Uncanny Titans East

Chapter 22: The Titans Go East- Part 1


The Uncanny R-Man

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Somewhere in the Himalayas-

Somewhere in the skies above the Himalayas several aircraft made their way over the famous mountain range. The members of Titans East were onboard the T-Jet while Alan Scott and several other heroes were onboard a barrowed Javelin. Batman and Wonder Woman were onboard the Batplane.

'So, does anybody have any idea what Ra's al Ghul is up to?' Donna Troy asked. 'Or is he just planning on dropping a biological weapon on the United States?'

'All the evidence seems to back that up.' Batman responded. 'A short while ago there was a break in at a top secret government laboratory and a new biological weapon that the scientists were working on was stolen.'

'Ra's must have fallen on hard times if he's resorting to petty theft.' Speedy chortled. 'I thought we was so rich that it would make Bill Gates cry in jealousy.'

'Petty theft or not, millions of lives are at risk if we don't stop him.' Alan Scott, Earth's first Green Lantern, stated.

'Ra's isn't the only one we'll have to face.' Batman told the group. 'He will undoubtedly be backed up by his League of Assassins.'

'Oh, big deal.' Aqualad rolled his eyes. 'The old guy protects himself with a bunch of ninjas. Ooh, ninjas. I'm so scared, I don't think. They don't have a chance.'

'These ain't no regular dime store ninjas, kid.' Wildcat told the younger hero. 'These guys are the best of the best. They'd lay their lives down to protect Ra's.'

'I hope everybody's brought their winter wear.' Alan Scott told the group. 'Because we're almost at our drop-off point.'

'Wouldn't it be easier if we landed nearer to the guy's hideaway?' CM3 asked as he looked out of the T-Jet and saw nothing but snow. 'It's quite some walk out there.'

'Well, we can land right on top of Ra's's lair if you want to get cut to shreds as soon as you step outside.' Jay Garrick, the original Flash, explained. 'This is the nearest we can land without him discovering us.'

'Then I guess we're climbing from here onwards.' Jade sighed heavily. 'That's just great.'

'Hey, it's alright for you, kid.' Wildcat snorted. 'You can fly. Have a little pity for those of us that have to hoof it, will ya?'

A little later-

The heroes had disembarked from their respective crafts and were slowly making their way towards Ra's al Ghul's secret lair. Unfortunately for those heroes that could fly, they had to make the journey on foot as well. It would have been far too easy for the guards to see heroes flying about.

'Gee, you really bring to such romantic places, honey.' Liberty Belle, a super-strong blonde heroine clad in yellow tights and a blue top with a red bell emblem emblazoned on it, smiled cheekily at Hourman, her husband.

'What do you say we head out to Hawaii once this is all done?' Hourman, a man dressed in a black and yellow hooded costume, smiled back at his wife.

'Mmm, I can't wait.' Liberty Belle grinned widely at the thought.

'Are these two usually like this?' Speedy blinked.

'Oh, yeah.' Wildcat nodded as he carefully inched along a narrow path. 'They get particularly lovey-dovey whenever they're beatin' up bad guys.'

'Aww, I think it is sweet.' Miss Martian smiled. 'Human love is such a beautiful thing. White Martians don't believe in stuff like that.'

'You're a White Martian?' Wildcat spluttered in surprise as he began to lose his footing. 'What the hell?'

'Ted, look out!' Hippolyta called out as she went to grab her friend's hand. Unfortunately, she was too late to catch him.

'Don't worry, Mister Wildcat.' Miss Martian smiled sweetly as she stretched her arm out to grab the falling hero. 'I have you.'

'Uh… thanks, kid.' Wildcat smiled sheepishly. 'Sorry, I kinda freaked out there.'

'Oh, think nothing of it.' Miss Martian responded as she pulled Wildcat back onto the ledge. 'It was understandable that you were surprised to find out my true heritage.'

'No offence, right?' Wildcat asked.

'Of course not.' Miss Martian smiled. 'We are all friends here.'

Later still-

Thankfully, the heroes made it to Ra's al Ghul's mountain hideaway without any more trouble.

'What do we do now?' Jericho 'said' in sign language as the heroes hid from the guards guarding the front gate. 'Do we knock?'

'Joey, do you think you can possess one of those guards?' Speedy inquired as he indicated one of the masked swordsman guarding the entrance to the fortress.

'No problem.' The blond hero smiled as he slowly inched towards one of the guards.

'A little electro-shock arrow should take care of the other guards.' Speedy said as he pulled an arrow out of his quiver, nocked it into his bow and let it fly.

'What the…?' The guard blinked as his associate fell to the ground. 'What is going on…?'

The guard looked around to see what was going on. In doing so he looked right into Jericho's gaze. One look was all the blond hero needed as he took control of the remaining guard.

'Joey, are you okay?' Aqualad wondered.

'I'm just fine.' Jericho replied. 'Oh, wow. Is that what I sound like now? Neat. I've never had a Chinese accent before.'

'Do you think you will able to control the guard for long?' Wonder Woman enquired.

'Just as long as the guy doesn't put up too much resistance.' Jericho explained. 'But we'd better get this adventure over soon, the longer I try to control somebody, the weaker I get.'

'Then we'd better make sure that we don't mess around.' Mas smirked as he cracked his knuckles.

'Si.' Menos nodded in agreement. 'Let's go kick some culo!'


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Will Titans East and the other heroes be able to stop Ra's al Ghul from launching his bio-weapon at the United States? Tune in next time to find out…