Title: In Love

Title: Seeing You

Name: Joy       

Email: SleepingBeauty2@ziplip.com

Rating: PG


            She took my poem. I can't believe it. She took it. She was trying not to let me see that it affected her, but it did. I know it did. Why would she have taken it otherwise? If she wanted to, she could have taken the whole book, but that's not what she wanted. She wanted the poem, her poem. The poem I wrote her.

            She asked if I wrote about her… Duh. But she asked… She sort of thought I should be writing about her. How weird is that? I don't see it as arrogance either. It wasn't like any man should write poetry about her- but I should.

            I'll write her more… I'll write her something I intend for her to see and keep. Do I have the guts? I think so… I mean I said she meant way more to me then my own personal cat burglar. I also admitted I worry about her… God do I worry about her. I can write her more…something sweet and simple. Well, here goes nothing…

            There, done. What should I call it? Max would be the obvious choice. Dark Angel- nah, too surreal. My Angel, she might get freaked. How about Heart's Ease? I don't know if she would get that. Would she understand how much peace she brings me by being her? She makes my heart pound and yet… I sound like a stupid teenager. Seeing you- I like that. That is how I see Max.

            Now where to put it… Will she come back tonight? After I have gone to sleep probably. I should lock the rest of my book up. What am I thinking? If she wants to read it, there is nothing I can do to stop her. The woman is a cat burglar. No she isn't, she's… I don't know. No one will ever accuse Max of not being exciting and absolutely fascinating.

What the hell is wrong with me? Ever since… ever since I don't know when, I have been unable to get the butterflies in my stomach to go away. I have been so not me recently. The cabin… It must be the cabin… I'm still in the chair and she still wanted to take a vacation with me. It really doesn't bother her…

I'll leave it out by the book on my night table… No, I don't think even she would be that brazen. The computer room, I'll leave it there. I should probably put it on top of my journal. That will definitely get her attention.

Maybe I should send it to her? Maybe not? She would probably get really freaked by that. Two steps forward, one step back perpetually. Why is it that way with us? Because we're both chicken. At the cabin was my turn to be chicken, now it is hers. If we would just drop our defenses… who am I kidding? She'll still be coming over for dinner and playing chess when I'm fifty if I don't do something.

Two steps forward… I hope she likes it.

                                                     Seeing You

                                                        Inspiration of the day

                                                        Desperation of the night

                                                        Timeless beauty

                                                        Expanse of knowledge

                                                        Childlike innocence

                                                        Firebrand spirit

                                                        Elegance and grace

                                                        With a motor oil on her cheek

                                                        And maybe

                                                                                My Angel

                                                                                            My Savior

                                                                                                        My Sanity