrawny ass!

Then when they'd finally gotten the oppurtunity to talk, and Micheal had told his his plan. His wonderful, ingenius, well thought out plan.

That Lincoln had said would never work.

"Trust me Lincoln. It will work. I'm getting you out of here." Micheal had said with conviction.

After joining alliances with several other inmates, who would provide key elements to their esape, tricking the doctor into thinking he was diabetic

so he could gain access to the infirmary which was another key element, he had done it. True to his word, he'd broken his brother out, along

with four other men. They were free, which Lincoln had never believed would happen. There had also only been one injury amongst all of then, and

it hadn't been serious. Sucre had been grazed by a bullet, on his left arm, which when they stopped to check it had already stopped bleeding.

They had been damn lucky.

Lincoln, himself had avoided a extremely close call.They had made it out of the gates, and had Micheal not seen the red light, a tell-tale

sign of a high power rifle,aimed at Lincolns chest by the man Micheal had recognized to be Bellick, and ran quickly pushing him out of the line of fire

a split second before the man squeezed the trigger, he'd have been dead.

Lincon had laid on the ground momentarily, stunned by the fact he'd almost lost his life, then rose quickly. He looked at his brother, who was

obviously shaken by the near miss. It took him even longer than Lincoln to recover, but finally they all got up and started moving again.

Another two hours on the run, and Lincoln decided it was time to take a short breather. They all sat down in a clearing in the woods and

started talking quitely.

"Damn that was intense."C-note said with a whistle

"Well at least you didn't get shot."Sucre said sarcastically.

"I would hardly call that little paper cut being shot."T-bag chimed in, and then added under his breath."Pussy."

"Being as pussy is something that you wouldn't know about, you should be quite and leave that kinda talk to the men."Abruzzi said in a mocking


"I just gotta give props to our boy Micheal."C-note stated."Crazy fucker pulled this thing off.

"Yeah esae, you the damn man." Sucre added looking at Micheal, who wasn't paying them any attention, propped against a tree, head back, and eyes


"Mike? Yo man wer'e talking to you." C-note said.

"What? Um.. sorry guys. Guess I wasn't listening." Micheal said politely as he opened his eyes and looked at them.

"We said, you the man." Sucre repeated."You did it, even though we all thought you was crazy till now.. Here I come Maricruz" he said with a smile.

"Yeah I guess I did." he said with a small tiresome grin.

Lincoln, also looking at his brother, knew he felt guilty about using Sara, and also about the gaurd they had been forced to kill during their


Micheal had said sadly,"Noone was supposed to die."

Lincoln, seeing the tears forming in his brothers eyes, grabbed his arm and pulled him on, away from the body.

He'd thought that Mike would have gotten over it by now, but his strange actions, showed that was not the case.

"Come on guys, time to move." Lincoln ordered. Though not planned Lincoln had been taking the part of the leader, and thus far had

not been challenged. The men rose and Lincoln put his hand out to his brother, who grabbed it and slowly rose to his feet.

Lincoln could have sworn he heard a small gasp, and a pained look cross his brothers face, but as soon as it was there, it dissapeared,

replaced with Micheals usual expression of intensity as he said,"Let's go."

They'd ran several more hours before jumping on the train and hiding, then they had gotten off it to find they were in a different state,

which would be relatively safe for now.

The four men with the brothers had already started making plans for the future, and discussing how long they needed to wait before

actually putting them into action.

They decided to once again stick to the woods, and started walking, in no particular direction

Lincoln was in the lead followed by Abruzzi and T-bag, then Sucre and C-note, with Micheal following in the back.

They'd walked maybe an hour more when he heard Sucre call out for him to stop.

He turned around,confused as to what the hold-up was, and saw that his brother was sitting on the ground, with his knees drawn up to his chest, and

head resting on them.

"What happened? What's wrong?" he asked walking to join the four men standing in a circle around Micheal.

"Don't know man."Sucre answered."He seemed alright, but the next thing you know he's like this."

"Something's wrong with him." Abruzzi stated, noticing the younger man's body was almost imperceptionatly shaking.

Lincoln kneeled down in front of him and asked,"Mike, what's wrong?"

Micheal looked up at him with tears in his eyes. Lincoln also noticed for the first time how pale his brothers face was.

"He shot me Lincoln." he said quitely, which brought gasps from all of the men standing around him.

"What? Who shot you?" Lincoln asked quickly.

"Bellick." he answered.

"Bellick? But when?" Lincoln asked, but didn't give MIcheal the chance to answer when he realized himself, when it had happened."When you

knocked me out of the way." he said in almost a whisper, adding" Where are you hit Mike?"

"My back." he answered hesitantly.

Lincoln went behind him and squatting down, pulled his shirt up, causing Micheal to let out a hiss of pain as the shirt peeled away from his skin.

Sure enough there was a small holle in the bottom left side of his brother's back, bleeding profusely.

"Why didn't you tell me before now?" Lincoln demanded angrily.

"I didn't want to make you end up back in prison." he answered. "After we'd already gotten so far."

"You stupid asshole! Don't you think you're more important to me. You're my brother." Lincoln said angrily.

"I'm sorry." Micheal said.

"S'okay buddy. You're gonna be fine." Lincoln said gently."We're gonna fix this."

"What are we gonna do now?" T-bag demanded angrily."They got our pictures all over television by now, so that means evey hospital

or doctors office around will know who we are. We're just gonna have to leave him."

"What did you say?" Lincoln demanded, stepping menacingly towards the other man.

"He got shot two days ago, gonna die anyway."the other man explained.

"You shut the fuck up! He will not die. I can't believe you, if not for him you'd still be in jail with all your girlfriends."Lincoln said through gritted teeth.

"I'm just being the voice of reason."T-bag replied with a shrug."Saying what everybody else is thinking too I'm willing to bet."

Lincoln looked up at the other three men before asking,"Is that how you all feel too? You wanna leave the man who saved your asses

here in the woods, alone to die."

They all looked hesitant for a moment before answering him.

"Hey man, I'm with you."Sucre stated.

"I don't believe in leaving people behind who have helped me." Abruzzi replied.

Only C-note would not say either way. He just stood there looking down at the ground.

"Well, whoevers coming with me, come on, we're gonna find my brother some help."Lincoln said, walking over and hauling Micheal to his feet, and

putting his arm around his shoulders to support his weight. The others stood looking for a moment before Sucre walked over and took Micheal's

other arm and put it around his neck.

"Let's go."Lincoln said, and they started walking, supporting Micheal between them. The others started walking again behind them, each trying

to decide what they were going to do.

Micheal moaned between the two men, and Lincoln turned and looked at him."You're gonna be alright. We will find somebody to help. I



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