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Chapter 14

Kalli woke from her light slumber to the sound of tiny metallic footsteps. She opened one eye, then another. Then freaked when Gir came into view.

"Heellllooo..." Gir squealed to a rather shaken Kalli.

"Um... Hi." Kalli watched as Gir began to bounce off of every possible surface.

"Gir! What are you doing here!" She asked after catching a lamp that Gir had knocked over.

"I came to visit YOOOOOOUUU!" Gir replied while he was dancing on Kalli's sofa.

"Well now isn't a good time! I have to find a job." Kalli told Gir while trying to keep the wily robot from breaking anything.

Gir stopped.

"Well what happened to your old job?" He looked at Kalli, his blue eyes full of curiosity.

"Eh, just a little coffee mishap." Kalli shrugged, "But I gotta go ok? So you can't stay here."

"Okie-Dokie!" Gir shrieked and ran off singing some random tune. Once he was out of sight, Kalli closed the door and went to get ready.

After finding someone who had change for her dollar, Kalli acquired a paper and went off to the park to look through the wanted ads and see if she could apply for any of them. Some jobs she marked, while others she just had to laugh and wonder why anyone would apply.

"Crash test dummy? You've got to be kidding..." It was after this comment that our good friend Dib decided to show up.

"Hey Kalli, have you seen Zim around lately?" Kalli looked over her paper.

"Oh I'm fine today, and you?" She raised her eyebrow to a now flustered Dib.

"Why do you always have to be so proper at the wrong times!"

To this Kalli shrugged.

"It's a curse, I suppose..." She sighed before going back to her job hunting.

"But really, where's Zim?"

Kalli once again put down her paper. "Why do you want to know?"

Dib's jaw dropped.

"Because he could be planning world domination! I need to stop him!"

Kalli chuckled a bit before replying.

"He's probably to depressed too."

"That's what you think, but I know him better. He's up to something, I just know it!"

Kalli raised her eyebrow once more. "No, really. He's depressed because I embarrassed him in front of his leaders, now go away! I'm trying to find a job!" Kalli then waved her hand to emphasize her point.

"WOW! You actually talked to his leaders? Did you find out any weaknesses? Or did you get the coordinates to their home planet? Huh? Huh? Huh?" Dib leaned closer and closer to Kalli as he spoke.

"No, but if you invade my personal space anymore, I'll be forced to eat you..." Kalli gave Dib a sweet smile as Dib slowly backed away. "If you really want to find Zim, he's at his house."

Dib gave Kalli a quick thanks and ran off, leaving her to find a job in peace.

After attempting to apply at Bloaty's Pizza Hog, Kalli decided to never again eat Pizza, or work in any kind of food service...ever. A whole day full of wasting time, she gave up and began the long journey home. She stopped only to tie her shoe, and when she got up again, she noticed a "Help Wanted" sign in the window of a bookstore. She rushed in and applied.

(Two Days Later)

The phone rang, and a very tired Kalli answered its persistent ringing.

"H-Hello?" Kalli asked.

"Hi, this is the Cornerstone Shoppe. Can we speak to Miss Kalli Menjeht?" Kalli racked her brain trying to remember where she had heard that name before.

"Um, speaking."

"Hi, we were reviewing your application and have decided to ask you for an interview, say today at four?"

"Uh, yeah, that'll be fine... I guess."

"Great, see you then!"

Kalli hung up and began to fall asleep once more before quickly sitting up again.
"Omigosh! The bookstore!" She got up to get ready, for it was already 10 AM.

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