Broken Circles

Summary: The city was gone, destroyed, leaving behind only the people who'd once stood and fought for their new home.
Pairings: Sheppard/Weir, Ronon/Teyla
Rating: PG-13...otherwise known as "T"
Spoilers: Nothing specific, just general season 2 spoilers...if you've seen Runner you'll know all you have to.
A/N: OMG it's been forever since I written big long fic! But here I am again to annoy you all with my posting ;) So here we go, hope you enjoy...


3 Years After Initial Arrival on Atlantis

"Elizabeth, get down!"

Dr. Elizabeth Weir looked to her right, a blast from a Wraith stunner was flying in her direction. Instantly she ducked, letting it fly over her head, and then ran behind the nearest object she could use as shelter, it just so happened to be a large shipping container the Daedalus had recently brought back from Earth and they hadn't quite had time to pack.

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard appeared next to her. "Were you hit?"

"No, I'm fine," she replied.

"Stay here," he ordered. "I don't want you out there, you're going to get killed!"

"And you're not?"

"I have a gun," he replied, looking back over the gate room that had now become a battle ground.

"Then give me one," Elizabeth replied.

He looked at her in surprise. "Elizabeth…I don't think that's wise…"

"I know how to shoot, John, you showed me a few months back," she defended herself.

"That wasn't in the heat of battle," he fired off a short round from his P-90 at a Wraith who was heading their way.

"John, give me your handgun…and don't make me make it an order."

"Elizabeth I don't want you to kill anyone, I don't want you to regret it," he said. "Trust me; even if it's a Wraith it's going to have an effect on you."

"At least I'll be alive!" she said.

He looked at her, she could see in his eyes, he didn't want her to have to go through the reaction to killing someone, he was protecting her, but he also knew she was right. He pulled out his handgun and held it out in front of him.

"Only shoot if something attacks you," he ordered. "I'm going to the controls, I'm going to set the self destruct with Rodney. Then I'm going to dial a safe planet and everyone possible is going to get through that gate, that includes you. Ronon and Lorne are going to make sure that no Wraith follow you through…then we're going to blow this place. Understand?"

"What about you?"

"Elizabeth, do you understand?" he said, grabbing her arms.


"This is what I was trained to do, and if it means protecting Earth and saving you then it's what I'm going to do…"

She felt her insides clench into a ball. She didn't want to understand what he was telling her. She didn't want to believe that it had come to this. Her eyes wanted to cry, but it wasn't the time to do so, she could leave that for later, for privacy.

"No…" she found herself saying quietly. "What about Rodney?"

"He knows what's going to happen as much as I do…if we make it to the control room there's no coming back down before the gate shuts off…"

She met his eyes. The seemed to reach right inside her, telling her everything he felt in that moment. Fear, anger, hatred…all his emotions ran through his eyes, and he let her read them freely.

"Go…" she said, quietly, finding herself say the word again, the one she never wanted to say.

It was a word that had once seemed so meaningless, and now was filled with memories of sending people to their deaths, of having been the one to do so. This wasn't what she had dreamed of as her future job when she'd been a child, it had been the cause she'd worked against most of her life - war, fighting, weapons.

"Take care of everyone…" he said, quietly.

"There's no time for goodbyes, John," Elizabeth said, not entirely sure she could deal with saying goodbye, knowing for sure it would be the last time.

He seemed hurt by the statement. "Then I guess I'll see you around."

He stood up, running into the stream of Wraith stun weapons and bullets fired from weapons. Elizabeth reached out to grab him as he left, suddenly realising that her last words to him would be ones she'd come to regret, but he was gone from her reach before she'd reacted. She watched him blast his way through the sea of Wraith, making a path through them. It was halfway up the stairs that she saw him falter, blood appearing on the bottom of his right pant leg.

She half jumped up, her instant reaction to be to run to his help, but then she pulled herself back down. He was gone.

"You ready?"

Ronon had now appeared next to her, his weapon in his hand, disposing of any Wraith that came into his view. Elizabeth nodded slowly, still watching John as he entered the control room, shot the few Wraith that were in his way, and joined Rodney at the controls. She watched as they typed in their codes, and then as Rodney dialled the Stargate.

"Go, go, go!" Lorne shouted loudly as the wormhole engaged.

Elizabeth ran out into the open, Ronon running out with her, and with the help of the few marines remaining they made sure the Wraith stayed away, leaving it open for the scientists to run to the gate. She watched Zelenka run through, followed by Beckett, Kisunagi and Heightmeyer. They'd all been hiding out in the control room for hours, since the Wraith had made their surprise attack.

As Elizabeth reached the gate she stopped and turned around, surveying the gate room. Taking in the dead bodies, both human and Wraith, and finally glancing up to the control room. He stood there, firing his P-90 at the Wraith. He stopped for a moment to reload, letting Rodney and the marines also up in the control room do the shooting.

In that moment he glanced down at her.

He waved shortly and sadly.

She felt herself smiling ever so slightlybefore finding herself pushed through the gate by Ronon. They were gone, but at least she knew she was forgiven for her last words, something she otherwise couldn't have lived with.