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Chpt.4 My name is Hibiki

A sound of a piano was being played in a room. Hibiki happily listened to the music being played by some woman. As he looked at her, he had a nice feeling. Suddenly a knock came at the door. The woman put him in a closet…two men emerged…one toying with the woman…and then…BANG!

Hibiki immediately awoke. He looked around the room. He was alive, but in a new place. This wasn't the antiques place or his cage. It was new to him…even his clothes were new. He immediately jumped up in fear and slammed his head on the ceiling. He fell back into the bed cradling his skull wondering what he should do. Foot steps were heard and sounded as if heading toward the room. Hibiki panicked.

The door slowly opened revealing Rabat carrying a tray.

"Are you awake yet?" He asked putting the tray on a stool. "I thought you may be hungry." He felt the blankets to reveal an empty bed to him. "Hmmm. Now if I woke up in a strange room and was wearing someone else's pajamas, I'd be pretty frightened. I'd probably go to the safest place I'd think of, and as a kid the safest place for me was…"

He poked his head under the bed to find a very frightened Hibiki, trying to cover himself up as well as he could.

Rabat gave a chuckle, "Heh. I'll just put this down here." He placed the tray by the bed, "Your clothes are on the chair over there. There clean now. Don't be afraid of coming out. It's only me and my daughter living here, and she's a very nice person."

He then began to walk out the door with a smirk on his face, hearing a tray being dragged under the bed.

Hibiki actually gained the courage to get out of the bed later on. He then proceeded to redress himself in his ordinary clothes. After that was done, he decided to leave the room, and leave this place. He smelt a delicious smell as he opened the door. Hibiki kept close to the wall as he left his room. Beside him he could see the door leading out, and it was opening. A young girl entered with a bag of groceries. She had red hair and blue eyes. She turned to see him and suddenly her face lit up.

"Hello there Mr. Alien," She chirped.

"EEP!" Hibiki immediately shut the door.

The girl paid no attention to it and wandered to Rabat. "He's cute!" She said to him as she handed him the groceries. "What's his name?"

"He hasn't told me yet." Rabat informed.


"He'll tell us when he's ready."

"I like his haircut. Reminds me of when I cut my hair when I was six."

"I remember that."

"Do you know anything about him?"

Rabat thought for a moment, "…Well…I know he likes music."


Hibiki's door swung open. He immediately tried to make himself hidden under the bed but he found it no good. The girl he met later that day poked her head under.

"Hi there. Sam says you like music." She put down a strange device, "It's a key board! See?" She pressed one of the keys and it played a sound. "This was mine when I was a kid. My dad gave it to me. He died when I was young. Rabat was his best friend and my mom married him, making him my new dad. She died in a car crash. Am I talking too much? If I am, you can tell me. I usually do that. Were about to start dinner soon. You should join us; it's easier to eat sitting up. Oh! My name's Dita by the way." And with that she immediately scurried off hearing the noise of the keyboard keys as the boy dragged it under the bed.

Soft music was played as Dita and Rabat sat down at the table. Hibiki opened his door again.

"Do you think he'll come out and eat with us?" Dita asked.

"He'll come when he's ready." Rabat said as they held hands in grace. "Dear lord." Rabat began, "We thank you for the food we are about to receive…and please. Let Dita kick butt on her piano recital!"

"Hey, I thought we weren't supposed to ask for stuff."

"Did I forget to mention you are allowed to ask if it's for a piano recital?" Rabat chuckled.

Both turned their heads to the sound of footsteps approaching revealing a confused Hibiki.

"Well hello there!" Rabat greeted, "Why don't you sit down a join us?"

"Y-yes." Hibiki silently said as he took a seat.

Dita gave a giggle. "You're going to love this! This is Rabat's famous chicken soup!" She poured some into Hibiki's bowl.

The young boy looked at it with question and decided it was edible. He grabbed the bread by the side of the bowl and began to scoop the liquid to his mouth.

Rabat and Dita gave a silent snicker by this.

"Wait a minute there," Dita halted the boy and showed him a utensil, "This is called a spoon. You eat soup with it. Look." She scooped some of her soup into it and slurped down the liquid.

Hibiki nodded and began to use the new item. Rabat couldn't help but to make a big smile from hearing all the slurping Hibiki was making. He couldn't help but to laugh when the young boy burped as well.

Dita joined in with a burp herself.

"Oh, a duet!" Rabat chuckled and Dita began to laugh as well.

Hibiki had no clue what was going on. He tried to laugh too but was a bit confused. But he was happy.

After the laughter was silenced they Dita and Rabat went back to eating but were silenced by what the boy said next.

"My name is Hibiki."

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