The Birth Of A Dragon

Thunder rumbled and rolled throught the montain sides and lightning flashed and cracked at the rocks. A steady stream of smoke slowly billowed from a wide cave. A slight moan is heard. The another and another as we follow the rocky remains of many ruins. Soon we see a pink female dragon jealously guarding her three eggs. One was alot smaller than the other. Another was speckled and another was huge. One moved and cracked. Slowly a red nose poked its way into the world. He sniffed the wind and drove his small finger tips against the white egg shell.

The pink mother dragon looked at the nose. The perfect small nostrils moved in and out. Its limbs scratching the egg, its moan beautiful to behold. Turning her head she looked at the other eggs. Why weren't they hatching? Why wasn't the egg being severed by claws and teeth? And why didn't they move?

Slowly she nudged them with her snout. One flipped over and fell from the nest. She looked from the edge and saw that the egg was empty. She abandoned that egg and did the same with the other. The egg this time didn't hit dirt or rock. It hit water. Slowly it was swept from wave to wave and taken from its mother. It swam many miles before it finally was picked up by a small pink and blue female dragon.

She looked at the egg for a while before she noticed that it was ready to hatch. Cuddling it she waited until that special moment came. Soon the egg shaked and a nose presented itself. It was a pretty light purple. The nostrils moved and the hatchling took in its first breath. Soon it was out of its cell. Its wonderous purple body started drying under that yellow blazing sun. The frills on his head straightened and he stretched out his small limbs. Slowly he took his first step. Then his second and third.

The mother dragon watched him carefully. His beauty bewildered her. That beautiful movement of his light purple body made her eyes water. Slowly she stood and walked up to her new son. His eyes questioned her and she grunted the answer. Slowly she headed towards the waters edge and scooped up his first dinner. He looked at it and then with a huge gulp, down it went down his gulit. Smiling the mother dragon looked into that beautiful sky and said:

"Thank you for such a son."

There will be so much more for this is only the begining of the early childhood of the hero Spyro.