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'…' Thoughts.

"….." Speech.

' Yugi to Yami' 'Yami to Yugi'

In the last chappie.

" Well, wat do wee do? I can't stay dis way forevwer," the Pharaoh exclaimed. The rest of the chibi's had stoped playing stacks on Bakura now, and were standing or sitting round. Getting bored. The solution, run madly around the house.


As the chibi's started to play 'tiggie' (1) round the house, the teens were still arguing.

" He he, youwr it Twistan," Joey laughed.

"Dats not faiwr. I wasn't weady," Tristan complained.

"Dats two bad," Tea laughed at him. Tristan started to cry. The others ran around the house, yelling and carrying on. Meanwhile the teens, and Yami, were debating what to do. Yami demanded he be turned back, and Pepper was scheming to turn Kaiba into a chibi. Bakura was sitting on the kitchen bench, plotting ways to take over the world and Kaiba was trying to figure out what Pepper was doing, with no avail.

"Maybe we should move Yugi somewhere, to a bedroom or something," Kaiba broke the silence. No one said anything, till two minutes later when,

"So Pharaoh, how did you turn yourself in to one of those brats?" Bakura asked a little to innocently. Yami glared at him.

"I was messing arouwnd with da puzzwle and I trwied to swap with Yugi. And it worked," he snapped back.

"So does that mean that Yugi is a teen?" Kaiba asked, snapped out of his thoughts.

" I didn't sawy wat happened two him," Yami replied slyly.


Yugi woke up, completely unaware of where he was. He still felt light headed and soon began to cough. So he was obviously still ill. Lucky him. (Sarcasm, in case you didn't realise.) He could also hear voices near by and he was still on the couch. From inside the next room he could hear Pepper say that she was going to move him to a bedroom. 'Ack, what happened? The last thing I remember was being out in the rain and not feeling so good.'

"So Pharaoh, how did you turn yourself in to one of those brats?" he heard Bakura say. 'One if those brats? Hang on; he turned us all into little kids! Oooh I'm so gonna get him for that! But surely,' Yugi thought, wondering if he was a five year old still. He looked down and to his delight, he wasn't. 'Hmm, looks like the pharaoh will live after all," Yugi followed on with his little thought conversation with himself. As the Pharaoh told everyone how he turned himself into a chibi. Yugi laughed to himself. The chibi's were still running madly round the house, and a couple of them entered the room Yugi was in.

"Tey will neber find us in herew," little Ryou whispered. Yugi looked up at the chibi's that had just entered the room. Tea closed the door while Ryou and Joey hide somewhere, not noticing Yugi. Yugi just watched, as the rest of the chibi's began banging on the door trying to get in.


Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the teens were still arguing.

"So what do we do?" Pepper asked. They had been 'discussing this for the past 20 minuets.

" If we knew, you would so shut up and listen, unless you have a bright idea," Kaiba snapped. He didn't like this cause it forced him to admit that magic was real in some way.

"Well youwr juwst annowyed that you have to admit that mawgic is real," Yami said in a annoying singsong I-told-you-so voice.

"No I'm just dreaming or something," Kaiba snapped back. Then they heard the banging on the door.

" Um, where are the chibi's?" Pepper asked. Everyone in the room looked around.

"Um, not here?" Bakura said vaguely.

"Smart Towmb Robber," Yami snorted.

" Hey." Bakura started.

"Guys, I think their in there," Pepper guessed. So they all bolted from the kitchen to the outside the room Yugi was in. When they got to the door they found all but Tea, Ryou and Joey.

"Alright you little brats, where are the other's. I want to send you all to the shadow realm in one shot," Bakura spat at them.

" Now, now Towmb Rowber, that is temwpting but we can't. We juwst have to find a way to turn us back." Yami regretfully told him.

" And your only saying that because your one of them," Bakura argued back.

" Maybe we should find the other three before we decided what to do with them," Pepper pointed out. Yami and Bakura just ignored her and kept arguing.

" Well I know how to turn them back," Yugi said from the doorway. The other three chibi's ran out the door and chased the rest into the kitchen.


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