Jessie: Well I couldn't help but write this up when I found my sister's Yu-Gi-Oh RP fanfic that had Shardia, the Baby Blue Eyes Dragon. Well I hope that you enjoy this fanfic.

A dragon so rare that it was considered only a legend. But no my friends, this dragon was real. It had a strange power, maybe even more than that. Into the wrong it may fall, chaos will take over.

A pitiful cry echoed through the darkness of the desert. As the cry faded away there was no other sound save a small clinking sound. In the very faint moonlight a silver creature dragged its weary feet across the sand.

It would have been considered to be a mystical creature to other humans if they didn't look close enough, but no. This was not just a dragon, this was a Duel Monster. At first glance it looked like Blue Eyes White Dragon. Only smaller, in a miniature kind of way. Two feet tall and five feet long, including the tail.

Metallic white-blue armor-like skin, which should have been shiny, was dull as if it had never had been taken care of. Bright blue eyes had a look of despair and fear in them. Silver-blue wings were limp, covered in chains, and dragged upon the sandy ground leaving a trail of drag-lines behind it. A powerful tail drew a wavy line in the sand as it swayed to each side, due to the wobbly walk of the creature. Along its wings were dark blue stripes and on its head behind the eyes were two small silver horns. A short silky mane of white hair ran from the back of its skull to its shoulder. Three short gray spikes ran down her tail and at the end of it was a dark silver fin, which was as hard a diamonds

One front leg was held higher than the others, injured during the fall. The soft clinking noise came again. The source of it was the chains that had once secured the creature. They were still attached to metal collars that were on all four legs of the dragon, as well as around its neck.

The creature stopped whining in distress and confusion. It looked around, then up at the sky. It didn't know where it was. All it remembered was being chained up in a dark place for a long time and then falling from the night sky and landing on the sand, quite hard actually.

The dragon's head lowered once more as it continued to walk through the sand. It remembered its name. Baby Blue Eyes, well that wasn't really its name, just what the dragon was. She was the Baby Blue Eyes, a Duel Monster. But that was all she knew. She was so deep in thought that she did not realize a steep sand slope in front of her.

She tripped over the edge of the top of the dune and, with a yelp, rolled down the sandy slope. She whimpered as she hit the bottom. She tried to stand, but didn't have enough strength to get up. Her eyes closed and sleep overcame her.

Jessie: Yes yes it was short. But the next one will be longer hopefully. IF I ever get it back from my friend Lindz!

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