Nina tells her the world's not ending, it's just changing. That when the earth shakes, causing building to crumble and driving them to find cover, it's god's way of clearing out the land for the good and strong to survive, of which both of them are.

How they managed to find each other is a mystery to her, but Nina said it was god's way of telling them that there was more out there than hopelessness. Once, when Anne was feeling more lucid and less childlike, she asked her if she had always been this religious. Nina had just laughed and asked if it mattered. Anne thought it did, but didn't want to say anything to upset her.

Once in a while, Nina leaves before dusk and doesn't come back for a few days. It's at these times Anne worries the most. She spends the entire time she's gone trying to remember if she said or did anything to make Nina mad at her. So far, she can't see a pattern, but maybe she's missing it.

Sometimes, they sit and tell each other stories of heroes. Hers are about a supergirl who was chosen to fight the demons, with blonde hair and green eyes. Her name was Buffy, but she went by Anne once, too, and how actually, that's how she got the name. Nina's are about a vampire, but a good one, who ran a law firm and once got turned into a puppet.

Other times, it's stories about a man named Gunn who only ever wanted to help and put his life on the line to save others who would have thought he was the reason LA was such a dangerous place to live, or a girl named Fred who was so nice and went out of her way to comfort people for as long as they needed when people were bugging her about the other things she had to do.

But most of the time, they just sit close and wait for the tremors to pass before curling up together and going to sleep, both dreaming about a better time, maybe in the past, maybe in the future, but it's a time when they are happy, together and not living in terror every day, fearing it could be their last.