Hello, it's me! Just doing another fan-fic for the fun of it…To tell you the truth, I'm having writer's block on the third war but don't worry, it will be out soon. Now to tell you about this one. This story is based on my favorite movie Unleashed starring vandread characters. Be amazed! Read and review!

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Chpt.1: Get them

The bustling city of Tarraku was tending to its own business as always. Shops and companies opened, people walked around, and trucks made their way downtown. But this story will begin with one truck in particular. A truck making its way to one business in particular called the Tarraku Shipment Company. The truck stopped by the back entrance and three men walked out of the front and opened the cargo. There stood three of the greatest vanguards ever. Inside was a boy, a sad looking boy with a bandana tied around his neck. Once the boy saw the gesture to come he strode out slowly only looking at the ground. Two men walked into the two black vanguards leaving a gold one left. The last man untied the piece of cloth from the boy's tan neck then yelled in his ear "Get them."

The boy went into a mad fury once hearing those words. He jumped into the golden vanguard and stormed into the building wrecking everything in sight. Other vanguards tried to stop him but he let out his sword and cut them to pieces. He entered a smaller part of the building where a giant purple vanguard was waiting for him. He immediately tackled it before it could blast him. He gripped its neck with one hand and stuck the other into the cockpit pulling out the pilot and also the boss of the business.

The man that took off the boy's bandana entered clapping his hands together and praised the boy. "That's a good boy. You did well Hibiki."

The man in the clenches of the golden robot immediately looked for a teammate but all had fallen. He was the last one. "What do you want!" The man growled to the bald man on the ground, "I paid you last week!"

"Not in full." The man corrected, "You should tell me where you're hiding the rest before…something happens."

"Up yours!"

"Hibiki, show this man what we do to people when they don't listen."

The vanguard's hand began to crush the man letting him scream.

"YAAARRGH! Alright, alright! It's in that crate over there. Just call your beast off."

One of the two black vanguards smashed the crate revealing wads of bills for their liking.

"Very good." The bald man hissed, "Let him go now Hibiki."

The vanguard dropped him to the floor breaking one of the man's legs. The boy jumped out of the cockpit and ran to his master who immediately tied the bandana back on. The boy fell into a trance once again.

"You make your Uncle Bart very proud." The bald man said to the boy patting him on the head. "And as for you, make sure you pay in full nest time or it will be more than a leg you'll break."

"Way to say it boss!" the first black vanguard pilot said.

"Yeah Bart, were in business now." The second said.

Bart gave a keen smile on his face, "We are people's protection are we not? We deserve something in return." He turned to the first vanguard, "Mac, bring Hibiki's vanguard back to the truck."

"What? Why not make him?"

"He can't move it like this. Do you want me to untie the bandana again?"

"N-no! I'll do it!" Mac immediately grabbed the vanguard and dragged it away to the vehicle.

Hibiki now sat where they were seats. He sat behind the two guys Mac and David and sat beside his so called uncle Bart.

"Bet your hungry." Bart said to his nephew and handed him an open can of peaches, "Here."

The boy immediately grabbed the can and chomped the contents down.

"Hahaha! Its good isn't it Hibiki."

David turned to the back and gave Hibiki a disgusting look. "He eats like a pig."

Mac who was driving laughed, "He eats as vigorously as he fights."

Hibiki finished his food and slumped back into his little world. Bart looked at him.

"He's a pretty interesting person isn't he? Nothing goes on in his little head, he can't even think. And if you can't think you can't dream. Can you dream Hibiki?"

Hibiki stared out the window and watched the buildings and people as they flew past him.

"Like I said, nothing goes on in your little head. Just leave the thinking to Uncle Bart."

After a few other fights for delayed or un-full protection payments, they went back to the lair at an old forgotten factory that made food pellets. Bart laughed at the happy heist they pulled off, Mac and David began to count their earnings and Hibiki awaited orders by the side of the truck with blood rolling down his head.

"Hibiki, your head's bleeding." Mac informed but Hibiki stared at the far reaches of space, "You idiot! Your head's BLEEDIN!"

"What are you just sitting there for!" Bart yelled, "Give him a bandage."

Mac grumbled and said some things under his breath as he went into the first aid-kit. He got the gauze out and handed the roll to the boy.

"Take this and fix that wound." Mac told him but Hibiki didn't understand. He just held on to the gauze in case if he ever found out what Mac wanted him to do with it.

He was led to a pit in the bottom of Bart's office. It was covered in empty peach cans and had a cot. There was also a toy bear and a children's book in their too. This was Hibiki's room. An iron cage built just for him. The cage was locked up with him inside. All there was to look at was the sky above or the little alphabet book. Once the light turned off, Hibiki began to read the little book with what little light that came out of the roof window. He would stare at each picture and each letter with amazement. It was his only joy, especially when he came to the page with the letter P. It had a black piano drawn there, he didn't know why but he loved to look at it. He stared at it in his little trance until the blood from his forehead dripped onto the page. He turned to the gauze behind him but still didn't know what to do with it. He dabbed the cloth on his forehead until the bleeding stopped and went to bed.

The next morning they went to a museum to get their monthly payment. They met a young man with brown hair in his office where his guards were aligned. Bart showed no fear to this, with Hibiki on his side, he could handle anything.

"You seem to have brought your animal with you." The man said to Bart. Hibiki paid no attention to this.

Bart smugly replied, "I'll be on my way once I get my pay."

"Let me ask you something. He reacts once you take off his bandana."

"Of course."

"Excellent." With a gesture of the man's hands, his guards grabbed Bart's, Mac's, and David's arms. "If you can't pull of his bandana, he's no more than a child. Kill them."

The man's guards began beating the crap out of the three. Bart called for Hibiki to help but Hibiki was useless. Staring at water in a vase was all that he could do.

"Now to kill the beast." The man held out a gun straight at Hibiki's head.

"Get them Hibiki! Get them!" Bart cried before he was punched in the face.

Hibiki still could not hear his Uncle's cries.

"To hell with it all!" Mac cried as he managed to free one of his hands and get his gun from his holster.

He shot the men who held his boss prisoner in order for him to take off the bandana. Once the bandana slipped off Hibiki's neck and the command sounded, Hibiki went on another rage. He punched out the man who was holding a gun to his face then ran to his vanguard revealing powerful blows. The thugs immediately ran to their weapons and an all out war raged on. Little did Bart know that a man was in the other room, a man with good taste for adventure who was there to buy stuff to his liking.

"This doesn't interest me either." He sighed looking at an old sword.

"I'm sorry sir." A guard apologized, "We'll get the stuff out of the back if you'd like."

Suddenly the left wall came crashing down from a vanguard's sword slash. The man walked to the gaping hole to see an epic battle being fought. A lone gold vanguard was beating seven blue vanguards all on its own. The technique it was using was astounding to the man. It almost seemed as if a wild beast itself was piloting the monster.

With one last fatal blow to the last standing blue vanguard, the battle was one. He had defeated one of the most powerful types of vanguards without flinching. Hibiki's cockpit opened and he jumped out back to his master who put back on his bandana.

"WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU WHEN I NEEDED YOU!" Bart hollered at the boy but only got the solitude look. He turned to see the man who was watching Hibiki's fight. "What are you looking at!" He growled.

"Just enjoying the show." The man replied with a smirk on his face.

"Good." Bart dragged Hibiki off with him while the two other's dragged off Hibiki's vanguard.

"That boy…he interests me." The man said to himself.

One chapter done, some more to go. The next chapter is called Piano. Coming soon to a fan-fic near you. Tell me how you liked this.