Chapter 8

Gibbs drove like a maniac, somehow feeling that time was running out for Tony. His gut clenched and he pushed the gas pedal harder.

Kate looked at Gibbs grim face, his hands gripped the wheel hard making his knuckles white and she knew that her face had the same expression. She willed Gibbs to drive faster, they had to get to Tony before it was too late.

They were on their way out of town after a couple of miles Gibbs turned into a small road that lead into a forest. After 15 minutes they came up to an abandon airstrip and at the end of it they saw a car and a small house. Gibbs pressed the gas pedal even harder.

Ari was sitting in the chair, staring at Tony amazed by the younger mans beautiful features when he thought he heard something. He cast a long glance on the younger agent before he sighed and made his way towards the window.

What he saw thru the window made his face white of anger and he cursed Gibbs in all the language he could speak. How did he find him? This could ruin his new plan.

Ari ran over to the unconscious agent, grabbed him and shook him. Tony opened his green eyes and for a second Ari felt his stomach drop but he shook himself out of the spell.

"Time to get up." Ari said as he hauled Tony up to a standing position.

"Why?" Tony asked in a raspy voice, feeling very confused and dizzy from the sudden change from lying down to standing.

Ari didn't answer as he dragged Tony towards the door and they stepped out. Tony looked up when he heard the sound of a driving car and his stomach made flip-flops when he recognized the car.

Ari took a firmer grip on Tony's arm, the one with the injured fingers and started to drag him towards the car, making Tony groan of pain as they moved closer to the car.

Gibbs saw Ari and Tony get of the small house and he felt relief, it wasn't too late and he heard a small sound of joy from Kate beside him.

Gibbs stopped the car, just a few meters from Ari's car and they all got out with their guns drawn, ready to shoot.

"Let him go, Ari." Gibbs said in hard voice as he aimed his gun at Ari.

"I don't think so Jethro. I want to keep this one." Ari said, he had his gun to Tony's head as he leaned towards the young man and kissed him on the cheek.

"Keep your filthy hands off him." Gibbs growled as he took a step forward. He looked eyes with Tony, his face pale and green eyes tried to tell him something.

"Shoot him, boss." Tony said in a raspy voice as he looked into Gibbs blue eyes.

"Will you make it before I shoot him or will you miss and shoot him instead." Ari said his dark eyes gleaming. "Do you wanna take that risk?"

"You are talking to the wrong guy." Tony said as he kept his eyes on his boss. "Gibbs used to be a sniper and he is used to hit small targets."

Gibbs didn't say anything, Tony's faith in him made him proud but he wasn't as sure of himself as Tony was.

"Don't patronize me." Ari said in a hard voice as he lowered the gun and grabbed Tony's broken fingers and squeezed making Tony gasp in pain.

"Stop hurting him." Kate said in a shrill voice, she hated to see her team mate in pain.

"Caitlin, you know this all your fault? He is hurting because of you and Gibbs." Ari said as he squeezed a little more, making Tony close his eyes and weak in the knees but Ari somehow had a strong grip holding him up. "I'm going to take him away from you, you never appreciated him before I got to him anyway. I'll take care of him and keep him alive, I'll even send you updates of how he is doing." Ari started too rambled with feverish eyes. "I'll keep him close and soon he will realise that I'm the one who cares about him the most."

Gibbs listened to Ari's ramblings, in his mind he could see the nightmare of knowing that Tony would be in Ari's hand the rest of his life and when he looked into the younger agents green eyes he could see the disgust for the life Ari had planned for him.

So as if in slow-motion Gibbs saw Tony make a small nod and suddenly the younger man went limp and for a second Ari looked surprised. Then shoots were fired and the silence after the shots were deafing, time came to a stop.

Then the team watched as Ari and Tony fell to the ground, Ari landing on top of Tony and a pool of blood started to form.

Gibbs and Kate rushed towards the two men and Gibbs hauled Ari off Tony his gun still pointed at Ari, he lowered it when he saw Ari's unseeing eyes starring at the sky. He had two bullet holes in his heart.

Gibbs looked down at Tony, the younger agent lying still on the ground his hands tied to his back. Tony's wrist was chafed by the ropes and Gibbs growled as he took out his knife and cut the ropes.

Kate looked at him, and then they turned Tony so he lay on his back, he let out a small groan but his eyes were closed.

"Look, he is bleeding." Kate said as she pointed at Tony's forehead, there was a gash near his hairline and blood was oozing from it. "He must have hit something."

They checked his body for more injuries, Kate let out a small sound a she saw his bruised neck and throat and then she saw his broken fingers making her want to shoot Ari's lifeless body ten times.

"Let's get him to the hospital." Gibbs said as he lifted Tony up and carried him to their car when suddenly the door to the house opened and Gibbs saw a big man that had a gun pointed at them. But before he could react a shot sounded and the man fell down, his hands clutching his chest. Kate and Gibbs turned around and saw McGee standing with his gun drawn.

"Nice shooting, McGee." Gibbs said and then he loaded the fallen agent into the car, Kate offered to sit in the back with Tony while McGee called in the location and told what had happened to the NCIS.

Gibbs glanced in the review mirror several times as he drove fast to the hospital, he wanted to be back there holding Tony and make sure that the kid was alright. Kate meet his eyes and then he turned back to look at Tony, worried about her co-worker.

A few hours later the team found themselves in a hospital room, they occupied each a chair next to Tony's bed. Gibbs was to the right, Kate to the right and McGee was out scoring some food and drinks to the rest of the team.

"We almost lost him." Kate said in a low voice as she stared at Tony who was lying very still in the hospital bed.

"I know…" Gibbs said his eyes also resting on the young agent.

"I can't think about a life without him….." Kate said tears in her eyes. "He is so….."

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Gibbs said his voice even lower. The lump in his throat made it hard for him to talk.

Gibbs looked at Kate who looked at him and they came to a silenced understanding, they would do anything to keep Tony safe and happy.


Tony sensed something, he couldn't put his finger on it but it made him want to wake up. He moaned a little as he felt the pain from his broken fingers and his head but the most of the pain dulled into aches as he became more awake.

He opened his eyes and what he saw made him smile, Kate was half lying and half sitting in a chair to his left. Her eyes closed as she was sleeping on hand next to his arm with the broken fingers. To his right Gibbs was holding his hand and his head was lying on the bed next to him. Tony shook his head, they looked so adorable and at the same time they made him feel safe.

His shifted as little trying not to wake them but the came wide awake when they felt him shift and they looked at him making him a little uncomfortable.

"Are you okay?" Kate asked as she looked at him with something he couldn't identify.

"A little sore." He said his voice raspy.

"Do you want us to call the nurse?" Gibbs asked with the same expression as Kate.

"What's going on?" Tony asked as he straightened in the bed. "Am I dying or something?"

Gibbs and Kate looked at Tony and then at each other, then they both smiled wide making Tony look at the in bewilderment.

Kate leaned towards Tony and whispered in his ear making his eyes wider, then he looked at her in amazement.

Then Gibbs placed his hand on Tony's shoulder as he leaned and whispered something into Tony's other ear, making Tony's eyes even bigger.

Kate and Gibbs leaned back in their chairs looking at Tony, whose head went back and forth between them his eyes wide and mouth open.

"This must be the first time I'm seeing Tony speechless." Kate said with a smug smile.

"Then we have to this more often." Gibbs said a smile playing on his lips.

"I must have died and come to heaven. " Tony said still looking at them.

"No, pretty boy. This is real life." Kate said as she smiled at him and kissed hi on his cheek.

"Yes and it will be a long life." Gibbs said as he kissed Tony on the other cheek.


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