When There's Nothing Left

Disclaimer: Characters and setting are the property of Hiromu Arakawa. I'm just borrowing them for a bit of non-profit angst.

Notes: I'm only up to episode #20 in the anime, I've heard spoilers about the rest of the story, but since I haven't seen it for myself yet I'm ignoring all developments past that point.

Edward Elric woke slowly. His head throbbed. He wasn't in a bed or even curled up in a train seat. His hand hurt worse than his head. The lack of weight, the way his body was sprawled on the ground told him that his automail limbs had been removed. All the signals pointed toward an unpleasant awakening, even by Edward's standards. Those clues didn't even scratch the surface of it.

His attempt to think back and remember how he'd gotten in this mess produced a hazy memory: Al's startled shout of warning breaking into his habitual litany of complaints about manipulative, secretive bastard Colonels, then a blinding pain shooting through his brain. Nothing about who or why.

Since his memory was a dead end Ed set to taking stalk of his condition. They'd taken his automail; a frustratingly effective means of rendering him helpless. He focused on the pain in his other hand and tried to wiggle his fingers. The resultant flare of agony nearly caused him to black out and Ed realized that the fucking bastards hadn't been content with taking his automail; they'd broken his flesh hand as well.

'He'd show them,' Ed resolved furiously. 'He'd draw an array with his toes, hop to where ever they'd hidden his limbs and then he'd show them exactly who they were messing with!' Filled with furious determination Ed opened his eyes and found himself staring at his younger brother's hulking armored form.

"Hey Al," Ed started to say then his eyes focused on the hole in Al's armor. The hole that coincided exactly with the spot where he'd drawn a rune using his own blood to bind his brother's soul to the armor.

Ed's mouth went dry, his vision tunneled in. All thought of escape vanished from his mind as he screamed for his brother.

Short, I know but that's just how the shiftswhois being following worked out for this story and I decided to use chapter breaks instead of screen breaks to designate the shifts.