Fantasy Island

Back In Business

All Fantasy Island characters are the property of Aaron Spelling, Sony Tri-Star and TPTB. Any other copyrighted characters are the property of their respective TPTB. We're only borrowing them for a while. We'll give them back when we're done ... Maybe. Anyone else belongs to us and can be used only with our permission.


"Roarke. Please hurry. We don't have all day, you know."

"I still can't make up my mind which one I want to be. I do like the first incarnation. He was so sexy and mysterious with that Spanish accent and the white suit and all. And the midget was the perfect assistant. So too was the butler."

"So take that one."

"But the second one was so Machiavellian and dark. I got to do so many things that I couldn't do with the first one. Of course, the black suit and the spiked white hair made him incredibly sensual too. His two associates provided just the right amount of comic relief."

"Please. Make up your mind. One way or the other. Time is running out."

"Is Mr. Spelling waiting for us? Is he going to put together another version of the series? Perhaps there will be another Roarke altogether. A third Roarke? I don't know about that, but I suppose anything is possible. This is Fantasy Island after all."

"Aaron Spelling isn't even involved in this."

"You mean they have sold the rights to Fantasy Island?"

"Not exactly. We're going into another media altogether. This new genre will give us a chance to interact with the audience in a whole different way.

"Don't tell me they're going to make Fantasy Island into a reality series!"

"They thought about it, but the idea was dropped almost as soon as it was brought up. Much too expensive and they wouldn't have enough creative control."

"Thank heavens. There are too many of them around anyway and in my personal opinion, they suck."

"MR. ROARKE! Watch your language! You do have an image to uphold."

"Sorry. What is this new media, anyway?"

"The Internet. Specifically fan fiction. The fans write the stories and get to fulfill their fantasies on the Island however they want to. It also gives the fans ... and you as well ... the opportunity to occasionally interact with characters from other series, too."

"How can they do that?"

"It's called a crossover, and it's done all the time in fan fiction."

"Then they won't be locked into any one set of characters or anyspecific time frame."

"I guess not."

"Then what does it matter which incarnation I prefer. The fans will choose the manifestation that best suits their stories."

"I suppose they will."

"Then why are we having this conversation in the first place?"

"I do not know."


The end?

What do you think?