Hellllo people, I am back with a new fic.

Pepper: shouldn't you be writing your other fic now?

Me: yes but I have a huge writers block so I decided to write this because I decided I LOVE CHIBIS!

Pepper: right. Whatever. Just pray that no one gets annoyed at you for this, though I think people see your name and run for the hills!

Me, in a sarcastic voice: your sooo nice, did you know that?

Pepper: just get on with it!

Me: fine, I present to you, Just anther chibi story!

Oh yeah, my oc is in it to.

Pepper: me?

Me: yes you.

Pepper: oh dear God no! People run away, far away!

'…' Thoughts.

"….." Speech.

' Yugi to Yami' 'Yami to Yugi'

Oh yeah, I don't own squat.

(A.n…..) An authors note, really me yakking on about crap 'cause I can!

Never mess around with things you don't know!

It started out as a normal day for them all; while everyone went of to school, Yami stayed at home. He was also bored so he decided to look around. After an hour of pointless searching he came across a really old book. 'I wonder what this is?' Yami thought to himself. 'Oh well, no harm ever came from reading a book.' (1) After flicking through a few pages he came to a stop on one. It read, how to turn one into a chibi, fun for all ages! 'A chibi eh, what are they, oh well it's not like these things really work!' He thought to himself. Then he did the most stupid thing you could do, he read the spell out loud. (A.n, could you be dumber?)

" Oh Osiris, oh Ra, please hear my plea, turn those I know into a chibi," Yami chanted. ' Rigghhht, that killed ten minuets,' came his thought.

That night.

As they all slept a change occurred, the Gods heard his bored request and since they were bored they decided to turn all of Yami's friends into chibis, just for the heck of it. And to add more of a twist, Yami had to look after them. What a twisted sense of fun. Oh well. After the spell was cast most of the chibis moved to the game shop.

The next day.


"Mmm," Yami moaned,

"I'm not supposed to get up!" Poke.

" Will you stop tha… aagghh," Yami screamed as he finally noticed that Yugi was a chibi.

" Oh, I think I know what a chibi is. Crap!" The dumb pharaoh realised. (A.n, no offence to all Yami lovers, I love Yami and Yugi.)

"Ami, wat uoo doin?" a small Yugi questioned.

" Oh dear Ra, what have I done?" Yami questioned himself. Seeing the damage he had done he got out of bed fairly quickly. Yugi ran down stairs and Yami groaned as he followed. He had turned his hikari into a kid. Crap was running through his mind a lot. He then heard the sound of lots of kids laughing. 'This can't be good," shot across his mind. As he turned the corner he saw some of his friends as chibis. " Oh crap!" He swore. 'Not good, not good, not good,' danced across his mind in a really annoying chant. Yugi, Joey, Tristan and Tea were chibis and no one was around to look after them or turn them back, except himself. " Ami, look, I got friends!" Yugi cried out happily.

" That's nice," was all Yami could mutter. 'This is sooo not good!' still danced across his mind. Suddenly the phone rang and Yami went to pick it up.

"Hello," he answered, still in shock.

" YOU HAVE DONE SOMETHING TO MY HIKARI CHANGE HIM BACK RIGHT NOW!" The Tomb Robber Bakura screamed from the other end so loud that it made all the chibis look at him in wonder. Yami pulled the phone away from his ear Bakura was being that loud.

" I haven't done anything to him," he lied to a very angry Bakura.

" Just come over and I'll figure out what to do, there are more chibis," he continued.

" Chibis, how do you know tha, you lied to me. I AM GOING TO COME OVER THERE AND SO KICK YOU'RE A." The Tomb Robber started to yell as Yami hung up. He now feared for his life, Bakura could be very dangerous at times. The chibis were all quiet and staring at Yami until Joey broke tha silence by saying that he was hungry. 'Figures,' Yami thought then suddenly realising that he didn't know how to make food.

" Joy, this just keeps getting better and better as this day goes by." Yami muttered to himself. As he heard the sound of the shops bell below ringing he remembered the very pissed off Tomb Robber now most likely bent on killing him in the most painfulest way he could possibly think of coming after him.

" Pharaoh, you are going to pay for this," the Tomb Robber screamed not quite so loud as before.

"Hi, uoo lok weally mad, wat uoo doin?" Yugi came up and asked the deeply annoyed Tomb Robber.

"You turned not only my hikari into a chibi but your own and all of your pathetic friends? Why damn you why?" Bakura continued, ignoring Yugi.

" I'm Yugi who are you?" Yugi continued himself, unaware of the fact that he was being ignored. Tea, who hadn't really been doing much, now started to cry. She didn't like being ignored and was hungry. That started a whole lot of crying and complying started until the two bickering Yamis noticed and tried to stop them, at least Yami was. Bukura was looking for his own hikari. Ryou had stayed behind in the shop and now was joining in with the others by crying. While Yami was trying to sort out the others Yugi stoped talking and asked every one why they were crying. Tea said she was hungry and Joey and Tristan agreed. Yami then said that he was going to get something about that, when the Tomb Robber interrupted him. "What was that Pharaoh? At least I never," he started to say when the Pharaoh interrupted by saying,

" Shut up Tomb Robber, no one cares, lets just feed them and then figure out what to do."

" Fine." The Tomb Robber sulked.

After an hour of miserably failed attempts to make breakfast they finally figured out how to pour a bowl of cereal into a bowl and add milk, without coming close to blowing up the kitchen. While the oh so cute chibis were finally eating the phone rang.

" Hello," Yami answered.

" WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" A very angary voice sounded from the other side.

" Your in trouble," the Tomb Robber smirked.

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