Summary: James Potter returns to Hogwarts School, this time as a teacher, and meets Lily Evans, brilliant and full of life. He falls for her and romance, comedy, and drama follow.

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Chapter 10

James began to make his way towards the spiral staircase that would take him to a door leading back to the hallway.

"Do you really suppose that was wise, Albus?"

He stopped. The voice had spoken loudly. He really couldn't help but overhear.

A pause, then Dumbledore responded.

"I do, Snodgrass. The current situation isn't working. This might."

"I can see this turning into her fourth year all over again."

"If you are comparing James–"

"Albus, I mean no offence. I simply wish to caution you. This is hasty, and frankly, I think it's strange."

"Strange it may be. Many things are. Nonetheless, each time I've called her into my office, his name comes up. Unless you have a potion to bring that girl out of her shell, I'd appreciate less advice from you. Thank you, good day, Snodgrass."

James heard Dumbledore's chair squeak loudly.

Damnit. He would not be caught eavesdropping.

By the time he was at the bottom of the steps, he heard the door closing loudly. He was soon out in the hallway and running towards the end of the corridor like a marauder with Filch at his heels.

Lily sighed, pushing her Potions textbook and parchment away from her. The three-foot long essay on the proper way of handling, chopping mixing, cooking dragon scales had drained her of her motivation and possibly of her will to live.

Her first month or so at Hogwarts had left her exhausted. She had scarcely had a moment to herself. Her mind was constantly busy with work and friends, a few arguments, and the idea of James as more than a teacher.

She had just sort of tacked it onto the list, but the last one was the big one. It was a thought that she hardly knew what to think of. And despite all the confusion, she could feel her feelings for him growing.

He was older and he was probably significantly more experienced in erm, certain departments, and that scared her a bit, she had to admit. But at the same time, he had a smile that could make her melt, compassion, and a sort of… danger and excitement about his person. But with all these qualities, she couldn't help but wonder what he saw in her.

And despite her doubts, Lily had never met anyone that she felt such a connection with. She felt safe around him, somehow. She saw him as gentle, rational, and lacking the violent passions that teenage boys were often victims of.

Lily felt a chill run through her. She rose to shut the window.

Monday again. He hadn't seen her in the hallways at all. It had been agony waiting for this day.

Teaching the class. Unprepared, and slightly sleepless due to a late night spent planning the perfect approach. The students were so loud. But she was so gorgeous. Down to every freckle. More agony.

He had avoided thinking about the conversation between Dumbledore and Snodgrass. He hadn't thought about her past much until he overheard those words, and whatever had been revealed to him in such vague detail that day increased the pressure he felt.

Not only was he asking a girl he fancied out on a date, but if anything went wrong…

Oh bloody hell.

He thought about nothing else the rest of the class time. Once he completed his lecture, he allowed the class to practice whatever it was he had just taught them. He couldn't remember it himself, and so fervently hoped that no one had any questions to ask him.

Of course, no such luck.

An eager young pupil rushed up to his desk.

"Professor, this is kind of off topic, but if you gather horatia root and throw it at your subject before you cast a spell, does it strengthen your spell? I hear it does."

What the hell? James had never heard anything about this. So he avoided the topic of horatia root completely.

"Do you suppose taking the time to toss something at your subject and losing concentration on the spell because you have to focus on where you throw the root is going to strengthen your spell?"

The student nodded his supposed understanding, as if in deep concentration. James looked over his shoulder at Lily and Mendalus, working together.

There was really too much interaction between the two for his taste. He was confident in the fact that Mendalus was interested and—


"Oh, pardon me. I was just… thinking about what you said. What was it you said again?"

The bell clanged. James sighed with relief and then stood.

"Well, ask me next time, I suppose. You won't want to be late."

The student walked away, muttering. This left James to grip the edge of his desk, hoping the action would somehow alleviate his nervousness about what was to come.

Lily looked up at him and smiled before standing to pack her bag. She put her books in very deliberately and paused for a second as the last student left the classroom.

James said nothing. He was trying to speak, he truly was.


"Pardon?" asked Lily.

James said nothing.

"Alright, well, best to not be late, I suppose," she told him, rather gloomily.

She began to walk to the door. James saw her walk to the door. She was walking towards the door. The door.

And yet he said nothing, did nothing.

Open door. Flash of red hair.

The door slammed shut.

He suddenly came out of his daze.

Open door, flash of black hair.

"Lily!" he shouted down the corridor at the back of the red headed girl who was walking rather quickly.

She paused.

"Yes, Professor?"

He rushed up to her and turned her around, holding her in his arms.

"Will you—would you—will you go on a date with me?"

She smiled up at him. All the nervousness of the day completely vaporized.

"I'd love that."


Someone fell out from behind the statue of Ugolin the Oaf.

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