Do unto Others

Chapter one

One day. That's all he had to wait until he never saw this place again. One night on Privet Drive and he would never have to come back. But could he stomach it? He doubted it. Dudley had decided that Harry deserved some retribution for something or another and had quite nearly broken his jaw.

Harry's temper kept rising and rising. With Dudley's punches, Aunt Petunia's jibes and Uncle Vernon's threats, Harry decided he needed to take a walk. Without a word to his relatives, he ducked out of the house and strode towards the playground. He had always liked swings, and playgrounds had very few people this time of day.

It was only a block from his Uncle's house, so he doubted the Order would be angry with him. Harry sat down at the swing and thought about everything that was going to happen over the next few days and everything that had happened recently. Tomorrow, Remus, Tonks and a few other Order members were going to escort him to the Burrow for Bill and Fleur's wedding. Harry was going to sneak away from the wedding with Ron and Hermione and they would all go to Grimmauld place, to destroy the ring hidden in Kreacher's closet. They planned to stay at Grimmauld place until Harry became of age at the end of July and then they would all take their apparition tests. They planned to search Grimauld place's library for information concerning Horcruxes and Voldemort. Since Harry was the owner of Grimmauld place and it was still protected by Dumbledore's Fidelius charm, it was perfectly safe for them to be there. It would be their base of operations while they made side trips to search out and destroy Horcruxes. Once they had-

Harry was interrupted from his thoughts by the hoot of an own. There was a tawny brown owl headed straight for him with a letter in between its talons. The owl dropped the letter and Harry caught it.

He felt a hook behind his navel as he was suddenly whisked away across the countryside. His feet touched ground and he fell over.

'Where am I?' he thought. He could tell this area was familiar, but wasn't sure why. He saw dark shapes in the distance. People wearing black robes with hoods and masks. Death Eaters.

He turned and ran. But there was a fast running river that way. There was no place to go. He knew he couldn't make it across the river and would die if he tried, and the Death Eaters were coming closer.

"Hello Potter. Are you ready to die?" Bellatrix Lestrange taunted.

"YOU!" Harry growled, whipping out his wand. "You killed Sirius!"

"And it was easy too!" she said with a laugh. Another Death Eater stepped up beside her.

"It's a shame I wasn't there. I would have loved to see the look on his face." Severus Snape added. "It might have been almost as good as Dumbledore's."

Both laughed again. Harry was shaking with rage. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" Harry screamed. Bellatrix Lestrange dropped dead in a flash of Green light. But Harry wasn't finished. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" he yelled again. Severus Snape joined her on the ground.

The other Death Eaters all Disapparated.

'That was way too easy.' He thought. 'What happened?'

Then he looked back down at the corpses. Snape and Bellatrix's hair were changing. Turning red. The Polyjuice Potion was wearing off.

At his feet, lay the corpses of Ginny and Ron Weasley.

Aurors started appearing moments later, and he was taken into custody.

'What have I done?' he thought.