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The Morning After

By Natali K. A.

"Good morning, Lily," said the elder Mrs. Potter as she walked into the brightly lit kitchen. "Would you like me to make you some porridge?"

"I can't hold much down today, actually," Lily moaned, sipping carefully at her juice.

"Not feeling good?"

"I feel more like shit than anything else right now."

"Ah. When are you due?"

"Late July, early August I believe."

"My sympathies. If the pregnancy is anything like the one I had with James, you're going to want to murder your husband by the end of this."

"That's comforting."

"I don't believe I liked Christopher for at least five months after the birth. "

Lily smiled, but said nothing as a wave of nausea passed over her. "I'm considering skipping work today."

"You know, you wouldn't be in this predicament if you and James didn't go at it like rabbits," Cecelia informed her smoothly, supervising her eggs as they cracked themselves and fell into a pan.

Lily choked on her juice and set the cup down. "I, um, er… I'm sorry if we bothered you last, er, night."

"And this morning," Cecelia added, chortling. "No worries. I wasn't sleeping anyway. I remember when Christopher and I were newlyweds. Why, we could barely even make it to the bedroom!"

Lily shut her eyes, trying not to picture anything. "Cecelia, I love you dearly, but that's really too much information."

"Yes, I do suppose it is. Not to toot my own horn, but I did produce one nice male specimen, didn't I?"

"In my opinion, yes. I'm there are those who would disagree."

"I haven't met one yet. You've royally messed things up in that sphere. You're going to have harpies all over him," Cecelia frowned, taking a bite of her toast. "Especially when he's older. They get better with age," she added in a confident whisper.

Lily felt nauseous again, but it wasn't attributed to her new "condition", as James had termed it this morning. Right after he'd made wild, passionate love to her—on the bathroom counter, no less!—and decided they'd have to be careful while she was in her "condition" as to "not hurt" herself or "the baby".

"I remember this one tramp who went as far as to sneak into our house, into Christopher's study and meet him there wearing nothing but her bunny slippers! Needless to say, she got quite a tongue lashing from me—"

"Cecelia," Lily begged, looking at her pleadingly, "I really don't need to know any of this. I'm getting unwanted images in my head."

The elder Mrs. Potter smiled and turned to get her eggs. "You can only imagine the things running through my head last night when you were screaming like—"

"I get it!" Lily shrieked, standing and heading out of the room. "I'm sorry! I promise never to do that under the same roof as you again!"

"What about that time in the Highlands last year? Rabbit-like actions then too!" Cecelia yelled after her, laughing. She thoroughly enjoyed ruffling her new daughter-in-law. She loved her to pieces, and liked that Lily was still embarrassed about something so natural. She shrugged and sipped her tea. "Figures my son would marry a prude."

James popped into the kitchen and kissed his mum on the cheek. "Lily, a prude? What makes you say that?"

"You deny it?" Cecelia asked with raised brow.

James took the rest of the toast from her hand and swallowed it in one bite. "Sure," he said around his full mouth. "She's so kinky, it's delicious. Got to run, Dad said something about you two leaving tonight?"

"Yes, our vacation here has ended. Now that Lily's pregnant, I'll no doubt be returning somewhere in her third trimester. I think you'll begin to loathe my presence if I remain here now. Be good to her, dear."

James grinned boyishly. "I am."

"Yes, I suspect that's why she's in her condition…"

"It was humiliating," Lily snapped. "I told you they'd hear."

"She wasn't upset."

"That's the worse part!"

"…She mentioned her newlywed days, didn't she?"


James nodded sympathetically. "Yeah, that always got me a bit. But my parents have always been lovesick puppies for each other. So, while disturbing at times, I'm used to it."

Lily smiled. "I could say the same for you, James."

"Yes, well, you're a goddess and perfect. How else do you want me to think of you?"

"Oh, your mother has taught you well. Very well indeed."

"What do you mean?"

Lily grinned, but shook her head, and he accepted defeat. There were times when even Lily Potter couldn't be persuaded.

Lily mentally chuckled as she considered the conspiracy the women of the world were waging against the men. In three decades, women would be not equal to men, but higher, more powerful. It'd begun years ago, in Christopher's generation. And by the time Harry Potter was thirty, women would rule the world!

The End

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