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A limp figure hung suspended three feet above the hard steel floor by chains that connected to the rough ceiling. The figure was no more than a mere child of nine years old, at least that was how old he looked. His eyes were closed, covered by black bangs that seemed to radiate purple glimmers. Black shoulder blade-length hair spilled onto his shoulders.

Tears trickled down his cheeks, leaking from his eyes every so often, just to drip onto the ground below him. His head was bent forward, almost as if praying, his chin touching his chest. The boy seemed dead, but the slight rise and fall of the chest and faint heartbeat indicated that he was still alive. His skin was dark tan and he was clothed in an elbow-length sleeved white robe that ended at his knees with a red sash that was wrapped around his waist. What was even more shocking was that behind the boy two feathered angel wings were chained up to an extreme degree, both bent in an unnatural way.

The room was freezing cold, yet the floor held an unfrozen puddle of blood and tears under the angel. A few feathers were missing from the wings, the said feathers floating in that same pool of red tears. Blood stained the once-white wings. An arrow was seen protruding from the right shoulder of the angel. A shudder ran through the body, eyes twitching but then all became still again. Though the room was completely bare, there was no door in or out. Icicles and frost covered the walls, ceiling, chains and floor.

There was a sound of dripping blood that broke the silence and a soft whisper flowed through the room, soaring on an unseen gust of wind. The angel woke up, opening his eyes until he could just barely see. He weakly looked around, his dark purple eyes staring at the wall in front of him. His eyes then lowered to the ground.

How long was I here? Who was I protecting? Everything seems so blurry, like they happened to someone else, the angel thought. His mind was still spinning. His breath came out in puffs of clouds since it was so cold. Why didn't he feel the coldness? He felt warm.

It's time to return to the one you're supposed to protect.

The angel's confusion cleared up and his head snapped up in alarm. He remembered. It was Drago that had trapped him here, captured him and tried to force him to tell him where his charge was. He then cried out in pain when he tried to move his wings. Grunting, he carefully untangled himself from the chains and landed on the ground. He gritted his teeth and his left hand found the arrow that had been lodged in his shoulder and carefully pulled it out. He knew the wound would heal as he dropped the bloody arrow on the ground next to him.

He tried to open his wings but the effort made him gasp out in pain. He then decided to let his wings go. He closed his eyes tightly and gritted his teeth and then his wings dissolved into nothingness, a few feathers landing around him. He shuddered but got up.

She needs me, but who? An image popped into his head and his eyes widened. Shard-ia? Shard! I have to find her! He formed a ball of light in his cupped hands and he bowed his head, as if saying a prayer to the mistress he served. The light got brighter and then it disappeared, him along with it.

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